In the sword!

Destroyed the sword of the gods, but she directly ignored the sword. When the sword was killed on her devastating Divine Physique, a terrifying force fluctuated between them, directly blocking the sword of Chen Zong, let the Power of this sword is weakened and destroyed.

It is the destruction of divine power, fluctuating at a high frequency in a very wonderful way, forming a defense, protecting the body of the destructive god without being broken and not being hurt.

Ignoring Chen Zong sword, destroying the double hammer of the gods, continuous bombardment, terrifying to the extreme, directly forced Chen Zong.

“Destruction is endless and even hit.” Destroy the gods tenderly shouted, when, the gray black halo is sweeping, and if there is a violent impact, the double hammer will become more violent in an instant.

If the double hammer attack that destroyed the gods before is a normal wave impact, then the current double hammer attack strength is directly upgraded several times, from normal waves to tsunami.

The double hammer violently and continuously bombarded and directly drowned Chen Zong.

“Appeared.” Scorpio secretly thought, there is a kind of inexplicable excitement, when he challenged the destruction of the gods, with the tyranny of the Divine Physique, and the destruction of the gods, but in the end, the destruction of the destroyed gods endlessly Bombing.

The endless destruction seems to be very simple, and it is very simple to display, but it is very terrifying, because as long as the power to destroy the gods is not exhausted, the offensive will not stop, it will continue, and that’s all Terrifying is the constant superposition of its power, the pressure that will be brought to the other side will continue to increase, and in the end, it is terrifying to the extreme, each hit can be ruined by Breaking Mountain.

Soon, Chen Zong felt the kind of terrifying pressure.

Destroying the double hammer of the gods, the power of the more powerful and sturdy, makes the Chen Zong expression extremely dignified.

Destruction is endless, it is a special Secret Art. If you don’t interrupt it, its power will continue to upgrade. It seems that there is no end upgrade. As long as the power of destroying the god is not exhausted, as long as the destruction of the god itself can withstand In theory, it can be upgraded infinitely infinitely.


Chen Zong feels that he wants to suffocate. All of them are sledgehammers in all directions. Terrifying is extremely violent. It is like a squally shower. Each hit is like a comet falling. The speed power is all there, and it is fierce.

Such an offensive is enough to sink the earth and break the sky to break the stars.

“Can’t stop it.” Chen Zong couldn’t help but be shocked.

Although his swordsmanship is superior, it is better than destroying the gods, but the power to destroy the gods is too terrifying, and it is constantly strengthening. Now the power of each hammer is several times more than before. It feels like continuous exertion of powerful secrets. And, it continues to strengthen.

This kind of power, the Divine Physique, the scorpio, who is full of spurs and erupts the secret law, can’t compare with it.

6th Layer Grinding!

This is the result of Chen Zong’s retreat ten years after the comprehend in the mysterious territory, and cultivation to the 6th Layer.

Grinding is divided into 9-Layer, but the higher the more difficult it is to master.

As before, Chen Zong mastered the 4-Layer, it is difficult to master the 5th Layer, and it is the real master 5th layer after the Divine Demon Sword Canon 2nd Layer. As for the 6th Layer, although it has been practiced, it is displayed. It was a bit reluctant, because Chen Zong didn’t show it, but now, he has to show it.

Under the 6th Layer, Chen Zong’s attack power was increased by a factor of six.


Chen Zong smashed out a sword, but it seemed to be transformed into a stunned dragon, carrying a sigh of sorrow, and rushing straight out, making a violent roar, full of amazing power.

The dragon of the world!

This sword is a secret Art that has been improved and upgraded on the foundation of the world. It is a sword of World Sword Technique that combines the discovery of mystery with Sword Path, the way of the world and the way of space. Swords, with a heart-to-heart sword, are Middle Grade Japanese Secret Art, but have a different prototype mystery.

The dragon of the world, the gods are unmatched, and under the six-fold increase in power, the power of the explosion is terrifying to the extreme.

The offensive that destroyed the gods was directly resisted, and the endless fight was interrupted. The whole man was repulsed and flew out.

“You can break my destruction and endlessly fight.” Destroying the gods’ face is full of surprises. In the same cultivation base, her destruction is endlessly displayed, or it is interrupted by 1st times.

God can not do it before.

Exciting and excited, this is the feeling of destroying the gods now. The strength of Peerless Swordsman is so strong.

“Heaven and earth…Great destruction!”

As the voice of the ruined god falls, terrifying to the ultimate breath bursts instantly, and a gray black phantom of the hundred meters emerges, standing in the void, its destructive terrifying to the extreme.

Chen Zong expression is more and more dignified, this breath, obviously surpassed the level of Secret Art, is the breath of magic.

Destroy the gods, and even mastered the magic.

This is the 1st Master Realm powerhouse that Chen Zong encountered, which is worthy of the existence of the 1st.

Destroy the magic!

The magic of destruction is unbeatable and terrifying.


Destroy the gods and explode all the divine power. The double hammers seem to be aggregated into one like, and the gray black hundred meters phantom also smashes the giant hammer in his hand, and the huge hammer directly smashes the void like a bomb.


Destroy everything, break everything, and Chen Zong feels the catastrophe. Under this attack, everything will be destroyed, turned into powder, completely nothing.

Chen Zong, who masters the magic, knows terrifying of the magic. When this is hit, everything will be turned into nothing.

The consciousness of thousands of powerhouses has also been shocked to the extreme.

What is this attack?

Why is it terrifying so?

“Spiritual!” Tianmu Shenjun and Tianzhu Shenjun are more familiar with the ranks of the gods, and suddenly recognize the trick of destroying the gods.


Only God’s magic has such a god.

“God, I don’t know when I can master the magic.” Scorpio God secretly thought.

The magic, which belongs to the Sixth Realm Sovereign Level powerhouse, of course, some people have mastered in Fourth Realm, but generally speaking, Fourth Realm masters the magic, almost all Innate Divine Physique.

Innate Divine Physique, the constant development of its potential to a certain extent, will naturally master the magic, of course, even if Innate Divine Physique to master the magic in the Fourth Realm, it is extremely difficult.

Ziyang Shenjun, Reincarnation Shenjun, Tianzhu Shenjun and Tianmu Shenjun, nowadays have no mastery of the magic, because they have not developed their Divine Physique to that extent, destroying the gods to master the magic, it is to destroy the Divine Physique development to a certain extent Degree.

Of course, the development of Divine Physique by Tianzhu Shenjun and Tianmu Shenjun has reached an extreme. It is only a line away from mastering the magic, but this line is not so easy to break through, but any Innate Divine Physique As long as you go to Fifth Realm, you can master the magic.

And the magical skills mastered by Innate Divine Physique are different from those of the general cultivation.

For example, the destruction of the gods, the destruction of Divine Physique, then the destruction of her mastery, it is incomparable with her own, can explode more amazing power, is unmatched by the cultivation who did not destroy Divine Physique.

A smash of the world and the destruction of the bombardment, destroy everything, nothing can resist.

Chen Zong expression Between the dignity, the left hand points out, and a little silver awns bloom.

A designated air technique!

This is a space magic.

Chen Zong is comprehend in the mysterious territory, and comprehend with the realm of Sovereign Level powerhouse. Both of them have great upgrades, all of which have reached Small Accomplishment.

The magical technique, with Beginner, Small Accomplishment, Great Accomplishment and perfect realm, before entering the virtual mystery, Chen Zong’s two great deities, but none of them reach Beginner, just a fur, you can exert amazing power to reach After Small Accomplishment, its power is terrifying.

However, Chen Zong has not been shown yet. This ruin is 1st, and 1st is the opponent who is fortunate to face Chen Zong Small Accomplishment.


When he was squatting, the void was fixed, and the ruined shadow was also fixed in an instant, as if it were directly solidified, and it could not move at all.

The ruined god is also solidified, keeping a double-hammered posture, but it seems to be a statue.

But in the next breath, the smoldering of the gods is constantly expanding, becoming more tyrannical, more terrifying, as if to completely break out, and break free of all restrictions.

Chen Zong’s eyelids are slightly congested, and immediately unsheathe the sword.

6th Layer Grinding!


This sword, the speed is extremely fast and fast, and the extremely condensed sword light penetrates the void in an instant, and the moment the sword is out, it has already hit the destruction of the god.

Under the six-fold increase, coupled with its own penetrating power, it directly smashes and penetrates the destructive power of the ruined god, and thoroughly pierces her Divine Physique.

Sword qi raging, swallowing the destruction of the gods.


Destroy the gods and be killed by Chen Zong.

Everyone is dumbfounded, especially the Scorpio and the Heavenly King.


This Chen Zong, even mastered the magic, or space magic.

Too amazing, is he the space Divine Physique?

But I feel that Chen Zong is not Innate Divine Physique.

Not Innate Divine Physique has mastered the magic, and it seems to be very strong, it is hard to describe.

They were shocked and the devastating gods who were killed were equally shocked.

I was defeated and defeated by the other party in the case of the destruction of the demon. It was incredible. She never thought that in the same class, someone could beat himself.

“Spirit!” The reincarnation of God is silent. The strength of Chen Zong has refreshed his cognition again and again. Even the magic is mastered. There is a magical hand in hand, which is a great card.

“God!” After the reincarnation of the gods, the bright glow of the eyes was flashing, and the atmosphere of the whole body was pervasive. It seemed to be stronger and stronger. “I must also master the magic and reincarnation.”

This is motivating and motivated, and the reincarnation of God has made a little more progress in the development of Divine Physique.

The outside world, directly frying the pot, because the one on the list of gods on the list for a hundred years, was replaced, it is Peerless Swordsman who replaced her.

God Rank 1st!

A sword alone!

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