A sword is called the respect of the gods, and Peerless Swordsman is famous.

Although the universe is vast, the real big news will spread in the shortest time with amazing speed. It is known by most people. Of course, those who don’t know are often people who are not qualified enough.


You must know that the gods list 1st has been destroying the gods for centuries. I didn’t expect to change it in a flash, and changed to Peerless Swordsman, but the ruined god is still on the list of gods. This shows what Peerless Swordsman defeated. Replace it.

Can you defeat the strong man like Destroy God, who is this Peerless Swordsman?

Soon, some people dig out the information of Peerless Swordsman.

Sovereign Level influence Nine Layers Heavenly Palace’s disciples were born, once Divine Will List 1st, now, even the gods list 1st, is simply shocking.

When the people of Nine Layers Heavenly Palace knew the news, the shock was unspeakable. There is a Divine Will List expert in Nine Layers Heavenly Palace. As for the gods list, there is only one place, and there is only one place, and the ranking is still very low.

Chen Zong, a disciple of Nine Layers Heavenly Palace, is ranked 1st in the list of gods. The impact is too great. People who have looked down on Chen Zong are already numb.

The people of the League are excited.

War Demon and Chen Xiu are more motivated. They are now the powerhouse of Fourth Realm, but they are not listed on the list of gods.

“Peerless Swordsman Chen Zong, God’s Rank 1st, really want to try out the strength, can resist me a few punches?” In a stronghold of a magical teaching, a body is extremely strong silhouette chuckled.

“The gods list, but there is a false name that’s all.” Not far away, if there is nothing like an illusory silhouette like a ghostly erratic, its voice is also floating, full of unreal feelings, full of words, but full of words The contempt for the list of gods.

“That is, the so-called gods list is really not very good. If it is not for special reasons, the top ten of the gods will be occupied by my holy teachings. What is the ninth sword of the gods, is not killed by me.” “The majestic man laughed: “But then, the group of evil monsters in the Purgatory Gate is not weak.”

“The group of evil monsters in the Purgatory Gate is estimated to be very interested in this Peerless Swordsman.” Unreal as a ghostly silhouette.

“That’s just right, let them try the color of this person.” The majestic man laughed.


“good good good, Hahahaha.” The heavenly light Peak Master is almost crazy.

God Rank 1st!

God’s Rank 1st, not the gods list 10th, nor the gods list 3rd, but 1st.

3rd and 1st, that is a two-level concept.

Heavenly light Peak Master’s expectation for Chen Zong is the top ten in the list of gods, but in fact, he does not know whether Chen Zong can enter the top ten of the list of gods. After all, it is not an easy task and extremely difficult.

Such a powerful Taimu Mountain, able to rank among the top ten of the Shenjun list, is only one person, only 7th.

But absolutely did not think that Chen Zong is not only ranked in the top ten of the Shenjun list, but also swayed all the way, even occupying the 1st of God’s list for a hundred years, the devastating gods who have not been incited have been defeated and replaced.

Once Divine Will List 1st, today’s gods list 1st, really amazing, terrifying.

First, the heavenly light peak regained the position of the positive peak, ranking one of the eight positive peaks, followed by Chen Zong’s ranking of the gods on the 1st, making the heavenly light peak extremely prosperous.

“Shen Jun 1st, I have to fight for Chen Zong.” The heavenly light Peak Master is excited, talking to himself, smiling, his eyes blinking brightly.

If you are in the top 100 of the list of gods, you can get the reward of Taishan Mountain. If it is the top 30, the reward will be bigger. If it is the top ten, the reward will be a big one.

In the first three, the reward is upgraded again to a level.

And 1st, the reward will be upgraded to a very high level.

Only in the past, the most flourishing period of Taimu Mountain, there is no discipline to rank 1st, the highest is 3rd, as for now, it is 7th, no, it should be 5th, Wang Qiu’s gain in the mysterious territory is very big, after retreat, The strength has not been upgraded, so it defeated the 6th and 5th of the gods, and replaced it, but it was defeated when challenged 4th.

The top ten of the gods list, each one is amazing, very terrifying.


Located in the 1st of the gods list, Chen Zong immediately felt that the universe he was subjected to was even more intense. This feeling is very beautiful. Every moment, it seems that there is a spark of inspiration. This is the 1st Universe of the gods. The benefits.

“In this way, if it is a breakthrough to Fifth Realm, the benefits I can get will be even bigger.” Chen Zong’s double-bright bright glow flashes, talking to himself.

When Third Realm, Chen Zong is Divine Will List 1st, the breakthrough will get the grandeur’s will, the benefits are amazing, a breakthrough, directly become the Expert in the Real Realm, instead of the Beginner level, equal to saving decades or even numbers A hundred years of cultivation time.

The so-called first step, it may be step by step, if it is not the blessing of Divine Will List 1st Universe at that time, let yourself save directly for many years, it is estimated that it is still unknown whether it can be listed on the list of gods. Don’t think too much, and you can’t compete for the number of places in the virtual world.

Without the chance of a virtual mystery, Chen Zong could not upgrade so quickly, and could not attack the 1st of the top of the list of gods and even now.

It can be said that this is interlocking, and the lack of any one is not enough to accomplish everything now.

Many times, if the opportunity is missed, it is missed. If you want to wait for this opportunity, you may not be able to wait for a lifetime. Even if you wait, it may take a long time.

“I am now, when I can breakthrough to Fifth Realm.” Chen Zong secretly thought, but it is sinking again: “But I have not reached the real limit, I feel that I can further upgrade, really upgrade to the limit, then breakthrough It will be better.”

Now it is possible to break through to Fifth Realm, but Chen Zong is not very willing, always feel that something is still worse, there is still a little potential to continue to dig, perhaps after mining to the extreme, his strength can not be upgraded, but That would have a bigger benefit for breaking through to Fifth Realm.

Whether it is the breakthrough after the true limit, the gap is obvious, the more it is, the more obvious it is.

Therefore, if there is no accident, Chen Zong must dig every realm to the true limit before it breaks through, so that the benefits of his future cultivation are more beneficial, because if one of the realm is not excavated Breaking through to the true limit, leaving a flaw, will cause future regrets.

Heavenly light Peak Master Go directly to the Yuanjiao Temple and win more rewards for Chen Zong. After all, Chen Zong is a 1st list of the 1st list of the monarchs in the history of Taimu Mountain. It has an extraordinary meaning, to some extent. The strength of the Taimu Mountain has been strengthened, and Chen Zong has been given the will of the Universe, and will passively let the Taimu Mountain get the favor of the Universe.

The more disciples you have in the list, the more you will get the Universe. Maybe one is not too much, but the superposition is very impressive, especially the higher the ranking, the more the gods list is 1st, the value is amazing.

In the Hall of the Elder, the discussion began.

Many veterans are present.

The 10th veteran, born in the ancient peak of Blue Hai, belongs to the Blue Hai family.

“No, rewards can be given, but no dream palace is only opened once in a millennium, only three places each time, how precious.” 10th elders directly take a table, angry shouted: “I am too mountain powerhouse countless days of arrogance, this quota, When it comes to the Emperor Level powerhouse, it’s more appropriate.”

No dream palace!

This is one of the 19 secrets of Taimu Mountain. It is also the secret of ranking 1st. It is the most mysterious and the most brilliant. It is only opened once in a thousand years. Each time, only three people can enter.

The three places, for the vast Taishan Mountain, are undoubtedly very few. Anyone wants to get such a quota. Even if the Innate Talent enters it, it can gain a lot of benefits.

The number of places is so precious, the heavenly light Peak Master has to win one for Chen Zong, and the 10th veteran 1st disagrees.

Why do you disagree?

In addition to the value of the dream-free palace, the biggest reason is that Chen Zong is not the identification of the ancient peak blue sea. If it is the blue sea’s discipline, then the 10th old man has raised his hands in favor, how can he object? Still so strong opposition.

This time, the ancient peak is being defeated by the heavenly light peak. It has been degraded from the position of the Eight Orthodox Peak to one of the 24 peaks. It is greatly affected, and the most outstanding blaze among the younger generations of Blue Hai is also equally affected. The blow is at a low point. This is a big blow for Blue Hai’s. It is not only reputation but also a lot of resources.

In the next millennium, Blue Hai’s resources must not be challenged. Zhengfeng’s resources have become the resources of the peaks. It has dropped a lot, causing the blue culture’s cultivation resources to be reduced, reducing the intensity of training, invisible. Among them, let the strength of Blue Hai’s slow down.

Moreover, the longer the time, the greater the impact.

It can be said that this time, because of the relationship between Chen Zong, the ancient peak was downgraded, and Chen Zong was the culprit. Under such circumstances, Blue Hai’s hate for Chen Zong.

The 10th veteran is the most powerhouse of the Blue Sea, and the person with the highest status, of course, for the Blue Hai family.

In Taimu Mountain, you can’t directly move Chen Zong, then you should do everything possible to block Chen Zong’s chance and make Chen Zong difficult to upgrade.

There is no dream palace, this is a great opportunity. If it is obtained by Chen Zong this child, with his talent, there will definitely be an amazing upgrade, which is what Blue Hais does not want to see.

The 10th veteran fierce opposition, but other veterans are pondering.

The 1st of the gods list, the unprecedented achievements of Taimu Mountain, is worth considering.

“There is no place for Dream Palace, and Chen Zong is one.” The ninth old man said: “With Chen Zong’s talent, when he waits for Fifth Realm, he will enter the no-dream palace. Maybe in the future, he is expected to compete for the king of the king. “”

God King 1st!

What an amazing glory this is.

“There is no dream palace quota for Chen Zong, as it should be by rights.” 4th veteran also agreed.

In the end, by voting, Chen Zong won a no-dream place, but there are conditions, within ten years.

If Chen Zong breaks into Fifth Realm within ten years, he can enter the dreamless palace. If it is more than ten years, then no dream palace has been opened, there is no chance.

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