Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3779

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Five minutes, complete the entire mood trial.

This is a time that everyone has never imagined. Even if it is strong, you need to fight against those HEAVENLY DEMON erosion, it takes a while, only five minutes, everyone is unbelievable.

If they see the Chu Fengmian, see Chu Fengmian, in the palace of this mood trial, is definitely 10,000 do not believe it.

But now the facts have already placed their eyes, let them have a reason to question.

Such a short time, you can trial through a mood, this can only be said, that is, chu fengmian’s heart, it is already strong to the extreme, even Heart Demon, the chu fengmian has no choice but how to Let him sweep this mood trial.

“, etc., what is the fourth Sacred Son?”

“seems to have left.”

When everyone talks, some people notice that Chu Fengmian is already above the square of this Land of Trial, making many era Martial Artist, could not help but somewhat regret.

, especially some people who have just arrived here, have not come, witnessing Chu fengmian’s face, Chu Fengmian left.

this Time, Chu Fengmian participated in three major trials, and suddenly passed Martial Dao, a mood trial, which has been a place in the fourth Sacred Son in one fell swoop.

No one dares to question Chu Fengmian.

After all, in the three Sacred Son, Heart Demon Sacred Son, the sword demon Sacred Son, in fact, only passed the mood trial, and did not trial through Martial Dao.

At the same time passed the Martial Dao, a mood tried, only the three Sacred Son of the three Sacred Son now.

But Wan Dao Sacred Son, which was also cultivated by the Temple. After several common sense, it was finally trial of this Martial Dao, and the mood test was fully passed.

and chu fengmian, this is just added to Martial Palace, becoming Martial Palace Sacred Son, did not get the cultivation of Martial Palace, and the first time to participate in these three trials, they completed Martial. DAO trial, mood trial.

From this point, Chu Fengmian is only more stronger than the Wan Dao Sacred Son once once.

“This fourth Sacred Son is so horrible, this person’s APTITUDE, I am afraid that I have to be above the Sacred Son.”

Some era will Martial Artist mutter self-proliferation.

They have been feeling an unusual feeling.

chu fengmian, the appearance of this fourth Sacred Son is enough to set off Heaven overflowing giant wave in the era.

Just join Martial Palace, it passed two major trials, this momentum, I was afraid that no one can stop.

“Is this person, can you compete with Wan Dao Sacred Son?”

There is also an episode of Martial Artist Opened The Mouth and Said.

In the era, although there is such three Sacred Son, Heart Demon Son, the three Sacred Son, the three Sacred Son, but actually, sitting in the first Sacred Son, has always been 10,000 Road Sacred Son.

Heart Demon Sacred Son, the sword demon Sacred Son, in fact, it is already pressed by Wan Dao Sacred Son, so the Number One Person in Sacred Son has always been Sacred Son, this The status, never had any challenges.

In addition, the strength of the Wan Dao Sacred Son has always been deeply unheathered, and many era will Martial Artist already think that there is no one, you can challenge Wan Dao Sacred Son.

Heart Demon Sacred Son, although in nominal, it is an episode of Sacred Son, but in the era, it is necessary to be pressed by him when he faces Warrior Sacred Son. .

can now appear in Chu Fengmian, it seems to break this pattern, Chu Fengmian now shows the APTITUDE, which is too high, Far Surpasses, the Wan Dao Sacred Son.

“Impossible, Wan Dao Sacred Son is absolutely unattended, this fourth Sacred Son shows the APTITUDE in the high, but also his APTITUDE, does not represent his strength, he joined the time to join the time Better late, Impossible is competing with the Sacred Son of Wan Dao. “

There are also supporters of Wan Dao Sacred Son, hear these discussion and reflection.

“This is also.”

There is also an era that Martial Artist recognizes Nodded.

Aptitude, represents just Aptitude, not strength.

Aptitude is high, it takes time to grow, now Chu Fengmian, so, although Chu Fengmian has passed the Martial Dao trial, the mood trial, it is only representative, and Chu Fengmian has a Top Powerhouse Potential.

But this kind of APTITUDE does not necessarily turn into strength. After all, in ancient times, the genius falling, I don’t know how much it is.

and Wan Dao Sacred Son is also very high. In addition, Sacred Son, which is the earliest to join the Epoch Temple, which has been supported by the first temple of the Seven Temple.

Under such circumstances, Chu Fengmian wants to catch up with Wan Dao Sacred Son, but a very difficult thing, after all, the current Chu Fengmian, is just a fairy.

The Sacred Son is already a eight-order Immortal Emperor, which is already impact toward nine-order Immortal emperor.

Now CHU Fengmian, there may be a possibility of competition with Wan Dao Sacred Son, but Once Sacred Son is reached to nine-order Immortal Emperor, at that time, all competition will end, only Wan Dao Sacred Son is one person, crushing all.

“Look, Ancestral Dragon Sacred Son will definitely go beyond Wan Dao Sacred Son, become the first Sacred Son in the era.”

also has Martial Palace Martial Artist, loud shouted.

Martial Palace, because of the unbeaten Sacred Son, the forces are damaged, and the temple is targeted everywhere.

Now look at the APTITUDE that CHU Fengmian is displayed, but also makes these Martial Palace Martial Artist, and I feel that I have seen the hope of counter the Taoist temple.

Chu fengmian has passed the news of two major trials, soon it is spread throughout the entire era.

Martial Palace Great Hall.

Martial Palace Lord is sitting on the throne, seeing this news, his eyes are smiling.

“Didn’t Expect, this Ancestral Dragon just gave me such a big surprise.”

“Congratulations on Palace Lord, congratulations on Sacred Son.”

Several old people below, Looked Towards Martial Palace Lord, served Joyfully SAID.

“ANCESTRAL DRAGON SACRED SON is so superior, I haven’t thought of it, I have been waiting for me.”

In this Old Feng, there is a dead wood, the magic, and they get Chu Fengmian after the news of the two major trials, it is also for a long breath.

chu fengmian this Aptitude, it is obviously two of the three Sacred Son, the other two, Heart Demon Sacred Son, Heart Demon Sacred Son, I am afraid that it is not qualified as a competition of Chu Fengmian. Object.

and Chu Fengmian’s APTITUDE is so high, once Chu Fengmian selection stepped into the Immortal Emperor Realm, the strength beyond them, and the WITH NO DIFFICULTY.

It seems that it is also what they know. After seeing the strength of Chu Fengmian, it is chosen to suep, otherwise, now they are not good.