Chen Zong challenged the devastating god of the 1st priest of the gods, although some people expected it, but when things came, they were shocked.

Destroy the gods!

The gods list 1st, so far in the past 100 years, many people have experienced and challenged, but never waved.

God of Heaven does not work, and God of Heaven does not work. As for others, it is even worse.

When seeing the destruction of the gods, Chen Zong dumbfounded.

Destroying the gods, it turned out to be a girl, a girl who seems to be only a teenager, it is hard to imagine that it is hard to believe that such a girl who looks so delicate and weak is really difficult to associate with the word destruction.

Especially the girl’s hair, or the cute left and right double-ball head, coupled with a delicate little face, very cute and cute, it is hard to imagine.

Destroy the gods?

Cute girl?

This seems to be irrelevant, but it is just like this. In front of this, this girl who feels very cute is the 1st god list, the unstoppable 1st devastating god in a hundred years.

Destroy the gods, the same Innate Divine Physique, and the top Divine Physique in the Innate Divine Physique, is no less inferior to Divine Physique’s top Divine Physique, and she will also develop the potential of Divine Physique to develop many, completely It is better than the reincarnation of the reincarnation of Divine Physique.

Because of this, the destruction of the gods is the 1st of the gods, the irreplaceable 1st.

Chen Zong didn’t have the slightest contempt for the ruin of the gods who looked like a girl. The non-existent, teenage girl’s appearance was just a representation of that’s all.

Think about it, destroying the gods to occupy the gods list 1st have more than 100 years, in other words, her age is not small, at least one hundred years old, or even two hundred years old.

A girl of a few hundred years old!

If you relax because the other person is cute, the consequences will be very bad.

Destroy the gods with both hands, suddenly, two huge hammers appeared, the hammer handle is one meter long, the pumpkin-shaped hammer is large, half a meter in diameter, very terrifying.

When the double hammer appeared in the hand, destroying the cute little face of the god, suddenly there was a madness. This kind of madness appeared on the face of a girl who looked like a girl, and there was an indescribable singularity.

With a bang, the destruction of the Shenjun double hammer collided, and the sound of the sound was extremely loud. The sound wave rolled and slammed into the air, and the shocking sounds were so vast that it seemed to be able to break everything.

“Take me a hammer!” The sound of destroying the gods sounded very crisp, but it contained an amazing terrifying power. The figure flashed like a Jumping Tiger, the speed was amazing, and it was directly culled. The hammer carries the terrifying power, fierce and extreme, directly towards towards towards Chen Zong.


The speed of destroying the god is extremely fast, but more terrifying is not her speed, but her power, the power of tyranny, destroying the will of all, that is destroying the destructive power possessed by Divine Physique.

Destroy Divine Physique, master the destruction of divine power, comprehend destruction, power terrifying, amazing, and destroy everything.

When the combination of destruction of divine power and destruction and destruction of the gods creates the terrifying power of destroying the gods, it is amazing, this hammer makes Chen Zong feel suffocating, as if to be directly smashed into scum.


It’s simply unreasonable tyranny, compared to the eruption of the Scorpio

The attack is not weak at all.

The sword is squirted and instantly brings out the strength of the tyrannical power. This sword is the World Sword Technique.

The World Sword Technique, which combines the dragon swordsmanship, is increasingly overbearing and majestic, full of amazing power and power, and is most suitable for positive attacks and collisions.

Coupled with Chen Zong’s practice of Silver Sword Physique, the whole body strength is also very strong, which is comparable to the usual Fifth Realm body repair.

In the face of the collision, Chen Zong did not fear at all.

However, the moment when the sword touched the hammer, Chen Zong expression could not help but change.


The power contained in that hammer is simply horrible, and it is quite unreasonable as if it could destroy all the direct killings that destroy everything. The sword light is broken, and the power carried on the moon sword seems to be shaken. In the same way, even the moon swords are overwhelmed by the word cry.

These forces have made Chen Zong very shocked. It is worth destroying the gods. It is so amazing that it is so amazing.


Under this hammer, Chen Zong was repulsed and instantly severed away the few ten meters, but Chen Zong’s power was not weak. The power of the sword was also tyrannical, blocking the hammering of the destructive god, and letting Destroy the gods and withdraw from a dozen meters.

Destroy the face of the god, revealing a strange look.

In addition to the Scorpio God, on the list of the gods, she still encountered an opponent who was able to make a firm resist with her.

Peerless Swordsman!

Obviously it’s a Sword Cultivator. It’s not as simple as having the same strength.

Generally speaking, Sword Cultivator practicing the sword, only focus on one of the swords, and strive to constantly upgrade the sword, so that his sword is more sharp and more tyrannical.

However, Chen Zong is not the case. In addition to everything that Sword Cultivator has, there is a super body, perhaps not as good as real physical training, but not inferior in strength.

The benefits of such a sturdy body to Chen Zong are also enormous, giving Chen Zong more power and defense and greater survivability.

“This is the best.” Destroy the gods and laugh, the sound of the sound is clear, the smile on the face becomes more and more obvious, and the madness becomes more and more intense.

When you don’t shoot, it’s a quiet and lovely girl, but the weapon has changed in hand, especially in a battle, it becomes crazy, can’t stop, very terrifying.

It was like rolling up a storm of destruction. Destroy the gods with a double hammer and once again rushed to Chen Zong. The two hammers continued to bombard each other. Each hammer carried the destructive power, and the power terrifying was extremely extreme, as if it would be void. It’s like a blow.

Chen Zong suffocated, only feeling in front of his eyes, all of them are hammer shadows. Each hammer has a terrifying force, and everything is broken. You must completely break it, smash it, and make it into a powder.

This is not Secret Art, but its power is terrifying to the extreme, and it is not inferior to Moon Level Secret Art.

The top three gods in the top three of the monarchs have had a positive defeat and even a stunning record of the Fifth Realm King Level powerhouse. The most devastating record of destroying the gods is the hammering of two Fifth Realm King Level powerhouses. It was terrifying to the extreme. That battle, the destruction of the gods one-on-two, completely occupied the upper hand, pressed against the two joints of the Fifth Realm King Level powerhouse, could not stop her attack, and eventually was hammered alive.

Although the two Fifth Realm King Level powerhouses are just plain King Level powerhouses, the gap between Fourth Realm and Fifth Realm is still large.

Face like

This violent offensive, Chen Zong expression dignified, but did not retreat, but fully urged Silver Sword Physique, upgrade the power of the sea sword yuan to the extreme, start swordsmanship.

Heart Sword Technique and World Sword Technique alternately play, with World Sword Technique to defend against the destruction of the gods’ double hammer attack, and the Heart Sword Technique to counterattack.

Fully motivated by Silver Sword Physique, Chen Zong has more powerful power, tyrannical swordsmanship gives Chen Zong a stronger attack, two superb swordsmanship, and its power level is upgraded by Chen Zong to Middle Grade. The level of Moon Level Secret Art, the power of each sword is very terrifying, and each has its own mystery.

Unbounded swordsmanship is integrated into the Heart Sword Technique, and the dragon swordsmanship is integrated into the World Sword Technique, so that the power of these two swordsmanships is upgraded, and the mystery level is also upgraded.

The tyrannical power and superb swordsmanship and the ingenious use of power make Chen Zong face the destruction of the gods’ double hammer attack, without falling into the bottom.

Chen Zong also found that the double hammer attack of destroying the gods is very simple. It is to smash the fall with amazing power, to smash everything, and to have no superb skills. It seems that there is no need for superb skills. Pure To force people to force people, destroy the gods terrifying to the extreme, destroy everything.

When ordinary things are touched, they will collapse directly. Chen Zong can clearly feel that his power is directly destroyed when he comes into contact with the destructive power.

If Chen Zong’s Silver Sword Physique is also very strong, a sword is superb to the extreme, I am afraid that it can no longer be tolerated, and the double hammer that was destroyed by the gods is shattered.


The more you destroy the gods, the more excited you are. It seems to be ignited by the blood of the madness. The whole body is covered with a layer of gray-black ripples. The ripples are filled with amazing destruction, destroy everything, and sweep it. On the top, it was quickly covered, and a layer of gray black halo was diffused. The halo was like a tidal wave, and it was vast.

Silver white and gray black constantly collide, it seems that silver white seems to fall in the wind, but it is very tenacious and tenacious, not completely defeated, firmly resisted, and does not retreat.

Such a fierce battle, seeing everyone’s scalp numb, swallowing, such an attack, they are directly affected by the rubbing, they will die directly.

But Chen Zong, who was completely resistant, and able to fight back, could not help but make the scalp numb.

On the list of the gods, Chen Zong is a 2nd person who can fight the ruinous gods in a positive battle, 1st, naturally a god of heaven.

But the Scorpio God has the Innate Divine Physique of Innate, which is a kind of Innate Divine Physique that is very suitable for physical training. It is very suitable for the frontal battle. It is their favorite. It is so, and ultimately it is impossible to destroy the god. The destruction of the gods was blown up.

“I can’t help it.” Tianzhu Shenjun muttered to himself, his experience is the most profound. At first he can survive the attack of destroying the gods, and even counterattack, but destroying the gods is too terrifying, it will destroy everything. A little bit of destroying one’s own strength, and destroying the constant fighting of the gods, its power seems to be inexhaustible, it will become more terrifying.

Under the circumstance, I couldn’t help but be smashed.

This Peerless Swordsman is indeed weak and stronger than himself. However, in the end, it will certainly not destroy the destructive power of the gods. In the end, it will be destroyed by the double hammer of the ruined king. Don’t look at destroying the gods, they are cute. Not at all cute.

But in the next scene, it was shocked by the goddess of heaven and the god of heaven, and Chen Zong smashed out with a sword, and the mysterious spirit, surpassing the violent double hammer, directly killing the body of the ruined god.

End of this chapter)

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