The blue light is filled like a frenzy. When you are stunned, the dragon is sharply centered on the dragon, and thousands of meters are covered. It turns into a sea area, and the power is amazing, as if to destroy everything.

“Rage Dragon…Over the sea!” Long Liyi shot, is the lore of the lore, was the killing move at the time when Chen Zong competed for the virtual mysterious place in Xiaotiandi, but compared to the power of this move at the time, at least Doubled.

At that time, Chen Zong could only display a designated air technique to resist and defeat, but now, but not necessarily.

Even if the power of this move is extremely strong, the disciples of other ancient peaks have retreated, lest fear is affected, Chen Zong bears the brunt, but does not evade.

The sword rises and brings up a powerful and dazzling sword light, which suddenly rises to the sky, as if to reverse the sky, to penetrate the clouds and smash everything, such as the same powerful to the ultimate heavenly light, attack towards carrying the sky from the sky Shoot down the sea dragon.

Frontal collision!

Long Li suddenly showed a sneer, and even dared to make a positive positive resist with his own move. I really don’t know how to live.

The sound of the thunder, like the 10,000 tons of sea water, the huge 100-meter sea dragon under the sword light rising from the bottom up, was directly broken, turned into countless seawater splashing in all directions, enveloped the number of circles Kilometers, like a sudden rainstorm, each rain is as big as a thumb, carrying terrible power, piercing everything, and hitting the ground one by one.

“How come!” Long Li face is unbelievable, you must know that your strength is much stronger than a decade ago, and you have gained the increase of the tower, which is even stronger, so many tricks, even so Was broken by the front, incredible.

Long Li was caught in shock, Chen Zong did not, between the swords, the sword light swallowed, suddenly killing the protective cover of the red fortress, only need another sword, you can break the shield, step into it, capture The Red Fortress won the victory of this rising battle.

“Hugh think!”

“Block him!”

The disciples of the ancient peaks were furious and screamed. Some people intercepted the sword of Chen Zong, and some people broke out with amazing killings and killed Chen Zong.


Just like a tiger into the flock, the sword light of the ancient peak disciples was smashed by the sword in the hands of Chen Zong, and they could not resist the points. They themselves could not resist the Chen Zong sword, and they were killed one after another. One, as if the former servant continues to die.

At the same time, after the disciples of the Heavenly Light Peak lost their opponents, they took over the towers, which led to the decrease in the strength and the number of deaths on the side of the ancient peak. In the end, the red light of the ancient Shufeng disciples disappeared. However, Chen Zong’s body is superimposed with ten blue halos, and 1-Layer’s heavy surround is covered, which makes Chen Zong’s comprehensive strength double.

What is the concept of doubling the strength of Chen Zong today?

It’s amazing.


It was a one-sided slaughter, and because of the loss of the tower’s growth, it lost the opportunity to resurrect, but those who were killed by Chen Zong were directly eliminated.

Just blinking, there were more than 20 people killed by Chen Zong. Because of the loss of the tower’s growth, these people were eliminated and sent out.

“The power of the blue ocean is coming out.”

At the time of the embarrassment, the power of the blue ocean origin broke out one by one, and the power of strengthening the cross was erupted.

The power of the blue ocean is the origin of the blood, its role is to directly enhance their own blood, all-round upgrade strength, itself

The more pure the blood, the more obvious the increase.

The general increase is three times, the more powerful is four times, and the more powerful increase, that is five times.

Long Li broke out with an amazing power, and the breath suddenly increased five times. The waters that originally covered a few kilometers rounded up, rolled up the 1-Layer heavy violent waves, fierce and fierce, and repeated overlapping impacts, as if it were a tsunami-like .

Each layer The waves are filled with amazing power, as if they can destroy everything and continue to spread the sea.

Just blinking, the sea area of ​​several kilometers is expanded to 10,000 meters, and it is expanding continuously. It is more than 15,000 kilometers. The expansion of the sea area is not only the increase of the scope, but also the power contained in it. Increase the number of times, the more violent and astounding.

Chen Zong can clearly feel that the amazing pressure, starting directly from below, falls on one’s own body, and there is a feeling of being swallowed into the sea.

When the water snake condensed and climbed directly onto Chen Zong’s feet, Chen Zong’s body was entangled. Then, a sea dragon more than two hundred meters condensed again, and it was full of horror. Weineng, as if to accommodate the power of the sea in one side.

Angry Dragon…Over the sea!

This is the most powerful sword. It is five times stronger than the previous sword and directly reaches the extreme.

Such power, even if it is the powerhouse of the top of the list of gods, must be treated with caution.

“Dead!” Long Li’s eyes widened, and the explosiveness of his body was extremely amazing, and the murderous machine was rolling.

Chen Zong’s look is a bit strange, and the power of this sword is really strong.

Ten years ago, Long Li, a strength is very strong, but it is estimated that it is the level of more than 2,000 people in the list of gods, and now the power of this sword, too much than at that time, at least six or seven times the increase.

This kind of strength is enough to threaten the top of the list of gods.

But for yourself, it is still not enough, it is not enough.

Sword Intent broke out, it is Fifth Realm’s top-level Sword Intent, sturdy and extremely extreme, as if the sky is smashed, and the power is invincible.

When the Sword Intent broke out, the water snake that entangled Chen Zong was also trembled in an instant, random, and seemed to be broken by Wan Jian.

Broken clouds heavenly light!

Under the top Fifth Realm Sword Intent, Chen Zong spurred the silver Sword Intent, and the silvery gods of the road suddenly spread, which made Chen Zong’s whole person’s breath change, and the sharper sharpness of the sea, the sword is also In an instant, the increase was several percent, and a sword was thrown out and smashed.

This time, the power is more tyrannical, and will break the cloud of heavenly light. This power of the move is truly played out.

That is the level of the Japanese Secret Art!

The power of the wrath of the dragon and the sea is indeed very strong, but when it comes to the level, it is actually less than the Japanese Secret Art.


Under Chen Zong’s exhaustive power and Sword Intent, coupled with the double increase of the tower, the power of this sword reached an unimaginable height.

The two-hundred-meter-meter sea dragon was shot down, fierce, but under this sword, the head was suddenly crushed, and the body was also broken, and the inch was broken.

“Impossible!” Long Li screamed loudly and was shocked.

I have already used the power of the blue ocean, and broke out the most sturdy one. With this trick, he has great confidence to kill the top 100 powerhouses of the Shenjun list, but now, it is actually Chen Zong. A sword was broken.

What kind of strength is that?

It’s hard to imagine.


This time, Long Li was killed again, losing the increase of the tower. After being killed, he was directly eliminated.

Chen Zong unsheathe the sword has no mercy, constantly killing one of the ancient peak disciples, one by one to be eliminated.

The outside world, with the appearance of one ancient peak disciple, the ancient peaks and the elders, the face is extremely ugly.

How could it be!

How could this be?

I can’t imagine it.

On the contrary, among the peaks of the heavenly light, they are all smiling. After all, the situation in front of the eyes is very clear. Chen Zong’s strength is too strong. One person and one sword are in a team, and they are invincible, one sword and one kill. No one can Resist, even if the people of the ancient peaks at any cost, the power of the blue ocean origin, have also been killed.

As for Chen Zong, so far, I have not shown any cards, in other words, there are reservations. As for Chen Zong, there is no card?

Is that possible?

Inappropriate, the heavenly light peak will also prepare him a source of power, but now, Chen Zong has not yet used any source of power, or has some reservations. Once the power of the source is used, the strength of Chen Zong will only More tyrannical.

This battle, is it the ancient peak to lose?

Once this battle is lost, the ancient peak can lose the battle of the rising peak, directly removed from the positive peak, replaced by the heavenly light peak, downgraded to the peak, and within a thousand years, it is impossible to any positive peak Initiating the battle for the summit.

However, they were unable to intervene in the intervention.

On the battlefield, in front of the red fort, one of the ancient peak disciples was killed by Chen Zong. Finally, almost all of the ancient peak disciples died and were sent out of the battlefield.

“Don’t you still shoot?” Chen Zong withdraw the sword, while turning his eyes, looking forward, there, standing on a silhouette, standing there from the very beginning, completely unaffected by any aftermath of attack, Since its inception, it has not been moving and has been watching.

So that everyone has forgotten him, only Chen Zong has not forgotten, because that is a strong opponent.


The most powerhouse of the ancient peaks of the Blue Hai’s Fourth Realm and the 4th of the Shenjun list are tyrannical, and the title is the terrible arrogance of the sword.

“Yes, it seems that your harvest in the mysterious territory is amazing.” The blazing one stepped out, as if it came from the deep sea, with an amazing grandeur.

“Your gain is not small.” Chen Zong smiled slightly, this stunned sword is a sizzling scent, very dark and deep, like the undercurrent in the deep sea, there is a deep unfathomable feeling.

Perhaps this person can let himself come up with more strength and show more means.

“Chime brother, we still have brothers.”

“Yes, the sturdy brother is super strong and can beat Chen Zong. If you beat Chen Zong, other heavenly light disciples are not enough.”

The disciples of the ancient peaks have shown their joy, because they are very clear that the blazing power is very tyrannical, as long as Chen Zong is eliminated, other heavenly light peak disciples are nothing.

However, the ancient peaks and others are not so optimistic, because the strength of Chen Zong is too strong, and the blazing can win, it is still unknown.

Furthermore, Chen Zong has ten chances to resurrect.

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