The god monarchy 3rd, from then on is not the god of heaven, but Peerless Swordsman, when everyone thought this was the end of Peerless Swordsman, a message spread again.


Peerless Swordsman launched a new challenge, the target of the challenge, is the god of the gods 2nd.

Tianmu Shenjun, also has Innate Divine Physique, its Divine Physique is called Divine Physique, which is an extremely rare and very special Innate Divine Physique, the power of this Divine Physique, all in the word Tianmu.


As the name suggests, it is related to the eyes.

“Is it still challenging me?” Tianmu Shenjun lightly smiled. After seeing Chen Zong defeating Tianzhu Shenjun, his heart gave birth to a hunch that Peerless Swordsman would challenge himself.

I just didn’t think that it would be so fast, I can’t wait for it.

Then, if you win after challenging yourself, do you still have to challenge the destructive god of the 1st God List?

“Unfortunately, you don’t have this opportunity.” Tianmu Shenjun said with a slight smile, as if Chen Zong was sitting in front of him, it was talking to himself, revealing a great confidence.

Scorpio is really strong, but unfortunately, he is stronger.

Peerless Swordsman can defeat the Scorpio God but does not mean that he can defeat himself. However, Peerless Swordsman defeated the Scorpio God, and this strength is indeed amazing. It is worthy of your own attention. It is a strong enemy.

The battle began very quickly, and almost all of the gods’ powerhouse’sconsciousness fell on the ranks of the gods and witnessed the battle.

“I don’t know if Peerless Swordsman can still maintain its victory?” someone said.

After all, from the challenge of Peerless Swordsman, after many battles, every battle is winning. Even the gods of the gods 3rd can not stop his progress and be defeated. Now, Chen Zong faces It is the god of heaven on the 2nd of the gods.

Tianmu Shenjun is stronger than Tianzhu Shenjun. That is affirmative. It is only how strong it is. It is hard to say that after all, the battle between Tianzhu Shenjun and Tianmu Shenjun was still ten years ago.

Ten years later, with the Innate Divine Physique Tianjiao, its upgrade is amazing.

I only hope that this time, I can see that Tianmu Shenjun is fully committed to seeing its strength and what level it has reached.

Tianmu Shenjun is a handsome young man with a pair of eyes. It seems that there are multiple eyes. It seems that there is no end to it. There is a vortex-like feeling in the eyes. It seems to absorb everything and devour everything.


Tianmu Shenjun took a direct shot, and the fluttering light seemed to have no power, but Chen Zong’s super-perceived feeling could feel the power contained in that palm, which was very tyrannical.

Moreover, the trajectory of that palm is erratic and unpredictable, making it difficult to predict.

A very bright one!

Chen Zong Drawing Sword, an understatement of swords, sword light condensed into a line, like the rays of light on the sea and the sky, with amazing sharpness, direct slash towards that palm print, its trajectory, completely in the grasp of Chen Zong among.

This kind of palm is indeed very high, but relatively speaking, in Chen Zong’s view, it is commonplace.

The path of a path of was printed, the trajectory was erratic, and the bombardment came from different directions, crushing that sword light, and attack towards Chen Zong. The power of each palm print was very concise, but Chen Zong Yi The sword swung out and all the palm prints collapsed.

It looks like a sword, but in fact the sword is extremely fast, but it is a lot of swords.

“Sure enough, such a means is useless to you.” Tianmu Shenjun is not at all depressed, but lightly smiled, because his true strength is not like this, his power of Divine Physique is not like this, Just learning a few more Martial Arts, sometimes comes in handy.

But with such Martial Arts, it is indeed not as good as the god of heaven, not as Peerless Swordsman, even if he does not motivate the power of Divine Physique, there are many people who can defeat it.

In the next breath, I saw the 1Layer’s heavy ripples seem to fluctuate and be activated. The real turns into a vortex, rays of light condense, and then, lasing out, that is The two eyes, like the real gaze, carried a strange breath and shot.

Very fast!

Very fast and amazing, Chen Zong found that he was locked out and couldn’t avoid it. He could only defend himself with a sword. When he saw the long sword in the eye, Chen Zong felt that the sword was shaking and slightly stopped. .

More gaze shots came together, one after another, and the palm prints of Fangcai were a lot more tyrannical.

However, all were blocked by Chen Zong, one after another smashed.

At the time of the encounter, the eyes of Shen Tianjun directly reflected the silhouette of Chen Zong, and the moment became very clear from the blur, and Chen Zong also felt that his body was taken by an invisible force, and there was a kind of time. Being tied to the feeling of being difficult to move.

Then, in the eyes of Tianmu Shenjun, there is a flame Qi Blood combustion, as if the phantom reflects the reality, Chen Zong is captured by the invisible force all around, and there is also a flame that emerges from the air, directly Qi Blood combustion It is only a moment to turn into a fierce fire. It is a fire of fire, terrifying, and it is necessary to burn Chen Zong into ashes.

Chen Zong expression was dignified and had to push the Silver Sword Physique to the fullest extent. The silver-white gods filled the whole body and resisted the burning of this fire.

Tianmu Shenjun is very terrifying, no movement, just with his eyes, he can display such a divine offensive, and it is impossible to prevent.

The amazing high temperature swept through the interior, as if to completely ignite your body.

When the explosion broke out, Chen Zong broke out again, broke the invisible power that bound himself, and the sword broke out. The sword was so amazing that it would be smashed around the flame of all around.

Before punching!

The sword light is like a blaze, but the flame in the eye of the goddess disappears. Instead, it is the uplifted land. In front of Chen Zong, there is also a piece of land directly blocking the Chen Zong sword.

Chen Zong only felt his body, and it became extremely heavy. Then, in the sky, a meteorite emerged from the air and turned into a comet-like direct fall.

The astounding sound of the rumble continues to sound, and it seems to be smashing everything, and the power is terrifying to the extreme, tyrannical.

Chen Zong couldn’t help but numb the scalp. It was too strong. The blow was like a stone-shattering. If it was hit, it would be difficult to resist, and it was very likely to be killed.

However, between the outbursts of Chen Zong’s power, the sword of 5th Layer was used to kill the terrifying comet carrying the dying power.

Break it!

The power of this sword is so strong that it strikes first and strikes the terrifying star.

After a sword was broken, Chen Zong immediately displayed a 2nd sword, killing the gods of the sky, crushing the obstacles.

Immediately, I saw the eyebrows of the gods of the eyes, suddenly cracked a gap, 3rd eyes appeared, it was a vertical eye, the eyes were dark, deep, like an abyss, filled with incomparable terrifying breath, It’s very strange.

“Rescuing the soul!” Tianmu Shenjun expression is extremely dignified, the face is slightly white, and the display shows 3rd eyes, which brings him a lot of load.

3rd only the glare of the vertical eye flashed, and when it bursts, it is extremely amazing. Shen Zong only feels a flower in front of his eyes, and his spirit is awkward, and it appears directly in the darkness.

The darkness is deep, like an abyss, filled with the incomparable terrifying breath, and the chill is at its peak.

The indescribable loneliness also pervaded, shrouded Chen Zong, and people were unconsciously desperate. Then, a vertical eye opened, and the vertical eyes were huge, dark and extremely like the eyes of the devil. In general, gazing directly at Chen Zong gave Chen Zong a horror without a reason. It seems that under the one-eyed demon, his soul will be shattered.

When it was said that it was too late, the unparalleled Sword Intent was condensed to the extreme, and the terrifying sharpness broke out completely, blending Chen Zong’s Essence, Qi and Spirit into a stunning sword light, which directly illumined this. An endless darkness, as if to dispel it, the amazing coldness and coldness will be turned into harmony.


Screaming the sword light, directly breaking open and killing, is like opening a line of darkness and light, as if opening up a touch of divine light in the heavens and the earth, seems to crush the darkness of the ancient gods, and instantly burst into an incomparable day. Jianwei.

Under a sword, the demon god was directly smashed, and was directly opened and then broken.

Crash, the entire dark space is collapsing, breaking directly, and there seems to be a scream.

Chen Zong saw the eyebrows of Tianmu Shenjun flowing down the blood, and the whole person trembled and pale.

Fangcai, Tianmu Shenjun exhibited Secret Art to deal with himself, but the result failed, and was hit by backlash. Then, this war ended, Chen Zong swung the sword, the sword light broke, and directly slash towards the goddess.

Can’t hide, at this moment, Tianmu Shenjun simply can’t escape the sword of Chen Zong and is directly killed.

” Lost.”

“Don’t God God lost this way?”

One by one, watching people, I am amazed.

You must know that Tianmu Shenjun is a god monarchy 2nd. When Chen Zong fights with the goddess of the gods 3rd, it is extremely fierce, but the battle with the goddess of heaven is not so intense, and the time is not so long. At the end, that feeling seems to be very relaxed, as if Chen Zong’s strength is much more than the Tianmu Shenjun.

“Peerless Swordsman’s strength is indeed very strong, but it is not necessarily stronger than the Tianmu Shenjun, mainly Peerless Swordsman’s spirit must be very strong, leading to the Tianmu Shenjun’s trick has failed.” Some analysts analyzed.

Divine Physique of Tianmu Shenjun is quite special. Most people can’t resist it. Tianzhu Shenjun can’t resist it. Therefore, it is not the opponent of Tianmu Shenjun, but the destructive god who ranks in the 1st of the gods list is not afraid of the goddess of heaven. Therefore, the god of heaven can not defeat it, but is defeated by the ruined god.

Today, he meets a person who is not afraid of his Divine Physique trick, that is Peerless Swordsman Chen Zong.

The gods list 2nd, since then, is no longer the god of heaven, but Peerless Swordsman.

However, Chen Zong did not stop here, and directly challenged the destructive god of the 1st god.

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