Sword of Coming Chapter 815


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I heard that the woman in front of me called herself Ning Yao. Even if there are many people having the same given name and family name in the world, Li Yuan is not stupid. At least Chen Ping traveled to the Great Wall of Sword Qi, but there are no two Nings. Yao.

Li Yuan’s legs trembled, and he quickly grabbed Chen Ping’s arm. The Divine Ability who had been violating the Lord in the past was a must-see. Because of his guilty conscience, he did not dare to look at Ning Yao. Chen Ping said a blessing to the soul: “Chen Ping, brother belongs to brother, the truth is the truth, you really don’t deserve Ning Sword Immortal.”

Can Miss Ning shout casually? Have to call Ning Sword Immortal!

As for whether the Ning Sword Immortal appreciates or not, Li Yuan doesn’t know and doesn’t guess, but fortunately Chen Ping smiled happily and sincerely. He probably thought that Li Yuan had no problem saying this.

Li Yuan just took a little reassurance pill, cautiously turned around, straightened the skirt of the water robe on his body, and said in a polite manner: “Ji Du Li Yuan, meet Ning Sword Immortal.”

Ning Yao pinched the sword art ceremony with one hand and said: “Ascend City Ning Yao, I have met Jidu Lihou.”

Li Yuan was promoted to the post of Dadu Longting Hou, and he was awarded the Confucian Temple a few years ago, just like the first-class mountain lord of the Shanshui officialdom.

So Ning Yao called the other party Li Hou, which is a very decent respect.

It is true that Li Yuan has a bright smile on his face, but in fact it is extremely sad and true.

This glorious scene, no one has used Immortal Technique to copy it, otherwise he can mount the portrait well in the future, hang it in the lobby of his Hou Mansion’s main house, and directly use it as the plaque.

About Ning Yao’s deeds and rumors, there is actually a dividing line. Before the great battle, there was mainly one statement about Ning Yao. There are actually only three kinds of geniuses in the world sword cultivator, Great Wall. of Sword Qi Those who can be among the Sword Immortal embryos of Nascent Soul within sixty years cycle, and the centenary Golden Core of Grand Virtue World. The last one, of course, is Ning Yao alone.

After the fifth world was opened up and the door opened, Ning Yao’s reputation has stepped up several steps. In fact, before the Confucian Temple closed, news of little daoist on some mountains returned to Haoran. The suspense broke through one after another, like a hot knife through butter, which is dizzying. This means that Ning Yao has been recognized by the Great Dao in the world, so Haoran Mountain cultivator, everyone has long been determined that this young woman sword cultivator will It is the Number One Person of the whole world in the future.

This is not a great Dao at all, because Ning Yao is destined to climb to the top of Great Dao, and for a long time in the future, at the top of the world, she will be alone with no one around. people.

There is also an extremely mysterious and abstruse saying on the mountain. Now who dares to kill Ning Yao, even if it is a Fourteenth Realm Great Cultivator, then never go to the colorful world in the future, he will definitely die, and he must die unfathomable mystery.

Li Yuan is very faithful.

Millet grains were secretly relaxed, but fortunately, it was not a woman who showed up with the good man mountain owner today. She heard that Dadu Lingyuangong is a good-looking woman.

But it seems that besides the white head of Pianran Peak, he also appears a brother and brother of the good man mountain lord.

Pei Qian and Li Yuandao thanked each other. Chen Lingjun made the most of his blasphemy last time, and Li Yuan contributed the most, and in the storm at the Thunder God House in Baby Mountain, this Longting Hou was very loyal. After Mountain Mountain, I often talked about this with Nuanshu and Xiaomi Li, saying that he was really not bossing in making friends, and he opened Heavenly Eye.

In addition to his own Lord, as it should be by rights is at the top of the list, then Chen Lingjun will have to be ranked second, and Nuanshu and Mili can be ranked third, because fools have stupid blessings and are fortunate to know the first and the first. Two.

As soon as I turned around, Xiao Mi Li and Pei Qian showed off. Then the fate of Uncle Jing Qing can be imagined.

Ning Yao asked: “What is the price of the Water Dragon Sect on this Fushui Island? How much Grain Rain Coin?”

Dragon Palace paradise is recognized as a monastery resort in North Entirely Reed Continent. It is like spring in all seasons, without heat in summer and not cold in winter, but rainy. Most of the people here do not lack Divine Immortal money and cultivation water. The Earth Immortal cultivator of Law, every time it rains, it uses various Life Source objects to intercept the rain and collect it into the Small World. In fact, most of the mountain cultivation is like this. In addition to chance, they rely on water milling skills accumulated over a long period of time. Nascent Soul and Ascension cultivator are nicknamed the thousand-year bastard and the Nascent Soul Realm In addition to avoiding the red dust and avoiding Heavenly Tribulation, it also needs bit by bit cultivation diligence to increase the odds of breaking the bottleneck.

In addition to the Immortal Mansion that has been kept by the masters of the past generations, it is worth a lot of Divine Immortal money. In addition, there are four immortal sites such as the Throwing Pool, the Yongle Mountain Grottoes, the Iron Workshop Site and the Shengxian Princess Monument. When Chen Ping, Ning Yao took a few Pei Qian around one after another. Pei Qian was very interested in the monument of rising immortals. Xiao Mi Li likes the pond with strong water transportation and is planning to build a small hut over there. The white-haired boy had already said that the grottoes and iron workshops should not be robbed by anyone, and they belong to it. It seems that Chen Ping has not bought the Teishui Island, the site has been divided up.

Chen Ping lightly stepped on the ground, said with a smile: “This Fushui Island, originally in Small Paradise, is one of the three most suitable places for cultivation except for the main city island. Bian estimated that the original price was two hundred Grain Rain Coins. Because the Dragon Palace paradise is shared by the three forces, the Chongxuan Department and the Duckweed Sword Lake both confiscated the money, and the Water Dragon Sect accounted for 40%, so I asked 80 Grain Rain Coins. The counter-offer has been sent by Feijian to Unrestrained Mountain, and the money will be sent over immediately.”

Chen Ping took out ten golden talisman that he had prepared a long time ago, from the “Authentic Book of Pills” record, saying that he would let Li Yuan help burn them at the Jinwu Dojo in the future, one per year.

Li Yuan at first didn’t care much. When he started, his face changed instantly, and after he was put in his sleeve, he stared at the azure clothes Sword Immortal that was too arrogant and said in his heart: “Chen Ping, why are you doing this?” It will reduce your own Good Fortune temperament! And burning one talisman every year is too frequent. This is even more taboo than the cultivation of the cultivator in the mountains. If you are not already among the Original Purity Realm, I will scold you. Are you crazy?”

Chen Ping’s eyes were bright, and he said, “I only hope that sincerity is the spirit.”

Li Yuan sighed faintly in his heart, helplessly said: “How did I make you such a friend?”

Chen Ping turned his head and looked outside the house, said with a smile: “It is estimated that before we leave, Fushui Island will have to entertain guests once.”

Li Yuan nodded, “mostly it is Shao Jingzhi, she is more willing to spend her time on these things than North Sect Sun Jie.”

Sure enough, South Sect Shao Jingzhi, and an Old Lady with a faucet on crutches, jointly visited the new owner of Fushui Island.

Shao Jingzhi is the Original Purity Realm cultivator, maintaining a young appearance, looking like a young woman, wearing a simple and elegant robe, azurite embroidered gauze dress, a bun with a loose bun, and light makeup.

Old Lady is a Nascent Soul Realm, Sect Master Sun Jie’s aunt according to her seniority. Before crossing the threshold, she intentionally or unintentionally stopped for a while, raised her hand to clean her sideburns, but she could only dry her fingers. Snow white.

Chen Ping came to the steps outside the door alone, and smiled and cup one fist in the other hand greeted him.

Shao Jingzhi is here to give a gift. The person who wants to buy the water island is a serious Sect Master. He was in Ancestral Hall and asked her to startled.

Because Li Yuan was in Ancestral Hall, turning his elbow away from the water, turning into a black clothed youth of Longtinghou. He didn’t speak much, just a few words, one of which said that his friend is from the mountain. A Sect Master, so it is reasonable to say that Sun Jie, Shao Jingzhi and you two must be greeted by Mu Nudu.

Then Shao Jingzhi learned that this person was on the top of the mountain, and not long after he entered the sect, Shao Jingzhi had a reason to be a guest here, and gave the Sect Lord Chen a water Spirit Treasure foreign body called midges. A nymph-shaped mosquito, but also known as a small ink dragon on the mountain, is raised in a small bamboo cage woven from Azure Divine Mountain bamboo, with misty water. Chen Ping declined, but in the end he was naturally disrespectful.

However, this kind of material benefits are received today and sent tomorrow. Those who have come and go are about the same as the money for the wedding banquet at the foot of the mountain. There is no one who has the advantage.

For example, if there will be any celebrations in the South Sect of the Water Dragon Sect in the future, Chen Ping and Unrestrained Mountain naturally have to express that people can’t get a gift, so what the two parties really earn is actually the Burning Incense love.

Chen Ping and Shao Jingzhi are actually a little bit unfamiliar, so they have some kind words, but Shao Jingzhi is good at finding conversations, Chen Ping is also good at answering conversations, a small chat, not a bit blunt, like two years of friends Of the old. Li Yuan only interjected during the period, saying that brother Chen and I are best friends with Liu Jinglong. Shao Jingzhi smiled nodded, but his heart was ups and downs. Could it be that the foreigner Sword Immortal who had previously asked Sword Lock Cloud Sect together with Liu Jinglong was the person in front of him?

Shao Jingzhi regretted her heart, and the gift was light.

The Old Lady who has never said a word has no Sect Lord Chen in his eyes, only Li Yuan, who looks like a long, eternal young man, opposite.

The last time I reunited after a long absence was in the Ancestral Hall of the Water Dragon Sect. At that time, Li Yuan, with a little golden light, condensed his figure and landed on the first seat on the right. His face was young but his spirit was withered. Water transport is condensed in the body, and the black clothed youth has perfection. This is the advantage of being one of the great princes and getting a Libation Chancellor from the Academy of Confucianism. Nascent Soul Old Lady, who has no hope of breaking through in this life, saw this scene with her own eyes, but seemed to be more happy than she was among the Upper Five Realms.

Old Lady has a vicissitudes of life no matter how ugly, and a pair of eyes that will no longer be hydrated and beautiful, there will still be a lot of words in the heart.

It’s like a love letter that has never been sent. From the time when a girl was a girl, I started to write the first word, but when the old woman was gray-haired, I didn’t stop writing.

Not all men and women in the world are sentimental. They will plant a millet in spring and harvest thousands of seeds in autumn. There may not be any spring Zhong Qiu harvest. If you are not careful, your heart will be deserted, but weeds will spread, but wildfires will not burn. End, Then The Spring Breeze Will Blow And Give Life To It Once More.

In the end, Chen Ping and Li Yuan took Shao Jingzhi and the old woman to the island ferry.

After they left in the Fu Zhou, Chen Ping asked softly: “Is there a story?”

Li Yuan rolled his eyes and said: “There is no story to tell.”

Walking back to the mansion together, Li Yuan said with a smile: “Don’t blame me for talking too much?”

Chen Ping shook his head and said: “A few words, the finishing touch, just right.”

Li Yuan sighed, holding the back of his head with both hands, and said: “Although Sun Jie doesn’t like to manage relationships, but he doesn’t lack the necessary etiquette. Most of them are waiting for news, and then I will see you at Mu Nudu. . Otherwise, if he came to Fushui Island first, he would have Shao Jingzhi’s temper, and he would probably not come. Shao Jingzhi’s aunt, who seems smart, actually thinks things are too simple, and never thinks about Sun Jie’s trivial matters. Concession and hard work.”

Chen Ping said with a smile: “Then let’s not let Sect Master wait a long time.”

Li Yuan said with emotion: “Being a Sect Master, it’s okay to be clean and self-conscious. It will not be easy if you want to be considerate and considerate. The bigger the family business in the future, it will only become more and more difficult.”

He watched the rise of the Water Dragon Sect little by little, and step by step into the South North Sect. Li Yuan is not from the very beginning. In fact, the Water Dragon Sect can be among the sect. In the early years, Li Yuan contributed a lot to whether he made suggestions or did his own work. The top seat on the right of Ancestral Hall, Li Yuan sat with a clear conscience. It was only the changes over the years. Over time, he gradually became nosy, even if he was Daoist Fire Dragon cursed that the mud couldn’t help the wall, so he recognized it.

Chen Ping nodded and said: “Lao Lier.”

Li Yuan said: “Chen Ping, you must not let Unrestrained Mountain become the second water dragon sect.”

Chen Ping walks slowly on the shore with his hands in sleeves, said with a smile: “I will fight for it.”

Don’t look at Li Yuan, who looks like his grandfather Jingqing, but in fact it is very different. The former is just lazy, but in fact, everything in his heart is clear, as for the latter, he is really lacking in mind.

So when Li Yuan is the dragon pavilion, he will only get rich in the future and will not be overwhelmed by Shen Lin’s Lingyuan Palace. If he is replaced by Chen Lingjun, it is estimated that he will have a big banquet every day and a water feast One after another, and then suddenly one day I suddenly found out, what, no money?

Li Yuan cautiously asked: “Since your daughter-in-law is Ning Yao, then Chen Yinguan, one of the ten young people in the world?”

Chen Ping said with a smile: “Guess.”

Li Yuan stood on tiptoe, patted Chen Ping’s shoulder, smiled hehe and said: “Young Master Chen, where is it sore? Rub it for you?”

Chen Ping scowled and said: “Impudent, call Lord Chen Shan.”

Chen Ping left the Dragon Palace paradise before he could take a few more glances at Fushui Island.

While riding the Fuzhou, Chen Ping glanced up at the big sun. According to Li Liu’s divulge the will of heaven, the prototype of the big sun suspended in the sky is the Burning Incense of Jidu Central Temple year after year. The essence is condensed. Li Liu disapproved of this, and directly gave an evaluation of “the embryo is rough and unsuitable”, saying that even if the water dragonzong is polished for thousands of years, it is no better than the day provoked by the shoulders of Chen Chunan month.

Chen Ping regained his gaze and said to Ning Yao in his own voice: “I mentioned something to Liu Jinglong earlier. In the North Entirely Reed Continent for so many years, there has not been an Ascension Realm sword cultivator.”

North Entirely Reed Continent sword cultivator is like a cloud. It is logically said that among the vast nine continents, one or even two Ascension Realm sword cultivators should appear most.

One of the most important reasons, of course, is related to the North Entirely Reed Continent sword cultivator rushing to the Great Wall of Sword Qi. The sword cultivator either died in battle there, or Great Dao was severed, or seriously injured. There are too many people, such as Liu Jinglong Han Huaizi, who was the Sect Master of Immortal Realm at the time, originally had the hope of joining Ascension Realm as long as he stayed in Taihui Sword Sect.

Even if there are many sword cultivators here, it is inevitable that sword dao destiny will be shared equally, but there must be other reasons beyond this.

Ning Yao thought for a while, “The Baishang in the north, so hesitating his life, he must have a plan. For example, he wants to be an Ascension Realm sword cultivator with an excellent foundation. And then rushed towards the Fourteenth Realm sword cultivator.”

In fact, as long as Ning Yao is willing to think about something seriously, her opinions are often extremely accurate.

“Before I heard Pei Qian say that Bai Chang had a sentence with Qingliangzong He Xiaoliang, saying that He Xiaoliang would not be able to be included in the Ascension Realm for the rest of his life. Bai Chang would never deliberately say something sensational. .”

“This person has established the sect for many years and has been stagnant in Immortal Realm for hundreds of years. He is still only willing to receive a master’s discipline. If it is me, he must have already regarded Ascension Realm as something in the bag. I feel that instead of being distracted and dealing with general affairs, it’s better to practice swords alone, which will have more long-term benefits.”

“Bai Chang’s reputation in the Great Wall of Sword Qi in his early years, can’t be considered so good, but not bad. It’s not like a vague person handing a sword. The reason why he missed the previous Great Wall of Sword Qi’s In that battle, it was only when Wild Desolate World hit Old Dragon City that he followed Heavenly Monarch Xie Shi and walked to Aquarius Continent together. Maybe Bai Chang was just waiting, betting that all the sword cultivators won’t have the reputation, and they must stay North Entirely Reed Continent, waiting for a breakthrough opportunity that can better ensure harvests from droughts and floods.”

Chen Ping nodded, lost in thought.

Ning Yao expression was a little awkward, and still bluntly said: “I went to Jianhu Lake of Duckweed, just because there is Li Cai, and Chen Li and Gao Youqing, the two hometowns of Junior.”

The unfathomable mystery popped out, seemingly headless.

Chen Ping came back to his senses, said with a smile: “Understand.”

Ning Yao said with a smile: “You can’t secretly record Pei Qian’s account, right?”

Chen Ping was puzzled: “For no reason, how do you say?”

Ning Yao nodded and said: “It turned out to be pretending to be confused.”

Chen Ping gestured to hug her shoulders, and was gently pushed away by Ning Yao, fiercely glared at him.

When the wooden seal was returned at the ferry, the smiling female cultivator of the Water Dragon Sect stood beside a North Sect palm cultivator with a respectful expression and said something with Chen Ping.

Besides Mu Nudu, the three people appeared beside Dadu, Sect Master Sun Jie, Nascent Soul Realm dedicated to the Martial Spirit Pavilion, Ancestral Hall’s Disciple Baibi.

Chen Ping first sent a letter to Caique Mansion while crossing Flying Sword, and then Yufeng went to see Sect Master Sun Jie.

Chen Ping actually recognized the female cultivator passed down by the Sect Master, and also knew that she was the origin of the tycoon of the country. The reason for her deep memory is not because she has seen it twice before and after, but because she has a set of 18 Water Dragon Sect Ancestral Hall gave the money to win the victory, and there is also an ancient zither named “San Xue”. In that Secret Realm site, Bai Bi had a vigorous fight with Sun Qing of Caique Mansion.

Bai Bi did not recognize the “old cultivator” who hugged a bamboo tree and did not let go.

The thing given by Sect Master Sun Jie is a pair of Roaring Bullfish that are only found in the Forbidden Area of ​​the Water Dragon Sect. The key is that Sun Jie is very sincere and directly sent a pair, which is even more rare. Therefore, even Li Yuan was a little stunned. After all, if he is not careful, it is not just Water Dragon Sect that produces Roaring Bullfish.

So Chen Ping took the initiative to say: “Sect Master Sun, in the future, if there is something that is useful, please be sure to send a letter from Aquarius Continent Unrestrained Mountain to Aquarius Continent Unrestrained Mountain. If you can help, we will not shirk.”

It’s not only because the gifts are expensive, Chen Ping said it, but also because of the Gold Jade in the Dragon Palace paradise.

Sun Jie cup one fist in the other hand thanked him, and then couldn’t help asking: “But the Unrestrained Mountain next to Draping Clouds Mountain?”

In the previous assembly hall, Li Yuan only said that this person is a Sect Master, but did not say that Mountain Sect is the root of the person.

However, Sun Jie is only a kind word from the Sect Master of the other continent, not too serious, after all, neither side is within the same continent. The cultivator of the Water Dragon Sect always behaves in a regular manner, and does not have a grudge with people. Besides, the mountain allies of the Water Dragon Sect are not only Duckweed Sword Lake and Dayuan Chongxuan Department.

Chen Ping nodded with a smile, “I have some personal friendship with Wei Mountain Monarch. I have a lot of hills in my house. Before I was lucky enough to be among the sects, Wei Mountain Monarch contributed a lot.”

Martial Spirit Pavilion suddenly felt in his heart. No wonder, it turned out to be Draping Clouds Mountain Wei Bo on a continent of Northern Mountain and Great Mountain Monarch.

This rogue cultivator origin is dedicated to the Water Dragon Sect. I still don’t know where my direct inheritance discipline has gone, and I can’t even think of the guy in front of me. He just knows this well. In fact, he went to the great mysterious capital of Azure Nether World. View.

Pei Qian expression is weird. One thing, she has not dared to say a word to the Master until now, such as how Wei Yeyou’s nickname came from.

Xiaomi has lost its own Unrestrained Mountain. It is not as famous as Wei Mountain Monarch’s Draping Clouds Mountain, and I am very happy for Wei Mountain Monarch. It’s incredible. Draping Clouds Mountain is famous as a ferry , All floated to the side of Water Dragon Sect.

After Xiao Mi Li made up her mind to go home, she had to talk to Wei Mountain Monarch, happy and happy, eat more melon seeds.

After the entire group, Yufeng rushed to the Skeleton Beach, but before going to Pima Zong Muyi Mountain, Chen Ping took Ning Yao and the others around the long road and went to Nanshan Temple, which is located at the southernmost point of the continent. Before asking for incense, Chen Ping asked the white-haired boy to wait outside. The latter was nodded. After all, it was a Buddhist temple. It had the identity of the official genealogy of Azure Nether World before it was alive, but now it is also a heavenly demon. No matter which identity, it is not suitable to enter the temple. Burn incense.

Nanshan Temple is paved with a Divine Dao into the sea, and stands a Bodhisattva Guanyin statue.

Pei Qian took off the bamboo box, placed the trekking stick, and knelt on the ground. The rice grains followed Pei Qian and kowtowed.

Chen Ping held the incense in both hands, held it high above his head, closed his eyes, and silently made a wish in the heart.

Ning Yao may have a wish.

After that, Chen Ping planted two Bodhi trees in a place called Miaojin Mountain.

Outside the Nanshan Temple, the white-haired boy looked up at the statue of that Bodhisattva, hesitated, closed his eyes, folded his hands together, and prayed for someone.

I hope.

The scenery is beautiful. Reunion after a long absence, so we are fine.

Go to the temple to burn incense. A foreigner, it’s a festive season.


Today, outside the shop of Dragon Riding Alley, a rain curtain seemed to be pulled up.

The blind old Daoist was lying on the counter, and the azure clothed little boy stepped on a small bench. The two are good brothers. Drink a little wine and beat the tooth.

In the early years, Pei Qian was a little girl of Heitan. At that time, she was still in school. Whenever it rained, she would bring millet grains and step on the rain on the steps. Pei Qian famously called Dragon Sect. Chen Lingjun felt very naive, so he only walked with them once.

The two brothers chatted and talked about the difficulty of cultivation on the mountain. Chen Lingjun wiped his mouth and said with emotion: “Jia Old Brother, on the cultivation path in my life, the aptitude is so good, so what wind and The rain was bumpy, only when I got to the small town, I was so dangerous a few times that I was almost beaten up in the day by a punch. Now I want to be as bold as I am, but I still have several points of fear.

Swearing Ruan Qiong face to face, slapped Lu Chen on the shoulder, openly challenged the Cui Senior on the second floor of the bamboo house, one by one, which one is not a feat? Uncle Chen was not willing to say more.

Chen Lingjun bumped into Jia Sheng’s wine bowl, drank it all, raised one hand, and stuck his fingers together, “Thanks to my good Fortune and my cleverness, I can turn peril into safety again and again. Seriously, As long as I am not smart enough, I will hang.”

Don’t think about it, as long as there is such a carelessness, here in the northern mountain boundary of hidden dragons and crouching tigers, there are probably no small white bars in the imperial river waves. Unrestrained Mountain will be the king of small dragons.

Chen Lingjun raised his wine bowl, “The hero doesn’t mention the courage of the past. Lofty sentiments and high aspirations are all things in the past. Our brothers are both doing well now. We have to mention a bowl.

Jia Sheng had another bowl with Chen Lingjun and found that there was not much left over the wine and dishes on the counter. He immediately opened up his voice and let the recipe drink go to the back kitchen to prepare two small dishes. Then the old Daoist was deeply moved. “I won’t talk about the current realm of Jingqing, I only talk about the strategy of Jingqing, Old Brother. I have traveled all over the continent and the rivers and lakes, and I have only seen it in my life, outstanding. What if you ask? Go big.”

Chen Lingjun immediately poured a bowl of wine for Jia Sheng, and then said, “How good? Old Brother, you said, I am too humble, I always like undervalue oneself, my Lord persuaded me to change, I I can’t change anything, so it’s harder to see my strengths.”

Jia Sheng doesn’t need to type any tentative drafts. Do you need to brew things from the bottom of your heart and sincere words? I’ve been in the drink for a long time, took a sip of the wine, and said: “The average person simply can’t see that it’s good, it’s such a deeply hidden good. As the old saying goes, the first-class smart person needs to be a fool , You must not let others take a casual look. They will feel smart, clever, and mindful. Then they will fall to the ground. Brother Jingqing is not. Usually it is not obvious. Whenever a critical juncture is encountered, the man will be the immortal master. Jianghu’s loyal spirit, heroic spirit, a rush of brains, can’t stop it, right?”

Chen Lingjun’s chicken pecked at rice, “Yes, yes, it must be.”

He twitched his lips and chuckled: “Cao Qinglang was given the Tree Leaf Continent just because he couldn’t speak and didn’t meet the style of our Unrestrained Mountain, so poor, poor, poor.”

Jia Sheng holds a bowl in one hand and nodded in the other hand. “You are knowledgeable and can’t speak. How can this be done. Brother Jingqing, I actually blame you for this matter. You are on the mountain, so why don’t you talk to him more? , Cao Qinglang, this baby, is a very knowledgeable seed of reading, otherwise he would not be a proud student of the mountain lord. What is slightly lacking is that these people who are not taught in the book are so sophisticated. Brother Chen, tell yourself, is it right? Blame you?”

“Ai, you really blame me for saying that.”

“Then let me go one more time.”

The two brothers in the shop seem to be able to drink every time without a word, and they are considered unique.

Under the eaves of the door, Jiang Shangzhen in azure clothes long gown, Cui Dongshan in snow white robe, and a girl named Peanut, although none of them showed up at the door, they actually stood outside and listened to the chatter inside. It’s been a long time.

Jiang Shang really admires him, “Our Dragon Riding Alley, Jia Old Brother, is a daoist who doesn’t show up if you don’t open your mouth. When you open your mouth, you’re a good chatter. I’m going to bow down.”

Cui Dongshan said with a smile: “Let’s enter the shop later, Divine Immortal will only be able to talk more.”

Jiang Shangzhen said: “People who can see can often live not. This Jia Old Brother is blind but understands, so he can live transparently.”

Cui Dongshan nodded, squat down.

A white clothed youth with a red mole on his eyebrows, looking at the gray rain curtain outside the eaves of the shop.

Jiang Shangzhen smiled and asked: “When will Zhu Mister and the teacher break the border?”

Cui Dongshan shook his head, extended the hand to catch the rain, and said: “It’s hard to tell.”

The girl Peanut has been holding an umbrella for Cui Dongshan next to her, and she glanced at the middle-aged man with frosty temples. She is really weird.

Not only can you say that unintentional words are the most hurtful, but also have the pain of the sword and halberd, making the listener only hate you. On the way to Unrestrained Mountain, she would have offended a Fairy on the mountain that we met by chance. The woman stepped on the water while walking on the waves, spinning a bamboo flute with her finger. He asked loudly on the bank whether the girl’s name was Shanshan. The woman turned her head and looked puzzled. He obviously didn’t know why he asked. He smiled and said, girl, if you are not called Shanshan, why are you arriving slowly on the road of my life.

Peanuts saw it very clearly. Most of the Fairy who was cultivating in the mountains was so annoyed that he almost had to hit someone. After taking a deep breath, he ignored him. He just turned around and hurried away.

As a result, the man was still over there each minding their own business and said with emotion, when she ran, she was restless, and my heart was like a deer.

Cui Dongshan stood up, crossed the threshold and entered the shop. Two big white sleeves flew up. Said with a big smile: “Oh, hey, I’m drinking. I won’t sweep the old Divine Immortal. ?”

Elder Jia Divine Immortal shivered, then lowered his head and shrank his shoulders, his old face bloomed with a smile, and he bent over and rubbed his hands and said: “Cui Mister, Chief Zhou, are all here, this is good, I just drank and wondered. , I don’t understand why I turned over the almanac this morning and said there would be noble people coming!”

Compared with the drinking and farting of the two uncles in the shop, the old cook is now in Mount Grey, and a large mansion is being built on the mountain. The construction has been under way for a long time. The cook who works on Unrestrained Mountain almost every day When you come here, you will do a lot of things yourself, because it’s raining and it’s not suitable to continue ramming the soil, so work is temporarily suspended. Zhu Lian is now squatting under the eaves and chatting with an old immortal master from a mountain craftsman. The latter glanced at the unfinished square in front of him, and Zhu Lian, who is said to be Unrestrained Mountain steward beside him, said with a smile: “Zhu Mister, if I’m not mistaken, your unique craftsmanship came from the palace. Right?”

There are eight masterpieces in the Imperial Palace at the foot of the mountain. The bigger the dynasty, the more sophisticated it is. The process is cumbersome, and the vassal country is less rough.

The old immortal master relied on this bowl for dinner, the Great Li Dynasty’s building of the accompanying capital, the reconstruction of the Old Dragon City in the south, all got involved, and earlier there was a mountain mansion in Red-Clouds Mountain, so for these It’s not unfamiliar. I originally needed to take advantage of various schools and strive for perfection. It’s just the first time I saw a lot of things. Some words, even the first time I heard about it, are a bit strange.

Zhu Lian said with a smile: “Compared to Divine Immortal, your mountain skills, I’m not worth mentioning at all, I’m not worth mentioning. At most, I’m doing some icing on the cake, Divine Hong Immortal doesn’t blame me for gesticulating, it’s already a big belly.”

The old man said with a laugh: “Zhu Mister is too humble.”

Zhu Lian picked up the wine bowl and said with a smile: “A good thing is always good for others.”

The old man gently bumped the bowl with him, nodded and said: “Zhu Mister has many witty words.”

So he especially likes to chat with Zhu Lian. Their business can be regarded as earning money with their heads down on the mountain, but in fact it is no different from the farmers at the bottom of the mountain. When they arrive on the mountain, they are often not appreciated by immortal masters. Even if the face is polite, it is only due to the Feng Family teaching and etiquette of the other party. Only on the Unrestrained Mountain side, I met steward Zhu Lian, which is very different.

Recently, the foundation ramming of the earth is simple and simple. It is extremely not simple if it is not simple, and Zhu Mister on Unrestrained Mountain chose the latter instead of the Immortal Family methods. Different soil layers require seven or eight layers, such as lime, clay, broken bricks, and pebbles, alternately to prevent moisture and prevent the building from sinking. Layers of soil are hit three times, and then stepped on the soil. After the dry ramming, there are falling water, rotary ramming, pouring glutinous rice juice, and dying to survive. Many of the soil in this is even made by Zhu Lian personally digging from various hilltops and mixing In addition to the earthwork, the wood-made ink fountain line, the bamboo pen cut line, the shavings and tenon, the stone-made big stone flattened, and the axe…It seems that there is nothing that Zhu Lian can’t.

It’s just that the old immortal master thinks again about being able to steward a sect head Immortal Family. Some personal abilities can’t be considered too unimaginable.

Zhu Lian glanced at a young man in the distance, Jiang Qu, is the only talisman cultivator besides the owner of Unrestrained Mountain, and this person is from the Great Wall of Sword Qi, so no matter who it is , I’m very polite to Jiang Qu. After the young man got a talisman Secret Manual, he wanted to focus on cultivation. Zhu Lian didn’t let him fulfill his wish. Almost every time he came to Huimengshan, he would take Jiang with him. Jiang Qu was a little irritable, Zhu Lian smiled and told him that if a person only cultivation behind closed doors, he would not understand cultivation at all.

Whether it was the Chief Steward in my heart, or the young man who really listened to the truth, after that, Jiang Qu no longer complained, and followed Zhu Lian to oversee the work here, and he would also help out.

Seeing that the rain didn’t stop, Zhu Lian said goodbye and took Jiang down the mountain.

Hold umbrellas and walk slowly on foot.

Zhu Lian has a rickety figure, and a pair of cloth shoes are covered with mud. Said with a slight smile: “Jiang Qu, have you ever thought that life is like layers of rammed earth, when it is stepped on, the foundation will bear If you can afford beautiful buildings, do you think the house is the one that protects us from the wind and rain? Yes down the mountain, but not on the mountain. Only the heart is like the earth to carry everything. Therefore, the kind-hearted people are the Proving Dao. .”

Zhu Lian stopped and turned around.

Jiang Qu had to turn around and look around.

Zhu Lian pointed to a high roof, “After that, the roof ridge tiles are like connecting soil and sky.”

Jiang Qu, who had never read a book in his hometown, didn’t quite understand it, but he heard the expectations in Zhu Lian’s words, so nodded and said: “Zhu Mister, I will think about these words more later.”

The palm of Zhu Lian flipped down, said with a smile: “I don’t work hard with my heart, I just learn the spirit of Deity in my eyes, but I did it. Jiang, long time ago, you There will be no prospects, and it is also difficult to learn after all the hard work.”

Jiang Qu is silent, still can’t understand, and dare not pretend to understand.

Zhu Lian turned back down the mountain and asked, “Do you know why I want to tell you this?”

Jiang Qu said: “I don’t want me to take a sidetrack on the mountain. In the end, I just live up to Chen Mister’s expectations.”

Zhu Lian said with a smile: “Where is the fork?”

Jiang answered: “I shouldn’t patronize the cultivation Immortal Family spell.”

Zhu Lian couldn’t help laughing.

Jiang Qu became more and more nervous.

Zhu Lian said with a slight smile: “The mountain lord who brought you to Unrestrained Mountain, the hermit of Great Wall of Sword Qi, will not look down on Jiang Qu and Zhang Jiazhen, why would Jiang Qu look down on Zhang Jiazhen?” p>

Jiang Qu was sweating for an instant, his joints were white with his umbrella hands. He wanted to say he didn’t, but he didn’t dare to say so.

Zhu Lian said: “It will be done slowly in the future. Making mistakes is not a matter of a short while, and correcting mistakes is also not a matter of one or two days.”

Jiang went hard and nodded.

Zhu Lian expression said calmly: “Remember, going up the mountain is not easy, but going down the mountain is even more difficult.”

Liu Xianyang today brought a girl with a round face. She wore a blue printed dress. In Liu Xianyang’s view, she was not a village girl at all, everyone was very beautiful.

The two left the riverside shop together, went to Liu Xianyang’s ancestral house, and said they wanted to show her something.

Because of the rain, they are all wearing hats.

The pseudonym Yu Qianyue’s credit month, after Liu Xianyang opened the door, she took off the hat and shook it gently outside the door. Before entering the door, she saw the cabinet with the painted golden flower at a glance. According to the elegant way of saying in Grand Virtue World, it is called Bogujia.

Liu Xianyang took off the hat, leaned against the table, with arms around his chest, said with a smile: “When Chen Ping and Ning Yao came here, Ning Yao also had a good eye, and he just opened his mouth to buy this cabinet with me. Ken, I’m not willing to have money anymore. Ning Yao, I must know, my younger siblings, I really want to speak of which, I can be regarded as their two months old.”

Actually, the truth is that this is simply not the case. Back then, Ning Yao just reminded Liu Xianyang that the cabinet was not valuable, but don’t sell the inlaid mural of the golden laurel hanging moon lightly. Liu Xianyang didn’t care much at that time.

According to Chen Ping’s guess, this thing was mostly Liu Xianyang’s ancestor of his old Liu Family. From the streams of the year, only the golden-yellow Snake Gallstone was selected, crushed and glued together. Finally drawn into a picture, a golden laurel tree, at the time of Full Moon High in the Sky.

Liu Xianyang looked at the girl, then at the mural, each minding their own business and said: “It’s a match made in heaven.”

Xieyue carried the hat in her hand and stared at the mural. She didn’t look back for a long time, as if she hadn’t heard Liu Xianyang’s words.

She turned her head and asked: “Wait until Chen Ping comes back, you are going to Righteous Sun Mountain soon?”

Liu Xianyang nodded, on the side of Xianyue girl, she has talked about this a long time ago. There is nothing to hide with her, even Liu Xianyang talked about sword practice in her dream.

Actually, there are many things on credit month. Liu Xianyang said that she has heard of it. But asking about Righteous Sun Mountain, credit month is indeed more concerned.

She asked: “Is the chance of winning a big deal?”

Liu Xianyang rubbed his chin, “I heard that the old ancestor who moved to the mountain is broken again.”

Xie Yue was stunned. She was thrown directly to the town, but she was extremely jealous of this little Aquarius Continent who could stop the sea and the wild army. What kind of “ancestor”, she asked curiously: “Ascension Realm?”

Liu Xianyang froze for a long time.

She said seriously: “Then you have to be more careful.”

Liu Xianyang nodded with a smile, “Okay.”


At the Caique Mansion, I received a letter from the Shuilong Zong Mu Nudu Feijian. The master Chen Shan said in the letter that he had helped find three registered guest official, referring to Xuanfeng. Yuan Lingdian, Chongxuan Department Yunxiao Palace Yang Houjue, duckweed sword lake sword cultivator Rong Chang.

An original Daoist Fire Dragon who is regarded as the base of immortal cultivation in North Entirely Reed Continent, an old immortal master who is in charge of the affairs of Dayuan Chongxuan Department and Yunxiao Palace, and another is said to be about to break The Nascent Soul Realm sword cultivator of the environment.

Sun Qing and the discipline Liu Guibao had just returned to the mountain. After Sun Qing put down the letter, he looked at Wu Yu and wondered: “Did you use sexual entrapment against Chen Shanzhu?”

Otherwise, why should Chen Ping be so exciting? It seems that he is hiring a guest official for his own mountain. It is almost the same, and he sent three big mountain guys directly to the little Caique Mansion in one breath. Which one is the fuel-saving lamp, really not everyone can ask Yes, from now on, the Caique Mansion cultivator, with such three registered guest official, can they still not be Entirely Reed Continent walk unhindered in the north?

Wu Yu said with a smile: “Ning Sword Immortal is here, do I dare to use sexual entrapment?”

The teacup Ning Yao had drunk in the tea shop before, Wu Yu had already cherished, and felt that it was a bit wrong, so he put away Chen Shanzhu’s one together, but it still felt that something was wrong. Wu Yu simply collected the tea cups from all the Unrestrained Mountain guests.

Sun Qing said regretfully: “I would not go out if I knew it, and missed Ning Sword Immortal.”

Liu Treasure sighed and looked at his Master with a vague look, “What a rare opportunity, I would not accompany you to see Mister Liu if I knew it.”

Wu Yu smiled and said nothing, you master and disciple worry about you, I love mine.

When I arrived at Pima Zong, I met Zhu Quan, who had already been discharged from the post of Sect Master, in a house that Chen Ping was familiar with in Muyi Mountain. Of course, there were two homes dedicated by Du Wensi and Pang Lanxi.

The immortal master of Guochi with a sword, after learning that the sword-backed woman was actually Ning Yao, he patted the table said with a big smile: “The realm is high, and the person is beautiful. Fortunately, I am not good-looking. Don’t be jealous at all.”

The fact that Ning Yao soared with the sword, the Top Sect of Divine Continent in Middle Earth knew about it, and the upper sect of Middle Earth in Divine Continent was one of them.

Chen Ping was about to laugh, but he couldn’t laugh immediately.

Because Zhuquan each minding their own business after drinking a big sip, he laughed and cursed: “There are a few old people here who are not ashamed, because the last time I partnered with Chen Ping to intercept and kill Gao Cheng, I was obsessed. With Chen Ping have an affair, Ning Yao, don’t think too much about it. There’s nothing at all. I don’t look down on Chen Ping, who is such a slick Scholar, and Chen Ping, even less, I look down on a girl with a big waist and small waist! /p>

Ning Yao smiled, not nodded or shaking his head.

Du Wensi smiled bitterly, Pang Lanxi taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune. The white-haired boy lay on the table and slapped it hard.

Millet grains scratched his face, boldly said: “Aunt Zhu, a good-looking mountain lord of my family, it’s not that anyone who looks good will like anyone, whether they look good or not, it’s not rare.”

Chen Ping is relieved.

After that, the entire group took the intercontinental ferry of Pima Zong, went around a little bit north Entirely Reed Continent, and returned to Aquarius Continent.

In the night, Chen Ping was lying on the railing, in a peaceful mood, drinking wine leisurely, the moon was shining, the same moonlight, shining through the ages of Sage, literati and celebrity, Sword Immortal, high-profile guest, and shining through the window, the scholar and the beauty , The woodcutter on the water in the mountain, the picture of the imperial Royal General who can not sleep overnight, the snoring traffickers, the high eaves of the Chinese house, the low tombs of the ridge, the Lantern Festival’s lantern market Ching Ming’s yellow paper, Mid-Autumn Festival mooncakes, New Year’s couplets, have photographed the white clouds and yellow flowers of white clouds that no one has left for thousands of years…

Ning Yao came to Chen Ping’s side, the sword box was placed on the table, and she was lying on the railing with him in a daze. She didn’t seem to have to think about anything.

Chen Ping turned his head, quietly, looking at her eyelashes.

Ning Yao doesn’t seem to know that he is peeking at himself.

Outside the ferry, the water and the moon are one after another. On the ferry, the fair-skinned woman has reddish ears, the color is like a small white bowl of carmine red folded along the edge of the porcelain of the supervision department.

When Ning Yao turned his head, he actually fell asleep.

Next time I will visit the North Entirely Reed Continent again. If you don’t have to hurry and return home in a hurry, Chen Ping may go to more places, such as the Ghost Axe Palace where Du Yu is located. I want to hear anecdotes about him. , Go to Cangyun Lake next to Suijia City, in the City God Temple in a county of Fuyu Kingdom, once saw Lord City God’s night trial, in the waterside temple with thousands of years of ancient cypresses, Chen Ping In fact, he also left a verse like “cool breeze and bright moon, the branches move, Immortal Treasure sword light”.

I want to go to the Sanshou Mountain Villa in Wuling, where I have a drink of thin plum wine. There is a Martial Artist with the pseudonym Wu Fengjia. He once said that Heaven and Earth is big, Divine Immortal, get out, and beat ten with two fists when he was young. The immortal masters of several countries were all expelled. There are also the Shape Cry Mountain, the Baby Mountain Thunder God’s House… If these all are revisit an old haunt, then Chen Ping will naturally go to some places that have never been before.

No matter how hurry you are, life needs to be calm.

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