Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3695


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The cooperation between Chu Fengmian and Gu Yuan is to get what each needs, especially in the face of this huge interest, equally divided? Absolutely impossible.

Chu Fengmian also played up the spirit of twelve points, observing every move of this Gu Yuan, seeking skin with tigers, if it fails, it is also extremely dangerous for Chu Fengmian.

6th floor Sea Territory.

One day has passed.

Chu Fengmian and Gu Yuan have already come to the 6th floor Sea Territory.

In this 6th floor Sea Territory, Power of Darkness is already full of richness.

In this 6th floor Sea Territory, Chu Fengmian can even see with his own eyes that in some places where Power of Darkness is concentrated, the Dark Spirit is born directly.

This dark spirit was born in front of Chu Fengmian’s eyes, and was directly surrendered by some of the You Clan who had been waiting nearby, as their servants.

This kind of dark spirit, in the sea of ​​Nine Nether, I don’t know how many, most of them are regarded as slaves by the You Clan, and even a large part are formed by the You Clan to fight against the outside The army of Martial Artist.

“The Three Great Saint Territories, the Nine Domains army, if they attack the Nine Nether sea, they will have to suffer a lot in front of the You Clan army.”

Chu Fengmian said silently.

In the sea of ​​Nine Nether, the You Clan occupies the right time and place, and has the effect of half the results for twice the effort. On the contrary, it is the Martial Artist of the outside world. It will feel uncomfortable to enter it.

Nine Nether World’s Martial Artist would be okay. Nine Nether World’s Martial Artist is also the pure Dao of Darkness of cultivation. In the sea of ​​Nine Nether, I don’t think there will be any problems, but for the cultivation Immortal Emperor As far as Dao Martial Artists are concerned, their strength may even be greatly reduced when they enter the sea of ​​Nether.

Chu Fengmian’s current strength has not been greatly affected. It is also because Chu Fengmian is not an Immortal Emperor. He is essentially an immortal. His power comes from his bloodline, his Sword Dao, And the Foundation Tree Divine Tree, Blood Slaughter Demon Sword in his body.

Law Power is only a small part of Chu Fengmian’s body strength, so he is not affected much, but the Gu Yuan next to him is a genuine Immortal Emperor.

This Gu Yuan, in the sea of ​​Nine Nether, under the condition that the law is restricted, the power is no less inferior to Chu Fengmian.

Even if this Gu Yuan is not a 9th-order Immortal Emperor, it is definitely the most powerful house among the 8th-order Immortal Emperor. Only when one foot reaches the 9th-order Immortal Emperor level can he possess such terrifying strength.

If it’s outside, the strength of this Gu Yuan is far above Chu Fengmian.

In the sea of ​​Nine Nether, Chu Fengmian barely managed to compete with this Gu Yuan.

“Unexpectedly, I actually met such a powerhouse.”

Chu Fengmian’s eyes narrowed.

Now he can’t regret it. This Gu Yuan is extremely strong, and Chu Fengmian is not sure that he can beat him.

Therefore, Chu Fengmian can only choose to cooperate with Gu Yuan, and this can be considered is forced to be helpless.

But if there is no Gu Yuan, Chu Fengmian can’t think of a way to fight the seventh sea lord, so he has no second choice.

“Well? Nothingness, you turned out to be in the 6th floor Sea Territory. You are not in the 3rd Layer Sea Territory. What will you do when you come to me?”

Suddenly when Chu Fengmian was thinking, a You Clan suddenly appeared in front of Chu Fengmian and the others, and completely stopped Chu Fengmian and the others.

This You Clan is also a youngster. It looks young and similar to Youwu. Compared with Youwu, it is not weak or even stronger. It is also a high rank Immortal. A secluded powerhouse of Emperor level.

He stopped in front of You Wu, looked towards You Wu, and slowly said.

“And also bring these little fellows.”

“Master, this is the nether abyss, the dísciple of the sixth sea lord, one of the rivals of Lord Youwu. It is said that he has always competed with Lord Youwu, who will inherit the position of Sea Lord first.”

You Yin’s voice rang from Chu Fengmian’s mind, and said the identity of the You clan in front of him.

nether abyss.

Chu Fengmian is also frowned in his heart.

This nether abyss, as the dísciple of the sixth sea lord, his territory is in this 6th floor Sea Territory.

This piece of his territory is the only way to the 7th floor Sea Territory, but I didn’t expect it to attract him.

This nether abyss has always been opposed to You Wu. Suddenly this time, the person who came was not good.

It would be okay if the nether abyss only came to trouble you, but it would be a bad thing if he found out the identity of Chu Fengmian and the others.

“Would you like to take action to solve him? You seem to have a method, you can take him to a small life within the realm?”

Gu Yuan, who was standing next to him, had a calm expression on his face, but he quietly sounded towards Chu Fengmian.

“No, you can’t do it.”

After hearing Gu Yuan’s words, Chu Fengmian hurriedly stopped.

He can indeed use the power of the blood pool to bring this nether abyss into the blood pool world within the realm while the nether abyss is defenseless.

But it is meaningless to shut this nether abyss into the blood pool world within the realm. This blood pool world cannot stop the power of the Nine Nether sea. Once the nether abyss makes a big fuss in it, Strength may still leak out.

This is the 6th floor Sea Territory, no bigger than the 3rd Layer Sea Territory.

In addition, when Chu Fengmian started working on Youwu, in the sea master hall, if you didn’t get the permission of Youwu, no You clan would have the right to step into it. Although it might have leaked power, it didn’t. Attract anyone’s attention.

But here is different. This is the 6th floor Sea Territory. There are not a few Youzu powerhouses nearby. If you do something here, once you don’t strike certain kill the nether abyss one, it is likely to attract others from Youzu. Powerhouse, even attracted the Sixth Sea Master to come, it was in trouble at that time.

“Then you better think of a way. We can’t waste time here. The Nine Domains army has already taken the lead. It has broken through the dark prison and entered the Nine Nether World. Now it is going straight. Coming in the sea of ​​Nine Nether, there is not much time left for us.”

Gu Yuan sound transmission said.

“The army of Nine Domains has already broken through the dark prison? Have you entered this Nine Nether World?”

Hearing this news, Chu Fengmian was shocked.

He thought that the dark prison could still resist for a while, but he didn’t expect that it was only one day that the Nine Domains army had already invaded the Nine Nether World.

Now it is coming towards the sea of ​​Nine Nether.

The army of Nine Domains has already attacked, and the army of Three Great Saint Territories, I am afraid it will follow closely from behind, and it will not be long.

The dark prison has been breached, and the defense of the Sea of ​​Nether has been breached. It is only a matter of time…