Sword of Coming Chapter 814

Millet scratched his face. What the hell is the good guy mountain lord, when he doesn’t take himself to the rivers and lakes, he likes to negotiate business with strange girls? Fortunately, I was on the side of Ning’s elder sister and helped to say a lot of good things.

Chen Ping looked at the seals in his hand, and found that the margins were all commenting on the ranks of the calligraphers in Yizhou. Such and such books are like the monarchs of ZTE, who are in honor and have gods. XX book is like a fast horse bursting into a burst, with sharp edges and sharp bows, which startled birds. XX book is like Earth Immortal in the mountains, refreshed, and when he sees people, he wants to retreat into the cloud. These all are good things, and there are also quite unceremonious comments, almost pointing to the nose to curse, saying that the so-and-so regular script is like a rich man, describing vulgarity, running script like a maidservant, and a devilish posture.

The female cultivator replied with a smile: “Two seals, only one Lesser Summer Coin, buy two and get one free.”

Chen Ping shook his head, the price is too expensive, not to mention that Chen Ping is now a half expert in stone seal carving, and besides himself, there are also the handwritten copybooks of Su Zi and Liu Qi that Mister asked for help. What do these do.

Chen Ping couldn’t help being slightly frowned. Could it be that the Shuilong Sect encountered something that urgently needs Divine Immortal money, otherwise, relying on the Dragon Palace paradise such a Treasure Gathering Pot, there is no reason to need such money. And this means that if you go back to talk with the Water Dragon Sect about the purchase and sale of Fushui Island, it is very likely that you will suffer a little extra in terms of price.

Telling down the female cultivator of the Water Dragon Sect, Chen Ping handed several seals to Ning Yao and the others, and talked about the process of asking the sword to lock Cloud Sect, and then left Mu Nudu and set off for Dayuan. Dynasty Capital.

Ning Yao didn’t say anything from beginning to end.

When Chen Ping was hurried in the bustling crowd, Ning Yao looked at the figure who seemed to run away from the wild, and she laughed. In fact, would she not believe in Chen Ping for such a small thing? The Goddess pictures in Mural City, are they just Wrapping Cloths Building?

Chen Ping walked out of the ferry, on a secluded bank in Jidu, stepped into the water, ran the Life Source material and water mark, used a water escape method, and traveled far away.

The Chongxuan Office of the Dayuan Dynasty previously received a Feijian letter from Jinzun Ferry and sent it directly to Imperial Teacher Yang Qingan, saying that he hoped to visit Emperor Lu Clan, and his signature was just one word, Chen .

Dayuan Lu Dynasty, where the Imperial Court Chongxuan Department is located, is actually the Yunxiao Palace of Yang Clan, and this imposing manner magnificent Dao Palace is the most prestigious Imperial Family Palace in Entirely Reed Continent, Heavenly Monarch Xie Shi Compared with the sect, it was simply a shabby settlement on the mountain.

Imperial Teacher Yang Qing feared that after receiving the secret letter, he immediately left the Chongxuan Office and went to the palace to meet Your Majesty.

Dayuan Lu Dynasty, at the beginning of the founding of the country, he regarded himself as the blessing of water and virtue, which can be seen from the name of the country.

Today, the emperor summoned more than 30 child prodigies from the local area in a small warm room in Xiangyang. It was nothing more than to encourage these future leaders, and then select a few people to ask questions and rewards. As for the specific list of candidates and standing positions, the Ministry of Rites has long been determined. If His Majesty The Emperor is in a good mood, of course, he can ask a few more people. Afterwards, it is nothing more than a gift from the royal family.

This warm pavilion is not big. Today, when there are too many people, it is slightly crowded, but the young prodigies are very flattered. There are a few of the cold origin who have been trembling with their lips and have a strong self-composite. They all heard that His Majesty The Emperor would choose this place only when he saw the central minister of the temple. According to the Capital officialdom, this is the place where His Majesty The Emperor talked with people.

Today, Emperor Lu Clan finally singled out a young man from County City at the border gate and asked a question of “I only know the order of the rich but not the law of the country.” A mass of paste, how to deal with it appropriately.

Fortunately, the Imperial Teacher helped to clear the siege. The emperor stood up, smiled and comforted the uneasy young man, and said that when he had an idea, he could submit his thoughts to the Ministry of Rites government office.

Led by the celebrity supervisor’s palmprint, these young wunderkinds filed out, stepping gently, and left this warm pavilion.

Yang Qing feared to fight the emperor with the emperor, and talked about the visit by the hermit Chen Ping.

The emperor said with a smile: “So fast? Did the hidden official come to our north Entirely Reed Continent as soon as he left the Confucian Temple?”

Yang Qing was afraid of nodded and said: “Mostly. The Chongxuan Department just received Chen Ping’s greetings on the front foot, and received a message from the mountain on the back foot. Just five days ago, a person from the Great Wall of Sword Qi surnamed Chen’s sword cultivator, together with Taihui Sword Sect Liu Jinglong, asked the sword lock Cloud Sect, climbing all the way to Yangyunfeng, and directly dismantled the opponent’s Ancestral Hall. Sect Master Yang did not stop it, and guest official Cui Gongzhuang had a dispute , Got a little hurt, the immortal Wei Jing, took out the moon mirror, still under Liu Jinglong’s sword, and was seriously injured. But this is because the Chongxuan Department has a spy on the lock Cloud Sect. Starting from other general sects, I have to learn about this a few days earlier.”

The emperor motioned to the Imperial Teacher to sit down and talk. On the couch, there was a food box filled with various pastries. The emperor pushed the food box to the Imperial Teacher and twisted a piece of apricot cake. , Chewed carefully, and asked with a smile: “Is it inappropriate to see him here?”

Yang Qing fears nodded and said: “Your Majesty and him formally met for the first time, so you really don’t need to be so close. And the many decorations here…”

This Imperial Teacher looked around all around, said with a smile: “It will reveal too much of Your Majesty’s thoughts.”

The emperor asked curiously: “The lock Cloud Sect is such a small sect, and on its own site, it can’t stop the two Original Purity Realm Sword Immortal from rising gradually?”

“Lock Cloud Sect, one the immortal, one jade, and there are a lot of Earth Immortal cultivators. At first glance, they can be said to have a deep background, but Wei Jing and Yang Qiao have their own thoughts, and they seem to be in harmony for a long time. Naturally, they will only be scattered on paper. Strength, never vain, this is the taboo of any sect.”

Yang Qing was sitting on his side, facing the Imperial Emperor. This Taoist Heavenly Monarch held his tail in his hand. The white jade pole was inscribed with eight-character inscriptions. It was used for humility and inscription, Fengshen.

After hearing this nodded, the emperor picked up another piece of cake and put it in his mouth. After slowly swallowing it, he asked: “Then go to your Chongxuan office to serve guests?”

Yang Qing said with a smile: “It is the Chongxuan Department of Your Majesty.”

The emperor clapped his hands and said: “The family doesn’t talk about two things.”

Emperor Lu Clan in the water, Yang Clan Yunxiao Palace in iron.

This rebellious saying has actually been circulating in the government and the public for many years. However, I have to admit that whether the Chongxuan Department or Yunxiao Palace is in the hands of the Emperor Lu Clan, he can make progress.

Yunxiao Palace is a typical temple for descendants, a family and a family name seem to be hereditary, similar to the Dragon Tiger Mountain. In fact, Yang Ningzhen and Brother Yang Ningxing went to Wucai World, and the emperor also had high hopes.

2nd day, in the Chongxuan Department, Emperor Lu Clan saw the young hermit who arrived on time as scheduled, and did not make the Emperor wait for even a moment.

In fact, there is really the Chongxuan Department government office where the Imperial Court official is on duty. It occupies a small area. The emperor treats the azure clothes Sword Immortal in a secluded courtyard in the Chongxuan Department. The courtyard is tall with ancient trees, except for the Imperial. Teacher Yang Qing fears that there will be no outsiders with a young prince.

Chen Ping walked into the hospital with Yang Qingxian and bowed his hands.

The emperor Lu Clan had already stood up and waited, cup one fist in the other hand returned the gift, and the young prince beside him called Chen Mister, respectfully bowing. After the teenager got up, the eyes of the azure clothes Sword Immortal were full of curiosity and longing, but also has several points of awe and worship.

Chen Ping came to Chongxuan Department this time. In fact, there are three things. First of all, I would like to thank Lu Dynasty for protecting the Unrestrained Mountain. Chen Lingjun’s early protection of the road, the Flood Dragon belonging to the Dadu, will take a considerable part of it. For a big dynasty like Lu Clan, this is a real loss. Therefore, for the dynasties and vassals of the past dynasties, when it comes to water passing through the jurisdiction, let alone protect the way and give way, it will only create difficulties. Then there was the discussion with Emperor Lu Clan about cross-continental commerce, and finally it was the transaction of Fushui Island.

Talking about it is actually a word of money.

Emperor Lu Clan was extremely swift and decisive. He had no courtesy on the profanity. Blunt said that if it weren’t for Lingyuan Gong Shen Lin and Longting Hou Liyuan, he would have greeted Dayuan Imperial Court a long time ago, and he did not recognize Chen Mister will definitely not let it go, but it’s different now, so there will be similar blasphemy in the future, just say hello, Dayuan and all the vassals will let it go. As for trans-continental trading, Yang Qing might have discussed with Chen Ping at the Merit Virtue Forest of the Confucian Temple, so today the emperor directly took out a booklet, which is not thin. It contains information about various Dayuan specialties, The price of the goods on the mountain is well detailed, and there are different steps of Unrestrained Mountain’s drawing plan. In the future, the household officials who will be responsible for the specific docking with Unrestrained Mountain… Refreshing and refreshing, Chen Ping read it, obvious at a glance.

Chen Ping closed the booklet and said with a smile: “Your Majesty is interested, and there is no objection on Unrestrained Mountain. Not surprisingly, within the sixty years cycle,”

Emperor Lu Clan seemed to be a little surprised, “Chen Mister is no longer bargaining? Otherwise, there will be less fun, and there is no reason to drink. At the Chongxuan Department, there are many hundred-year-old three-gear wines.” /p>

Chen Ping said with a smile: “If Your Majesty doesn’t mind, you just don’t drink Dragon Palace paradise’s third wine. I have a few pots of wine from my own wine shop.”

The emperor asked: “But the Azure Divine Mountain drink from the Great Wall of Sword Qi?”

Chen Ping laughed dumbfounded, why is it like he was inviting this His Majesty The Emperor to drink fake wine?

It’s okay, you can remedy it. Chen Ping took out three pots of wine and put it on the table, then took out a copybook from his sleeve and gave it to the young prince, said with a smile: “It’s my Mister copybook.” /p>

The young man’s face instantly flushed, he hurriedly got up, took the handwritten copybook by Vincent Mister with both hands, thanked him and took his seat, the young man cautiously held the scroll.

Regarding the purchase and sale of Fushui Island, it is very simple. Yang Qing fears that the Chongxuan Department will write a letter to Ancestral Hall of Water Dragon Sect, which belongs to 30% of the Dayuan Dynasty. In return for Chen Mister’s visit to Chongxuan Office.

After drinking the Azure Divine Mountain drinks, Chen Ping planned to leave. The boy suddenly pulled the emperor’s sleeve slightly, and the emperor said with a smile: “Mister Chen, in your opinion, Lu Junyou No aptitude?”

This question is naturally superfluous. Whether a prince’s aptitude is good or bad, whether it’s cultivating Taoism or practicing martial arts, where does he need to wait until he is young before asking a foreigner.

Chen Ping said: “Very average.”

The juvenile expression is sad.

Chen Ping said with a smile: “But martial arts and cultivation are not the same. They also talk about aptitude and don’t talk about aptitude. I can reluctantly find a master to teach boxing, but both of you and me are not considered official master and disciple.”

The youth is full of energy in an instant, and practicing boxing is always a second thing. Finding a bully Master is the first major event! As for the only person in mind who can be his own Master, he used to be far away, but now he is very close.

Chen Ping finally gave Lu Jun a copy of the Fist Manual, and talked about some rough training matters. Emperor Lu Clan and Imperial Teacher Yang Qing looked at each other for fear. They were very surprised. It turned out to be a handwritten copy. Shaking Mountain Fist, does this young hermit have the origin of martial artist Gu You?

Chen Ping came from the gate of Chongxuan Administration today, and walked from there.

The three of Emperor Lu Clan walked to the door all the way, watching the imperial wind in azure clothes leave.

The emperor said softly with a smile: “I imagined a lot of scenes when we met before, but when we really sit down and deal with each other, it seems that there is nothing left.”

Even if you drink alcohol, it feels like you are drinking tea, even a little tasteless.

Yang Qing feared to remind him with his heartfelt voice: “Your Majesty, don’t take it lightly, this is the real power of this person’s cultivation.”

The emperor nodded, glanced at his most important son next to him. At the moment, the boy didn’t know he was about to become the prince of Dayuan. The emperor retracted his gaze and said with a smile to the Imperial Teacher: “Then look at the money Years.”

After Chen Ping left the Great Yuan Dynasty, he kept the wind extremely fast, and occasionally encountered the lights under the mountains at night, slowed down and lowered his figure, passing by the human cities, and there were still too many scenes. Take a look. The world is vast, and there are still good mountain poems. The river flows down and down, and the moon is up and down, the cock crows and the dogs bark in the back alleys, and the market screams loudly at night…

Rather than heading straight to Mu Nudu and paying a visit to the Water Dragon Sect, Chen Ping first took a trip to the newly built water house of Lingyuan Father Shen Lin. Suddenly he understood why the Water Dragon Sect was short of money. If Shen Lin only used Jiu Nanxun The family property of the Water Palace Lord is absolutely impossible to build such a dugong mansion, not to mention the relationship between the old Shuizheng Li Yuan and the Shuilongzong, and the Longting Houshuifu must also be credited with the Shuilongzong.

When Shen Lin saw Chen Ping, he immediately spread the letter of Longting Hou Mansion, Dadu Hou was so fast that he did not lose an Ascension Realm Great Cultivator at all, so Chen Ping just didn’t wait for one hour. I saw Li Yuan who looked like a black clothed youth. When the latter heard that Chen Ping was going to spend money to buy Fushui Island, he was heartbroken. He jumped up and spat in the direction of the Water Dragon Sect, saying that it was already Lao Tzu’s territory. Yes, Sun Jie and Shao Jingzhi have the shame to collect money, but after listening to Chen Ping talking about the situation on both sides of the duckweed sword lake and the Chongxuan office, Li Yuan did not go directly to the Ancestral Hall of the Water Dragon Sect to curse the street, and Shen Lin said that we wrote together After sending a letter to Shuilongzong, Shen Lin glanced at Chen Ping, who gently shook his head, and did not agree with Li Yuan, who is not stingy.

Li Yuan carefree sat in a chair and asked in confusion: “Brother Chen, since you don’t need my help with Shen Lin, you just made a special trip, so nothing else?”

Chen Ping said with a smile: “Chen Ping said with a smile: “Chen Lingjun succeeded in blasphemy. It is not easy. I just happened to pass by Jidu. Can’t I say thank you to both of you?”

Li Yuan kicked off his boots, sat cross-legged, and said sadly: “Then why didn’t you go to my mansion? Why, you think Shen Lin’s official hat is bigger than me, come here? You brother, deserve it It’s choking.”

Li Yuan suddenly eyes shined, glanced at the young azure clothes Sword Immortal, then glanced at Shen Lin, who is actually very pretty, laughed, I understand. Coughed, bowed his head, didn’t wear shoes, picked up a boot in both hands, and walked to the door, “I’m going to guard outside the door, can I give you two one hour enough?”

Shen Lin laughed, don’t care.

Chen Ping helplessly said: “Say it in advance, follow me to the Dragon Palace paradise side, you must not talk nonsense like this. Otherwise, you don’t want to be together.”

Li Yuan wondered: “Is there a woman traveling with me?”

Chen Ping nodded and said: “I brought my wife.”

Li Yuan patted the chair, said with a big smile: “A real man has three wives and four concubines on May 6, isn’t it beautiful?!”

Chen Ping’s two-handed sleeve sleeves, said with a smile: “Say it again, Long Tinghou just say it hard, I will finish here, and I will take you there.”

Li Yuan had arms around his chest, tilted his head and squinted his eyes and said: “What’s the matter, did she beat you or me?”

Chen Ping got up and said: “Forget it, just stay here, I will go to Water Dragon Sect alone.”

Li Yuan hurriedly put on his boots and solemnly vowed and said, “What do you want, I am the kind of person who doesn’t know the generality. After meeting my sister-in-law, I promise to give you enough face.”

Chen Ping hesitated for a moment, but still took Li Yuan with him.

After Liu Jinglong left the Cloud Sect boundary, he quietly went to Tonghua Mountain, and then returned to Zongmen Pianran Peak, and found the white head. Next time he traveled down the mountain, he went to Yunyan Country and asked about Ninth Realm Martial Artists. About Cui Gongzhuang.

White head sits on a bamboo chair with Erlang’s legs tilted and rubs his chin and said: “Cui Gongzhuang, I’ve heard, Great Grandmaster. He is a martial artist. He is the chief guest official of Cloud Sect. Qi Refiner gets up, it doesn’t make a mess.”

Liu Jinglong briefly talked about the process of questioning the sword, and the white head was puzzled: “Cui Gongzhuang is so virtuous, so why don’t you worry about it. If you see my brother Chen in the future, you can’t make a detour?”

Liu Jinglong shook his head and said: “Chen Ping is not worried about Martial Artist’s mountaineering and the unscrupulous, but privately, in the country of Yunyan, who has long bowed to Cui Gongzhuang, he and his disciples and grandchildren are going wild.”

Bai Shou said: “With the lessons of raising Yunfeng and the illusory promise of a hundred years, Cui Gongzhuang will definitely converge a bit.”

Liu Jinglong said with a smile: “When you travel to Yunyan Country, Cui Gongzhuang will understand a truth.”

The white head said tentatively: “Do you mean that besides you, there is a me who is a generation lower than the two of you, who will stare at his Sect and discipline every other way?”

Liu Jinglong nodded with a smile.

His own Head Disciple is naturally not stupid.

This kind of leak checking and filling does not require Chen Ping to say too much. Liu Jinglong will do it without any leaks. Even if it is not for the white head of Pianran Peak to travel down the Yunyan Kingdom, he will be replaced by another Sword cultivator.

Liu Jinglong got up and said: “I will immediately return to lock Cloud Sect. I need to stay there for a while. Don’t be slacking about practicing swords on the mountain.”

White head nodded, “Go, Taihui Sword Sect is covered by me, who dares to ask the sword.”

Liu Jinglong smiled and asked, “Where is Wenquan?”

Bai Shou angrily said: “Who are you Master?”

Liu Jinglong body flashed and passed away, and went to lock Cloud Sect.

Ting Yufeng, which locks Cloud Sect Ancestral Mountain, is the residence of Dao Mansion, the ancestor of Feiqing. Wei Jingcui looked at the secret letter in his hand, his expression gloomy and uncertain, and was shocked.

If the letter is not bad, a Sect Founder, dignified the immortal, is equivalent to reaching the gates of hell without knowing it.

Change to North Entirely Reed Continent. Anyone who sends this confidential letter, Wei Jingcui will feel that it is unpredictable and a vicious divorce plan.

But since it was Liu Jinglong, Wei Jing was willing to believe a little bit.

Wei Jingcui laughed at last, “What an Earth Flood Dragon, it is true that Great Dao can be expected, but I underestimated you Sword Sect.”

“Also, just do what you say. If it can be done and successfully get rid of this rebellious house thief who dared to deceiving masters extinguishing ancestors, when the time comes, I apologize to you Sword Sect publicly and take the initiative Apologize, why not?”

Agree to let Liu Jinglong hide in the lock Cloud Sect Ancestral Mountain for three reasons.

Liu Jinglong’s sword technique is outstanding, once it is listed in Immortal Realm, it is extremely powerful.

In the past, I only heard that Liu Jinglong liked to be rational and a little pedantic. I never thought that it was not the case. Such a person, as a Sect Master, must not be easily provoked.

Liu Jinglong also has a close friend of Sword Immortal named Chen Ping, from the Great Wall of Sword Qi. The key point is that this person is moody, and Liu Jinglong’s previous mountaineering, singing and making peace with each other, matched perfectly.

Wei Jing dared to convince this foreigner Sword Immortal. Once he was ruthless, he would only act more unscrupulously than Liu Jinglong when he started to do things, but he was more careful and thoughtful. This kind of vicious and merciless but uncertain Sword Immortal would fail Friends are normal, and never really have sex with them.

Wei Quintessence had no reason to think of one person, Jiang Shangzhen.

The Dragon Palace paradise, one of 36 Small Paradise, Chen Ping first negotiated the deal with Sun Jie and Shao Jingzhi, and got a copy of Unrestrained Mountain, Water Dragon Sect, Dayuan Chongxuan Department and Duck Ping Sword Lake Quartet Chen Ping felt that his conscience was overwhelmed by the land deeds on the mountain that he painted and the price was fair, so he finally landed on Fushui Island with Li Yuan.

Li Yuan saw the sword-backed woman who came slowly, huh, she looked good, barely worthy of my brother Chen. Hey, can’t tell her level?

As soon as Li Yuan was about to speak, Chen Ping reached out to hold his head and said: “How did you promise me?”

Li Yuan said, “What is the girl’s name?”

Ning Yao glanced at Chen Ping who was holding back his smile and said: “Ning Yao.”

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