The towers were occupied, and on Chen Zong, the 3-Layer blue glow was illuminated, which means that the people of the Heavenly Light Peak occupied three towers.


Red Fort, close at hand.

The eleven ancient peak disciples killed by Chen Zong rushed out of the barrier of the Red Fortress, speed rushed to Chen Zong, and they also had three layers of red halo, but they were dead. Once, this shows that the ancient peak has occupied four towers, one more than the heavenly light peak.

“Use a hole card.”

“The power of the blue sea, burst!”


At the time of the encounter, there were three ancient peak disciples screaming, and there was a force in the body that broke out in an instant.

The power of the blue sea!

This is the power of the pure blood of the ancient peak of Blue Hai’s, but it is the stronger blood force that can be concise at the level of Sixth Realm.

This time, each of the Four Realm and Fifth Realm disciples who participated in the summit battle received at least a drop of blue ocean power as their card.

Of course, the power of condensing the blood is the root of every Sovereign Level powerhouse. However, if it is condensed, it exists in the blood of your body. If you take it out, it will damage itself to a certain extent. Blood.

However, such damage, as long as you do not take too much of the source of the blood, you can gradually recover, if you take out more, it will be truly damaged, irreparable.

Therefore, the power of such blood is invaluable, easy to use, but reserved, reserved for critical moments.

For example, in the current peak battle, in order to ensure that the battle for the peak is able to win, each of the Fourth Realm and the Fifth Realm will be prepared with a blue sea source. Of course, they will also be able to use them. The province is used. When the battle for the peak is over, the remaining blue sea source is to be recycled.

This time, the 11th Ancient Summit, which was killed by Chen Zong, did not have all the power of the Blue Ocean. Only three of them broke out because three outbreaks were enough.

At the time of the embarrassment, with the power of the blue sea originating out, the three men’s body, the blue is sweeping, like a wave of waves, releasing unparalleled power, shocking all directions, venting not only, when it’s around, it’s like For a sea area.

The blue, like the flame-like Qi Blood combustion, is getting stronger.


The amazing atmosphere, constantly rising, and the short three-day time, it has increased several times.

The power of the source is limited when it is used by Fourth Realm or Fifth Realm, because their realm and cultivation are not enough to truly support the power of the source, but only part of it.

Of course, different sources of power have different effects.

Some of the power of the source is focused on the momentary explosion, which instantly releases amazing power and smashes everything.

Some of the power of the source is to focus on defense. Once released, the defense is unmatched and difficult to break.

Some sources of power focus on the enemy or zhe:n pressure, some of the power of the source is focused on short-term growth, directly increase the strength of a whole, regardless of attack or defense.

The power of the Blue Ocean is focused on the growth of blood, directly increasing the power of the blue blood of the people of Blue Hai, in order to achieve the purpose of upgrading strength, such an increase is an all-round increase, rather than a single increase.

At that time, the three people who broke the power of the blue sea, their breaths have tripled, their strength, speed, defense, and so on have all been significantly upgraded, and the strength is even more terrible.



The three men who were experiencing a surge in strength immediately unsheathe the sword from three different directions. As their swords swayed out, 1-Layer’s heavy dark blue sword light turned into a raging wave of raging waves. Power is amazing, like the ruthless roar of the sea, devour all things to destroy all vitality.

The strength of these three people was originally not included in the list of gods, but now, under the increase of the strength of the blue ocean, their strength has increased by several times, and directly there is the strength of the powerhouse of the gods.

Chen Zong is faintly surprised, but it is just a surprise. This kind of strength is more reinforced, but it is still not enough to deal with oneself, or a lot worse.

Even if it is Fifth Realm, Chen Zong dares to fight, not to mention Fourth Realm.

Quick battle!

The sword is once again sheathed, and the essence of Drawing Sword is integrated into it, and the sword is directly pulled out.

A sword broke through the air, as if the cloud was heavenly light and dazzling, tyrannical, where a sturdy sword light passed, everything was crushed and annihilated.

It seems that the previous scene was staged, and the violent turbulent waves were suddenly smashed and broken by Chen Zong’s sword. The power was like a bamboo, and its power could not be described in words.


Only under one sword, they have been killed.

The three peaks of Qi Blood combustion, the ancient peak of Tianhai, can’t resist the killing of Chen Zong. Even if their strength has been upgraded several times, it will not help, and they can’t stop it. Living, did not really close the gap with Chen Zong because they broke the blue sea source.

That gap still exists.


Only one sword, three people were killed, and the other eight people were shocked.

How can it be!

The power of the blue ocean has already erupted. How could it be killed in this way? Even a sword can’t stop it.

“break out!”

“All broke out!”

The captain of this squad immediately shouted, his face was extremely stunned, and even he himself broke the blue sea.

At the time of the encounter, the remaining eight people all broke out, and each breath suddenly rose in an instant, as if the Qi Blood was burning, and the blue flame was like a raging wave of turbulence, soaring and amazing.

However, this is still in vain, it is still a struggle of no effort, it is useless.

Can’t stop it, just can’t stop it.

There is no slight change in Chen Zong’s look. It seems that it is so light and windy, Body and Sword Unity, long drive straight into the kill.

Even Chen Zong has not fully promoted the silver sword body. No one knows how much Chen Zong’s harvest is in the virtual mystery. It is not only the understanding of the Sovereign Level, but also the assistance of One Heart Technique. The effect is many times that of the autumn, and its harvest is naturally the same. Adding up, it is estimated that it is 100 times more likely.

In those ten years, Chen Zong continued to precipitate, completely absorbing and mastering the gains in the mysterious territory, turning it into its own strength and becoming the foundation of its own strength. This upgrade is amazing.

The power of the Blue Ocean originated, so that its own strength tripled or even quadrupled upgrade, one by one more sturdy and astounding, but then, how is it, just a struggle, it is not Chen Zong’s opponent.

Kill kill kill !

It was completely crushed, and it was completely unilaterally slaughtered. In a few moments, the eight people who broke out the power of the blue sea were killed by Chen Zong.

Red Fort, close at hand.

“Good!” Outside, the heavenly light peaks were all excited.

The situation today is that Chen Zong has already killed the Red Fortress, and the defenders have been killed by Chen Zong, and now resurrected in the Red Fort.

Even if the eleven people broke out, they were not the opponents of Chen Zong. The understatement was like cutting vegetables and cutting melons. They were killed one after another, and they all died 2nd times.

Inside the Red Fortress, eleven ancient peak disciples are extremely dignified and iron-green.

How could it be!

Even the power of the blue ocean origin broke out, and the other side could not stop the sword. The gap was so desperate.

Going out?

Even if you kill it again, you can’t stop it, and you will be killed.

Chen Zong didn’t pay any attention to them at all, or said that they didn’t care about their minds. The figure was a mountain, and a sword light suddenly broke out, directly killing the protection of the Red Fortress.


The protective cover of the Red Fortress, after being directly attacked by the sword light, suddenly trembled, and there was a feeling of sharding.

The eleven people in the Red Fortress have changed dramatically. These attacks are terrible. If you come back with a sword, you will not break it directly.

“Block him!” The captain suddenly screamed and smothered again.

When the protective cover of the Red Fortress was attacked, other disciples of the ancient peaks felt it.

“What happened?” Angry Dragon Sword Dragon was suddenly shocked.

How can your own fortress be attacked?

What happened in the end?

The blaze of the sword that killed the heavenly light peak disciples also revealed a horror and puzzle. How could the fortress be attacked?

who is it?

There is no time to think about it, lest the self-defense be broken, if it is broken, then this battle, the ancient peak can be lost.

“Go back.” The blaze suddenly ordered that the figures of the ancient peak disciples were wrapped in red light, and the red light became extremely dazzling in an instant, and between the hairs, the disciples with the ancient peaks became one. The red rays of light of the road ran across the sky like a meteor, rushing to the Red Fortress.

Three interest!

It was just a short period of three interest rates. A red light crossed the long sky, like a dazzling aurora, falling down.

At the same time, the eleven people at the Red Fortress rushed out to try to defend Chen Zong, but they were killed by Chen Zong. The ten statues also recovered and immediately smashed from different directions with a big sword. These ten guardians, each with the strength of the Fourth Realm, but even such strength, can not threaten Chen Zong points, at most, is to play a little blocking role, delay a little time.

However, because these people and the ten guardians launched the charge without fear of death, attacking Chen Zong, delaying the time of several interest, let other ancient peak disciples come back.

“A person!”

“It’s him!”

“how come!”

The disciples of the ancient peaks were shocked by the change of appearance.

“Kill him!”

The disciples of the ancient peaks roared, and they were murderous and powerful.

“It turned out to be you.” Angry Dragon Sword Dragon is full of anger, a terrible murder is rolling like a tidal wave, a strength in the height of the tower, more powerful, several more, more and more amazing.

When you are embarrassed, the power bursts out and rises into the sky.

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