Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3781

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The entrance of the virtual world is a virtual temple.

chu fengmian rides the dragon car, soon come to the sky of a virtanity, as Chu Fengmian is a journey of Sacred Son, comparable to the authority of the seven-star member, rarely, there are few places, you can Limit the entry of his dragon.

chu fengmian slowly got down from the dragon car, and came to the entrance of the fade.

visible to the fourth Sacred Son. “

Several Era will be Martial Artist, which is already waiting for it, and looked at Chu Fengmian from the dragon car.

Chu Fengmian has passed the two major trial of Land of Trial, and now it is already spread throughout the entire era, and the era of the fake temple will Martial Artist, which also got a message.

So I saw Chu Fengmian’s dragon car arrived, they were actively greeted and greeted, even if they were not Martial Palace Martial Artist.

You can show the APTITUDE that Chu Fengmian, the future, even hope, with Wan Dao Sacred Son, for such characters, naturally, I naturally dare not slow down.

“Fourth Sacred Son, don’t know what happened?”

An episode will Martial Artist, the previous step, the active opening query.

“I intend to enter the virtual world.”

CHU Fengmian calm replied.

“I don’t know if the virtual world is open?”

This virtual world, which is different from the other palaces in the tonna, often closed for a while, only when it is open, it can enter it.

If it is now a virtual world, the chu fengmian has never been a chance of Sacred Son, and he can’t enter it, it can only be Go ON An Errand for Nothing.

“The original fourth Sacred Son must enter the virtual world, now the virtual world is open, please follow me.”

There is a Martial Artist that guards the virtue of the temple, it is a step, walking in front, with chu fengmian, walking into the false temple.

hong long long!

In a fantastical temple, Chu Fengmian saw countless starlight, One After ANOTHER LAW POWER, it turned around.

“The fourth Sacred Son is the first time I came to the virtual hetem, I don’t know if I know some of the things in the virtual world.”


chu fengmian calm Opened The mouth and said.

His understanding of the virtual world is actually only recorded in the magic book, but nothing knows.


The Martial Artist who guards the virtue hall, heard Chu Fengmian, then Opened The Mouth and Said.

“virtual world is a supreme old annestor in my tonna, which creates the world, but it is like a true.”

“Entering the virtual heThin the realm, all of the encountered, is true, only when it is fallen, it will be awake, so this is not like a fantasy, more like a false WORLD is the same. “

“Enter the virtual world once, no time, but once it is falling, it will be forced to send out the virtual usein the realm, please also remember the fourth Sacred Son.”

“and once it is fallen in the virtual heThin the realm, or take the initiative to leave the virtual world, it is within a year, it is impossible to enter the virtual world, this is a zipper, even seven Temple Lord, all Sacred SON is no exception. “

Chu Fengmian heard these, all Nodded, these basic things, he all said in the book of crying, heard it.

Every Martial Artist, once you have to fall after the virtual hery realm, you must enter the virtual world, this is the deficiency of the virtual WITHIN THE REALM, the ONLY ONE bar cannot be changed.

According to the explanation of crying, it is because once it is a continuous entry, it is very likely to have an illusion, which is affected by itself, so every time you leave from the virtual heThin the realm, you need to be in the outside world. Time.

Chu Fengmian is now also very curious, how is the illusion in this virtual world, will make the High Rank Immortal Emperor unable to distinguish.

“The fourth Sacred Son, front is the entrance to the virtual world, as long as it is stepped, it will be sent to the virtual usein the realm.”

“virtual world, is a complete world, adults can see it as a smaller thousand world, but everything is illusory, so in the fallen of the virtual hen the realm, it will not really fall, It is only to be transferred to the virtual world. “

“Once you have entered the virtual world, in addition to false, you can only be able to leave, but once you leave the virtual world, you must be a year later. You can enter the virtual world again, please also ask the fourth Sacred Son to consider clearly. “

Martial Artist in the well-defense temple, detailed explanation.

“I know.”

chu fengmian nodded, looked at the door, a gray fog from the door, his WITHOUT The Slightest Hesitation, was a step into it.

Is this?

NEXT MOMENT in the virtual heithin the realm, Chu Fengmian is coming to a valley.

He went back, behind the gates behind the gray fog, but there was no trace, as if it was chu fengmian, it was in this valley.

“This is the virtual world?”

chu fengmian is curious about all arrounds.

In this valley, there is a small waterfall, which is convenient for this water chamber, the sound of water, and Chu Fengmian can hear a clear two, he is now on the side of this lady.

Everything here, looks like a real world.

Of course, this virtual world is said to be made by a SuPreme Old Ancestor among the tits, and according to the cry of the cry, this Supreme Old Ancestor is very likely to be a SuPreme, which is behind the tune. .

There is therefore it makes it out of the virtual world that is true, and it is not worthy of Chu Fengmian.

Of course, this is just a surface, a world, it’s not as simple as a surface, Chu Fengmian slowly closed his eyes and feel this virtual heaven and earth law.

Heaven and Earth Law, is the foundation of a World and a foundation for building a World.

illusion, ILLUSION TECHNIQUE And Earth Law.

This is not a scope of manpower.

But when Chu Fengmian closed his eyes, feel this surrounding Heaven and Earth Law, he actually felt that the Heaven and Earth Law around this is actually a true Smaller Thousand Worlds without any difference.

Gold, Wood, Water, Thunder, Dark, Space, Time, Seven Full Rules, SMALLER THOUSAND WORLDS.

smaller thousand worlds, this is the top ten basic law, which is lacking World, once the ten grand law is perfect, then this world will be promoted from Smaller Thousand Worlds to become Intermediate Wide World.