Sword Emperor of the Nine Domains Chapter 3921


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You need to know that, like Myriad Realms, Sacred Hall, the realm kings and gods who have entered the land of the primordial beginning, the number of gods should exceed ten.

The gods of Sacred Hall, Chu Fengmian once found the information, it was nine, but then Chu Fengmian got the news from the sword demon Sacred Son, but found that the number of gods hidden in Sacred Hall is far more than ten Bit.

Only some of the gods of Sacred Hall, which have not been announced.

And this time, in order to enter the primordial land and compete for treasures, some of the gods who had hidden their identities were all present and chose to enter the primordial land.

The realm king of Myriad Realms, I don’t know how many of them exist. The number of people who entered the land of the beginning this time is no less than 20, but this time has suffered a great loss, and now only left There are six.

Although the number is still the largest among the forces of the Three Ages, the actual loss is also the largest.

More than a dozen realm kings all fell in this primordial place. Fortunately, these realm kings, without exception, are all Immortal Emperors, but their fleshy body has fallen, and their bodies are still there. Can be reborn.

Otherwise, the battle of the Martial Sect ruins this time will greatly reduce the power of Myriad Realms.

The horror of Immortal Emperor is this kind of life force. Even if the fleshy body falls, it can still be reborn again. This is an advantage that Martial Dao in any era cannot achieve.

Chu Fengmian is only unwilling to give up the Tao of Immortal Emperor, and for this reason, the life force of the martial artist of the Tao of Immortal Emperor is indeed too strong.

Of course, the dozens of world kings who fell in the land of the primordial beginning will not really fall, but the loss is not small, especially when they fell in the land of the primordial beginning this time, all the benefits gained in the land of the primordial beginning, Will be lost.

The fleshy body fell and got nothing, this kind of loss is not small

In contrast, in the era of society, it was the one who suffered the least loss. There were only five Sacred Sons in the era of society. Now all of them have entered the land of the beginning, and no one has fallen.

Only some eighth rank Immortal Emperors and five Sacred Sons fell in the Epoch Society, but they were still all right.

Among them, Sacred Son was powerful and fell into the trap of the Martial Sect ruins, but he also retreated.

Heart Demon Sacred Son, and Chu Fengmian, both survived when the Martial Sect ruins were born without getting involved.

Sacred Son, the sword demon, was lucky. He took a step slower and didn’t enter the Martial Sect ruins, but escaped.

As for the Xuyuan Sacred Son, it is said that he followed Wandao Sacred Son, and under the protection of Wandao Sacred Son, he retreated all over his body.

This imaginary Sacred Son.

Chu Fengmian turned his gaze and looked towards a young man with a cold face not far away.

This is Sacred Son.

One of the seven halls of the Era Society, Sacred Son.

A little later than Chu Fengmian, he joined the Epoch Club. Before Martial Palace, it seemed that he had come into contact with the virtual Sacred Son, but in the end he chose Chu Fengmian.

Chu Fengmian has never met with this Xuanyuan Sacred Son, and it can even be said that there is no relationship, but the trap in front of the star cave before is not only the handwriting of Wandao Sacred Son alone, Xuanyuan Sacred Son , Also shot together.

Although I don’t understand why this virtual element Sacred Son would act on Chu Fengmian, no matter what the purpose of this virtual element Sacred Son, since he chose to be an enemy of Chu Fengmian, he is Chu Fengmian’s enemy.

The Xuyuan Sacred Son was standing there. The aura on his body was not strong, but he was standing beside Wandao Sacred Son. It seemed that this Wandao Sacred Son was very important to him.

Even when he entered the remains of Martial Sect, facing the siege of those divine ability era warriors, Wandao Sacred Son has been protecting this virtual Sacred Son.

I don’t know why this Sacred Son is so important to him. This also puzzles many realm kings and god sons.

But the moment Chu Fengmian looked towards Xuyuan Sacred Son, he felt that he saw a trace of truth. In this Xuyuan Sacred Son, Chu Fengmian felt an extremely mysterious power.

Although this kind of power is extremely hidden, it is because Chu Fengmian has just come into contact with it before, so he feels very clear about this kind of power.

He can be recognized at a glance.

This is Power of Time.

In this virtual element Sacred Son, there is actually this power of time.

Before Chu Fengmian hunted down the blood Demon World King, he also came into contact with the Power of Time of the Blood Demon World King many times.

Although Chu Fengmian could not directly comprehend the Time Law from this Power of Time, but the successive contacts made Chu Fengmian extremely keen on Power of Time.

He could feel at a glance that this virtual element Sacred Son actually has this Power of Time, and this Power of Time is not an external force.

It was not the Sacred Son that was contaminated in certain places, but it came from himself. This Sacred Son was actually an Immortal Emperor of the Comprehended Time Law.

Seeing this scene, Chu Fengmian probably understood why Wandao Sacred Son was willing to cooperate with this virtual Sacred Son, and even protect him.

That’s because of the Time Law mastered by Sacred Son.

Although the strength of this virtual Sacred Son is not strong, once he uses Time Law, he exerts unexpected effects in a critical battle.

A moment of time stagnation may cause the outcome of a battle to be reversed. With the addition of Wandao Sacred Son, he is also a ninth rank Immortal Emperor.

Among the ten Dao Foundation basic principles, what Sacred Son lacks is the final Time Law. Perhaps this Sacred Son so wins over Sacred Son, but also wants to get from this Sacred Son. , Find the secret of comprehend Time Law.

“Everyone should be here, then you can start.”

Chu Fengmian was still looking at everyone, but the head of the Heavenly King Realm was the first to speak.

Some of the discussions on the platform suddenly silenced, all eyes were focused on the King of the Sky and the Realm of Heaven, quietly listening to the King of the Sky.

“This time, the purpose of our alliance is actually very simple. It is to fight against the divine ability era warriors.”

“These divine ability era warriors have formed the hunting squad, hunting the warriors of the Three Age forces everywhere, everyone present must have suffered from these squad hunting losses.”

Hearing the words of Tianyan Realm King, many realm kings, god sons, and Sacred Son present are nodded.

This time they are only willing to abandon their grievances and join the alliance, which is because they suffered a lot when fighting against the hunting squad.

The hunting squad formed by these divine ability era warriors is extremely fierce and hunts everywhere.

Once you meet them, you will peel off if you die.

Under this kind of crisis, all the world kings, sons of gods, and Sacred Son, all abandon their grievances and unite. This alliance also came into being.