Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3918


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Hearing Chu Fengmian’s inquiry, the sword demon Sacred Son took out a jade talisman, and seemed to be asking someone for the news. After a while, she got an answer from the jade talisman in her hand.

“The King of Heaven, to Heavenly God, and Sacred Son of Ten Thousand Ways, seems to have formed an alliance, ready to counter the divine ability era warrior.”

When the sword demon Sacred Son told the news, even herself was a little surprised.

Heavenly King, to Heavenly God, Sacred Son, representing Myriad Realms, Sacred Hall, and the three forces of Era Society. The relationship between these three forces is originally open strife and veiled struggle. Together with their three people, it is the Number One Person of the younger generation among these three forces.

The relationship between each other is almost like a mortal enemy.

But now their three people are united and formed an alliance?

“Is the action so fast? It seems that those divine ability epoch martial artists, the pressure on them is not small.”

Chu Fengmian’s eyes narrowed, calmly opened the mouth and said.

The three people joined forces. Actually speaking of which, they should be the three warriors of the forces of the Three Ages. Now they have decided to join forces.

Although this was a bit unexpected, it was not enough to surprise Chu Fengmian. He probably guessed this step. Those warriors of the era of divine ability are now aggressively hunting the warriors of the forces of the Three Ages, and Bibi is pressing.

Under such circumstances, it is not surprising that many warriors from the forces of the Three Ages, who originally had grievances, chose to temporarily abandon their grievances and join forces.

Only by joining forces can it be possible to fight against those divine ability era warriors. If they are still acting independently, they can only be gradually defeated.

“Now the king of the Heavenly King, to the Son of Heavenly God, and the Sacred Son of Ten Thousand Ways, the alliance formed by the trio has absorbed most of the forces of the Three Ages in the Primordial Land, how can we? To do?”

Sacred Son looked towards Chu Fengmian and asked.

In fact, when she heard the news, she also wanted to join the alliance. After all, these divine ability era warriors are so powerful. If they join the alliance, relying on the power of the alliance, it will be easier to follow These divine ability era warriors contend.

And acting independently.

Even though Chu Fengmian’s strength is tyrannical.

However, it is as strong as the king of the heavens, even the Heavenly God son, and the characters like Sacred Son, have suffered a lot from the hands of the warriors of the era of divine ability.

It is not easy for Chu Fengmian to fight against those divine ability era warriors by the strength of oneself.

But now that she has chosen to seek refuge in Chu Fengmian, Chu Fengmian alone will make all the decisions.

“Naturally, it is to join the alliance. This day king of the heavens, to the son of Heavenly God, Sacred Son of Ten Thousand Ways, since they chose to join forces and establish an alliance, it is definitely not as simple as wanting to protect themselves. If it is self-protection, it is more than enough. They must have a big action to establish an alliance.”

Chu Fengmian opened the mouth and said.

This heavenly king, to the Heavenly God son, the alliance formed by Sacred Son, must have their plot against, plan, Chu Fengmian joins it now, you can also get involved, it is easier to fish in troubled waters , Get benefits.

The place of the primordial beginning is too dangerous, especially some sect relics. Chu Fengmian is afraid that it must be a trap set by a warrior of the era of divine ability, so he dare not take it easily.

Chu Fengmian acts alone, and I am afraid that he will not get any benefits, so he might as well join the alliance.

“But, there is an enmity between the King of Heaven and You…”

Hearing Chu Fengmian’s answer, the sword demon Sacred Son said with some worry.

Chu Fengmian’s previous battle with the King of Heavenly King, also made Chu Fengmian and King of Heavenly King, completely hostile, with the character that the King of Heavenly King’s flaws will be reported, if Chu Fengmian took the initiative to join the alliance, if so Tianyan Realm King shot directly, but Chu Fengmian may be in danger.

“It’s okay, Heavenly King Realm will never take action against me. Now Heavenly King Realm and they want to establish an alliance. They must absorb all the forces of the Three Ages in the entire primordial land before they can expand the power of the alliance. .”

“Among these world kings, god sons, and Sacred Sons, many of them have grievances, or even great feuds. If you can’t abandon your grudges, this alliance will definitely not be established.”

“The King of Heaven will never attack me. Once it is him, it will be a huge blow to the entire alliance, so don’t worry.”

Chu Fengmian calmly opened the mouth and said.

To establish this alliance, the most critical step is to abandon grievances, at least before these divine ability era warriors are resolved, civil strife cannot be caused.

Otherwise, there will be civil strife before the alliance is established. Isn’t that giving those divine ability Era warriors a chance? In the meantime, this alliance will not break itself, and the ultimate benefit will be obtained by those divine ability epoch warriors.

The King of Tianyan Realm is not a stupid person. He should know the pros and cons of this in his own heart.

“Go, let’s join the alliance now.”

Chu Fengmian body moved, it turned into a light, and flew towards the direction of the space coordinates provided by the sword demon Sacred Son.

This is the gathering place of the alliance.

Now in the land of the Beginning, most of the warriors of the Three Ages have gathered here to form an alliance, ready to discuss how to deal with those divine ability era warriors.

Most of the warriors of the Three Ages in the Land of the Beginning were chased and killed by those divine ability warriors, and even many people suffered a lot of losses.

For those divine ability era warriors, they are naturally very angry. Now that they join the alliance, they do not want to unite and initiate revenge on those divine ability era warriors.

After all, these world kings, sons of gods, Sacred Son, who is not Heaven’s Chosen Child, are now in the land of the primordial beginning. No one will be willing to suffer such a big loss.

The gathering place of the alliance is not far from where Chu Fengmian is located. Chu Fengmian and the sword demon Sacred Son urged to escape. In less than an hour, the two of them came to the space coordinates. Where.

This is in a huge valley.

Above this valley, there are countless arrays of prohibitions. At a glance, you can also see many warriors patrolling around this valley, as if they have become a force.

These Array forbidable powers are not weak, even the ninth rank Immortal Emperor, they are difficult to break. They seem to be from the Heavenly King, Heavenly God, and Ten Thousand Ways Sacred Son.

“Someone has joined again!”

“It’s the two Sacred Sons of the Era Club!”

Seeing the escape of Chu Fengmian and the sword demon Sacred Son, some warriors had already noticed the two of them and quickly opened the Array prohibition.