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“Mountains and rivers are broken!” Tianzhu Shenjun punched out, terrifying fist force crushed the mountains and rivers, killing, void cracked thousands, terrifying extremely.


This is Secret Art, which is the Japanese Secret Art.


The Martial Arts sect of Scorpio has reached the level of Moon Level Secret Art. In other words, the power of each leg and each leg is equal to the level of Moon Level Secret Art, which is very terrifying, but also for Chen Zong. Swords also have the power to display Moon Level Secret Art.


For a time, the violent attack of Tianzhu Shenjun, can not help Chen Zong, and finally display the Japanese Secret Art.


Divine Physique under the power of Scorpio, a more terrifying, called Chen Zong’s heart trembled, a sword smashed out, silver white’s sword light sturdy, crushing the sky like a smash, as if crushing heavy clouds glare.


Heavenly light


“The sky is falling!”


A single blow failed, and the Scorpio God broke out with a more sturdy blow, reaching the level of Middle Grade’s Secret Art.


This blow directly collided with the shoulders, as if it had broken the sky and cracked the earth. The breath was extremely fierce and violent, and the void was shocked. It seemed like a big bang.


Heavenly light


Chen Zong is another sword, and power is more tyrannical.


The power of Scorpio is strong, and there is the strength of Fifth Realm, but Chen Zong is not weak.


Blocking the stalwart of the Scorpio God, Chen Zong this time, it is a counterattack, a sword to kill.


Scorpio God immediately resisted and counterattacked, you come to me, evenly matched, and it’s hard to break the battle.


“The strength of Peerless Swordsman is so strong.”


“The strength of the top three.”


“If I have such strength, how good.”


Surprised, emotional, and so on.


The gods list 1st and 2nd are also surprised, this strength is indeed very strong.


The strength gap between the 1st 2nd and 3rd of the gods list is actually not so absolute. After all, it is Innate Divine Physique. It is not like when I was in Third Realm, the reincarnation of the gods ranked 1st, far ahead, Divine Will List 2nd can not match it. Compared, the gap is huge.


“Scorpio Promise!” whispered, when you were stunned, a scorpio scorpion rushed out from the depth of the body like a fountain, turning into a tsunami-like sweep, instantly filling every part of the body, only to see the Scorpio God The body that looks so majestic has once again skyrocketed, directly transforming into a three-meter-sized little giant. Each muscle is bulged, and there is a heavy black halo. It seems that the volcanoes in general are full of violent power.


Secret law!


This is a secret method of Divine Physique, which directly increases the power of Divine Physique by three times.


In other words, the strength of the Scorpio God is three times as large as the original. This increase is very terrifying. It is not a three-fold increase in the attack, but a three-fold increase in all-round. The temperament of the temperament is constantly shocking and shocking. , raging all directions, rolling up a path of the cyclone sweeping, amazing.


Chen Zong couldn’t help but be shocked. This increase is amazing.


“I really want to be Innate Divine Physique.” Chen Zong involuntarily secretly sighed, Innate Divine Physique, is really too bad, as long as the potential is constantly developed, and constantly enhanced, and finally more amazing.


Of course, Chen Zong himself did not think about his own situation, and the One Heart Technique is also very zu0 “bi.


The threat of Chen Zong by the three-fold increase in strength has become even more intense. Chen Zong can only explode the swordsmanship, and the 4-Layer swordsmanship has increased his attack by four times.


The increase in the number of swordsmanship is not the same as the increase in the number of days of the sword. It is just a simple increase in attack power. The increase in the number of days is more comprehensive and is an all-round increase.


Therefore, Chen Zong has increased the power of four times the power of a sword, and can not bring much threat to the god of heaven.


Under the triple increase of the Tianzhu Shenjun, the power terrifying of each leg is the ultimate, Breaking Mountain ruining the Yue is just a leisurely, hitting and blasting, as if it can collapse the mountain and break the stone.


“It seems that it is not easy to beat you with this.” Under a fierce battle, Chen Zong could not help but shook his head.


“Yes, what other means do you have to take it out?” After the celestial gods showed their celestial powers, their body surged and their voices became more and more sullen, and each word was full of amazing and majestic. The power of hegemony.


In a fierce battle, Chen Zong also got his approval and face up, no longer as contempt as before.


However, even though this is said, Tianzhu Shenjun does not think that Chen Zong has no means of breaking out, how brilliant he is, can really threaten himself, this is self-confidence and confidence in his own strength.


But the next moment, Chen Zong’s breath suddenly changed, became erratic, became ethereal, became nothing, and became elusive, but in that unpredictable and inscrutable, but there is a trace of sharpness in the breeding .


At the same time, Chen Zong’s eyes became very sharp, sharp to the extreme, as if a little needle-like, bursting out of the incredible amazing sharp, piercing everything.


This kind of sharp, suddenly called Tianzhu Shenjun eye contraction, no sense of a sense of horror, seems to continue, to face the big crisis.


With a roar, the body of the Scorpio is erupting, and the muscles are bulging. The 1-Layer’s heavy black light is flowing around the muscles, as if it is rippled, full of amazing mystery and mystery.


Chen Zong unsheathe the sword, the moment the sword swung out, but it seemed to break into the void, disappeared, but in an instant, it directly hit the god of heaven.




This sword, the mysterious and amazing, the Scorpio God can not dodge at all, because at the moment of Chen Zong unsheathe the sword, the sword has already been killed, as if directly omitting the middle process, nowhere to dodge.


In the sword!


Only in an instant, the god of heaven is directly in the sword, the sword not only hits, but also the strength is very concise, concise to the extreme, it is sharp to the extreme, nothing to break, as if you can pierce everything.


Divine Physique The sturdy defense of the scorpion, there is a feeling of unstoppable, sharp straight through, feel a burst of pain, seems to be broken.


But in the end, this sword still did not really break the amazing defense of Divine Physique, but it also called Tianzhu Shenjun a cold sweat.


“Scorpio Shenwei!” Take the initiative to attack, Tianzhu Shenjun instantly bursts under the celestial scorpion, bursting out a more powerful horizontal blow, hands raised, suddenly blasted, that divine power, turned into a terrifying ultimate force, smashing vacuum-like attack Towards Chen Zong, the Supreme blow, an absolutely tyrannical blow, will directly hit Chen Zong.


When Chen Zong was hit, his body shattered in an instant, but the god of heaven was changed, because the blow did not really hit Chen Zong, and Chen Zong seemed to be phantom-like away. It was only an afterimage that was crushed.


As if from the void, the long hair flies, under the silver white rays of light rendering, Chen Zong’s eyelids are getting sharper, the power of the swordsmanship, in a moment of eruption, is a 5th Layer sharpening technique, one The sword waved out, the silver white’s sword light reached the limit, but the next moment, the silver white’s sword glow seemed to disappear, and directly hit the body of the god of heaven.


Can’t hide, although I have seen it once, but still can’t hide, the sword, too fast, no, it is not simply fast, but a kind of surpass quickly found mystery, can not be described.


In fact, in the virtual and mysterious territory of comprehend and the following ten years of precipitation, Chen Zong successfully integrated the unbounded swordsmanship and the dragon swordsmanship into the self-created Heart Sword Technique and World Sword Technique, respectively, making the two swordsman’s power storm Increased, broke the limit, reached the level of Moon Level Secret Art, and also had the time and space of the found mystery.


This sword, also known as Sword Path’s Secret Art, is a sword that is improved and upgraded on the foundation of Solitary Heart Sword. It is a sword that incorporates the time to discover mystery. In short, it is a heart. The sword incorporates three kinds of Great Path, which is the combination of Sword Path, the heart of the way and the way of time. The combination of the three Great Path forces and the discovered mystery has created this sword.


The unpredictable sword, the original heart Sword Path is very profound mystery, but it is the strength of the cohesive, and then integrates the power and mystery of the time, as if directly across the time, although it is just a break, but enough.


Can’t hide!


Strong as a god, you can’t hide such a sword.


Under the five-fold increase of 5th Layer, the tyrannical defense of Divine Physique could not be resisted, and it was suddenly broken. The black light was penetrated, and the body of Scorpio was also penetrated.


The amazing sword qi, in the body of the god of the gods in the body raging, crazy destruction of the god of heaven, but the Divine Physique is indeed very strong and astounding, vitality is extremely strong, it is difficult to kill at a time.


Since a sword is difficult to kill, then there is another sword.


5-Layer Grinding!




This sword still can’t be avoided. Even if it is the eyes of God, the gods will raise their eyes to the extreme, and they will not be aware of it. They can’t avoid it. The result of being unable to escape is the direct sword. This time it is The sword in the eyebrows, the brain is destroyed, and the soul is destroyed.


Black in front of me, as if indulging, Tianzhu Shenjun knows that he lost and was defeated by the other party.


Really a terrifying Sword Cultivator.


Not only does Tianzhu Shenjun feel this way, but the gods list 2nd and 1st’s powerhouse also gave birth to this feeling.


Terrifying Sword Cultivator!


This has already made them feel threatened.


However, it is only a threat. After all, they are 2nd and 1st, and they are more powerful than Scorpio.


After defeating the Scorpio God, Chen Zong was ranked 3rd on the list of the gods, and he was able to make the heavenly light Peak Master happy. His idea was that Chen Zong would be in the top ten. As for the top three, it’s just an inspiring statement that’s all.


Unexpectedly, Chen Zong actually did it, defeating the gods of the gods 3rd, and since then, the gods 3rd has been replaced by the words Peerless Swordsman, this is an incomparable glory.


Because, in the past, Taimu Mountain ranked the highest in the list of the gods, only the 7th name, although the top ten, but the 7th name and the 3rd name, there is actually a big gap.


The top 100, the top 30, the top ten, the top three, that is the gap between the grades.


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