Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3693


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Since it is a cooperative relationship.

Gu Yuan also asked unceremoniously.

The biggest reason he chose to join hands with Chu Fengmian was not because of Chu Fengmian’s strength, but Chu Fengmian’s methods.

Chu Fengmian can actually subdue the You Clan, or even pretend to be the You Clan, to hide from other You Clan’s investigations.

Gu Yuan tried to hide his figure before, but he was able to see through it at a glance. In the end, he could only choose to give up this path and avoid the You clan all the way before he came here.

He accidentally followed this Chu Fengmian and was surprised to see that Chu Fengmian could enter the Sea Master Hall in full view. In the end, he chose to come forward and cooperate with Chu Fengmian.

“Oh, it’s just a little trick that’s all, you can’t get on the stage. Since you and I cooperate, I will also help you, disguise your identity, so as not to waste time.”

Chu Fengmian looked towards Gu Yuan, and while he was speaking, his palm moved, and the power of the blood essence of the You Clan gathered and penetrated into Gu Yuan’s body.

Gu Yuan’s face changed slightly. It seemed that he had observed that this bloodline strength had no effect on him. Gu Yuan let go of the suppression and let this bloodline strength envelope him in the blink of an eye , Gu Yuan’s breath is just like You Clan, without any difference.

“This is the memory of the You Clan. You are now You Mi.”

Chu Fengmian moved the palm of his hand to give Gu Yuan the memory of You Mi.

“Use Bloodline Strength to cover up, it’s a mysterious way.”

Gu Yuan took a look at himself now, his eyes flashed a little surprised look, his eyes looked towards Chu Fengmian, they were all very curious.

It seems that Chu Fengmian concealed his identity for this move, which is extremely simple, but the mysterious, Gu Yuan is clear. If it weren’t for his familiarity with Bloodline Strength, it would be impossible to do this.

This kind of strength control for Bloodline Strength is definitely not something ordinary people can do.

However, since Chu Fengmian didn’t want to say, he didn’t ask.

“Let’s go, with the identity of the You Clan, we just enter the 7th floor Sea Territory all the way, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

After Chu Fengmian finished speaking, he was ready to leave.


Gu Yuan is also nodded and follows.

You Wufei led the way, and You Yin followed Chu Fengmian’s side. At the same time, this Gu Yuan was also standing beside Chu Fengmian. His eyes flickered, sometimes looking towards Chu Fengmian, not knowing he was planning What’s going on.

“You Wu, what is the core of this You Hai?”

Chu Fengmian also sound transmission quietly, asking You Wu about the core of Youhai.

Now Chu Fengmian said that he was cooperating with Gu Yuan to fight for the core of Youhai, but Chu Fengmian actually doesn’t even know what the core of Youhai is.

It sounds like this Nether Sea core is definitely a Supreme Treasure, so Three Great Saint Territories, Heaven Nine Domains, at such a huge price, attack this Nine Nether World, and want to get this Nether Sea core.

“The core of the sea of ​​Nine is the core of the sea of ​​Nine Nether, and it is also a Supreme Treasure of the emperor. It is said that the emperor once entered the core of the sea of ​​Nether. The core of the sea is refining and finally mastered The Sea of ​​Nine Nether.”

“The Nether Sea Core represents the source power of the Nine Nether Sea. If anyone can obtain the Nether Sea Core, whoever can master the power of the Nine Nether Sea.”

“The physical changes of our You Clan are that the You Emperor uses the core of the Youhai to transform the You Clan so that we have the ability to connect to the origin of the Nine Nether.”

You Wu quietly explained this to Chu Fengmian through sound transmission.

“The power of You Clan was transformed because of the core of Youhai?”

Chu Fengmian, after listening to You Wu’s words, probably knows exactly what the origin of this Youhai core is.

The Nether Sea Core is actually the origin of the Nether Sea. Whoever can control the Nether Sea Core can control the power of the Nine Nether Sea.

This Youhai core was originally obtained by Youdi, and it’s no wonder that the four major inheritance forces of Nine Nether World are willing to let Youdi such an outsider control the Holy Land of Nine Nether World, the sea of ​​Nine Nether.

It turned out to be because of this quiet sea core.

You emperor has mastered the core of the Nether Sea. In this Sea of ​​Nine Nether, you can mobilize the power of the Sea of ​​Nether at any time. Even a Tier 9 Immortal Emperor, in this sea of ​​Nine Nether, it may not be Youdi’s opponent.

The Youhai Island Lord, fought against Youdi, I am afraid that it was also for this reason, and finally defeated and chose to let the Youdi occupy this Nether Nether sea.

Originally, the core of the secluded sea has always been in the hands of the emperor, but it is said that the emperor is very ambitious, not content with this, what he wants to control is not the power of the sea of ​​Nine Nether, but the The sea of ​​Nine Nether directly turned into his power.

So this Youdi turned out to choose to refining the core of Youhai, intending to refining into a weapon, a weapon beyond Extreme Dao Immortal Weapon.

If it is a weapon that can be perfectly integrated into the core of the Nether Sea, then it is equivalent to possessing the power of the entire Nether Nether Sea, then the formidable power of this weapon must be far surpasses Extreme Dao Immortal Weapon.

You can reach the era weapon and dominate the weapon level.

Once it is refined, this weapon will be able to resist the destruction of Heaven and Earth, and will live forever, even if it is destroyed by Heaven and Earth, it will remain immortal.

And Youdi can also use this weapon to further his strength, stepping into a level close to the dominance level and reaching the original Lord of Sword Dao level.

If You Di stepped into this step, then he would be the most powerful house in the world. In this era where the overlord could not move, the power of You Emperor was enough to crush everything.

It was just You Emperor’s plan, but it failed for some reason, causing You Hai’s core to shatter and turn into countless fragments, and You Emperor was also injured as a result.

And about the core of Youhai, the news was deliberately passed on, and finally attracted Three Great Saint Territories, the two sides of the Nine Domains, choosing to attack Nine Nether World, it is for this core of Youhai Come.

How powerful is the sea of ​​Nine Nether?

Chu Fengmian entered into the sea of ​​Nine Nether this time, and felt clearly. This is definitely not a force that humans can contend with. Even a Tier 9 Immortal Emperor, in front of the sea of ​​Nine Nether, has power. gap.

And the power of the Nine Nether Sea is condensed in the core of this secluded sea.

Such a Supreme Treasure, let alone the eighth-order Immortal Emperor, or even the ninth-order Immortal Emperor, will be crazy about it and want to fight for it.

Even the Three Great Saint Territories and huge monsters like Nine Domains will choose to put their power into the Nine Nether World to compete for the core of the secluded sea.

Once someone can obtain this secluded sea core, or even refine it into a weapon, dominate the weapon, the era weapon, it is enough to make the strength of a 9th-order Immortal Emperor completely transformed, crushing others, this kind of power , Enough to affect the direction of the entire Sacred Domain war.