Ten roads, the soldiers are divided into ten roads, but Chen Zong’s distribution method is actually to make the other ninety-nine people into an average of nine teams, each team of eleven, and Chen Zong himself, who is a team, stepping on Into one of the roads, this directly caused an uproar.

“What is he doing?” The outside world, one by one, was shocked.

“This is a mad man.” An Emperor Level powerhouse couldn’t help but comment.

“He is so confident in his strength?” Others can’t help but wonder.

We must know that such a battle can not only be said about the level of its own strength, but its ranking on the list of gods can be counted.

After all, the challenge of the sacred list is not allowed to borrow all external forces, but in the battle of the rising peak, in addition to not being able to ask for foreign aid, it is possible to borrow some external forces, such as medicinal herbs and the like.

Once some external forces are borrowed and their strengths soar, they can turn a victory or defeat.

“Sometimes, when self-confidence is overdone, it becomes arrogant.” An elder of the ancient peak was ridiculed.

“If this battle has a loss of the heavenly light peak, then this Chen Zong is a sinner.” Another elder of the ancient peak is also yin and yang, not letting go of any chance to hit the heavenly light peak.

“Too big.”

“Yeah, even if you have full confidence in your own strength, you should be cautious and do something right. How can you do this?”

“You know, this is the last battle, and it is also the most crucial battle. It can’t be sloppy.”

“Heavenly light seems to pay great attention to this son, but now it seems that I’m just looking away.”

The sound of the sound of the road suddenly made the people of the heavenly light peak look ugly, especially after seeing Chen Zong’s practice, the heart was even more dissatisfied.

“How can this be so, how can he be so careless.” The elders of a heavenly light peak looked like an impatience. After all, Chen Zong’s approach was too far off the mark.

Wherever there is a team of one person and one team, and the outside world can clearly see that Chen Zong has entered a road with a team of eleven people. In other words, when the soldiers meet, Chen Zong must face the team. An ancient peak of the Fourth Realm.

“Okay, believe him.” The heavenly light is said by the voice of the lord. At that moment, his heart has indeed raised a horror, but when he thinks about the strength of Chen Zong, he understands the humanity, when not What kind of arrogant arrogant generation, doing so must have its intentions, and if so, then choose to believe him.

Heavenly light The peak of the main words, the people of the heavenly light peak have closed their mouths, dare not say anything, but the heart has a positive opinion of Chen Zong, if this war is won, then it will be, if it is lost, Chen Zong The responsibility is great, and the loss of the sound in the heavenly light peak will definitely become unnoticed.

The ternary gaze glared at Chen Zong, and the bright glow in the eyes was a little bit curious.

Is it arrogant to do this? Still really have confidence in your strength?

Which one is it, I will know it when I continue to look at it.

The distribution of the ancient peaks, some teams are ten, some teams are eleven, the team with the smallest number is three, is the team led by the blazing blaze.

“Look at the blazing blaze of our ancient peaks, the 4th of the 4th of the gods list, but there is no such arrogant thing.” An elder of the ancient peak said again, once again satirizing Chen Zong.

On the battlefield, Chen Zong is unclear about the outside world, and he doesn’t think much about it. The reason why it is so distributed is purely a relationship of confidence in his own strength.

This time, the heavenly light peaks have prepared some cards for everyone, and the key moments can burst out and release amazing power.

But the reason why the card is a card is to use it at the most critical moment.

Chen Zong’s speed is unfolding, even if it is not full speed, but it is also very fast, surpass the vast majority of Fourth Realm, almost to Fifth Realm.

Soon, Chen Zong approached the tower in the middle of the road. It was a tower of stone, a hundred meters high. Under the tower, stood a gray stone statue, which is the guardian of the tower.

When you want to occupy the tower at the beginning, you must first defeat the guardian of the tower.

Chen Zong’s speed didn’t slow down. When it was close to the height of the tower, the gray-white stone statue suddenly shook, and the stone shards fell, and immediately moved, giving off a terrible breath, reaching Fourth Realm. The level of the polar environment.

The guardian is like wearing a full body armor, the battlefield with a big sword is extremely fine, the breath is terrible, and the big sword in the hand is raised directly. On the big sword, a terrible sword is entangled, and then, when it is empty .

In the moment, Jianqi skyrocketed and turned into a hundred meters. It was smashed and smashed. It broke out with amazing power. It was like a lightning bolt. It was like a lightning thunder and broke the sky. When it passed, the ground was torn and the gravel was shocked. Fragmented into whitefly.

A sturdy sword, with the strong grading power of High Grade Moon Level Secret Art, directly kills Chen Zong with a sword. This strength is not weak at the level of Fourth Realm. It is very close. At the level of the gods list.

It’s just that such a sword is not a threat to Chen Zong.

Chen Zong’s figure didn’t stop at all, even, it was a little faster, and the sword at the waist was also squirted in an instant, bringing a stunning sword light to the air, like a crippling moon, directly putting that one Hundreds of meters of sword gas crushed, like a broken bamboo, long drive straight into, directly killed on the guardian’s body.

When the sword came out of the sheath, after taking out the amazing sword light, it immediately returned to the sheath. Chen Zong’s figure swept past, and the figure of the tower guardian did not move, as if it had been re-formed into a statue. I saw the upper body of the guardian of the tower slid down and fell to the ground, making a dull sound.


Just a draw of Drawing Sword, killing it directly.

“Is that the drawing Sword?”

“It’s not Drawing Sword, but it’s a bit of the essence of Drawing Sword.”

“The essence of the heavenly light Drawing Sword technique is integrated into the normal Drawing Sword.” The heavenly light peak nodded secretly and was delighted by Chen Zong sword.

Although it can’t be compared with the heavenly light Drawing Sword technique, it has already got a little bit of essence. In a moment, the sniper of Drawing Sword directly broke out a very good power, reaching the level of Moon Level Secret Art.

A sword kills the guardian of the tower, and Chen Zong rushes directly into the tower, and the white rays of light on the tower quickly turn into blue.

When the blue rays of light appeared, Chen Zong immediately felt a blue power, falling on his body, turning into a 1-Layer blue halo around his body, and then his own whole body strength was obtained. The increase, 10% of the overall strength increase, and the strength of the Recovery Speed ​​increased.

The figure flashed again and turned into a sword light, rushing out of the tower and rushing to the opposite side.

The 1st tower was occupied by Chen Zong, and the Fourth Realm of the heavenly light peak also increased. The 1-Layer blue glow appeared on the body, and the strength increased.

Then, the Four Reals on the ancient peak side also lit up the red glow, because the blazing blaze with two other Fourth Realm, successfully killing the tower guards and occupying a tower.


“One person!” When the ancient peaks of the 11th Summit Realm saw Chen Zong, they all saw it completely unexpectedly. Even they thought it was a trap.

But after a closer look, I found out that it is indeed a person, really only one person.

“I dare to be alone, I really don’t know how to live and die.”

“This is really a good opportunity for us.”

” killed him at the fastest speed.”

Eleven ancient peak disciples sneered at each other, immediately Drawing Sword, pulled out a blue sword light, eleven sword light is like a wave of water waves, 1-Layer followed by 1-Layer At the end of the day, the ground was shattered, and the astonishing roar of the sound came from far and near, with an astonishing power.

Eleven of the Fourth Realm are fully committed, and the power that erupted in that moment is incredible.

For a time, everyone in the outside world stared at each other and stared at the scene to see how Chen Zong responded.

Is it to avoid its cutting edge?

Still heading up?

Soon, you will know.

In the face of eleven tyrannical attacks, Chen Zong did not evade, but instead rushed past, as if Body and Sword Unity, fearless.


Drawing Sword !


At the moment when the moon sword came out of the sheath, it took out a dazzling sword light, like a round of remnant moons, and smashed into the void.

When the silver-white sword light touches the 1st Layer blue sword light, it is like the blisters are punctured, and the blue sword light is directly broken.

1st Layer !

2nd Layer !

Third Layer !

1-Layer Another 1-Layer’s sword light was broken, Chen Zong wielding sword, long drive straight, crushed the heavy sword light, and directly rushed to the 11th Ancient Summit’s Fourth Realm powerhouse.


“Get rid of him.”

The eleventh Fourth Realm powerhouse smashed out of the ancient peak, and tried to unsheathe the sword. It surrounded Chen Zong in a flash, and the sword light was killed from all sides.

However, their sword light has failed, as if Chen Zong is not real, just a phantom-like, but between the phantom unsheathe the sword, but the mysterious, the power can not describe.

Kill kill kill Kill!

Eleven swords!

In the encirclement, Chen Zong just throws eleven swords, eleven slashing sword light to assassinate everything, directly killing the 11th Fourth Realm powerhouse.

Each turn into a rays of light disappeared and revived in the Red Fortress.

“how come?”


“His strength is strong, not that we can resist. Next, we must break the cards.”

“And then on!”

The eleven people immediately screamed and attacked again. Only then did they fight defeated. They lost too fast and could not resist it. They were killed by a sword.

This scene, called the outside world, all eyes wide open, shocked.


In the pair of eleven, the same is the ultimate realm, but it is completely crushed, one sword and one kill, have to kill.

After killing the eleven people, Chen Zong did not have any pauses, continued to move forward, speed quickly, and rushed directly to the other fortress.

As long as the opponent’s fortress is captured, this battle will be able to win. Therefore, there is no need to compete for other high towers.

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