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“The sizzling Senior Brother’s bloodline is superb, using the power of the blue ocean, its growth rate is higher, the upgrade of the strength is even more amazing, and there must be the strength of Fifth Realm.”


“That Chen Zong is amazing, it’s just Fourth Realm. How could it be the opponent of the sizzling Senior Brother.”


The ancient disciples of the ancient peaks are happy and very optimistic, but the top officials of the ancient peaks do not.


“You are too happy, our Chen Zong Senior Brother has a card.” The Fourth Realm of the Heavenly Light Peak screamed.


The expressions of the ancient peaks were heard, and the expression changed, and the expression of excitement and joy disappeared.


Yes, Chen Zong’s strength is so strong. If he uses the cards, isn’t he skyrocketing and he can reach the Fifth Realm level?


“Hey, Chen Zong even if there is a card, the sizzling Senior Brother’s bloodline is good, and there is a blue sea source of strength, the upgrade is definitely stronger than Chen Zong.” Gu Yufeng discipline retorted.


Heavenly light peak disciple naturally also rebutted, the two sides provoked speech, but the top officials kept calm.


In this battle, according to the truth, Chen Zong won a lot of face. After all, Chen Zong has ten chances to resurrect, and blazing, there are ten drops of blue sea origin?


I am afraid that there is no.


Fighting, Chen Zong is enough to kill the blazing, perhaps this approach, some do not go to the table, but this is the battle of the peak, like the battle of life and death, as long as you can win, who will take care of others.


If you care about face and the like, it is stupid.


The tyrannical power constantly emerges in the body, and it is like a frenzy. The deep sea phantom that smashes behind it condenses again, not only condenses again, but also becomes more and more solid and concise, faint. To be turned into a general one, the pressure of exudation is even more alarming.


In the deep sea, the underflow of a path of is like the Dragon Dragon, and the power it carries is more terrifying.


Then, I saw that the sword in the hands of the blazing blaze had changed, and replaced it with a deep sword that was deeper and deeper blue. The breath that the long sword exudes is more reinforced than the previous sword.


“High Grade Dao Divine Armament.” Chen Zong secretly surprised that the preparation of this ancient peak or blazing blaze is really full.


High Grade Dao Divine Armament is awesome, but only Fifth Realm can really play its power. Before, the Blaster did not use the High Grade Dao Divine Armament, but because of the strength of Fourth Realm, it was not enough to withstand High Grade Dao. Divine Armament’s power is not as good as the Middle Grade Dao Divine Armament.


But now, because of the power of the blue ocean, his strength has soared to the level of Fifth Realm, and his strength is more terrifying, enough to carry the power of High Grade Dao Divine Armament and give full play to his power.


With the strength of Fifth Realm and the increase of High Grade Dao Divine Armament, the blazing strength has been further upgraded and more tyrannical.


“Dark… stunned!”


The blazing blaze is not addicted to the power of the explosion, because this is not its own strength, but the strength of the increase through the power of the blue ocean. It is destined to last too long, only a short-term increase. Therefore, he must hurry up. Beat Chen Zong to defeat.


Unsheathe the sword, directly exploding, the Secret Art of the Dark Sword, the sword is smashed out, the sword light is turned into a stormy wave, bursting out with an amazing power, sweeping the world, the vastness of the world, as if crushed dry weeds and smashing rotten Wood-like destruction of everything, unrelenting attack towards Chen Zong.




The power of that sword is super strong. It is like the real Fifth Realm sword King Level powerhouse. It immediately makes Chen Zong feel threatened and threatened.


However, Chen Zong did not fear or horror, but instead showed a smile. This is the opponent he wants. This kind of power can make himself really serious.


Silver Sword Physique, completely urging, urging to the ultimate extreme, only when Chen Zong also spurred Silver Sword Physique, but still has reservations, and now, is the real urging to the extreme.


As a result, the Haijian Jianyuan has once again broken the original limit and further enhanced the points.


Stimulated by Silver Sword Physique and the Divine Swordsman, Chen Zong’s Sword Intent has been enhanced by a few more points.


A sword, directly swinging out, the sword light turned into a radiant star glow, and it quickly disappeared, as if the stars were shattered, and the terrifying power was erupted instantly.


Heavenly light


Middle Grade Japanese Secret Art, power is boundless.


The sizzling sound of the sword light that destroyed everything, was suddenly broken and crushed.


The blazing face is involuntarily changed. The power of this sword, how can it be so strong, you know, but the strength of the Fifth Realm King Level powerhouse, such a sturdy sword, was actually broken by the other side?


Darkness… frenzy!


The blazing slashed the sword and displayed the second move Secret Art. The path light of a path of turned into a frenzy, 1-Layer followed by 1-Layer, and the endless bombardment came to the extreme.


“Dark… deep stream!”


After the display of the frenzy, the blazing blaze immediately broke out the 3rd sword. When it was smashed, the sword light became extremely heavy, as if dragging the heavy waters of one side of the water. As the sword smashed out, the whole space was turbulent and both were shaking. They are all surging, turning into a deep sea undercurrent, carrying an incomparable amazing power to kill.


“Dark…the whirlpool!” The last sword is also the last resort of Secret Art, the most sturdy one, reaching the level of the Japanese Secret Art.


After the blazing full force exerted its full force, the whole body strength was exhausted, and the Secret Art, which showed a trick and a move, also exhausted all the power of the blue sea’s original strength.


Even so, his face showed a smile, a smile of victory.


The frenzy of the sword qi rushing, the deep sea undercurrents quietly marching, the two combined with each other, with the last sword and a qualitative change.


Frenzy, deep stream, maelstrom!


Each move has its own mystery, the power of the whirlpool is the most tyrannical, and the three moves combine to make it even more amazing. It really reaches the level of Middle Grade Japanese Secret Art.




The astonishing roar of the roaring sound continued, a huge single hundred meters whirlpool, madly rotating, directly involved Chen Zong, the vortex into a deep blue, the center of which is turned into Black, that black is so deep, full of destruction, destroying everything.


The vortex of several hundred meters is composed of pure sword qi and Sword Intent. It is as solid as it is, killing everything and destroying everything.


“Chen Zong Senior Brother.”


“Hold it.”


The disciples of the peak of the heavenly light, one by one, are nervous and shouted.


However, they couldn’t see Chen Zong, because Chen Zong was completely swallowed up by the whirlpool, and was strangled by madness, seemingly to be twisted into powder.




“Chen Zong is dead.”




The ancient disciples of the ancient peaks, especially those who were eliminated by Chen Zong and one sword, have been ecstatic.


However, their smirk suddenly stopped, one by one, as if it was a duck that was caught in the neck, very funny.


I saw the several hundred meters in the terrifying vortex of the size of the world. A path of rays of light emerged, and the rays of light were thick and thin, but they were extremely dazzling and dazzling, as if they were crushing heavy clouds. Heavenly light Normal, piercing from the whirlpool.


At the next moment, a silver white sword light broke through and shattered everything, breaking the vortex directly.


That sword light, like a meteor-like break, not only tears the vortex, but also kills the blaze.


Heavenly light


However, this sword has increased power by several times, and has increased several times. It directly broke the power and reached the whirlpool of the Middle Grade Japanese Secret Art level.


“Not good!” The blazing face suddenly changed dramatically, with the slightest hesitation, once again a burst of blue sea origin.


On his body, it is natural not only to carry a drop of blue ocean origin.


As soon as the outbreak broke out, the strength suddenly increased, and once again reached the level of Fifth Realm, and suddenly a sword swung out.


The sword light is broken, and the sun is swaying.


After the whirlpool was crushed by Chen Zong’s sword, it slowly dissipated, and a silhouette stepped out. The body seemed to have an endless sword qi surround, like a smoke, with a feeling of smoke.


Long hair flying, rendering a trace of silver white, condensed with amazing Sword Intent and sword qi, as if to tear, break everything.


Chen Zong’s eyes are bright.


“Your strength is very good, the next sword, I hope you can catch it.” Chen Zong lightly smiled said that the figure is as if it is erratic, seems to be integrated into the void, then erratic, illusory, unreal, blazing The face of the cockroach suddenly changed. He only felt that the breath of Chen Zong disappeared in front of him and disappeared in his own perception.


A feeling of creepy hair is also detonated in an instant.


For a moment, the blazing blaze gave birth to a feeling that Chen Zong could not escape the sword anyway.


Unsheathe the sword !


Under the sword, Chen Zong unsheathe the sword, the moon sword in the blink of an eye, a very simple understatement, the light and simple movement, without a trace of fire, but in the unsheathe the sword In the moment, the blazing sword is on the sword.


He has no feeling at all, how is he in the sword, even if it is up to the strength of Fifth Realm, it does not feel the same, directly on the sword, like the speed of that sword, is coming to an extreme, it is coming to him Undetectable.


The place where the sword is, is the heart, a sword runs through, terrifying the ultimate sword qi to destroy the heart directly.


“What sword are you?” The blaze only feels from the heart, a terrifying to the extremely pure sword qi, instantly raging, directly destroying its own vitality, the front is black, and the consciousness is sinking, but He still asked hard.


However, after asking this sentence, I have not waited for Chen Zong’s answer, and the blaze has turned into a rays of light, which instantly rises to the sky and leaves the battlefield.


“Hey!” Chen Zong looked at the blaze that disappeared into the streamer, and spit out two words.


It’s a sword that Chen Zong has been comprehend in the mysterious territory, and it takes ten years, a new comprehend sword, although it is also the level of Middle Grade Japanese Secret Art, but its mystery, It is very amazing.


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