Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3829


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This change is absolutely beneficial to Chu Fengmian.

Because Chu Fengmian should have felt that the immortal crystals that have been completely transformed, the power contained in them is more than double that of the immortal crystals that have surpassed the transformation.

Therefore, after Chu Fengmian discovered that this immortal crystal could be promoted and transformed again, he also simply swallowed a large amount of the Supreme Treasure of the era to accelerate the rate of transformation of the immortal crystal.

Among the 129,600 immortal crystals, there are already about one-tenth, and they have completely transformed into that kind of gray material.

In this, they all contain the same kind of unfamiliar characters. Although these characters are different in appearance, they must belong to the same kind of characters.

There is still a certain connection among these words in the dark. The true power of this kind of words seems to be that only after 129,600 immortal crystals are completely transformed, can they truly show their formidable power. .

“Now my physical body, I am afraid that compared to the 9th-order Immortal Emperor, it is much more tyrannical, but I don’t know how far it is from the real master.”

Chu Fengmian’s former body, the real body of the witch god, and the eternal Divine Body condense, his body reached the same level as the top ten witch gods.

And the ten great witch gods, but the second only to dominate the invincible powerhouse, among the 9th-order Immortal Emperor, they are all the same realm invincible existence.

Moreover, the flesh of the Wu Clan is much more powerful than humans, so it is not an exaggeration to say that Chu Fengmian’s current flesh can crush all 9th-order Immortal Emperors.

Above the 9th-order Immortal Emperor, there is only the master, but Chu Fengmian has never seen a real master.

It should be said that Chu Fengmian has never seen a complete master, the master of Peak strength.

The Void God he had seen was a sleeping lord.

The ruler in the Divine Palace of the Witch was confronted by the Divine Stone of Thunder. Chu Fengmian himself only felt some aftertaste of the ruler.

The king of beasts is only the projection of the lord of hoof and heaven, so Chu Fengmian doesn’t know how strong the body of a ruler is.

However, Chu Fengmian faintly felt that if the 129,600 immortal crystals in his body were to be transformed and promoted again, I was afraid that they would reach the dominance level.

After all, the formidable power of the current Sorcerer God’s body, the eternal Divine Body, is already comparable to the physical body of the 9th-order Immortal Emperor Peak. Furthermore, there is only the realm of dominance.

Once these 129,600 immortal crystals are completely transformed, Chu Fengmian’s strength will also reach a new level.

However, according to Chu Fengmian’s plan, to fully promote these 129,600 immortal crystals to a higher level, the Supreme Treasure of the era is huge.

Chu Fengmian has now swallowed hundreds of Supreme Treasures, only to transform and promote one-tenth of his 129,600 immortal crystals.

And for each promotion of these 129,600 immortal crystals, the next one will require more power, and so on. There are more than one hundred thousand immortal crystals left. If you want to be promoted completely, you need to consume Supreme Treasure of the era.

It may be hundreds of times, or even thousands of times, tens of thousands of times that it has been swallowed now. This amount of Supreme Treasure of the era, even if Chu Fengmian is now in the land of the beginning, is impossible to obtain.

This is almost impossible.

Unless Chu Fengmian has experienced one epoch and reached the Absolute Beginning Era of the next epoch, only in Absolute Beginning Era can he get so many epochs Supreme Treasure.

Therefore, Chu Fengmian did not want to promote these 129,600 immortal crystals in a short period of time.

Only part of the promotion is needed, and Chu Fengmian’s strength will also be partly improved. He also has a greater certainty that he can seize the treasure of the divine ability era in the land of the beginning.

“Well? Something has isolated my spiritual sense?”

Just when Chu Fengmian opened his spiritual sense and searched for the Supreme Treasure of the era around him, suddenly a hole in the forest attracted Chu Fengmian’s attention.

In this cave, there seems to be something that actually isolates Chu Fengmian’s spiritual sense. Chu Fengmian’s spiritual sense seems to have no way to probe into this cave.

Chu Fengmian discovered the location of the cave. He stepped out a few steps and came to the area around the cave. His gaze condensed. He penetrated deeply into the darkness of the cave and saw A palace in the depths of this cave.

A palace!

“This is the relic of the era of divine ability?”

Chu Fengmian’s face changed in shock.

The primordial land opened at this time is the primordial land from the era of divine ability.

The era of divine ability is an era of Martial Dao Peak, the first era ever challenged Heavenly Dao, so there are countless powerhouses in this era of divine ability.

They even briefly mastered this primordial place, and in this primordial place, they established sect.

Now in the land of the primordial beginning, the remains of the so-called Divine Ability era appeared.

The palace in the cave in front of Chu Fengmian, although the appearance is not much different from the palace in this era, but the power contained in it is indeed the power of the era of divine ability.

Chu Fengmian also once cultivated the way of divine ability, and even more condense a Lesser Divine Ability.

So Chu Fengmian is no stranger to the power of the era of divine ability. He recognized at a glance that this palace is the palace of the era of divine ability.

“Only one?”

Apart from joy, Chu Fengmian was also exploring the vicinity of this cave, but soon a trace of disappointment flashed in Chu Fengmian’s eyes.

There is only one palace in the era of Divine Ability, which means that this is actually not the real remains of the era of divine ability.

This palace should also be just a Cave Mansion of the powerhouse of the era of divine ability, not a sect relic, although it is not the true treasure of the era of divine ability.

However, if there are some treasures in the Cave Mansion left by the powerhouse of the era of divine ability, it is also of great value to Chu Fengmian.

“Before no one noticed this palace, just collect it!”

Chu Fengmian made a decisive decision and directly ran the Swallowing Heaven Beast bloodline, and suddenly a burst of Devouring Power shrouded directly towards the palace in the cave below.

Although this palace is from the era of divine ability, the prohibition Array above is still functioning intact, as if time has passed, without affecting this palace.

Logically speaking, even if a master personally arranges the remaining prohibited arrays, as the years go by, their power will decay and eventually disappear.