The pavilions of different styles stand on both sides of the street. Although they are different, they do not have a half-incompatible sense of disobedience, but they are full of harmony.

There are many shops, ranging from small shops selling small gadgets to Dabaolou, which sells a variety of treasures.

There was a lot of attention, and Chen Zong couldn’t see it, but in the end, Chen Zong’s eyes crossed countless pavilions and landed on the black silhouette standing in the distance.

Although the distance is quite far, it can be seen clearly with the eyes of Chen Zong. The towering black shadow is a tower.

The tower has an octagonal slanting up, as if to fly in the wind.

The black tower stands in the earth, and it seems to have broken through the clouds. For example, the same giant standing between the heavens and the earth exudes a god-like power, so that when you look at it, you will feel the feeling of the mountain and feel small.

“Ascending Heaven Pagoda!” Chen Zong said secretly, and there was a bit of excitement in his heart.

The purpose of this trip is to take a look at Ascending Heaven Pagoda, but at the time of the Battle of the City, Chen Zong knows that Ascending Heaven Pagoda is not a dream, you only have one chance every year, then, all Anyone who wants to marry Ascending Heaven Pagoda will be here.

“And half a month.” Chen Zong secretly thought.

During this half a month, Chen Zong intends to stay in Dengtiancheng. As for the order to enter the city, I think that even if I don’t plan to leave, I will not leave until I finish the Ascending Heaven Pagoda. Maybe it will not be there again. Come back, at least for a short time.

At the beginning, when he was still in the Longtu domain, Chen Zong also thought about going out of the dragon map domain to other fields to experience, but he was not prepared. Now he happened to get out of the dragon map domain, so he went on and tempered himself. At the same time, it also seeks ways to treat the Yuanling Yuanlingzi.

“First find a place to stay.” Secretly thought, Chen Zong took back his eyes and looked around, looking for a restaurant inn, stunned, Chen Zong’s eyes were stopped, his eyes condensed straight ahead.

A dark cold filled killing intent gaze directly on Chen Zong’s face through hundreds of meters. If the gaze can kill, Chen Zong is already riddled with holes.

“Xia Houzhen.” Chen Zong whispered, it’s a bit of an accident to see Xia Houzhen here, but there is no accident. After all, the Shengwu Palace is on the Grade Sect. It is easy to have a stronghold in Dengtiancheng, and Xiahouzhen is the Shengwu Palace. The core disciple, which is also named genius on the small boarding list, plus half a month, Ascending Heaven Pagoda opens, it appears normal here.

“Chen Zong.” Seeing Chen Zong again, Xia Houzhen’s inner killing intent seems to be awakened, and he wants to burst out. His body is filled with amazing killing intent, dark cold is like a prison, and violent like a thunder.

Suddenly, Xia Houzhen all around, everyone has retired, although the prohibition of unauthorized shooting in Dengtiancheng, the consequences are very serious, but occasionally there will be some people crazy, desperate shots caused damage, even after being killed, often Some people will be affected by bad luck, and even if they are injured, they will be killed.

When Xia Houzhen filled the dreary cold like a prison killing intent, a guard wearing a dark gold armor appeared soon. A path of sharp eyes fell on Xia Houzhen, with a warning.

Xia Houzhen is also waking up in an instant, but here is Dengtiancheng. If you dare to do it, don’t say that he is the core disciple of the holy martial arts palace. Even the son of the sacred palace is also punished.

At the same time, next to a restaurant on the window, there is someone interested in staring at Xia Houzhen, and looked at Chen Zong, revealing a bright glow, a smile on his lips.

“Chen Zong, you came to Ascending Heaven Pagoda, you have no chance, because soon, you will die on the stage of life and death.” Xia Hou really converges in a killing intent, but the killing intent of the eyes is still fierce, tone dense.

After that, Xia Houzhen turned and left, he worried that he could not control if he could not control it.

On the same day, I wanted to kill Chen Zong in the Battle City. Who knows that Chen Zong’s combat power is not weak, and it is difficult for him to kill the other side at a time, which led to the killing of the 100-war city’s expert, and also expelled himself from the Battle City, so that Xia Hou really felt I have been greatly insulted.

At that time, it was necessary to send a message to the Shengwu Palace, and convene a man to sneak out Chen Zong, but he first received a message and asked him to rush to Dengtiancheng as soon as possible.

As a last resort, Xia Houzhen can only put down Chen Zong first, first arrived at Dengtiancheng, and after Chen Tiancheng, I will remove Chen Zong.

I did not expect this Chen Zong to come to Dengtiancheng, just to solve this problem in one fell swoop.

You can’t do it in the sky, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Martial Artist’s grievances are normal, but you can’t help but solve the problem.

Therefore, there is a life and death stage in the city of Dengtian, which is dedicated to the grievances of the Martial Artists.

In order to go to the death and death stage, you must first apply to the City Department of Dengtiancheng and pay the corresponding fees, and then arrange it by the Urban Preparation Department.

“Is it a life-and-death?” Chen Zong’s bright glow flashed over: “Well, just kill you on the stage of life and death.”

Xia Hou really wants to kill Chen Zong. Conversely, Chen Zong doesn’t want to kill Xia Houzhen.

“Let’s check it out, who is the one who is right to Xia Houzhen?” The person at the window of the restaurant slowly opened his mouth and his voice was not high.

“Yes, Senior Brother.” The person standing behind him immediately squatted and quickly stepped away.

After Xia Houzhen left, he went directly to the City Secretary to apply for a life-and-death battle, while Chen Zong found a restaurant to stay.

In the Shengwu Palace, there is a small hall.

“Senior Brother, I have already found out that the man named Chen Zong came from the Battle of the City and soon won a hundred-game winning streak in the Battle City.”

“Oh, a hundred-game winning streak, it’s really good.” The man sitting on the main seat lightly smiled, the person in the restaurant’s window position, his finger tapping on the dark brown back, giving a rhythmic sound: “What kind of grudges does he have with Xiahou?”

“Not long ago, Xia Houzhen once took Lin Ziqi to the Battle City, and there was a slight conflict with Chen Zong. Lin Ziqi had to abolish Chen Zong on the battlefield, and the result was abolished by Chen Zong. Xia Houzhen was directly When I tried to kill Chen Zong, I was expelled from the Battle City.” The man explained with a smile, and the look took a few minutes.

“Oh, it was expelled by the Battle City.” The man in the main position was startled, then he laughed, haha.

“Xia Hou really loves the face of the people, was expelled by the hundred war city, must be mad.” The man laughed.

This person is also the core disciple of the holy martial arts, but it is a competitive relationship with Xia Houzhen.

In short, the Holy Supreme Court is on the Grade Sect, but the strength of the Heavenly Profound Realm powerhouse has not been published for a hundred years, while the three Earth Spirit Realm powerhouses are also taking turns to guard the Sect, and the other two are going out. Cultivating or retreating cultivation, but in normally, the Earth Spirit Realm powerhouse that guards Sect will not intervene in Sect transactions.

Within the Sect, not a piece of iron, there is always a fight for power.

Within the Palazzo Vulcan, it can be divided into three major factions, the Sect Master and the Elder. Xiahouzhen belongs to the Second Elder, and the man belongs to the Great Elder.

“Let’s check out Chen Zong’s whereabouts and bring my name to let him use it for me,” the man said.

“Yes, Senior Brother.” The young people below are busy.


The door was knocked and Chen Zong was slightly surprised.


“But Chen Zong, please open the door, I have something to do.” The strange sound outside the door, it is quite amiable.

Chen Zong opened the door with a wave of gaps, and saw a white robe youth standing outside the door, and looked at it with a smile.

“I am the core disciple Wang Yunyu of the holy martial arts palace.” The other party self-reported the door, Chen Zong looked slightly changed, but the other party once again said with a smile: “Don’t misunderstand, I am not a passer-by with Xiahou.”

“On behalf of my Senior Brother Xuanzi night, Xuan Senior Brother heard that your Innate Talent is very powerful and very appreciated, and invites you to set up a grand event.” Wang Yunyu said with a smile.

Listening quite elegant, but only one meaning, that is to recruit Chen Zong, to Chen Zong for the meaning of the life of the mysterious night.

“I am used to it.” Chen Zong refused.

“You should also consider it, I will leave.” Rejected, Wang Yunyu did not change in the slightest sense. He still said with a smile. After arching his hand, he walked out of the door and finally paused his footsteps. He turned back and looked towards Chen Zong: “By the way, your Excellency, Xia Houzhen has already submitted an application for the life and death to the City Preparation Division. Soon after, there will be a person from the City Division to inform you that if you are not sure, you can ask for help from the mysterious Senior Brother.”

After that, Wang Yunyu turned and left.

Chen Zong waved the door and did not put it in his heart. He continued to retreat.

After a while, the door was ringed again.

“Who?” was interrupted again and again, and Chen Zong’s tone was a bit unpleasant, with a bit of fierceness, like a sharp sword.

“I am the Secretary of the City Division.” A dull voice sounded outside the door.

“City Department.” Chen Zong stared at the door and waved the door to open the door. Standing tall outside the door stood a tall silhouette of the armor, and the head was flush with the top of the door.

Stepping forward slightly into the room.

“You are Chen Zong? Come from the hundred war city?” The tall man asked and looked calm.

“I am.” Chen Zong generally knows what the other person is saying.

“Chubu Palace core disciple Xiahouzhen is a life-and-death battle for you. It is scheduled to be born and died in the evening after three days. Do you accept?” The other party asked: “If you accept, you will go to the death and death stage and Xiahouzhen on time after three days, if you do not accept Now, you will leave Dengtiancheng. You will not be allowed to step into Dengtiancheng for half a year within ten years. Otherwise, you will not kill it.”

“I accept.” Chen Zong did not hesitate.

The application for life and death is subject to a lot of fees. The same restrictions apply. If you accept it, then there is nothing. If you do not accept it, you will be punished. This punishment is to expel from the city. You must not take another step in ten years.

Such punishments must be re-calculated, but it is light and light, and people are seen.

However, the purpose of Chen Zong is to take a look at Ascending Heaven Pagoda. Naturally, he is unwilling to accept such punishment. Moreover, Xia Houzhen should also solve this problem, lest he should always be stared.

“Very good, since you choose to accept it, you will arrive at the death and death station on time after three days. If you are overdue, you will be expelled from the city. You will not be allowed to step into the life for a lifetime.” The Secretary of the City Division said, he turned and walked out of the door.

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