Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3694


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So now in order to compete for this quiet sea core.

Sky Nine Domains, Three Great Saint Territories, the two parties were originally fighting in the Sacred Domain war, and now they all turned their targets to Nine Nether World.

Under the siege of the two armies, Nine Nether World has a deep background, but in the final analysis, it is only a mid-thousand world, and it may be able to compete with one of them.

But in the face of the Nine Domains, Three Great Saint Territories, the two armies flanked, now Nine Nether World is also beginning to lose ground.

The Dark Sword Heavenly Venerate was left outside by Chu Fengmian. On the one hand, he cooperated with Chu Fengmian, and on the other hand, he helped Chu Fengmian observe the external situation.

From the news from the Dark Sword Heavenly Venerate, the Nine Nether World army is about to collapse. Even the Dark Prison, the biggest barrier of Nine Nether World, can no longer be defended. Up.

Once the dark prison is lost.

Three Great Saint Territories, the army of the Nine Domains, can drive straight in for a long time and rush directly into the Nether World. At the time, no one can stop them.

This Gu Yuan also knows this.

Once it was the Three Great Saint Territories, the powerhouses of the Nine Domains also poured into the sea of ​​Nine Nether.

Chu Fengmian and Gu Yuan, they finally spent countless means, hiding their identities, participating in the Nether War, and entering the sea of ​​Nether in advance, and their advantages are completely gone.

So now Gu Yuan is also anxious, and takes the initiative to come forward and choose to join hands with Chu Fengmian.

Chu Fengmian happily agreed to Gu Yuan’s request to join forces because of this consideration.

Now Chu Fengmian can only look forward to the fact that the four major inheritance forces can withstand the Three Great Saint Territories and the powerhouses of the Nine Domains for a period of time.

As long as they can resist for a period of time, they can buy more activity time for Chu Fengmian.

But judging from the information obtained by the prince of Xi Country and the glitzy Princess, the four major inheritance forces of Nine Nether World seem to not want to stop the two armies at all, but choose to take the initiative to retreat.

This is the real reason for the fall of the dark prison.

For the four major inheritance forces of Nine Nether World, they think they have inherited the oldest Nether World inheritance, and they should be the masters of Nine Nether World.

However, the sea of ​​Nine Nether has been occupied by You Emperor, You Clan, and these outsiders. It is normally okay, but the attack of the two armies this time has caused the powerhouse of the four major inheritance forces to rise. Other thoughts.

They are planning, and want to intervene horizontally, using the powerhouse of Nine Domains and Three Great Saint Territories to fight with You Clan and You Emperor. Instead, they sit back and become the fisherman who sweeps the benefits, prepare In this way, the core of the Nether Sea was taken, and the Sea of ​​Nether Nether was reoccupied.

So now, there is not much time left for Chu Fengmian.

3rd Layer Sea Territory, under the leadership of You Wu, Chu Fengmian and Gu Yuan quickly crossed over and entered the 4th Layer Sea Territory.

As long as you belong to the You Clan, you are qualified to enter any level of the Sea Territory. They are just generally speaking. Most of the You Clan choose to stay in closed-door cultivation in their own territory. Few people are willing to step into the territory of others.

But there are exceptions to everything.

And the headed Youwu is the dísciple of the Third Sea Lord, and in the future, it is possible to inherit the powerhouse of the Third Sea Lord. The You Clan along the way, seeing Youwu, are also one after another. Saluted stepped away and no one went back to stop him.

The journey went smoothly. Soon Chu Fengmian and the others crossed the 4th Layer Sea Territory and entered the 5th floor Sea Territory.

“Sure enough, with the help of Youzu, our speed is much faster. It seems to be a wise move to cooperate with you this time.”

Gu Yuan looked towards Chu Fengmian and said with a sigh.

“If this goes on, we will soon enter the 7th floor Sea Territory. At that time, we only need to find the treasure house of Youdi, then you can enter it and seize the core fragments of Youhai.”

“I have done it here. Next, it’s up to you.”

Chu Fengmian’s eyes condensed, looking towards Gu Yuan, he suddenly spoke.

“You have a way to deal with the seventh sea lord, but what if you are discovered by You Emperor?”

Chu Fengmian also asked the question he always wanted to ask.

In this Gu Yuan at first plan, his enemy is the Seventh Sea Lord, and You Di seems to have been excluded.

Chu Fengmian didn’t consider You Emperor, because Chu Fengmian planned to use some methods to sneak into You Emperor’s treasure house quietly, as long as he didn’t disturb the seventh sea lord.

But Gu Yuan’s plan, but forcibly.

He delayed Gu Yuan, and Chu Fengmian broke into the treasure house of Youdi to plunder the core fragments of Youhai.

Such a hard drive is likely to alarm Emperor You.

“You Di is not in the sea of ​​Nine Nether now, don’t worry.”

When Gu Yuan heard Chu Fengmian’s words, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“So now, this is our best opportunity to get started.”

Youdi is not in the sea of ​​Nine Nether?

Chu Fengmian didn’t know where Gu Yuan got the information from, but since he said it, Chu Fengmian also chose to believe it.

After all, Gu Yuan did not deceive him on this matter. Whether it is Chu Fengmian or this Gu Yuan, they are all outsiders. Once they encounter Youdi, they are all dead ends.

To deceive Chu Fengmian on this matter is tantamount to bringing about one’s own destruction.

If You Di is not here, it is indeed the best opportunity to do it.

You emperor, but a true 9th-order Immortal Emperor, and among the 9th-order Immortal Emperor, he is definitely not a weak one, at least he has reached the 2nd Layer of the 9th-order Immortal Emperor. Otherwise, he is not capable. , Master this Youhai core fragment.

Such a powerhouse is absolutely impossible for Chu Fengmian to contend with. Once Chu Fengmian encounters it, Chu Fengmian will not escape by himself. This is the person he fears most.

Now that Emperor You is away, the pressure of hands-on will be reduced a lot.

“This Gu Yuan seems to have made a lot of preparations…”

Chu Fengmian’s eyes narrowed.

Compared to Chu Fengmian, Gu Yuan had obviously made more preparations. He even knew that You Di had left the Sea of ​​Nine Nether now.

This Gu Yuan, from the moment he sneaked into the Nether Nether World, made complete preparations to enter the Treasure House of the Emperor.

And Chu Fengmian came to Nether World this time for the purpose of Lord of Sword Dao’s jade box, and Chu Fengmian didn’t know the jade box of Lord of Sword Dao. It turned out to be placed in the treasury of Youdi.

Although this Gu Yuan told Chu Fengmian a lot, Chu Fengmian can clearly feel that there must be something hidden in this person’s words, and Chu Fengmian doesn’t believe it, this Gu Yuan is sincerely cooperating with Chu Fengmian.