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In the battlefield, the discrimes of the heavenly light peaks were first and foremost, and then they showed ecstasy expression.


Chen Zong stands in the air and the expression is light, but within the eyelids, there is still a touch of joy. Immediately, a sword is thrown out, and the silver white sword qi breaks out and squats directly on the shield of the red fortress.


The sound of ka-cha sounds so crisp and straight apart.




“Win.” The heavenly light peak disciples shouted, very happy, very excited, and very excited.




“we won.”


“We have won the battle for the peak.”


Outside, the heavenly light peaks broke out, and the shouts shook the sky and the excitement reached the limit.


“Peak Master, we won, we won the battle of the rising peak, we have to regain the position of Zhengfeng.” The dry elder is also very excited, and the face is red.


“Win.” Heavenly light Peak Master muttered to himself, although it seems that no one else is so excited, but his heart is actually the most exciting, preparation for ten thousand years, all the time is for this one day.


Now, I finally won, and I have not prepared for it.


No one knows, heavenly light Peak Master feels at this moment, he is the generation of Peak Master, with the glory of heavenly light, the pressure, no one knows.


Originally, the 1st battle and the 2nd battle were lost. The heavenly light Peak Master once felt that there was no hope. This time, the battle for the peak of the peak was lost, and the preparation for the whole year was nothing.


The outbreak of the 3rd war is his unwillingness. He is prepared for the year, and the sword that has been tempered for three thousand years is a catharsis. Even if it is the last to lose, it must win.


That is a struggle.


Therefore, the 3rd battle won, and the 4th battle was highly anticipated.


But in fact, heavenly light Peak Master does not dare to expect 4th battle to win, although Chen Zong is very optimistic, but the ancient peak is not weak, especially the blazing, but the younger generation of powerhouse, the strength is very tyrannical, more There are various means, and the possibility that Chen Zong wants to win is not very high.


Just did not think that Chen Zong’s strength would be so tyrannical, dealing with the ancient peak of the discipline, is completely repressive one-sided slaughter, no one can resist, even if the blazing burst of all power, even used The blue card’s strength is such a card, with the strength of terrifying Fifth Realm, but in the end, it is still defeated by Under Chen Zong sword.


So clean, and Chen Zong did not use the power of the Sword Path he had prepared for him.


This shows that Chen Zong has more strength.




In any case, Chen Zong won, and the heavenly light peak won two battles. According to the rules of the rising peak, the heavenly light peak won the battle of the rising peak and will replace the peak of the ancient peak. No, to be precise, it should be to take back the position of Zhengfeng from the ancient peak.


After a tens of years, finally, I regained the position of the Zhengfeng. This feeling is really indescribable, excitement and excitement, and there is a bit of incomprehensible complexity and emotion.


Relative to the excitement of the heavenly light peak, the ancient peak is extremely frustrating and morale is low.




Their ancient peaks have lost the battle of the rising peak. Since then, the ancient peaks have been downgraded to one of the peaks. The peak of the peak will be replaced by the heavenly light peak. Within a thousand years, they cannot launch any battle for the peak.


In the past a thousand years, because of the partial allocation of resources, their overall strength upgrade will be slower. After the millennium, the battle for the peak is launched. Under normal circumstances, the victory is not big.


“I announced that the end of the battle of the peak, the heavenly light peak won, promoted to the positive peak, the ancient peak lost, downgraded to the peak.” Sanyuan old directly announced that there is no trace of muddy water.






I know that it is one thing. It is another matter to hear the announcement of Sanyuan. It means the recognition of Taimu Mountain, the deserte light peak and even the elders. One by one, I am very excited and excited.


“Go back.” The ancient master Peak Master took a deep breath, coldly looked at the heavenly light Peak Master, and immediately, his eyes fell on Chen Zong, who had just appeared.


It is this person who, because of this person, led to the failure of the ancient peak, and became the peak.


The blazing expression is extremely frustrating, with its head down, its ugly face, its dark eyes, and its suffocating suffocation.


The blow is too big. He broke the blue sea and has the strength of Fifth Realm. He was defeated. Moreover, he was defeated by Chen Zong. The gap is too big. The future is gray and the feeling of being sluggish.


The ancient peaks left, and other peaks also left, but when they left, they carefully looked at Chen Zong. It seems to see Chen Zong. After all, Chen Zong’s strength is really amazing. .


Fourth Realm has the strength of Fifth Realm, and it still does not use the power of the source.


This strength is too terrifying, it is hard to imagine.


When Gu Dao’s Wang Qiu left, he even looked at Chen Zong deeply. Chen Zong’s strength made her feel shocked.


“Go, let’s go back.” The heavenly light Peak Master sleeve waved and said with enthusiasm.


“go back.”


“We are going back.”


“Ha, come back to our positive peak.”


The elder and the disciples of the heavenly light peak are elated.


Carnival, this is a carnival that belongs to the heavenly light peak.


Up to Peak Master, down to the worship of the sword, all involved in the carnival, everyone’s face is filled with a smile that can not be concealed, it is a very excited smile from the heart.


The way of carnival is the simplest and most simple to eat and drink. Good wine, good meat and good food are used. Usually, everyone does not need to eat and drink, but now, let go.


The Peak Master and the dry elders didn’t have to wait too long, because they were here, the disciplines couldn’t let go.


When the Peak Master and the dry elders left, the remaining discies were released.


“Junior Brother Chen Zong, this time, without you, we can’t win the battle of the rising peak of our heavenly light peak, you have a great job, I respect you.” A Fifth Realm sword sword rises up, hands holding a glass against Chen Zong said.


He is a sword King Level powerhouse, or a sword discipline. It is reasonable not to have a Fourth Realm, even if this Fourth Realm is a sword discipline, but Chen Zong is different, because Chen Zong’s strength is not inferior to some Fifth Realm. This shows that Chen Zong’s talent and potential are incredible, and the battle for the peak is able to win. Chen Zong’s credit is great.


Whatever the reason, it is worth treating him with an equal attitude.


“I also respect the Junior Brother.” There is a Fifth Realm sword disciple to get up to Chen Zong, but Chen Zong is the one who comes and shows the extraordinary amount of wine.


Usually, Chen Zong likes to drink and practice a good amount of alcohol. Together with the tyranny of the demon sword body, this spirit will be quickly refining and it will be difficult to get drunk.


Drinking and drinking, each one is massive, constantly drinking, talking, drinking, getting up and dancing, drawing Sword, showing superb and exquisite swordsmanship, from time to time there will be someone Drawing Sword fighting with swordsmanship, all by The subtlety of swordsmanship does not use the strength of the cultivation base, it will not cause any damage, but it can also play a role in helping.


Three days and nights!


This time, the carnival lasted for three days and three nights, and it may be the only carnival.


After the carnival, all the debris left behind was quickly cleaned and restored to its original state.


A carnival has further brought the relationship between Fourth Realm and Fifth Realm disciple closer. Even if it is contradictory, it is also in this carnival, under the witness of everyone, even if it is a contradiction. Deep, it has not been resolved for a while, but it has also eased a lot.


All in all, a carnival makes the heavenly light peak discipline more united.


And Chen Zong, also let the people convinced orally, not only Innate Talent and strength is convincing, even the amount of wine is also very admirable, because people who drink with Chen Zong, there are hundreds of people who have been poured, drunk, Chen Zong is just a little drunk.


The function of the work was exhausted, and Chen Zong’s eyes returned to Qingming again. It seems that it is even brighter.


Today, the battle for the peak is over, and the heavenly light peak has won the wish, and it has become one of the Eight Orthodox Peaks. The resources that can be enjoyed in the future are even more abundant.


Of course, these three days and nights, while the disciples are in the carnival, the elders are not idle, but they are connected with the ancient peaks. After all, each peak has its own industry, that is, a fixed resource, real estate. The same exists.


The industry of Bazhengfeng is naturally better than the twenty-four peaks.


Those industries, which belonged to the heavenly light peak before, were demoted to the peak after the defeated light peak, and they lost those industries. Now, they have regained the position of Zhengfeng, and those industries naturally regained their back.


If you take it back, you need to hand over it. In just three days, it is obviously not enough. It is impossible to complete the handover.


It takes a while to complete the handover, and it can be as long as ten or more days.


Of course, Taimu Mountain also has regulations. When handing over, it is impossible to move anything. In the end, those industries belong to Taimu Mountain, but they are allocated to the development of various peaks.


Once the hands and feet are moved, causing damage and destruction, the consequences are to be blamed by Taimu Mountain, which is very serious, even if the people of the four main peaks do not dare to do such things.


Taking advantage of this time, Chen Zong is ready to challenge the gods list.


Today, his ranking on the list of gods is still 3,000. As for the previous defeat of others, because of special circumstances, it is not included.


However, your strength is not just three thousand.


Then, in the 1st battle, you will challenge two thousand people and challenge one thousand. After that, you will directly lock the old opponent of the reincarnation of Shenjun. This person, who defeated himself in the Divine Will List, took the lead and was promoted to Fourth Realm. Today, on the list of the gods, it is within the top one, and the upgrade is amazing.


Of course, Chen Zong knows his current strength and can easily be included in the top of the list of gods. Even the top 30 is not difficult. However, when he was defeated by the reincarnation, he always had to win back.


When the reincarnation of the gods was conveyed by the information of the Universe’s will, the person who started the slightly, challenged himself, turned out to be Peerless Swordsman Chen Zong, immediately lightly smiled, with the slightest hesitation.


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