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Taibao Mountain Wanbaojing is the place where the entire Taimu Mountain accommodates many treasures.


The Taifeng Mountain 36th Peak Eighth Courtyard and so on, all have their own inheritance, and naturally have their treasures, but they can’t compare with the Wanbao of Taimu Mountain, because it is millions of Taishan Mountain. The average treasure that has been accumulated over the years is still unable to enter.


At this moment, Chen Zong came to Wanbaojing under the leadership of the ninth old man.


“In addition to the number of no dreams, you can choose three kinds of treasures in the territory of Wanbao.” The ninth old man said, this is the result of the heavenly light peak and the support of several veterans.


Chen Zong’s talents, in the eyes of the elders, are outstanding, breaking the history of Taimu Mountain, not to mention those who have not come, but at least there is no one before.


Such a talent, if you are well-fed, the future achievements will never be low. Therefore, in the House of the Elders, the 10th elders must stop Chen Zong’s chance, only give some simple ordinary opportunities, but the ninth old disagrees. It is argued that, together with the support of other veterans, Chen Zong won the award.


Chen Zong got a place without a dream palace, but under the unwillingness of the 10th veteran, this place without a dream palace is also conditional.


First of all, Chen Zong must be Fifth Realm. Otherwise, it will not be too big to enter the Dream Palace with Now Realm. After all, Chen Zong is now developing its potential for realm. In short, Fifth Realm enters the Dreamless Palace. The harvest will definitely exceed the many of the Fourth Realm.


Secondly, it is less than ten years since the dream palace was opened. Therefore, Chen Zong must break through to Fifth Realm within ten years, otherwise the quota will be lost.


This is a bet, the 10th veteran is betting, betting Chen Zong can not breakthrough to Fifth Realm within ten years.


Don’t look at the limits of cultivation to Fourth Realm. It’s not so easy to breakthrough to Fifth Realm. It needs to be a chance. Moreover, if Chen Zong wants to break through the dreams and make breakthroughs in advance, it may leave a foundation. A little flaw in the past has an impact on the future of cultivation.


All in all, the 10th veteran is trying to stop Chen Zong’s cultivation, even if it only blocks a little bit.


In addition to the no-dreams place, the heavenly light Peak Master strives to get Chen Zong to enter Treasure in the territory of Marlboro, and finally limit it to three.


Of course, compared to the number of no dreams, the three treasures of this treasure are worthy, but they are also inferior.


But no matter what, being able to enter the treasure trove in Wanbao is itself a very amazing thing.


Stepping into the territory of Wanbao, Chen Zong immediately felt the endless atmosphere, and the atmosphere was so mysterious that there was a rhyme.


The treasures that can be included in the territory of Wanbao are out of the ordinary. Compared with the ordinary treasures, each kind of treasure contains different atmospheres, and Chen Zong carefully feels.


Some treasures emit hot, unparalleled heat, just like the little sun, and some of the treasures are chilly and cold.


Chen Zong swept away, and many treasures were not placed on the shelves like commodities, but they were scattered very strangely.


This treasure is like a small world, such as sky, with a little ray of light, like a star, is a kind of star attribute treasure, which contains the origin mystery of the stars.


The round of the treasure that hangs directly above the sky like the Big Fireball, is the mystery of the Sun Way, and the cool and chilly air that hangs from the edge of the sky. It is the way of the sun. Mystery of the treasure.


A tree that rises up in the sky, the exhalation of the atmosphere is very mysterious, full of vitality, it is a treasure that contains the Tao.


However, all treasures contain a unique atmosphere, a unique Great Path atmosphere, of course, such a treasure, at least the Sixth Realm level of treasure.


Chen Zong feels the volatility of all directions, very mysterious, these treasures, there are Sixth Realm level, there are Seventh Realm level, and even the Eighth Realm level of treasure, the color is different, so that Chen Zong has a kind of dazzling feeling, dazzling Dazzling.


However, Chen Zong has not been confused, and has not been confused.


“Silver Sword Physique has been practiced, equivalent to the level of Saint Physique, but because of the upgrade of Mysterious Seed, it will not be inferior to the usual Innate Saint Physique.” Chen Zong thought quietly.


There are four types of Innate Physique, Spirit Physique, King Physique, Saint Physique, and Divine Physique.


Divine Demon Sword Canon’s sword body part is a kind of cultivation with a unique physique of superb performance, but Innate Physique is Innate Physique, but the gods sword body is the day after tomorrow, how much different from Innate Physique.


The gods sword body 4-Layer, corresponding to the day after the Spirit Physique, the day after King Physique, the day after Saint Physique and the day after Divine Physique, although very close to Innate Physique, but there is always a difference.


However, the gods and swords are served by the gods and swords. Therefore, practicing the gods and swords to master the gods and swords, under the full force, is comparable to the power of Innate Physique.


However, before Chen Zong got Divine Demon Sword Canon, he got the Mysterious Seed first, was nourished by the vitality, and upgraded his own bloodline. Although he didn’t get any Innate Physique, under the bloodline’s upgrade, he had A little bit of power in Innate Spirit Physique, or equivalent to a acquired Spirit Physique.


After using this as the foundation, cultivating Divine Demon Sword Canon, it will be superimposed to make the demon sword body further enhanced.


However, the premise of the cultivation must be that there is no Innate Physique, and Chen Zong is exactly the same.


Today, the demon sword body is the great foundation of Chen Zong. The master 2nd Layer has a great strength. If it is the master 3rd layer, it will further upgrade and its strength will increase.


However, to become a God Layer, the difficulty can be many times more than the 2nd Layer. The focus is on the material.


“cultivation 2nd Layer requires the Sword Path source of Sixth Realm, and the cultivation third layer requires Seventh Realm’s Sword Path source.” Chen Zong said to himself, the eyes swept away, figure like the Wind flies “In addition to Seventh Realm’s Sword Path source, it also needs the gods, Innate Holy Spirit, etc.”


2nd Layer Goddess sword body, need a lot of materials, the most precious and the most rare are the three kinds of Tianzhu silver marrow, Sixth Realm Sword Path source and no space Shenghua.


But the materials needed for the Third Layer are not only more precious, but the most important ones, and their preciousness has also been upgraded a lot.


The god of heaven is also used by a refining body. It is necessary for Seventh Realm’s refinement powerhouse. It is very precious. Once it appears, it will inevitably lead to the competition of Seventh Realm’s refinement powerhouse.


The Seventh Realm Sword Path source, also known as the Emperor Level Sword Path source, can only be condensed by Seventh Realm’s Emperor Level Sword Cultivator.


As for the last Innate Holy Spirit, it is more precious, it is a natural sacred object, in other words, it is developed to reach the amazing level of Saint Level, even the Saint Level powerhouse will feel the heart.


In a short time, Chen Zong found a Jianshan Mountain with a sense of breath. It was a sword-shaped mountain with a high hundred meters high. It stood on the ground and pointed straight to the sky. It was a bit difficult to breathe. The sharpness of the words.


Chen Zong suddenly got excited.


Sword Path source!


This single hundred meters high-profile straight as a sword exudes a stunning cutting edge of the gods of the mountains, is a natural source of Sword Path, and is also the origin of the Emperor Level Sword Path.


“It’s you.” Chen Zong without the slightest hesitation made the choice, but with the strength of Chen Zong, the Emperor Level Sword Path could not be taken, but before the entry, the ninth old handed over to Chen Zong. Can help to collect the treasure of the treasure, can only charge three.


Without the slightest hesitation, Chen Zong took out the clay pot and used his own power to illuminate the pottery mouth at Jianshan. A golden rays of light came out and landed on the sword mountain with a high hundred meters high. Jianshan was shrouded in golden rays of light and quickly shrank and flew into the pot.


1st kind of treat to hand.


Chen Zong continues to search for it. It is best to find the three main treasures needed for the cultivation Third Layer. As for other treasure materials, it will be easier to obtain.


Think about it, if you practiced the Tianjin sword body of the God Layer, and then practiced it into the Third Layer, then the power is terrible, killing the Fifth Realm, I am afraid it is easy.


But Chen Zong is also very clear, unless you can get three important materials here, it is almost impossible to practice Divine Demon Sword Canon Third Layer at the Fourth Realm level.


Constantly looking for, looking at the many treasures, Chen Zong is abnormal, but can only hold it.


Treasure, can only choose three kinds, Chen Zong is very heart-warming, any treasure wants to get, but there must be trade-offs.


The heart of the treasure is tens of thousands, but only three choices are made. This is a test of temperament. If the temperament is insufficient, it will be lost.


Chen Zong’s temperament is super tenacious and will not be shaken, but the kind of feeling that can only be seen but can’t be obtained is still very challenging, and it makes it difficult.


Finally, Chen Zong found a 2nd-like treasure, which is a golden rays of light that swims in the sky like True Dragon. It looks like a Golden Dragon. This golden is not the dazzling golden, but a a soft, ethereal golden.


God of Heaven!


This is the treasure of the Seventh Realm Emperor Level refining powerhouse. It is also one of the most important three aspects of the cultivation Third Layer.


Without hesitation, Chen Zong immediately took out the pot and renewed his power, illuminating a golden rays of light and falling on the Golden Dragon.


Golden Dragon’s cruising speed is very fast. If you rely on Chen Zong’s own words, you can’t catch up with it, let alone take it. Fortunately, there is this clay pot in hand, with the help of it, soon, that Golden Dragon It was ingested, quickly shrunk, and eventually entered the pottery jar.


2nd kind of treats, Chen Zong continues to look for 3rd-like, the most precious treasure Innate.


Innate Holy Spirit, this is a treasure that is inferior to Innate’s air purifier. It is not so easy to obtain. After looking for a circle, Chen Zong determined that there is no Innate Holy Spirit in the Wanbao territory of Taimu Mountain. Can retreat to the next, in exchange for other treasures.


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