Sword of Coming Chapter 816


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The trip to the Confucian Temple, coupled with the trip to the North Entirely Reed Continent, plentiful harvest, Chen Ping prepares to count the possessions, rolls up his sleeves, sighs, and rubs his hands.

Looking at the posture, it seems that Saint is sitting in Small World.

Zhou Mi Li and the white-haired boy sat next to each other, one lying on the table, wide-eyed, wait and see. A sick man was busy taking virtual pictures of the tabletop, time and time again, he boarded the ship before, and was settled by the hidden official ancestor Qiu. He said that he didn’t like to take pictures of the table, then take enough shots 10,000 times, or he would go to Unrestrained Mountain. Don’t even think about disciple.

Chen Ping took out three things from his sleeves. They were gifts from two great mountain monarchs in the Merit Virtue Forest to congratulate their own Mister. Among them, Jiuyi mountain god gave a pot of calamus and Yanzhishan Zhu Yuxian presented twelve boxes of rouge gouache, in addition to an extremely rare origami wuyi swallow.

The white-haired boy was not interested when he glanced at his eyes. He clapped the table silently with one hand and yawned with the other. He found that the hidden official ancestor was squinting, and immediately resolute and decisive: “Treasure! Which is not the treasure of Suppressing Mountain.” /p>

Chen Ping rotates the small basin with his fingers, and smiles introduced: “This pot of calamus is not big, but it is actually a thousand years old. Seeing that there is no drop of water on the tip of the leaf, it is all cultural luck. There are still a few basins of 3000 years old in the mountains. The water droplets from the condense are bigger and need to be the size of a coin. But don’t underestimate such a droplet. There is a sense of literary spirit, maybe the towns and villages along the way within several hundred li, one day there will be a small country under the imperial examination Jinshi, even if you can’t get a Gold List title, you can grow your talent and make brilliant pens.”

Pei Qian asked curiously: “Master, how much is this little thing worth?”

Chen Ping said: “The income is too long, so if this item is sold to Great Sect, 20 Grain Rain Coins are not too expensive, and a small Sect spends a Grain Rain Coin that is not cheap.”

The white-haired boy couldn’t help it, and asked: “This Jiuyi mountain god, the family is very poor, otherwise I will give this thing to Lord Literary Saint as a gift?”

No one dared to mean so casually at the celebration of the New Year’s Palace.

Ning Yao said with a smile: “Things that are rare are precious, especially those that gain cultural luck, may come by with luck, but not by searching for it, not to mention twenty Grain Rain Coins. Up.”

Xiao Mi Li thought for a while and said: “We can put this pot of calamus on the blessed land of lotus root, don’t let one’s own fertile water flow into others’ field.”

Chen Ping said with a smile: “Half and half. Those cultural water drops, Unrestrained Mountain and lotus root blessed land are half and half.”

Millet grains are nodded, “Benefit the village, do good things without leaving a name, that is also excellent.”

Chen Ping said with a slight smile: “If Right Protector thinks so, that’s great.”

Xiao Mi Li smiled shyly.

Chen Ping gently patted the long bamboo box containing the rouge gouache, and looked at Ning Yao. She shook her head. Chen Ping turned to look at Pei Qian, who also shook his head straight.

Pei Qian suddenly asked: “Master, can I give away Shi elder sister, Cen Yuan Ji and Yuan Bao?”

Chen Ping pushed the bamboo box to Pei Qian, said with a smile: “What’s wrong with this, very good thing.”

Then Chen Ping twisted the origami wuyi swallow and said: “If you put it on the plaque of the ancestral house or on the roof beam, it means that there will be an extra Burning Incense this lowly one in the family, away from the great mountain The closer the better, let’s Unrestrained Mountain be close to Draping Clouds Mountain, see, coincidence?”

Chen Ping looked at Ning Yao and said, “This Yanzhishan woman Mountain Monarch, Dao Name bitter vegetable, is it interesting? That little girl from the Shao Yuan Dynasty, remember, the one named Zhu Mei, next to Jun Bi ‘S little follower.”

Ning Yao thought for a while, nodded. It seems that Zhu Mei liked to go around Yu Yaofu later, but in fact, the little girl has a good eye and aptitude is okay. If I remember correctly, he also got a sword intent at the Great Wall of Sword Qi.

Chen Ping said with a smile: “It is said that when Zhu Mei was very young, for no reason, he once wandered in Yanzhi Mountain in a dream and met this woman Mountain Monarch, and the two parties concluded a contract. This is Good Fortune. , Generally speaking, only available in books.”

Xiao Mi Li looked forward to: “Good man, mountain lord, help me write a similar landscape story in the future? For example, when I was a kid, I dozed off in Dumb Lake and dreamed of Unrestrained Mountain?”

Chen Ping joked: “Isn’t that a lie?”

Xiao Mi Li grinned, it’s up to you, the book is not written by me, I can’t control whether it’s a lie or not.

As for the pure White Continent Liu Clan that accidentally forgot to take away, Chen Ping intends to give it to Cao Qinglang next to him, and will become a lower sect Sect Master in the future. Purity Realm Universe in the Sleeves Divine Ability, every time you go out, you can’t hang a lot of small bags on your body and go down the mountain to do business.

Chen Ping took out the two copybooks of Su Zi and Liu Qi and spread them cautiously on the table.

Xiao Mi Li gently reached out and touched the copybook, dipped it with Immortal Qi, and was deeply moved, “Su Zi, Liu Qi, the original.”

Nine True Immortal Pavilion the immortal white Jade Spirit Mushroom in the clouds, half immortal rank. If you don’t know each other, Chen Ping guessed that the relationship between the two parties in the future will only be more allies than the allies who signed the landscape contract.

Next time I travel with Liu Jinglong to Divine Continent in Middle-earth, Chen Ping thinks about what to send to meet up, buy a set of chess in the city of the mountain, you don’t need to be the Immortal Family on the mountain or the things of the palace workshop. The cheaper and simpler the better.

Chen Ping held the white Jade Spirit Mushroom in his arms, and then used the blindfold technique to instantly transform into the immortal Yunli with a cloud and water body, and Dao Rhyme still has several points of spirit.

Pinch the Dao Jue with one hand and two fingers, look around all around, change your voice, said with a slight smile: “Yunyu swims far here, Fellow Daoist stays for a while.”

Ning Yao said: “It’s okay to deceive Yupu.”

Chen Ping smiled and removed the blindfold, and put the white Jade Spirit Mushroom on the table.

Xiao Mi Li pulled the sleeve of the short winter melon next to him, and the white-haired boy kept patting the table, turning his head and asking in confusion: “Why?”

Xiao Mi Li looked pitifully at this unknowing little hanhan, and said a few good words to the good man, the owner of the mountain, is this will not, it’s not tiring to shoot the table.

On the night cruise, Wu Shuangjiang presented a “Tie at the time”, which will be hung in the study from now on. There is also the couplet with seven-color characters, not just in name only, but also in reality’s Supreme Treasure, Chen Ping When the time comes will be posted at the gate of Ancestral Hall in Tree Leaf Continent lower sect.

Yuzhou Qiu’s guest official Lin Qingqing, presented an old Kengtian Huang Sui-shaped badge of landscape thin meaning. However, after closing the bazaar, the little spirit gifted the inkstone with a “wise and reasonable” inkstone. Chen Ping intends to put these two pieces on the book case on the first floor of the bamboo house.

In the Wrapping Cloths Building in that Parrot Island, I also owed some debts with Liu Chicheng and Madame Yan. As for the cross-continental ferry that the mysterious dynasty gave away for nothing, but also took the initiative to help repair the ferry, named Fei kite. At the gate of the Confucian Temple, Chen Ping met with Mrs. Azure Divine Mountain. The two joint bamboos he bought, as well as the Wenqi bamboo Wuyun bamboo, will be sent to the Cow Horn Mountain ferry by Xuan Mi.

On the Cloud Sect, I got a Treasure Armor and a Military School of Thought Golden Crow armor.

Water Dragon Sect, a pair of Roaring Bullfish sent by Sun Jie, Shao Jingzhi gave a midge on the mountain nicknamed “Little Ink”, which can be given to Hongxia and Yunzi respectively, and restocked near the Yellow Lake Mountain Water House.

Buying a teal water island cost 80 Grain Rain Coins. Li Yuan presented a “Jade token”.

The ants move, the swallows hold the mud, and help the Unrestrained Mountain little by little increase the family property. According to my conscience, I, the mountain owner, should be very dedicated.

Ning Yao reminded: “The guest official of Caique Mansion is too an exception in the mountains. As the leader of Unrestrained Mountain, do we have to say it again?”

Chen Ping nodded with a smile, “It’s definitely needed.”

For helping the Caique Mansion thank you, Chen Ping had long thought about it. When he returned to Unrestrained Mountain, he immediately sent a thank-you gift to the three parties. In addition to the few cans of Xiaoxuanbi tea in Caique Mansion, plus A set of special bamboo leaf bamboo sticks made by Unrestrained Mountain, totaling twenty-four pieces, each with the name of 24 Solar Terms and a corresponding poem written in Zhu Mei’s lower case with hairpin flowers, and sent to the guide. Xuanfeng Yuan Lingdian, Chongxuan Department Yang Houjue, duckweed sword lake Rongchang. With a letter of thanks from Chen Ping, the courtesy is light and affectionate.

Once Yuan Lingdian ranks among the Immortal Realm, he will be more powerful and more powerful, and Yuan Lingdian is most likely to become the next Sect Master of the cultivator on the ground, but this is only Chen Ping’s feeling. For example, two times before, one gave Chen Ping an imitation sword, and one Unrestrained Mountain ceremony. Daoist Fire Dragon showed up in Yuan Lingdian, known as “North Entirely Reed Continent Jade Pu Number One Person”.

Yang Houjue of Dao Name “Tuning” has long been a real Steward of the Dayuan Chongxuan Department. The key is that he is very young compared to the Original Purity Realm, but he is highly respected and able to cultivation and general affairs. Last time I visited the Imperial Emperor, I didn’t see this person. When Emperor Lu Clan heard that Caique Mansion needed a guest official, he recommended him without the slightest hesitation.

Li Cai fought a series of battles. He used his sword too ruthlessly. He didn’t care about his own Great Dao fundamentals. The sword’s heart was damaged and the injuries were extremely serious. As for the sword dao climb and stop here, Li Cai has completely looked down on it, and has more thought and energy , Turned to be the master of the door, and then to the discipline to teach the profession, and as Li Caikaishan Head Disciple, Rongchang is the best candidate for the next master of Jianhu.

Even if these three people are suspected of transitioning to Sect Masters in the future, in any case, they are still Sect Masters of North Entirely Reed Continent.

Chen Ping put away the belongings on the table, Pei Qian took the millet grains and the white-haired boy to leave.

Ning Yao asked: “What do you say about sword-making?”

Chen Ping has a headache. “The Dragon Slashing Stone is really hard to find. If you find it, you may not be able to buy it.”

In Tree Leaf Continent with Pei Min asking the sword, Hate Jianshan imitated the “Gu Cui” Feijian pine needles, which completely shattered, and the tip of the sword was also badly damaged.

Because I have a Nurturing Sword Gourd that is not bad in rank, and I didn’t spend a lot of time on sword training. In the matter of sword refining, I hardly had any headaches, and as a result, I was about to pay my debts now.

Especially after becoming a sword cultivator, there were two more Life-Source Flying Swords, namely the caged bird and Jing Zhongyue, so Chen Ping now needs the Slaying Dragon Platform, which is destined to be heavy. Thinking of the Divine Immortal money needed for this matter, Chen Ping felt trembling in fear. Moreover, Slaying Dragon Platform has always been a valuable treasure. Except for sword cultivator, which is used to make swords, twice the results for half the effort, Qi Refiner has many magical uses. Immortal Family cultivator with this product is almost unwilling to sell. . If there is no money to borrow, who is willing to borrow Slaying Dragon Platform?

Ning Yao said: “There is nothing left in Ascend City, otherwise I will take it with me this time.”

Chen Ping lifts the head, and the white-haired boy in the distance asked in his heart: “Are there any extra dragon stones on the side of Sui Chu Gong?”

The white-haired boy Yaoyao replied with his heart: “Yes, Sui Chugong likes to collect ragged pieces. There are all kinds of treasures. There are two big pieces of Dragon Slashing Stone, and the others are high. I will carve it for that guy. A pair of Dao Companion looks like. He gave away the rest of the scraps casually.”

Chen Ping sighed, don’t think about it.

Then there are only three options at the moment. The Imperial Treasury of the Great Li Dynasty Song Clan remains, the True Martial Mountain Ancestral Hall, and the dragon slayer may keep this thing privately.

On the mountain to the west of my hometown, there is only one Dragon Ridge Mountain that was designated as a forbidden area by the Great Li Dynasty Imperial Court, because Dragon Ridge Mountain has a dragon cliff, which is divided into three, Snow Wind Temple, True Martial Mountain, and Ruan Qiong. One.

For the excavation of the Dragon Ridge Mountain Slaying Dragon Platform, for decades, the official ban was strict and extremely concealed. Saint Ruan Qiong obtained and quarried only a small part of the stone. In fact, most of it was given to Great Li. Dynasty Imperial Court, and then almost all of them were taken by the Emperor Great Li Dynasty Song Clan to pay off debts, mainly to Mohist School of Thought. The city created by Mohist School of Thought has some of the most important heavenly materials and earthly treasures, including Slaying Dragon Platform.

The Great Li Dynasty Song Clan, two emperors successively, paid tribute to Ruan Qiong, the chief man who made great contributions to the country. After the war, many Dragon Snake who had quietly hidden the Great Lake and the wilds appeared on the territory of Yizhou Mountains and Rivers, but Ruan Qiong, the top spot enshrined in the Great Li Dynasty, remained untouched.

The share of Snow Wind Temple has been secretly eaten up, but Snow Wind Temple is not at all disadvantaged. He has obtained two lost evangelism methods that allow direct access to Upper Five Realms, and a more profound sword. dao.

True Martial Mountain, Chen Ping doesn’t know for the time being what he used to move the Dragon Slashing Stone over the years. Because of Ma Kuxuan, Chen Ping has been unwilling to actively communicate with True Martial Mountain.

Of course, it’s not that you can’t practice swords without the Dragon Slashing Stone. The world’s sword cultivator owns the Slaying Dragon Platform, but there are only a handful of them.

But Chen Ping hopes to make swords faster and to enter Immortal Realm faster.

Ning Yao said: “You can ask Cui Dongshan later.”

Chen Ping nodded.

After that, the ferry continued south, Chen Ping called Pei Qian one day to teach her boxing, but did not feed her boxing.

The boxing taught by Chen Ping and Pei Qian is a boxing method created by the mother of Ningfu Bai. There is no name for the boxing method.

The pure Martial Artist of the Great Wall of Sword Qi, to become the Great Grandmaster is almost as difficult as the Upper Five Realms sword cultivator appeared in Aquarius Continent before.

In the house, Chen Ping slowly punched out, and Pei Qian followed the exercise.

Fist moves are dead, but the “fist road” in the Small World is alive. A mouthful of pure True Qi, how it works, how to cross mountains and rivers, how to deploy troops, and make Martial Artist True Qi continue to grow , The purer fist is the real key. Otherwise, no matter how good the punches are, they will become the martial art style of embroidered pillows.

Cui Cheng teaches boxing on the second floor. The words are not rough. Martial Artist’s martial arts scores are high and low. One is that my fists are heavy enough. If I decide to divide my life and death, I can send people to the gates of hell for reincarnation. One is that my physique is not paper-cut. In short, I can knock people down and be beaten, and in this, there is another word “will”, the most important essence. It’s my reason to defeat the opponent and divide the victory or defeat. Being able to withstand being beaten, not losing a punch, and being “will” to be beaten is to help me beat my physique. Not only does it not hurt the root cause, it does not leave any hidden dangers, but it can also strengthen my realm.

What Shaking Mountain Fist, only knows how to hand fists, but can’t raise fists, the old man just flips a few pages, there is a smell of soil assaults the senses……

In the early years of bamboo house learning boxing, Chen Ping also spoke a few fair words for Shaking Mountain Fist. He was beaten a lot, and he really didn’t have the guts to say anything. He was pricked by the tip of the old man’s toes, and he was so casual. One pick, the whole person hit the ceiling with his back, really “don’t have a feeling in my heart”.

So feeding Pei Qian, Chen Ping was reluctant and couldn’t let his heart down.

Chen Ping has not even asked Pei Qian about the detailed process of learning boxing in the bamboo house even to this day, and I dare not think about it.

So many times, Chen Ping reviews the matter privately, and feels that he really doesn’t have any teaching aptitude?

Chen Ping stopped his fist in the room and said: “The Confucian Temple’s questioning fist is not a big difference, but the Master’s loss to Cao Ci is more than a realm gap.”

End Boundary, the 3rd-layer building in One Realm, is full of vigor, true, and supernatural.

Cao Ci may become a god at any time.

In a battle between blue and white, the two sides fought back and forth, but the result was obvious, Cao Ci was injured very lightly, and the bruise was a few days away. On the other hand, Chen Ping had to be a pot of medicine for months.

This is the gap.

Pei Qian was still walking, and asked softly: “Master, where do you think I should break the border? Is it better to be in Tree Leaf Continent?”

Chen Ping said with a smile: “Think about what some of these don’t do. Ninth Realm is among the Tenth Realm. It is a threshold. You can break the border wherever you are, as long as you can break the border.”

Pei Qian said, “Master, if I break the boundary at Unrestrained Mountain, will I steal the martial arts of the old cook and the master? I have heard that it seems like an End Boundary. Martial Artist, like a ferry, the boat is so big, whoever takes the place first, the people behind cannot board the boat.”

Chen Ping directly smashed a chestnut over, “Anything can be done, but Wu Xiu can’t give way to the heights. Asking for boxing with others, there must be no one in front of him, and Wu Xi must be no one else.”

Pei Qian nodded, “I know.”

I went back to Unrestrained Mountain and broke the border.

Chen Ping tentatively asked: “Already have the confidence to break the bottleneck?”

Pei Qian un’ed.

Chen Ping laughed another chestnut, “I have already taught the boxing, go back to my house and practice.”

Teach a hammer punch.

As soon as Pei Qian left, the white-haired boy swaggered over to stop by.

The white-haired boy is really idle on the ferry. Recently, he has taken the initiative to start business with the hermit ancestors. Following the old rules in prison, he wants to collect another Grain Rain Coin. As for the collection, how to use it, it hasn’t figured out yet.

For example, at the Taohuadu Tea Shop, it helped the robe temporarily named “Waterway” and added a lot of content.

The ancestor of the hidden official still talks about loyalty, and did not take it seriously, but let it earn a Lesser Summer Coin, and the two parties have agreed that if this robe is not yet finished, it will be outside the Confucian Temple , Sales in Haoran are good on all continents, and one can be added.

In addition, it started to write a Fist Manual, which it named itself “many people’s house boxing”, and it felt very elegant.

The Fist Manual has a detailed record of more than 30 moves of Azure Nether World End Boundary Martial Artist’s housekeeping skills, many of which are already lost killing moves.

Make another Lesser Summer Coin.

On the cover of the Fist Manual, the four words “many people’s house fist” are extremely large, and beside the toes of the fist word, there are extremely subtle two words “Book One”.

Chen Ping just pretended not to see it, pretending not to know its selfish calculations.

If there is a first volume, there will naturally be a middle and a lower volume. According to this heavenly demon’s usual style, there may be a middle volume and a second volume. Look, don’t you get half a Grain Rain Coin?

Chen Ping certainly won’t let her earn five Lesser Summer Coins so easily based on the Fist Manual alone. Is there such a good-earned Lesser Summer Coin in the world? Don’t you feel bad, you are crazy about money?

Azure Nether World has ten “rogue cultivators” that are not seen by White Jade Capital.

They are the rice thief in the “unorthodox way”, and the rolling red hand who changed his life for the cultivator without authorization. Whoever spends money can temporarily borrow with the porter of a certain realm, and walk in the World of Living. The coffin man, the mountain patrol envoy who steals the destiny of the landscape without knowing it, the dressing female officer who can clear the veins of the human body, specifically for the pure Martial Artist’s catching Sabrewielder, can quietly edit the word master of the Taoist Secret Manual. There is a corpse Jiexian, he is a man.

About their Great Dao roots, the white-haired boy wrote another booklet and earned a Lesser Summer Coin for nothing.

Chen Ping sits at the table, while studying the Confucian broken-character decree silently, which is exactly how to get off the boat in the prison of the night sailing landscape and writing. While flipping through a few extremely thick books, the white-haired boy stick one’s head around to look for After a few glances, it seemed to be the spy from Righteous Sun Mountain. It was not interested in this, and asked in a low voice: “Ancestor of the Hidden Officer, in the future, Unrestrained Mountain will have our own Shanshui Dibao and illusion. Can I be the leader? Huh?”

Chen Ping didn’t raise his head, “No discussion, don’t think about it. Your qualifications are too low, you are an anonymous handyman’s discipline, suddenly occupying a high position, it is easy for others to have ideas.”

In the past, the seventy two academy of Confucianism was supervised by the seventy two academies of Confucianism. There are not many restrictions. There are special gentlemen and wise men in the academy, who are responsible for collecting the mansion newspapers on the hills of the continent. Not all Immortal families will raise idlers, and even many sect prefixes Sect are too lazy to take care of this.

Some sects such as North Entirely Reed Continent, Padifeng, Taihui Sword Sect, and Duckweed Sword Lake, are not set up. On the contrary, the Immortal Family of Dayuan Chongxuan Department, Water Dragon School, and Chunlupu, which are most closely connected with the Shanxia Dynasty, value this matter extremely seriously.

The white-haired boy drooped his head, wiped his palms across the tabletop, and said dullly: “I thought the handyman discipline was just a joke.”

Chen Ping reminded: “When you arrive at Unrestrained Mountain, you are not allowed to spy on people’s hearts at will. Once I find out, don’t blame me for not remembering old feelings.”

The white-haired boy is still wiping the table over there, “The hidden official ancestor said nothing, I am a no one to rely on, what else can I do.”

Chen Ping said with a smile: “Don’t pretend to be pitiful on my side, don’t worry, the location of Tree Leaf Continent lower sect requires you to plan a lot behind the scenes.”

The white-haired boy lifts the head with a vigorous look, “Give me a big official, no problem with a false title.”

Chen Ping thought for a while, “In the future, I will set up a lower sect Vice Sect Master title for you?”

The white-haired boy said with a big smile: “it’s a deal.”

The intercontinental ferry is about to enter the Aquarius Continent boundary.

Pei Qian secretly found Chen Ping this day and asked: “Master, when will you propose marriage to your wife?”

Chen Ping said with a smile: “At the Confucian Temple, I have already greeted Mister. Mister will come to Unrestrained Mountain as long as Feijian sends a message.”

Actually, at the Jinzun Ferry in North Entirely Reed Continent, Chen Ping had already quietly sent a secret letter saying when he would return to his hometown.

Pei Qian asked in a low voice: “This kind of thing is to be talked to the teacher face to face, right?”

Chen Ping helplessly said: “Of course Master thinks. Didn’t you find that Master drinks alcohol every three or a half hours? You are emboldening yourself. No matter what, make sure to say it before Mister shows up.”


At the Dragon Riding Alley Grass Head Shop earlier, Chen Lingjun immediately found an excuse to slip away when he saw the big white goose.

Elder Jia Divine Immortal was in charge of hospitality, brought a few pots of wine, and personally cooked and cooked a few wine dishes.

Cui Dongshan is standing on the small bench, Jiang Shangzhen is standing behind the counter, and the girl Peanut looks at the multi-colored pastries, a little greedy.

Cui Dongshan said with a smile: “When I think of Mister going to visit the Water Mansion in person, I feel a little distressed for the Tranquil Clash River water god Empress.”

Jiang Shangzhen asked curiously: “Xingshi asks the crime? Will it be over? It seems that we are Unrestrained Mountain overbearing?”

For this kind of thing, this Jiang has a good relationship with women, and as the chief worshipper, he should relieve the troubles of the mountain lord. He quietly went to the water mansion to visit the water god Empress, amidst flowers and in the moonlight, and only a few glasses of wine Don’t worry about things, and don’t let others talk about it.

Cui Dongshan rolls his eyes and said: “Who is my Mister, Scholar! What kind of beating and killing, will it be such a terrible sight? What kind of crime is the teacher asked? The distant relatives are not as good as the neighbors that’s all, Mister is just stopping by, Tranquil Clash The River Water Temple is so gray, and Mister only needs to pick one of the small things at random, then chat with the water god Empress face to face, and finally come to a conclusion, “There seems to be something wrong here.” Then everything is enough. “

“The face has been given to her, and Unrestrained Mountain has also shown sincerity to let the blame go. She is not stupid, and she must understand what my Mister said. Anyway, it has little to do with her, but later from the water mansion officials, Three Sects Jiuliu, who is adept at earning money in the temple, will have a hard time.”

It’s about the same number as Chen Ping in Yangyunfeng to figure out the guest official Cui Gongzhuang.

I’ll stare at you. You stare at a large group of people under your hand. The people underneath do not follow the rules. If I accidentally bump into you and hear that, I can’t be stunned by them. I’m asking you.

This is a very clear context, which is a very simple truth.

Government experience, public cultivation,

Where is not the world, where is the officialdom.

Cui Dongshan took out a booklet. At the time when the country was at its peak, Great Li Dynasty once re-edited the Gold Jade genealogy of Mountain and Rivers Divine Spirit, which was within a continent, and divided it into ninth grades.

For Grade 1, the stance should always be left empty, because the Five Sacred Mountains, including Draping Clouds Mountain, are only ranked in Grade 2.

The Dadu Duke of Qidu has a temporary position vacant, but the cultivator on the mountain knows well that it only chooses one, or just like Jidu in the north, choose two, both will be Grade. 2 High position.

The mountains of the five sacred princes, ranked Grade 3. Iron Mark River Water God Yang Hua is the only water god among the Grade 3 in the Great Li Dynasty.

In addition, there is the Qiantang River in the southeast of Yizhou. It is the site of the old Flood Dragon, located in Qiantang County, named Fengshui Cave. And a piece of Yongjiang in the old Vermilion Glimmer Dynasty. The “Water Classic” compiled by Divine Immortal has clouds, and there is water in all directions called Yong.

Cui Dongshan and Jiang Shangzhen visited the Righteous Sun Mountain Bailudu before, and they met a group of dragon cultivators who had a lot to do with the Qiantang River.

Finally, there is a City God in the Capital of each country, but the rank is very different. The Beijing City God of the Great Li Dynasty ranks high in Grade 3, and all major vassal countries have Grade 4 and Grade 5.

There are not many landscape gods that can rank among Grade 3 in the territory of one continent.

Embroidery River water god, is Grade 4. Tranquil Clash River, Ye Zhuqing, and Aqueous Jade River, Li Jin, are only Grade 5.

The largest number of land fathers, Hebo old river woman, is in the lowest grade 3, still under the jurisdiction of the boss mountain god, river god, promotion and relegation are still on this road, but the county City God Temple Both the Civil and Military Temple and the Civil and Military Temple have the right to monitor. On the contrary, Mountain and Rivers Divine Spirit also has the same for all levels of City God.

Jiang Shangzhen said with a smile: “This old Liu is a high official, but unfortunately he is not a cultivator.”

Cui Dongshan helplessly said: “He even rejected the attempt to become a Spiritual God with the Imperial Court. He said that his Scholar was scolded and could not stand the pain on his own. No matter what he was, he would be infiltrated when listening It’s better to close your eyes and turn the sky into darkness, and you’ll fall down in this life.”

The person responsible for compiling the “Family Tree” for the Great Li Dynasty Imperial Court is the Ministry of Rites high official, the companion capital of the Great Li Dynasty, Liu Qingfeng.

It is rumored that this pioneering initiative of the Great Li Dynasty Imperial Court was praised by Sage of the Temple of Literature. Rites government office can uplift and demote the gods of mountains and rivers at will in their respective countries.

The most important thing is the moral merits of a god of mountains and rivers, which will be the most critical item in the evaluation. Instead of just looking at the Golden Body Realm world, it has a vast jurisdiction and many hills.

In short, the hill can be high, and the big river can be low.

Furthermore, the rank of landscape is no longer a rule, making it impossible for the Spiritual God of all parties to lie down and enjoy the good fortune.

Jiang Shangzhen said: “It’s a pity.”

Cui Dongshan sighed, close the booklet, “This Liu Mister has been an official for the rest of his life after leaving the study. It’s fine to take a break and rest.”

Jiang Shangzhen said curiously: “The thing you always wanted to tell your Mister before? Still can’t say it now?”

Cui Dongshan shook his head, “I used to wait and see, but now it is unnecessary.”

Jiang Shangzhen said with a smile: “Then I want to drink more wine and listen to it.”

Cui Dongshan nodded, “You and Mister met on the blessed land of lotus root flowers. My Mister was not high at that time. How do you think you are walking in a river and lake where enemies are on all sides?”

Jiang Shang really thought about it, “Extremely careful and safe.”

Caution is the cause, and security is the result.

Cui Dongshan sighed, “Mister left his hometown for the first time, that’s it. So he always felt that he, a person who had never read a book, was so cautious when he first walked far away and walked the rivers and lakes. What about others? What about people with more experience in the arena, people who have read a lot of books?”

“So this leads to a result. In one thing, Mister will be a bit like Zheng Juzhong.”

Jiang Shangzhen suddenly said: “Smart people, even if they deal with good and evil, they have a real view. It is easy to find the context, and only look down on people who have brains.”

Jiang Shangzhen immediately changed his words: “It’s not that I look down on it, it’s that I can’t understand it.”

Cui Dongshan shook his head, “I just look down on it, there’s nothing bad to admit. It’s just that Mister still has kindness in his life, the more purely weak, the more willing to give pure kindness, but during this period, it seems like The other Mister is watching, watching everything coldly.”

Jiang Shangzhen took a sip of his wine. “If this is put on the grounds of truth, in addition to stricter self-discipline, it is just as easy to demand good deeds from good people. Fortunately, Chen Ping is only so thinking and will not talk to others about what to do. , There is a problem.”

Cui Dongshan nodded and said: “Mister didn’t realize this by herself. For example, Mister would be deep in one’s heart, naturally rejecting the chivalrous heroes in the novels, and even disgusted many seeming chivalrous The action of the heart, because he will feel that it is far from enough, it will leave a lot of hidden dangers, and even a mess with a worse ending. Little Baoping and Pei Qian, they will see with keen interest pleasure, but in Mister’s view, turn over Even if I pass, I just feel…”

Jiang Shangzhen answered: “A house with air leaks on all sides, and the sky is freezing cold.”

Cui Dongshan took a sip of wine, turned his head and looked at the gray rain curtain outside the shop, muttered: “But, who told us that the hero has done a good thing and must do it to the end. It must be a long time to care for those who are out of trouble. Weak people? Is there such a reason? No. If everyone is like this, good people will hesitate more and more, and good things will become rarer and rarer. This World is in its own way and runs continuously, and everyone has their own path to follow. , This is the way of the world. Old scholar said that the way of the world is the way we walk. What is easy to walk, difficult to walk, easy to walk is wrong, and difficult to walk is right. The so-called luck means that the road underfoot is good It’s also right. The so-called misfortune is hard to go and wrong.”

Cui Dongshan dipped his finger in the wine, and drew four lines on the table, from low to high, and said in turn: “Bad things, wrong things, no mistakes, good things. This is the Mister in mind thing, the right level. Order.”

Jiang Shangzhen glanced and sighed: “Chen Ping was wrong. There are no mistakes. It’s much harder than simple good deeds.”

Cui Dongshan nodded, “That’s it.”

Two pairs of silence, Cui Dongshan did not drink, and asked softly: “Then why does Mister think so?”

Jiang Shangzhen said: “pessimistic.”

Cui Dongshan nodded and said: “Mister travels far away with hope, but Mister, from child to teenager, to now, is always pessimistic. All of Mister’s dreams have never hesitated to work hard for them It’s hard work, but I know, in Mister’s heart, he has always been like building a snowman in the summer.”

Jiang Shangzhen smiled and asked, “Why don’t you have to say it now?”

Cui Dongshan stretched out two fingers and gently rotated the wine bowl, “It’s very simple, now Mister is both physically and mentally free. Finally, I can have a lot of time to rest at home, travel leisurely, and return home leisurely. “

Jiang Shangzhen shook his head and said: “Leisure? Not necessarily. The location of the lower sect alone requires a lot of things. There are many things that need to be checked by him personally.”

Cui Dongshan chuckled, patted an abacus, “For example, let you, the master of the blessed land of the cloud cave, come here as a shopkeeper, even if the shop is crowded with people every day, can your mind be idle?” /p>

Jiang Shangzhen is nodded, “This is the truth.”

Cui Dongshan left the girl peanut in the Grass Head Shop.

Dragon Riding Alley is next door to the New Year Shop. Just two, on behalf of the shopkeeper Shi Rou, plus the little mute named Zhou Junchen, who is a messy boy, a child with neat legs and withdrawn disposition, even at the Master Pei Qian side. , There is no smiling face, but she gets along well with Shi Rou.

Cui Dongshan came here from the Grass Head Shop and lay down on the counter to look through the account book. The business is better at the New Year Shop selling pastries. Divine Immortal’s Grass Head Shop by Jia Lao Divine Immortal, it is estimated that half a year later, one page account book Dissatisfied with writing.

But this really doesn’t complain about the inability of the old Divine Immortal. It’s mainly a fight at the top of the mountain, the Wrapping Cloths Building shop at the Cow Horn Mountain ferry, and the Grass Head Shop on the side of the town’s alley. It’s not very advantageous, and it’s a shop. There is no possibility of picking up and missing the furnishings on the shelves inside. Come to visit the immortal master here in the town, more is the drinks of Huang Si’s family, eat the cakes of Dragon Riding Alley, check out the school run by Dragon Tail Creek Chen Clan, Peach Blossom where Heavenly Monarch Xie Shi is located Alley, I must go, and there are also Erlang Alley where Yuan Family’s ancestral home is located, Mud Bottle Alley where Cao Clan’s ancestral home is located……

About this matter, Unrestrained Mountain actually had an idea, thinking about whether to say hello to the county government and Huaihuang county government, and ban the Mud Bottle Alley where the main ancestral home of the mountain is located. It doesn’t matter if the people in the small town pass by. The immortal master on the mountain should not walk around at will, but Chen Ping didn’t agree, and the matter would be fine.

Cui Dongshan taps his finger on the ledger, lifts the head, and shouts: “Stone shopkeeper.”

Shi Rou trembled: “Yes.”

Cui Dongshan tweeted: “20 years have passed. Shi shopkeeper is greedy for the dark and hardworking. It can be said to be a good way to make money. He actually helped us Unrestrained Mountain earn so much money.”

Actually, the shop looks at the business every day is good, but after all, it only sells cakes. How much Divine Immortal can it earn? Really want to talk about making money, far worse than the neighbors next door.

Cui Dongshan looked at Shi Rou who was trembling with fear, closed the account book, said with a smile: “Every word is sincere, every good thing, and I didn’t talk to you eccentric, why, there is a ghost in my heart?”

It’s a pun.

Shi Rou didn’t dare to talk back. An Unrestrained Mountain, she is most afraid of this person.

The little mute is not afraid of this big white goose at all. He rarely speaks, speaks hoarsely, and has a voice like sandstone. “Stone shopkeeper does business and has a clear conscience. Makes less money, don’t blame the shop, blame the cakes for not selling high prices , If you don’t think the money is too small, sell it in exchange.”

Shi Rou wanted to quickly drag the little dumb behind her back, but she didn’t expect to be able to move the little dumb completely. Instead, she reached out and grabbed Shi Rou’s arm.

Cui Dongshan said with a smile: “Who are you, have I asked you something?”

The little mute raised his head and said: “Zhou Junchen, Pei Qian disciple, do you know now?”

Old Divine Immortal Jia originally squatted at the entrance of the shop to watch the excitement. He heard this little bastard act recklessly thimble at the moment, and was a little anxious.

Cui Dongshan smiled without talking, rubbing his chin with his fingers.

The little mute said: “If you are a man, and you have the ability, just come to me alone, don’t involve the stone shopkeeper. Anyway, if anyone is unreasonable and secretly give us shoes to wear, I will bring the shoes to the Master’s Master File a complaint.”

Jiang Shangzhen is clicking one’s tongue in wonder, this Little Brat is very accurate.

After Cui Dongshan left, Shi Rou relaxed and rubbed the head of the little mute, “I will don’t say this in the future, for me to miss it, so I can’t make it.”

The little dumb man has arms around his chest, “if others didn’t offend me i will not offend others, but who dares to provoke our shop, and when I learn to punch with Pei Qian, we will punch down with a punch Both have, and the coffin on the grave head is saved.”

I have been an errand guy in Dragon Riding Alley for a long time, and I learned a lot of common language with the local people, especially women and aunts.

The child does not call the mountain master Ancestral Master, only the Master of the Master.

Zhou Junchen thought for a while, and felt that in the future, he would still have to get a little familiar with the mountain owner Ancestral Master, otherwise he would go to the mountain to file a complaint. Chen Ping favored his students and didn’t help to uphold justice?

After that, the two of them read miscellaneous books together behind the counter. When Shi Rou turned the pages of the book, the child asked: “Shi shopkeeper, how is Master Chen Shan?”

Shi Rou thought for a while, said with a smile: “A good man, very reasonable.”

Zhou Junchen said depressed: “But I don’t know his truth.”

Shi Rou couldn’t help but laugh, and said: “You have your own reasoning. You don’t need to deliberately explain his reasoning. If you say it, he will listen carefully. Even if you don’t say it, he will see it.” p>

Zhou Junchen wondered: “Is there really such a good person?”

Shi Rou is gently nodded, lying on the counter, with a smile in her eyes, “Is there somewhere else, I don’t know, anyway, we have Unrestrained Mountain.”

Zhou Junchen panting with rage said: “Then he still has such an unreasonable student who can only scare people, I don’t think it is that good.”

Shi Rou laughed dumbly, “Maybe it’s the same person who has a hundred kinds of rice.”

Then Shi Rou lowered her voice and whispered quietly: “Actually, I pretended to be so afraid of that person, but I’m not that afraid.”

Zhou Junchen grinned, nodded and said: “I can see it.”

Shi Rou continued to flip through the book.

Suddenly, a slim girl appeared at the door, timidly said: “My brother asked me to give Shi shopkeeper a word, saying that when he walks away, I will come here to look for you.”

Shi Rou’s heartstrings tightened for a moment.

Peanut said: “My brother said, Shi shopkeeper is actually afraid that he will pretend not to be so afraid of him as much as he is not afraid of him.”

After the girl left, Zhou Junchen said softly: “I am a little afraid of him.”

This day the ferry slowly drew ashore, and the entire group disembarked at Cow Horn Mountain ferry.

Cui Dongshan, who was waiting here for a long time, only saw Pei Qian, millet grains and the heavenly demon of Huawai.

Cui Dongshan asked: “Where is Mister?”

Pei Qian said: “Master thinks that the ferry is too slow, so I have to take my wife to Combing Water Country and Colored Clothing Country, and I will return soon.”

Cui Dongshan said with a smile: “As long as you give money, this ferry can be very fast.”

Some high-ranking intercontinental ferries can be extremely fast if they smash Divine Immortal money madly regardless of cost.

Pei Qian said while staring: “You give it.”

Cui Dongshan bends down, laughed and asked the white-haired boy: “Is the meal coming?”

The white-haired boy said with a smile: “It costs you money, can you control it?”

Cui Dongshan laughed hehe and said: “Unrestrained Mountain has received a letter from Mister, and I intend to let you choose two prominent positions that are the most important. One is the New Year Shop, where the Big Senior Sister has stayed and served as the shopkeeper. The skin bag I wore was the legacy of an Ascension Realm Great Cultivator from Tree Leaf Continent. That person was too long-lived. If he had to deal with my Mister, he was taken down by Unrestrained Mountain. There is also the Grass Head Shop next door. An old Divine Immortal with profound and unfathomable Taoism sits in it.”

The white-haired boy asked: “How tall?”

Cui Dongshan replied in his heart: “The man who used to be the dragon slayer of Grand Virtue World, do you say that he is tall?”

The white-haired boy’s heart was shocked. Where is Unrestrained Mountain? Either you just killed an Ascension Realm or the dragon-slasher became a shopkeeper?

Well, well, this is the style of establishing the sect of the hermit ancestors. I will eat and drink here without losing the price.

However, the white-haired boy still chooses the New Year Shop, intending to explore the “predecessor of the dragon slayer” first, and then decide whether to recruit his subordinates to be a kid.

It said with a laugh: “So from today, I will be the new shopkeeper of New Year Shop.”

Cui Dongshan said with a smile: “You think too much, just a shop assistant.”

It said with a sneer: “It doesn’t count what you said.”

Cui Dongshan said: “Unfortunately, Mister said in the letter that no matter where you go, you can only be a shop assistant.”

The white-haired boy thumped his heart, “I helped the hermit ancestor to fight the country so hard, and made an immortal contribution. I never thought that I still chilled the hearts of the soldiers!”

Cui Dongshan said with a smile: “Say it in advance, when you arrive at Dragon Riding Alley, you should not be a demon, otherwise you will take responsibility for the consequences.”

He stretched his hand to hold the white-haired boy’s head, his real name is natural heavenly demon, he smiled knowingly, act recklessly, and he brought him to the door.

Cui Dongshan squinted his eyes and said: “Actually, I forgot to tell you. The most unfortunate thing is that I am better at dealing with heavenly demon. It will be a bit difficult to play an Immortal Realm sword cultivator. heavenly demon, but simple.”

After a while, Cui Dongshan raised his hand and shook his white sleeves.

The white-haired boy has a pale face, pursed his lips, and said nothing.

This person’s heart was open just now, like a fool who took the initiative to open the door to welcome guests. She didn’t believe in evil, so she crossed the threshold. In an instant, Divine Soul was torn into more than 300 copies, which were placed in one place among the colorful clouds. On the chessboard, they are reduced to pieces.

Xiao Mi Lian pulled Cui Dongshan’s sleeve, but didn’t speak.

black clothed little girl, I didn’t say that this is impossible.

She didn’t think she could point fingers to Cui Dongshan, but she was really worried, so she just raised her head and scratched her face, haha ​​twice.

Cui Dongshan smiles softly, patted the head of millet grains, “Don’t worry, we are playing around.”

The white-haired boy said in his heart: “You are Embroidery Tiger?!”

On the Great Wall of Sword Qi, the ancestor of the hidden official never said that his uncle Cui Chan would be transformed into his student.

On the night ship, Wu Shuangjiang helped her make up for the memory. Among them, there are only three people who are willing to evaluate the heroes of Haoran’s hometown cultivator, White Emperor City Zheng Juzhong, Great Li Dynasty Imperial Teacher Cui Chan .

There is also a Zou Zi.

Cui Dongshan complained: “Well, why do you curse?”

The white-haired boy frowned.

No, this person is not all Cui Chan, not even Cui Chan.

I just think the Unrestrained Mountain of the ancestor of the hidden official is really dangerous. My own dignified Ascension Realm seems to be unable to walk unhindered anymore.

It glanced at the sleeve of Cui Dongshan, said with a sneer: “Yes, the ancient mirror shines, the body is clean, the sleeve is Eastern Sea, the jade pot is overturned, and a bright moon will be released.”

Cui Dongshan said with a slight smile: “The day and the moon are not idle day and night. Who is as lazy as Lao on the mountain, refuses to practice Divine Immortal.”

The white-haired boy admired: “Good poems, good poems, you can fry a large table of dishes. If you come to this one every day, after a year, you won’t be able to save a lot of money.”

Cui Dongshan said with a smile: “In the future, learn how to speak with Divine Immortal Jia.”


With the first-line peak of Ancestral Mountain as the center, the surrounding area is eight hundred miles, which are private mountains and rivers of Righteous Sun Mountain.

The peaks are like the first-line peaks of the stars and the moon, sword energy criss-crossed, and the weather is very diverse. From time to time, there is a sword cultivator together with a controlling sword, which looks like a stream of fireflies dragging the sky.

Today’s Ancestral Hall meeting, there is no empty chair, everyone Sword Immortal, dedicated to the guest official, are all present.

Sect Master Bamboo Emperor, Original Purity Realm old Sect Founder, Xia Yuancui. Tao Family who is in charge of money, Tao Yanbo. Sect Founder, Yan Chu. Enshrine the mountain, Yuan Zhenye.

Besides, those in the front are all Peak Masters like Bo Yunfeng.

Last behind, there is Tian Wan, who is in charge of the Shanshui Dibao and the illusion. As for the collection and screening of information, she just gave a name and has no real power.

The outsider at the bottom of the seat is Yuan Bai. To Xuefeng Peak Master, every time he participates in Ancestral Hall meetings, Yuan Bai never speaks, and Hida Wan makes up the number.

But this young sword cultivator was once one of the old Vermilion Glimmer Dynasty double walls, and the other one is now on the Grey Mountain of the Unrestrained Mountain vassal, under the pseudonym Shao Poxian.

It seems that neither of these two ended up badly, they are all under the fence.

It didn’t take long for Yuan Bai to be promoted from the guest official to enshrinement, so he went down the mountain with the sword and went to the Wind Thunder Garden Yellow River to ask the sword, successfully delaying the latter’s breakthrough. Yuan Bai’s sword dao achievement has come to an end.

Yuan Bai is on the side of Xuefeng, and there is only a servant girl by her side.

It’s just the first-line summit meeting. In Ancestral Hall, there are two new faces, a young Golden Core sword cultivator. The opening ceremony of the last summit was very grand, and every continent is known.

This person almost became the heir of Dragon Spring Sword Sect. For some reason, Ruan Qiong would voluntarily give up such a Sword Immortal embryo.

There is also a younger Wu Tijing, with a cold face, reserved, and after sitting down, he closes his eyes and calms his mind, similar to Yuan Bai.

Some of the heartfelt words of congratulations to him, simply don’t bother to pay attention.

Life-Source Flying Sword, named Mandarin Duck. Apart from this, it is said that there is also a flying sword that is secret.

Righteous Sun Mountain is now up and down, and is preparing for the ceremony of protecting the mountain to enshrine Yuan Zhenye into the Original Purity Realm.

Draping Clouds Mountain Wei Bo is the Great Mountain Lord of the first Upper Five Realms in the history of Aquarius Continent.

Righteous Sun Mountain, the guardian of the mountain, became the first Upper Five Realms cultivator of the strange origin.

And today’s discussion is another happy event.

Because there was a great news from Yunlin Jiang Clan not long ago, this time the Confucian Temple discussion, because of Patriarch’s impartiality, as long as the Great Li Dynasty Imperial Court is nodded, Righteous Sun Mountain Fifty sword cultivators can be passed through the Confucian Temple.

In fact, Sect Master Bamboo Emperor has quietly broken through the border not long ago, and has become a Jade Pu. But the Emperor Bamboo only discussed this matter in private with his uncle Xia Yuancui, God of Wealth Tao Yanbo, Zhang Lv Yan Chu, Yuan Zhuan, and confidant Tian Wan, the Emperor Bamboo meant to release the news in a few years, when the time comes to organize the ceremony again.

Xia Yuancui couldn’t help but compliment, Martial Nephew really calmed down.

Tian Wan, a henchman who is obsessed with Charm Sect, even suggested that it is worse than double happiness, and just made preparations together.

Tao Yanbo sneered, saying that I, the one who is in charge of the money, don’t think I need to save this money. Tian Wan, you are the one who is in charge of Shanshui Mansion, but you know how to think for me. Why? sit?

Zhang Li Yan Chu laughed and said that it was our Righteous Sun Mountain celebrations, one after another. These years are too frequent, so that the cultivator of one continent is overwhelmed, and friends on the mountain run and break their legs. It is estimated that there will be complaints. Up. If Li Tuanjing is still alive, wouldn’t he be so angry that Jianxin collapsed on the spot?

I heard that there is hope for the establishment of the lower sect. Except for Wu Tijing and Yuan Bai, who are still indifferent, everyone in Ancestral Hall has more or less festive expressions.

The previous one-continent reviews of Righteous Sun Mountain were a bit worse.

Especially those time-honored sects who spoke a lot of rude words to Righteous Sun Mountain. Among them was Old Ancestor Qin of Snow Wind Temple Giant Salamander Ravine, who blatantly said a lot of cool words, which roughly means Righteous Sun Mountain Thanks to World’s First, let alone a lower sect, it is a matter of course to open that lower sect all over Jiuzhou.

Yan Chu said with a smile: “Now that the lower sect is already established, it’s not impossible to think about the lower sect. I just don’t know when the time comes Old Ancestor Qin, whether you’re willing to move To attend our celebration.”

Tao Yanbo stroked his beard said with a smile: “When the time comes, I personally made an invitation with Snow Wind Temple Giant Salamander Ravine. If one is not enough, I will send a few more.”

The Old Sword Immortal, including Yunfeng, used to be quite depressed, especially those Righteous Sun Mountain elders who went to the Old Dragon City and Dadu battlefield to fight for many times.

The content of today’s discussion, there is also the peak of Wu Tijing after entering the Golden Core Realm, which peak will be opened, and where will he cultivation and practice swords from now on.

There is not much left of the idle hills now.

Among them is the small solitary mountain, which is collectively called Guanlu Peak. It has been idle and never peaked because it has not been a long time since there has been no pair of sword cultivator Dao Companion, and they have joined the Earth Immortal.

For this purpose, Righteous Sun Mountain has set up a special sect rule. Any two Dao Companion sword cultivator, as long as both of them are in the Golden Core, not only can they enter the mountain, but also keep the previous mountain.

As for the back of Sword Peak, it is the second highest peak outside the first-line peak of Ancestral Mountain. The Ancestral Master of Righteous Sun Mountain has a long sword placed on the top of the mountain. It used to set the iron law, only the sword cultivator of the later generation, a hundred Sword Immortal can take away the long sword as a sabre. The guardian enshrines Yuan Zhenye, usually in this mountain cultivation.

In fact, as long as anyone can take away the long sword, not to mention the identity of the Peak Master of Sword Peak, even the Sect Lord’s Position of Righteous Sun Mountain does not have any suspense.

Then Qingwu Peak is the nearest to Bailudu. The mountain is small, the Spiritual Qi is thin, and it is noisy. No one thinks it is a good place.

After the end of the war, Yuan Gongfong moved back to three broken old mountains of the Great Li Dynasty clan in the south. Although the mountains were badly damaged, they were, after all, the place where the great mountain of a country is located. The young Golden Core who switched from Dragon Spring Sword Sect to Righteous Sun Mountain, but the best mountain is said to be specially reserved for Tao Zi by the white clothed Old Ape.

In addition, there are only Bihaifeng, Yulang Mountain, Xiyun Mountain, and Shulong Mountain. Whether it is good or not, it is actually not suitable for such an inexperienced sword dao genius like Wu Tijing.

In the end, Sect Master, the Emperor Bamboo, gave the final word and assigned the immortal back of Sword Peak to Wu Tijing.

In Ancestral Hall for a time, expressions are different.

But what’s even stranger is that Wu Tijing took the initiative to ask for a new mountain to open the peak, which is Najuanlu Peak.

Even the Emperor Bamboo and several old Sect Founders were at a loss, so they had to shelve the matter for now, planning to ask Wu Tijing privately why he chose this way.

After the meeting, Tian Wan went back to the Juyu Peak that was mocked as “the bird does not stand” alone.

Sect Founder, a woman with a bad reputation, who lives alone in the mountains, reached the place of monasticism, suddenly reached out and held her forehead, her face full of pain.

It was originally a good time to blossom and bear fruit.

Including, there is the old Sect Founder Xia Yuancui who has been in retreat for many years and finally ranks among the Upper Five Realms, and then the Sect Master Bamboo Emperor, who protects the mountain and enshrines Yuan Zhenye.

Outside the mountain, there is Wei Jin from Snow Wind Temple. Li Tuanjing in Wind Thunder Garden, Yellow River, Liu Baqiao.

Wu Tijing. And Su Jia, who was quietly brought back to Righteous Sun Mountain by her, stayed at Juanlu Peak.

Li Tuanjing, the reincarnated Wu Tijing. And Su Jia? It is the reincarnation of the poor female cultivator of Righteous Sun Mountain who once fell in love with Li Tuanjing not just in name only, but also in reality.

The original Yellow River with this life, Liu Baqiao.

A mess.

In addition to other secret plans closely linked with one another, one continent sword dao destiny, she can occupy at least 40%, and good luck is half of it!

I used it to refining, as a thing to strengthen the Great Dao. As for the remaining essence of sword luck, she at first prepared to work for others with no benefit to oneself.

She can make a big deal with someone in the north.

Regardless of whether he can be included in the Fourteenth Realm in the future, he has to promise her three things.

“Tian Wan” shook his sleeves, and his expression returned to normal immediately, and said: “This hand is called Divine Immortal hand. It can barely be placed in the Caiyun Bureau.”

Women’s mind is really meticulous.

She expressed pain and her face was twisted.

It’s just a pair of eyes, but it seems to be separated from the whole person, as if the existence of the vassal rule, completely indifferent,

She trembled, stretched out a finger, wiped it slowly on her face, and muttered to herself: “Honestly, plus this time, it has been twice, but there are only three things, and one more time. Rules, I won’t be polite with you. When the time comes, I will take you the immortal, carry Sword Peak and piss wherever you go, then go to the snow peak and take off your clothes dancing lightly and gracefully, otherwise I will leave the egret The nearest Qingwufeng, shouted three times in a loud voice, Tian Wan likes Old Yuan ancestor.”

Tian Wan said with a smile: “I accidentally caught two big fish by Mister.”

One of them is that North Entirely Reed Continent, Great Sword Immortal White Clothes.

By borrowing the other mountain’s stone can polish jade, the mountain borrowed is exactly the sword dao of the southern half of Aquarius Continent.

Naturally, it was to join the Ascension Realm, but to go to the Fourteenth Realm. However, this person’s specific Dao Fusion opportunity is still difficult to guess.

As for the other big fish, it is Zhongtu Yin-Yang School of Thought Lu Clan, not Zou Zi as Cui Dongshan expected.

As for the survival of Righteous Sun Mountain, she naturally doesn’t care at all. After a raging fire, the snow mud flew away.

Tian Wan can’t help but sighed in her mind.

She immediately slapped herself in the face.

Tian Wan was a little angry, she slapped again, momentum is big, power is deep, and both cheeks are red and swollen.

She laughed hehe and said: “You girl, you are so cruel, you even hit yourself.”

Tian Wan, or Cui Dongshan, who “depends on each other for life”, walks around the house with his hands in sleeves.

Lu Tai is already far away.

Liu Cai is still hiding his head and tail.

The servant girl next to Yuan Bai is in the righteous Sun Mountain. Compared to Unrestrained Mountain, she is close to her.

Tranquil Clash River, the god of water, Ye Zhuqing, once sent a secret letter to the first line of peaks, but those pieces of inside information that seem to be very critical but are actually insignificant are naturally Unrestrained Mountain and want to actively let Righteous Sun Mountain know , And by the way, turn the Old Sword Immortal, Great Sword Immortal, and young Sword Immortal in the Ancestral Hall into the ditch.

These secret letters are written by Chief Steward Zhu Lian. Maybe every word on the letter is written by himself, but imitated Ye Zhuqing’s handwriting and tone.

Maybe Ye Zhuqing is just aside to add fragrance to the old chef’s red sleeves.

In fact, relying on Unrestrained Mountain alone can shock a Tranquil Clash River water mansion, but it is absolutely impossible for Ye Zhuqing to act so obediently, partnering to plot against Righteous Sun Mountain, and not hesitating to be such an enemy to a sect.

It was a girl in Tsing Yi with a ponytail that made her so desperate to take refuge in Unrestrained Mountain.

Cui Dongshan sighed, it’s just this kind of thing, how can I say it. Can’t say.

It is wrong to say it, and it is wrong to think about it, so I have no choice but to not say a word.

Tian Wan, or Cui Dongshan, standing in the doorway with sleeves in both hands, said with a smile: “Then we two, right here, welcome Mister and ask Righteous Sun Mountain?”

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