Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3617


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Collect a large number of Nine Nether crystals, which will surely be noticed by many forces in the Nether world.

So Chu Fengmian has no plans to come forward.

This time saved the Skylord City Lord, allowing the Skylord City Lord to come forward. The Skylord City Lord is also a high rank Immortal Emperor, the existence of a giant within the realm of the Nine Nether world.

It is not easy for him to come forward and collect the Nine Nether crystals, which will not easily attract the attention of Nine Nether world all influence.

Listening to Chu Fengmian’s words, the face of the City Lord of Tiansha changed slightly.

Nine Nether crystal, but within the realm of Nine Nether, it is the most valuable treasure.

Nine Nether world’s warriors are mostly Heavenly Venerate of the Comprehend Law of Darkness. This Nine Nether crystal, which contains incomparably pure Power of Darkness, is naturally the treasure that the warriors of the Nine Nether world compete for.

The price of each Nine Nether crystal is not low. Even the Dark Wolf City Lord has only these five in his hand.

The Dark Wolf City Lord, among the ancient city City Lords around here, is considered extremely tyrannical.

With the wealth in the hands of the City Lord, at best, collecting three or four pieces is the limit.

“Purchase the wealth of Nine Nether crystals, and I will provide them to you.”

Looking at the face of Tiansha City Lord, Chu Fengmian calmly opened the mouth and said.

When it comes to wealth, Chu Fengmian has it.

Especially in the Nine Nether world within the realm, the most valuable and scarce ones are the fairy stone and the Primal Chaos Divine Stone.

Whether it is a fairy stone or a Primal Chaos Divine Stone, they can only be born in a place where Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi is extremely rich and balanced.

And this Nine Nether world is an incomparably single world. Although Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi is rich, it does not have Power of Darkness. It is the only one that can give birth to countless dark Principle Supreme Treasures, but it is Very few immortal veins can be born.

Furthermore, the celestial veins in the Nine Nether world are not of high quality, so the price of celestial stones within the realm is extremely high.

Whether it’s a fairy stone or a Primal Chaos Divine Stone, for Chu Fengmian who owns Divine Vein, he can condense in a large amount. The only thing that came from Chu Fengmian’s previous condense and put it in the space ring is a sum of money. Great wealth.

Supplied to the City Lord of Heaven, and let him help Chu Fengmian buy the Nine Nether crystal, which is far enough.

“These fairy stones, and Primal Chaos Divine Stone, you take them first. If they are not enough, come and ask me for them. Collect the Nether crystals and give them to me as soon as possible.”

Chu Fengmian moved his palm, and a space ring appeared in his palm and handed it to the City Lord of Tiansha.

“There are also some healing Immortal Pills that can help you recover from your injury.”

Now Tiansha City Lord is seriously injured and can’t do well for Chu Fengmian, so Chu Fengmian is not stingy, and directly took out some healing Immortal Pills to recover the injury for Tiansha City Lord.

The stronger the strength of the City Lord, the better he can do for Chu Fengmian.

Chu Fengmian didn’t worry at all. The City Lord of Heavenly Demon dared to turn back. After all, a wounded City Lord of Heavenly Demon was no different from a City Lord of Heavenly Demon whose injuries were completely recovered. In Chu Fengmian’s eyes, there was no difference.

Chu Fengmian wants to kill the City Lord, and he doesn’t need to care if he is injured.

“many thanks Peerless Sword.”

Hearing Chu Fengmian’s words, the City Lord Tiansha gratefully opened the mouth and said.

His injury is not serious, but it is precisely because of the lack of healing Immortal Pill that he is unable to recover.

In the Nine Nether world, strength is one person. Once you are seriously injured, there are very few who are willing to reach out for rescue. Most of them are like the Dark Wolf City Lord. I can’t wait to take this opportunity directly, hit a person when he’s down.

“I don’t know your lord, what else can I tell you?”

Tiansha City Lord looked towards Chu Fengmian and asked again.

Collecting Nine Nether crystals, this matter is too easy for him.

Compared to Chu Fengmian’s life-saving grace, this is nothing in return.

“I still need a copy of all the powerhouse information in Nine Nether world.”

Chu Fengmian looked towards City Lord of Heaven and said.

“As for other things, if I need you to do it, I will naturally notify you.”

Chu Fengmian also left a jade talisman and gave it to the City Lord.

After finishing speaking, Chu Fengmian left, leaving behind the Dark Sword Heavenly Venerate. After talking with the City Lord, he took the Dark Sword Heavenly Venerate directly and turned into a light, and left Tiansha city.

Five days later, is the day when Nether Warfare begins.

Chu Fengmian was about to set off immediately, but because the Dark Wolf City Lord attacked Tiansha City, it was delayed for a while. Now that he explained the matter of the Tiansha City Lord, Chu Fengmian took the Dark Sword Heavenly Venerate directly and left. went.

Two escape lights, walking through the space of Nether Nether world.

The depths of the Nine Nether world’s space are also pitch-black darkness. Two rays of light flew in it without attracting the attention of any warrior.

This unique space also allows Chu Fengmian and Dark Sword Heavenly Venerate to exert a little more power, stimulate the escape, and will not attract too much attention from the powerhouse.

“Many Thanks Master.”

Amidst the light, Dark Sword Heavenly Venerate looked towards Chu Fengmian and quickly thanked him.

He also knows that this time Chu Fengmian is really willing to take the risk and let him take action to save the City Lord of the Heavenly Devil, not in itself, as Chu Fengmian said, to let the Heavenly Devil City Lord do things.

The real reason is his relationship.

If it were the City Lord this day, it had nothing to do with the Dark Sword Heavenly Venerate, and Chu Fengmian would never choose to let the Dark Sword Heavenly Venerate save people at this time.

“It’s just a small matter.”

Chu Fengmian opened the mouth and said nonchalantly.

He did not regard these sword slaves in the blood pool as real slaves, but as his subordinates. Therefore, this favor, this favor, Chu Fengmian is also willing to help the Dark Sword Heavenly Venerate once. He is alone.

The matter of the City Lord.

For Chu Fengmian, it was just an episode.

Not taken seriously by him at all.

His current focus is still on the sea of ​​Nether Nether, on the Nether War.

Participate in the Nether Wars and get the top ten rankings, it is logical to enter the sea of ​​Nine Nether.

Once he entered the sea of ​​Nine Nether, Chu Fengmian could accomplish his purpose of coming to Nine Nether world this time, looking for the jade box left by Lord of Sword Dao.

Participating in the nether warfare is extremely important to Chu Fengmian.

“The Nether Warfare at this time was actually supervised by the four major inheritance forces?”

Chu Fengmian’s eyes moved.

He also obtained a piece of Nine Nether world information from the City Lord of the Devil. In this information, it records in detail how many powerhouses there are in the Nether world, and some secrets in the Nether world.

Although as the City Lord of Tiansha, he is also impossible to know all the secrets of the Nether world within the realm, but after all, he is a high rank Immortal Emperor, the lord of the ancient city.

The understanding of Nine Nether world is much more detailed than the dark sword Heavenly Venerate, which has left Nether world for dozens of times.