In the ranks of the gods, the figure of the reincarnation of the gods emerged, and a sturdy atmosphere filled the atmosphere, surrounded by all around, forming a cycle of life and death, very amazing.

“It’s not the top Innate Divine Physique, it’s a vision, it’s terrifying.” There are already some conscious kings of powerhouses entering here, seeing the black white breath surrounded by the reincarnation of the gods, secretly horrified.

“Innate Divine Physique is too dominant. This round of reincarnation continues to upgrade. It’s not a difficult thing to hit the top ten in the 100-year history.”

Innate Divine Physique is the most advanced physique of the Universe. It is born to be tyrannical, its potential is endless, and the reincarnation Divine Physique is the top Innate Divine Physique, and even more amazing.

Therefore, even if it is the reincarnation of the gods and then the waste material, with the reincarnation of Divine Physique, the same can master the strength of terrifying, and as long as the development and digging of the potential of the reincarnation of Divine Physique, his strength will continue to upgrade, even if it is realm No change, whole body strength will be as enhanced as no end.

Counting, it is not a long time for the reincarnation to break into the Fourth Realm. Most of the powerhouses on the list of Gods have been waiting at the level of Fourth Realm for at least a few hundred years or even thousands of years, and even thousands of years.

Reincarnation, breaking through to Fourth Realm, less than a hundred years.

In less than a hundred years, it is indeed amazing to be able to have the strength of one thousand before the list of gods.

“When Peerless Swordsman was at Third Realm, he had a battle with the reincarnation of the gods, and he was defeated. Now he is actively challenging the reincarnation of the gods. Is it sure?”

“This is not clear, but the Peerless Swordsman is only 3,000. Even if you are sure, it is not an opponent of the reincarnation.”

These people don’t know how far Chen Zong’s strength is now. They don’t know the peak of Taishan’s battle. After all, for Taimu Mountain, the battle for the peak is a major event, but for the outside world. The battle of the rising peak is only the internal affairs of Taimu Mountain, and has nothing to do with them.

Chen Zong’s figure also appeared, and the reincarnation of the spirit of the reincarnation of the body was also enhanced in the moment, black and white, with a life-and-death rotation, as if a lu:n “pán-like rotation, horizontal pressure all.

For Chen Zong, the impression of Reincarnation is still quite profound. After all, its swordsmanship is superb, and the sword is very amazing. It is the most tyrannous opponent he has encountered in Third Realm. If the opponent is stronger, Perhaps the outcome of that war is unpredictable.

But if there is no luck, if you are strong, you will be strong, and you will be strong. If you win, you will win, if you win, you will win.

“Reincarnation of the gods, broke out of your full strength.” Chen Zong said nothing, how do you sound, it makes people feel a little weird, this sentence should not be the reincarnation of the gods said to Peerless Swordsman?

In general, the powerhouse will say this to the weak, but in their perception, the reincarnation of the god is the strong side, and Peerless Swordsman should be the weaker side, how it seems to be the other way around.

Reincarnation Shen Jun himself is a bit strange, but he did not say anything, directly shot, a palm shot.

The small round is back!

This is what he used when he used Martial Arts and Third Realm. When it arrived at Fourth Realm, it was further enhanced. The name is the same, its power and profound mystery are not at all a level.

With the introduction of a palm, the black white two-color palm is up and out, and it is directly pushed horizontally. It seems to carry the amazing atmosphere of one world. It is necessary to zhe:n to press everything, and to bury everything and send it to the reincarnation.

Compared to Third Realm, this trick has to be many times more powerful than many times.

However, Chen Zong only refers to a sword, and the sword light is broken. He directly smashes the small wheel and kills the reincarnation.


When that subtle sword light broke through, the reincarnation of the gods only felt inexplicable horror, as if the whole person, together with the body and the soul, would be directly smashed by this sword light.

Big round back!

The eruption, the launch of a palm, the black two-tone atmosphere, the palm print is like a disc, the power of carrying is more and more amazing, far better than the small round back, which contains a mystery, with a subtle The speed of the sword light touches, the grinding wheel rotates, and the black white two-color rotation rotates the power of the sword light. At the same time, it transforms and absorbs it into itself, so that the power of the big wheel can be upgraded again. Pushed it.

Chen Zong showed a strange look, this big round back, compared to Third Realm, it really has a lot of mystery.

The reincarnation of Divine Physique is indeed amazing and unique.

Then, instead of defeating the reincarnation of the gods so quickly, it forces him to erupt more powerfully, using more means, so that he can glimpse more of the mystery of Divine Physique, and become a kind of accumulation of his own.

Drawing Sword !

A sword light directly pulled out, and suddenly the big wheel was turned back.

Although the transformational power of the big rounds is amazing, it has an upper limit. If it exceeds the upper limit, it cannot be transformed and absorbed. It will be directly defeated. The sword of Chen Zong seems simple, but the power contained in it is not simple. Ah, very terrifying is very amazing, and suddenly the big round will be broken.

The reincarnation of the gods is extremely dignified.

The small round back is also that’s all, the big round is the real means, but it is smashed by a sword. The strength of Chen Zong is even stronger than expected. Then, it can only explode more strength.


For a moment, the reincarnation of the gods fully promoted the power of the reincarnation of Divine Physique. When the black and white breathe up several times, the black white color behind it became more and more clear, as if it were to be condensed into a substance. The black white two-color reel disc rotates endlessly.

The ten meters of the reincarnation discs, between the rotation, exudes amazing power, horizontal pressure, directly shrouded, as if turned into a black white two-color field-like, directly suppressed.

Chen Zong immediately felt that his body was crushed by a force zhe:n. The power was very mysterious, constantly involved in his own strength, and he was involved in transforming his power into the field.

In this way, it will weaken one’s strength and strengthen the other’s strength.


This is the amazing means of the new reincarnation of Divine Physique, which is mastered after the reincarnation of the Gods. It turns into a field, transforms the strength of the other side, strengthens itself, and defeats each other.

Just the next moment, the reincarnation of the gods changed greatly, because he fully exerted the reincarnation of the gods, but could not transform the power of Chen Zong. Chen Zong’s whole body strength is self-contained, indestructible, and incomprehensible.

“I said it, take all your strength.” Chen Zong spoke again, said with a slight smile, but this time, no one laughed at Chen Zong.

The situation at hand is obvious, and Chen Zong seems to have the upper hand.

break out!

The reincarnation of the gods completely broke out, and all the forces broke out, and all the means broke out. The bombardment and killing, and the reincarnation of the gods, the power of the eruption became more and more astounding.

“It’s so strong.”

“The strength of the reincarnation of the gods is enough to hit the top 500 of the gods.”

“With his amazing potential to reinvent Divine Physique, it is estimated that within a decade, there will be hopes for the top 100.”

The fascinatingness of the spectators is shocked by the strength and means of the reincarnation of the princes. In short, they are even more shocked by the strength of Chen Zong. In the face of the full power of the reincarnation of the princes, Chen Zong seems to be at ease, with no worries.

Being calm and moving.

The expression of the reincarnation of the gods is more and more dignified, the gap, the gap between himself and this Peerless Swordsman, how can it be so big.

It shouldn’t be.

It stands to reason that at Third Realm, he was better than him. After breaking through to Fourth Realm, he continued to develop his potential with the amazing resurgence of Divine Physique. The upgrade of his own strength is incredible. Advanced by leaps and bounds are not. For the time being, he is ready to continue the closed-door cultivation for a while and then directly challenge the top 100.

I didn’t expect to be challenged by Chen Zong first, and the strength of Chen Zong was too strong. It felt like the other person was the real Innate Divine Physique, and he was not.

“This is the end.” Chen Zong’s voice fell, when a sword trembled, the sword light had a thunderous emptiness, that electric light lore, direct slash towards reincarnation.

Can’t stop it!

The reincarnation of the gods did everything, but they could not block the sword. It was too fast, too strong, and even his reincarnation was directly broken by a sword.


At the crucial moment, the reincarnation of God’s reincarnation of the reincarnation, from birth to life, and resurrection, is indeed an amazing means, equal to mastering 2nd life.

“Would you like to fight again?” Chen Zong was with the sword, and asked if he was not sick.

“I lost.” The reincarnation of God revealed a bitter smile.

Even if I used to reincarnate the reincarnation, I couldn’t change it. It was not Chen Zong’s opponent.

The gap in strength is too big. It can’t be described in a few words.

“That is your strength?” asked the reincarnation.

Chen Zong just smiled and didn’t answer.

How many strengths?

It’s hard to say, say it, I’m afraid it’s too bad, because that sword is just a normal sword. Chen Zong doesn’t really push much power. After all, under his full force, one strength can reach Fifth Realm. The level, while the reincarnation of the gods is very strong, but compared with the Fifth Realm, there is still a big gap, of course, in order to reincarnate the potential of the king, in the future at the Fourth Realm level can have the strength of Fifth Realm, it is also possible It is like he was able to beat Fourth Realm when he was at Third Realm.

However, he still needs time to upgrade.

After all, Chen Zong’s One Heart Technique is amazing, and the more backward, the effect is terrifying, just like an invisible top-notch Innate Divine Physique.

So, what is the strength?

If you are full of calculations, you should not even be 10%.

Did not ask, the reincarnation of the gods did not open again, but the expression did not see half of the frustration, but the Qi Qi Blood combustion general, a breath, more and more solid, so that Chen Zong secretly shocked, enhanced, reincarnation of the king The breath is stronger, and it really is the enchanting mastery of the top Innate Divine Physique. Not only did it not hit the slightest blow, but it became a catalyst, allowing him to tap more potential.

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