Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3614


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This sudden change exceeded everyone’s expectations.

“sword cultivator?”

The dark wolf City Lord looked towards the black robed man who suddenly appeared, and his smile stopped.

The appearance of the black robed man made him never expect it, and he couldn’t even tell it, when did this black robed man suddenly appear in the city of Tiansha?

The blockade over the Sky Fiend City has no trace of being broken.

The Dark Wolf City Lord also deliberately set up a blockade before starting his hand, and completely sealed off the Sky Evil City, just to prevent accidents, someone rushed to help the Sky Evil City Lord.

But now, the blockade has not been broken, but this black robed man suddenly appeared.

Then there is only one possibility.

This is the black robed man. Long before he started his hands, he had already entered the Heavenly Demon City and was waiting.

“A deep plot against!”

The Dark Wolf City Lord looked towards the Sky Fiend City Lord, and said that the complexion is gloomy.

“It seems that I still underestimate you.”

In the eyes of the Dark Wolf City Lord, this black robed man should be the powerhouse that was drawn to by the Skylord City Lord early.

In advance, he was arranged by the City Lord of the Heavenly Devil in this Heavenly Devil City, and waited.

The Dark Wolf City Lord will make a move today, and it has already been calculated by the Skylord City Lord. Otherwise, the impossible is such a coincidence, knowing that the price of asking a high rank Immortal Emperor to make the move is extremely huge.

Dark Wolf City Lord this time, in order to buy up several other high rank Immortal Emperors around him, without intervening in him to seize Tiansha City, he paid a very expensive price, even if he took it, Several Supreme Treasures obtained in the outside Sacred Domain battlefield.

No high rank Immortal Emperor will make a move for no reason, especially the City Lord of Heaven, and even a Lose Cultivator. There is no power behind it.

To pay such a high price, I’m afraid that what the City Lord is waiting for is this moment.

This made the Dark Wolf City Lord feel that he was in the game.

However, the City Lord on the other side, his expression now is astonished. He doesn’t have much thought of resisting anymore. He feels that he has died in the hands of the Dark Wolf City Lord today.

The Sky Fiend City was blocked, and he was seriously injured a long time ago. With the Dark Wolf City Lord preparing so well, he has almost no chance to reverse the situation.

But suddenly someone came to help. The City Lord of Tiansha didn’t know who came. When he looked towards the black robed man, his eyes were a little strange.

Even if the black robed man in front of him is the Dark Sword Tianzun, his old friend, but he has not seen him for dozens of times, especially after he has heard about the death of the Dark Sword Tianzun, he has not robed the black robed man in front of him. man, connected with the Dark Sword Tianzun.

For a while, he couldn’t recognize the Dark Sword Tianzun.

“I don’t know where this friend is from.”

Dark Wolf City Lord slowly looked towards Dark Sword Tianzun, carefully looking at it.

The aura on Dark Sword Tianzun’s body is a bit weird, but the Power of Darkness on his body is also sufficient to prove that he is a martial artist of the Nether World.

The sword cultivator of high rank Immortal Emperor.

In Nine Nether World, they are all extremely rare, making it difficult for the Dark Wolf City Lord to recognize the identity of Dark Sword Heavenly Sovereign for a while, but it doesn’t hurt.

Nine Nether World martial artist has only two words in his heart, as long as he is willing to pay enough benefits, there is nothing that cannot be solved.

“This friend, you should also be able to see that the City Lord is no longer qualified to sit in the City Lord today.”

“You take action now, and I will give you a face. You will take away the City Lord of Heavenly Shame. Don’t interfere with Heavenly Shame City in the future, how about?”

The Dark Wolf City Lord thought for a while, slowly opened the mouth and said.

Originally, even if someone intervened, the Dark Wolf City Lord was not afraid at all. His strength was the apex of the 7th grade Immortal Emperor’s strength, one against two, one enemy and three. Not a problem.

But looking at the Dark Sword Tianzun in front of him, the Dark Wolf City Lord turned out to have a deep and unmeasurable feeling, especially the trace of the Dark Sword Tianzun’s body that made him feel a little scared.

This made the Dark Wolf City Lord, in the end, still intends to fight against the Dark Sword Tianzun, but to prepare for negotiations.

Nine Nether World martial artist, once it’s a real fight, it will be an out-and-out enemy of Life and Death. At that time, there is no way out.

Under the circumstance of not knowing the strength of the Dark Sword Heavenly Lord, Dark Wolf City Lord still chose to take a step back, anyway, his purpose is to control the Heavenly Fiend City.

As long as Tiansha City fell into his hands, the price he paid was not in vain.

As for the Tiansha City Lord, he was seriously injured outside the boundary, and now he has suffered severe damage. It is almost impossible to regain his strength in the future, and there is no longer any threat to him.

It’s okay to let go of the City Lord of the Heavenly Evil once, and as long as it is today, if the Dark Sword Tianzun is taken away, he will have the opportunity to kill the City Lord of the Heavenly Evil in the future, completely cut weeds and eliminate the roots.

After all, a high-rank Immortal Emperor, but impossible has always been by the side of the City Lord.

Only the Dark Wolf City Lord finished.

The Dark Sword Tianzun on the other side was motionless as if he hadn’t heard it, just looking towards his killing intent, unabated.

“If I am not satisfied, how about I would like to issue two top grade Nine Nether crystals?”

Dark Wolf City Lord looked towards Dark Sword Tianzun, after thinking about it, he continued to open the mouth and said.

Nine Nether crystal is a kind of crystal born from the depths of the sea of ​​Nine Nether, which contains pure to the extreme Power of Darkness.

The Nine Nether crystal of top grade represents the Power of Darkness contained in it. It has reached a level that surpasses Principle Supreme Treasure and is close to Epoch Supreme Treasure.

Nine Nether crystals of this quality are of great use to a high rank Immortal Emperor, and there are not many in the hands of the Dark Wolf City Lord.

He is willing to take out two top grade Nine Nether crystals, and also intends to persuade the Dark Sword Tianzun before him.

If it weren’t for the breath of Dark Sword Tianzun’s body, it really made him feel dangerous, and he would not be so polite.

“Not enough.”

This time, the Dark Sword Tianzun was not silent, but slowly opened the mouth and said in a cold voice.

“Not enough? Don’t be too greedy, what do you want?”

The Dark Wolf City Lord’s gaze condensed, looking towards Dark Sword Tianzun, and his eyes were a bit fierce.

Even if he was afraid of the Dark Sword Tianzun, he was impossible to obey the words of the Dark Sword Tianzun.

“Your life.”


At the moment when the voice fell.

I saw the Dark Sword Heavenly Sovereign stepping out in one step, and the figure shrouded in the dark robe came to the Dark Wolf City Lord.

Just under the dark robe, a Spirit Sword emerged in his hand, followed by a sword light, pointed at the Dark Wolf City Lord and killed it.