Chen Zong defeated the reincarnation of the gods, and the upgrade to the Shenjun list is not a trivial matter for many people, but for Taimu Mountain, it is nothing, because they have seen Chen Zong and the blaze The battle between the two, so, Chen Zong has the strength of the top 100, no, it should be said that the strength of the top twenty.

A Tianjiao with the top 20 strengths, broke into the top one thousand, what?

It’s normal, it’s normal.

After defeating the reincarnation of Shenjun, Chen Zong did not stop the challenge. This time, Chen Zong directly challenged 1st hundred people. It is not that he does not want to challenge higher rankings, but the rules. Only the first one can be seen in the first hundred. Within the name, and then launch the challenge.


The strength of one hundred is indeed stronger than that of the reincarnation, but it is not the opponent of Chen Zong. After defeating, Chen Zong is ranked 1st.

“1st hundred people, good strength.” After the reincarnation of the gods know, I was amazed. “But I am not weak. My reincarnation Divine Physique has endless potential. In the future, I will defeat you.”

But then, another news came, Chen Zong defeated the 3rd of the Shenjun list 3rd, and successfully ranked in the 3rd of the gods list 3rd, this news, suddenly called the reincarnation of the gods shocked,

One hundred and thirty, that is two concepts, that is two levels.

Soon after, there was news that Chen Zong defeated the 2nd tenth of the Shen Junbang, and he was ranked among the successful ones, and he was upgraded ten times than thirty.

Then, Chen Zong successfully defeated the 10th of the Shen Junbang and was ranked 10th.

“Monster.” Even the reincarnation of the gods can not help but send such feelings.

This is really desperate.

Of course, the reincarnation of the gods has great grasp, in the future, the first hundred or even the top thirty or even the top ten, but that takes time, at least several decades is necessary, and Chen Zong has done it now, decades later, When you have the strength of the top ten of the gods, then what about Chen Zong?

Is Chen Zong’s potential worse than himself?

Reincarnation Shen Jun does not think so now, otherwise, Chen Zong will be able to surpass himself and even surpass so much.

This only shows that Chen Zong’s potential is not inferior to his own.

Chen Zong succeeded in ranking 10th in the list of gods. He did not stop the challenge, but continued to challenge. This time, the challenge was awesome.

The gods list 3rd, also has the genius of Innate Divine Physique, the Divine Physique is extremely astounding, amazing, and the same is terrifying. It has had a stunning record of Fight Realm.

On the list of the gods, the silhouette of the goddess of the gods, as soon as it appeared, immediately filled with the horror of the gods, the power can be sturdy to the extreme, repelling all the atmosphere of all around, as if it is incompatible with this world.


The mereness of the breath alone is so terrible and terrifying.

“It’s a 3rd monster, it’s so strong.”

“In front of him, I have no power to resist.”

“This Chen Zong is also a monster, and dares to challenge the god of heaven.”

This battle directly attracted the powerhouse consciousness of thousands of gods to enter the battle.

After all, this is the 10th challenge of the gods list, and the battle is rare. In the outside world, it is almost difficult to see, and the opportunity is rare. Naturally, it is not to be missed.

Reincarnation of the king is also within the ranks of the gods, the eyes

Looking at this battle, he has to look at the strength of Chen Zong, to what extent.

Among these consciousness, the 2nd and 1st of the gods are also in the same place. After all, this is the top ten battle of the gods, and their level cannot be ignored.

“Peerless Swordsman, since you want to challenge me, then take out and take out all your strengths.” Tianzhu Shenjun said, his height is more than two meters, his body looks very majestic and strong, and his muscles are bulging like a volcano. It contains a terrifying atmosphere, and once it breaks out, it can destroy everything.

Body repair!

This day, the god is a refining powerhouse, but it is different from other refining powerhouses, because he has Innate Divine Physique Divine Physique, and this day Divine Physique is precisely the Divine Physique which focuses on the body.

For example, Ziyang Divine Physique, Ziyang is amazing, focusing on the heat and explosion, while the reincarnation Divine Physique focuses on the mystery of reincarnation. This day Divine Physique focuses on the power of physique, a very powerful power of physique.

Rejection, tyrannical to the ultimate physical strength repels all the breath of all around, not affected.

This kind of physique has reached an amazing level of unbreakable, as if it were a self-contained.

Chen Zong’s expression is not dignified.


This is a strong enemy, a tyrannical ambition that is incomparable, but Chen Zong is excited.

This is a good opponent, hope, you can let yourself have a fight, regardless of victory or defeat.

Drawing Sword, hey!

When the sword is unsheathed, it brings up a round of the moon, the white moon of the silver, exudes an amazing cutting edge, splits the void like a direct kill, and does not carelessly slash towards the goddess.

“It’s so strong!” When he turned back to God, he suddenly became shocked. This sword was more than a few times stronger than when he defeated him. At that time, Chen Zong did not come up with all his strength.

There is no outbreak of full force, and even half of the strength has not been taken out, and they have easily defeated themselves. The gap in strength is too big and incalculable.

“Let me see, how strong is your strength.” Reincarnation secretly thought, even if Chen Zong is strong, he will not feel frustrated, and will rise to catch up, because he is Innate Divine Physique, It is the top reincarnation of Divine Physique, with great potential and no achievements in the future.

Look at the top three on the list of gods, all innate Divine Physique, from this point, the potential of Innate Divine Physique is amazing, at least expected to rank in the top three of the gods, even impact that 1st.

Now what I am missing is the time that’s all. As long as there is enough time, we can continuously develop the potential of the reincarnation of Divine Physique, constantly upgrading, upgrading to the extreme, upgrading to a very powerful degree, impacting the gods list 1st, Like when I was at Divine Will List, when I was at Third Realm, I was not able to name Divine Will List 1st from the beginning. It was also upgraded from a low ranking, and finally I was not moved.

This will be the case in the future.

“This is your strength, too weak.” The goddess of the gods coldly snorted, left hand to wave a hand, directly spurting a terrifying force, crushing that sword light.

Immediately, the Scorpio God slammed out a fist, and the void directly sounded a thunder, instantly blasting, terrifying to the extreme, that a fist force like a dragon, smashing everything directly to kill, and Chen Zong suffocated.


This fist is only the strength of the refining body, but it is also very tyrannical, directly forming a vacuum oppression, and it is necessary to smash Chen Zong directly.

Chen Zong can

Certainly, the power of this fist is very tyrannical. Once it is hit, I am afraid that it is difficult for my own Silver Sword Physique to fully withstand it.


The returning sword was once again released. This time, Chen Zong used 100% of the sword.

The white silver’s sword light splits the void and directly smashes the fist force. It is like a broken bamboo, and it is like a broken bamboo. It kills everything and is invincible. There is nothing to resist.

The power of this sword is indeed good, it is worthy of his attention, and once again, a palm of the hand hits straight, terrifying palms are pouring out like a sea, and void directly makes a roar. Shocking.

Divine Physique, do not need to use any weapons, because their own tyrannical Divine Physique is the best weapon, and every part of the body can be used as a tyrannical weapon to kill everything.

Not only that, but in the cultivation fist and feet martial arts, Divine Physique is more unique and easier to comprehend.

The fists and the fingers, the hands of the hands, can be cultivation to a very deep level.

A palm smashed into the sea and smashed into the sea. The Heng Zang expression was condensed, and the whole force broke out and split the sword.


The Scorpio God erupted and turned into a comet-like amazing rays of light. It was rushed to the ground, and the power was fierce to the extreme. It was terrifying to the extreme.


At the time of the encounter, the gods of the gods approached and began to fight close, and the fists, palms, fingers, elbows, shoulders, knees, legs, and even the head, any part, were turned into terrifying weapons, bursting with amazing power. Broken everything, crazy offense.

For a moment, the Scorpio God seems to have become a war weapon. It erupts terrifying to the extreme. It seems to be a terrifying tornado and destroy everything.

Offensive offensive offense, crazy offense, there is no defensive attack at all. For Scorpio God, the best defense is the violent attack.

Looking at the violent attack of the goddess of heaven, one by one suck in a cold breath, his face changed greatly.

Terrifying !

It is too terrifying.

Compared with the 4th of the Shenjun list, the strength of the Scorpio God is stronger than that. This kind of offensive, such violent, continuous, like a torrent of dykes, like a volcanic eruption, like a thunderous, can not be described.

The whole person is like being transformed into a natural disaster, breaking everything.

In the face of the terrifying attack of the Scorpio God, Chen Zong expression dignified, a sword in hand, immediately began to fight with swordsmanship.

The attack of Scorpio is very terrifying, and the violent temper is at its best, and Chen Zong sword seems to be less violent and not so crazy, but has an indescribable unique charm that defends all attacks of Scorpio God without being attacked. In the middle of the minute.

Moreover, Chen Zong also launched counterattacks from time to time, and a sword squatted on the body of the goddess of heaven. However, when the body of the gods in the middle of the sky, there was a golden iron-like symphony, and the sword edge was not really embarrassing. Divine Physique, the god of the gods, was resisted.

Chen Zong can’t help but suck in a breath of cold air. What kind of defense is this, even his own swordsmanship can’t be broken.

It’s no wonder that Tianzhu Shenjun’s so crazy attack has no idea of ​​partial defense. It is because his Divine Physique has a strong defense against the unmatched relationship. Even if it is hit, it is not afraid, it can withstand it.

Such a defense is almost invincible.

End of this chapter)

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