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“What is this Sword Path?”


“The heavenly light drawing Sword of the heavenly light peak, how could it be so terrible!”


“It’s amazing.”


“Can’t stop it, can’t stop it.”


The outside world, the Emperor Level powerhouse has changed a lot, and it’s shocking. It’s just because of that moment, the sword that the heavenly light peak has pulled out, the power is terrible, it’s terrible to the extreme, as if Destroy everything, even the three old people are shocked.


You know, the ternary is not the normal Emperor Level, but the Half-Saint Level powerhouse.


“It’s so strong!” Chen Zong’s look was shocked, and the inner vibration could not be described.


“it is good!”


For a while, the people of the heavenly light peak were very happy.


A sword directly annihilates the three Emperor Level powerhouses of the ancient peaks. If there is only one chance, then they lose.


The people of the ancient peaks have changed their looks, and their faces are very green. They never imagined that there would be such a change, the Sovereign Level powerhouse, the cheeks twitching, and the shackles on the face. The scars are constantly trembled and become more and more horrible.

古澜峰的人,却是一个个神色大变,脸色铁青一片,万万没有想到,竟然会出现这样的变故, 那个疤面皇级强者,脸颊抽动之间,连带着脸上的那一道狰狞的疤痕也在不断的颤动着,愈发的可怖。

However, the ancient peaks and the ancient elders of the ancient peaks resurrected in their fortress, and Second Elder was eliminated because he had died before.


Two to two!


The situation has become two-on-two.


Heavenly light After the sheath is sheathed, while recovering the power, it rushes into the tower and occupies the tower. When it is, the ray of light of the tower turns from red to blue. This blue rays of light Under the light, the heavenly light peak feels that all the power it consumes, whether it is repaired or Essence, Qi and Spirit, is accelerating recovery.


The elders are also bathed in the blue glory, and the power consumed is also rapidly recovering, and the injury is also quickly healed.


Not only that, their strength has been increased by 10%.


In the Red Fortress, the ancient peaks and the elders did not rush out in 1st time. Instead, they looked like a dignified look. From time to time, the eyes flashed a slap in the face. The breath on them was dropped because of the tower. Occupied, lost the increase in the tower.


This is a long time!


And they can no longer be born again, when they have to be more cautious.


“That sword, he can only show once.”


“Yes.” The ancient elders of the ancient peak nodded and their tone was fixed.


After all, the strength of the heavenly light peak, they still understand, but that sword is obviously beyond the strength of the heavenly light peak itself many times, it is terrible, the vast majority of Emperor Level powerhouse, can not resist, even Can’t dodge.


How can such a Sword Path magic be applied multiple times?




When only once!


In this case, they still have a chance to win.


After the two forces returned to Peak, they rushed out of the Red Fortress and went to the tower again.


It is not that they do not want to stay in the Red Fortress. According to the rules of the Battle of the Ascendant, if the other party does not attack, within a quarter of an hour, they must leave the fortress. Otherwise, it will be judged as a failure.


This is to eliminate some rogue means.


The war broke out again.


Get the increase of the tower, the strength of the heavenly light peak and the elders have been upgraded by 10%, and become stronger. As a result, in the case of one-on-one and two-on-two, when it is completely inferior to the ancient peak The great elders of the Lord and the ancient peaks are evenly matched.




As if to play Heaven Collapsing Earth Splitting, the sword light is smashing, cracking the ground, and when every sword is bursting out, the power that erupts is amazing.


Grab an opportunity, heavenly light, the elders of the great age to change their lives, and killed the ancient elders of the ancient peak.


The ancient elders of the ancient peak were directly eliminated, and the great elders of the heavenly light were resurrected. After quickly recovering their strength, they rushed out of the fortress and killed again.


All of a sudden, it became a two-on-one, and the ancient peaks were suppressed and fell to the bottom.


“Damn!” The ancient monk’s main teeth are cracked. How can this be the case? This war should be the only way to win.


Outside, the people of the Heavenly Light Peak swept away before the sorrows, and they all showed excitement.


This battle seems to be winning.


The ancient peak, it is the face of iron blue, originally thought that this battle won, but did not expect, it would be so.




Under the joint of the Heavenly Light and the Great Elders, the ancient peaks could not hold back because he could not resurrect, but the heavenly light peak had a chance to resurrect, completely disregarding his own damage and doing his best. Kill, each sword carries terrible power and anger, and completely vents and releases the accumulated anger.




After the 1st battle and the 2nd battle losing streak, the 3rd battle finally won.


If this battle is defeated, then the result is that it loses, the battle of the peak is directly lost, and the blow is very big. Not only is the preparation for the eternal years empty, but within the next millennium, all the resources of the heavenly light peak cannot be allocated. Get the points, all of them belong to the ancient peak.


This means that in the millennium, the cultivation of the heavenly light peak will fall into a trough, and the ancient peak will be further upgraded. Under this trend, the overall strength of the heavenly light peak and the ancient peak will be again Pulling open, it is even more difficult to fight for the next peak.


Fortunately, the 3rd battle won, which means that the heavenly light peak is a hope of winning. Everything depends on the 4th battle.


If the 4th battle, the heavenly light peak is defeated, then the battle of the rising peak will be lost, and all costs will have to bear, but on the contrary, if this battle wins, then the heavenly light peak will win the battle of the rising peak. The preparation for ten thousand years has become, and the position of Zhengfeng has been regained. The future development will become better and better.


This battle will also be destined to be an unparalleled battle.


Two defeats and one victory, 4th battle, must win in order to win the final victory.


The eyes of the road gaze at each other and land on the 100th Fourth Realm, such as the heavenly light peak and the ancient peak. This 4th battle, without the need for lottery, is directly involved and carried out by them.


“I… I… I feel a lot of pressure…” The heavenly light peaks a Fourth Realm whisper, the face is a bit ugly, a little nervous, and even breathing is a little quick.


There is no way, there is no way to stress, because this is the 4th battle, the last battle, and the most crucial one. This battle will be about victory or defeat.


If you win, it is naturally gratifying, but what if you lose?


Will it be a sinner at once?


Even if no one says this, there must be someone who thinks so.


This is also a helpless thing. After all, this is the last battle. It has become the bottom of the pressure box and has become the most crucial battle. All hopes are carried here.


Even the round call is also a nervous look, and the pressure is heavy.


Heavenly light The peak master sees it all in his eyes.


“You don’t have to be too nervous, as long as you really play your strength and do your best to fight, even if it is the last defeat, I will not blame you.” The sound of the peak of the light, in the ears of everyone, Give everyone a comfort.


What he said is not a lie. If he is defeated by a full-scale war, there is no way. It is really not the responsibility of these disciples. You cannot blame them.


“Chen Zong, do whatever you can, win, and win.” The heavenly light peak and voice to Chen Zong.


Chen Zong nodded, his face was firm, and he was not nervous. He didn’t seem to feel the slightest pressure.


“This time, I will let you know that I am offended by the blue Hai’s end.” The ambiguous eyes stared at Chen Zong, the bright glow was as heavy as a wave of ocean waves, and a terrible breath was swept, filled and stirred.


After coming out of the virtual mystery, he was more powerful and arrogant. There was a feeling of unfathomable feeling. His ranking on the list of gods was further upgraded.


The original ranking of the blazing blaze on the list of the gods is the eighty-ninth. Now, the upgrade has reached the 4th and 12th place. It is a forty-seven upgrade. The strength of the increase is very amazing, and it is not certain. This is his Real strength, maybe, there are still some reservations.


What is brought about by strong strength is absolute confidence.


Perhaps, Chen Zong also has great gains in the mysterious territory. However, his original strength is far less than his own. Even if he is upgraded again, he will become even more powerful and even rush into the top 100. Contrast, this is blazing confidence, not to mention, he has some hidden means.


In addition, the ancient disciples of the ancient peaks, each one is also very strong.


Of course, at this moment, they are also under great pressure. This battle is very important for the heavenly light peak. For them, this is not the case.


If you win, you will retain the position of Zhengfeng. If you lose, you will lose the position of Zhengfeng, lose and win. In this battle, it is naturally very stressful.


After that, without waiting for Chen Zong to answer, the blazing scorpion took the ancient peak of the Real Estate, directly into the crack of space, and entered the battlefield.


“Go.” Chen Zong gave orders, and the disciples with the heavenly light peaks stepped into the cracks in the space and disappeared.


When everyone enters it, the space cracks heal, the mirror reappears, and the interior reveals everything clearly, in the eyes of everyone.


The last battle, a crucial battle.


Within the Blue Fortress, a hundred silhouettes appeared one after another, as did the Red Fortress.


Appeared in the fort, Chen Zong did not act immediately, but carefully felt the fortress.


In this fortress, it can speed up the healing and recovery of the wounds. In addition, the fortress itself has the defensive ability to resist the attack. In addition, the fortress, and the guardian, there are ten statues. Once the enemy is killed, The statue will come alive and defend against the enemy.


These ten statues, each with the strength of the Fourth Realm, can delay the power enemy and make people back.


Of course, if they have all been eliminated, then with ten statues, they can’t really resist the powerful enemy, just delay some time.


After figuring this out, Chen Zong ordered it very directly. Eleven people were a small team. On the other hand, they were a single team and a total of ten teams. They immediately stepped out of the fortress and quickly moved toward the ten roads. High tower.


The more towers you win, the better it will be for them.


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