Sword of Coming Chapter 833


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Ning Yao ordered a few drinks with Inn shopkeeper, and ordered an extra room by the way. Shopkeeper glanced at Chen Ping, Chen Ping remained silent.

Looking at what I did, the conscience of heaven and earth, we did not collude. Besides, what can I say, Inn I drove it?

final disciple squinted at his own Mister, and Mister squinted at the street outside the shop. The night was heavy, traveling in a foreign country, and slightly lonely.

Sitting down at the other side of the room, Chen Ping helped Mister pour a bowl of wine, then looked at Ning Yao, she shook her head, and Chen Ping only poured herself a bowl.

The most difficult part of my life is Shujian Lake boy Zengye, female ghost Su Xinzhai and the others, who accompanied Chen Ping through the landscape.

The old scholar probably felt that the atmosphere was a little silent, so he picked up the wine bowl, touched Chen Ping lightly, and then took the lead to speak, like the scholarship of the Mister exam school discipline: “There is a saying in the “Unmasking” article. Peace? “

Chen Ping just took a sip of wine, and Mister mentioned “Unmasking”. The answer is actually very easy to guess. He quickly put down the wine bowl and said: “Mister once said that wine is a mess.”

The old scholar smiled and asked: “Then you don’t know, why did Mister advise the world like this?”

Chen Ping said: “I guess it was Mister who was poor back then and couldn’t afford to drink, so I’m so sorry for those who buy wine and pay for it without blinking?”

The old scholar clapped his hands on the table and laughed heartily: “What is a proud student? This is it!”

Which is like the left and right, you were silly back then, like to use these words to block yourself, don’t allow Mister to slap himself in the face? Mister wrote that many Sage principles in the book, and I can’t fit a few big baskets, so I can do it all.

The most intimate and little cotton jacket is the final disciple.

The old scholar drank a bowl of wine. As soon as the bowl fell, Chen Ping was already full. The old scholar stroked his beard and said with emotion: “I was greedy at that time, the most uncomfortable thing was to turn on the lamp at night and hear something Alcoholics are vomiting in the alley. Mister can’t wait to sew their mouths and waste money by ruining alcohol! Back then, Mister I set a big ambition, safe?”

Chen Ping said: “If you become an Imperial Court official or a Confucian Saint in the coming year, you must make a rule that you are not allowed to vomit while drinking.”

old scholar nodded, “Yes, yes.”

Ning Yao changed his mind and poured himself a bowl of wine.

Chen Ping roughly talked about Shujian Lake and Su Xin Zhai’s affairs. During the period, he also talked about the rural old woman who lived a life of misery calmly.

The old scholar twisted a salty dried peanut shell with two fingers, put it in his mouth, nodded and said: “The only knowledge of a hero in the world is nothing but calmness. This lowly one reverses the way of the world and turns the backhand straight, which is calm. I If you have the heart and powerlessness, it won’t help you. If you can be alone, you can still be calm.”

Actually, all three of you here know the arrangement of Inn, the girl, the big vase, and these all are Cui Chan.

A Shujian Lake has allowed Chen Ping Ghost Wall for many years, and the whole person is skinny, but as long as it passes, it seems that apart from uncomfortable, there is only uncomfortable.

Cui Chan never gave much, especially Chen Ping’s benefits, whether it’s the last landscape picture of Tree Leaf Continent, or the Inn girl tonight, Cui Chan is just like Junior Brother Chen. On Ping’s heart, a light was placed in the distance. If you don’t go to that step by yourself, or choose to avoid the detour, you will miss it for the rest of your life. What Cui Chan did seems to be telling Chen Ping a very cruel truth, despair, you asked for it, so hope, you have to ask for it.

Ning Yao asked: “Since I have the honour to meet her again in this life, what do you plan to do next?”

In Ning Yao’s view, Su Xinzhai’s life, a girl can barely count as some cultivation aptitude, so she can naturally bring Unrestrained Mountain cultivation. Don’t forget what Chen Ping is best at. Actually, it’s not reckoning, or even cultivation. It is to defend the way for others.

But Ning Yao doesn’t think that if a girl immediately goes to the mountain for cultivation, it must be the best choice.

Chen Ping said: “I have to talk to her a bit more when I look back.”

In fact, Chen Ping had been thinking about this when he came on the road, carefully and carefully.

Generally speaking, only cultivation, the Inn girl who still doesn’t know her name in this life, has the opportunity to open up her mind, remember her past life, and renew her fate in this life, but her predecessor’s long-cherished wish.

Like many ordinary masters, on the road of life, you can always meet some “familiar” people, but most of them don’t think much, just after a few glances, they pass by.

But remembering the events of the previous life, it must be the last thought of Su Shinsai in the previous life. Does the girl in this life want it now?

old scholar said with a smile: “You can come as you are good to little girls. As for what is really good, there is no need to worry. Many times we have to admit that not everything can be planned in advance, really It can only be solved if things come and solve them. Ping An, you especially don’t forget one thing. To the girl, she is just her, but in your eyes, she is the Shujian Lake and Huanglishan’s Su Xinzhai.”

Don’t go up the mountain, for example, in Great Li Dynasty Capital, living a stable life in the downhill market, just shorter years, marrying as a wife, husband and child, firewood, rice, oil and salt, it’s not a good thing. Little girl, one day I am willing to go up the mountain, and it won’t be too late to come for cultivation Unrestrained Mountain is still a family property. There is no shortage of Daoist and Divine Immortal money.

Chen Ping nodded and said: “You must understand this principle before you can do the rest.”

From beginning to end, Chen Ping seemed very calm, but in just a few sentences, he had already drunk several sips.

Drinking quickly is a big taboo at the wine table. No matter how much alcohol you drink, the wine tank will easily turn over. Then I mostly ran under the wine table and claimed to be invincible. I was not drunk.

Chen Ping said: “Why did Mister suddenly go to imitate White Jade Capital and talk to others?”

The old scholar raised Erlang’s legs, took a sip of wine, laughed and said, “I’ve cultivated myself in Merit Virtue Forest for many years, and I have accumulated a lot of grievances, learning, and studying there for many years. I am also a little diligent. I really want to say The reason is that the mouth is itchy, which is similar to having no money in the pocket and being greedy for wine.”

Chen Ping nodded and said: “Mister’s discussion this time, although the discipline regrets that he didn’t see it with his own eyes, but with the natural phenomenon that swept half of the world, he knew the knowledge of Mister’s opponent Tiangao. Mister, can’t this one go?”

The old scholar steps on the bench with one leg, lifts the wine bowl, gently bumps, nodded and said: “The old man is indeed extremely knowledgeable, and he is the world’s most Water-friendly Saint in the world. One, very powerful.”

The old scholar and Chen Ping each finished a bowl of wine. Chen Ping smiled and turned the bowl over to show that there was no more drink left. The old scholar glanced at his bowl and took another sip. Only then turned the empty wine bowl, said it was full, and continued to fill it. The old scholar thought that you brat would drink like this, and don’t get really drunk in the end. It’s late in the morning, and I will blame Mister again, and Junqian is not around and she is Mister’s.

Chen Ping poured the wine again, simply took off his boots, sat cross-legged, and said with emotion: “Mister, this is a unique harmony between people and the right time and place.”

The old scholar sighed, “It’s a loss, it’s difficult.”

Ning Yao found that these two Mister disciples, one does not ask about winning or losing, and the other does not ask about the result. They just praise the old man here.

The higher the old man’s knowledge is, the Mister wins as well, so naturally the higher the knowledge.

The old scholar turned his head to say with a smile: “Girl Ning, this time you travel with your sword, everyone knows the world. From now on, I will say hello to Ah Liang and left and right. What is the highest sword intent and sword technique? Give up their respective titles.”

Ning Yao said: “I don’t come to Haoran often in the future, don’t worry about the Confucian Temple.”

If it weren’t for Literary Saint old Mister, she wouldn’t bother to explain anything like this.

The old scholar smiled and shook his head, “Worry about what this does, the Confucian Temple still has the tolerance, and now it’s Steward himself, the atmosphere is very different from the past. Ning girl, if you don’t come often, I Just worry. What I really worry about is your unfreedom from now on.”

Look at those three Sect Founders, who will stop by another house?

As the Number One Person in the colorful world, Ning Yao’s future situation is of course much better than Chen Qingdu’s ten thousand years of withering the city, but after all, there is the same…suffering.

Ning Yao said: “A world, free to come and go, is enough.”

old scholar sighed, shook his head, “This is too early.”

Ning Yao was a little helpless, but Lord Literary Saint said so, she just listened.

She remembered something and said to Chen Ping. The old coachman previously promised her that Chen Ping could ask him three questions without breaking his oath.

Chen Ping nodded with a smile.

The old scholar seemed to have sentimental feelings. After drinking, laughed and said: “Some have mixed up some famous bastard eggs, but the teachers can’t teach them. The change will not be changed. You really can only wait for them one After another, it sucks, it sucks.”

As for who the old scholar is scolding, it may be the old oilman who does not do ass in certain official circles, and is the only one who is the first in the world. Maybe it is some Old Sword Immortal of Righteous Sun Mountain, maybe it is Grand Virtue World Some Old Guy with a higher level of life-saving skills, old scholars did not name them, who knows.

Chen Ping nodded and said: “I wrote it down.”

The three of them noticed a strange aura almost simultaneously.

Not in Great Li Dynasty Capital, but in the land of Gyeonggi, which is a dark road that Yang people avoid.

The old scholar relied on Saint’s connection with heaven and earth, Ning Yao relied on the Ascension Realm cultivation base, and Chen Ping relied on the Dao Heart ripples that Great Dao defeated.

Chen Ping stood up and said, “I’ll go outside and have a look.”

Ning Yao will leave the Inn with Chen Ping.

old scholar said with a smile: “Ning girl, you don’t have to follow. Great Li Dynasty Imperial Court has done a good job of opening the way. You are too strong in sword intent to help. It’s okay, just a little bit The precautions of Wucaitianxia, ​​I figured it out by myself anyway, not use official authority for private interests. Let’s talk with you.”

Pure sword cultivator, outside the battlefield, the killing power is endless, the killing ability is the first, the living is not necessarily.

Ning Yao took his seat again, Chen Ping shrouded the mountains and rivers, dressed in azure clothes, his figure scattered and gathered together, and he stepped to the capital wall and looked far away. Apart from several hundred li, Yin Qi soared into the sky and gathered. Into a long meandering river.

On the landscape road dedicated to the deserted wilderness, Yin Qi baleful qi is too heavy, because there are few living people, the Yang Qi is thin, and the ordinary Qi Refiner, even the Earth Immortal and the like, may be good at approaching To kill the cultivation, if you take a closer look at the Qi Viewing Technique, you can find the trees on the road, even if they are not stepped on, in fact, there is no contact with the undead, but the verdant color has already revealed a somewhat unusual death. Qi, like a complexion ashen.

A group of Great Li Dynasty Qi Refiners in the outer city of Capital is responsible for guarding this section of the city. One of the old worshippers and the azure clothes swordsman who suddenly appeared, asked: “Who is the newcomer?”

Chen Ping drew out the innocence card from his sleeve and hung it on his waist. Since it is his own family, the old worshiper has checked the authenticity of the innocence card, and it is just a cup one fist in the other hand. Don’t bother.

Chen Ping was silent for a moment and asked: “Old Mister, the number of people seems to be extraordinarily large this time? It seems that there are about 30,000?”

Old worship nodded, “Because it is the penultimate dial, so the number will be more.”

In fact, the old worshiper originally didn’t want to talk more, but the uninvited guest said “number of people” instead of words such as ghosts and ghosts that made the old man willing to talk.

In the north of Great Li Dynasty, in the land of the rising dragon of Song Clan, there is a water and land law meeting held by the abbot of the Capital Translation Bureau and a Zhou Tian Dajiao in charge of the Chongxu Bureau, on the site of the extradition battlefield. The ghosts of the ghosts of the north return hometown have been held for many years, day and night, and it still has not ended. It is true that the Great Li Dynasty frontier army killed too many people in the foreign land. In these years, the Great Li Dynasty Imperial Court was issued by the emperor. The Ministry of Rites took the lead in making specific preparations for the matter. The Ministry of Households paid for the matter, and the Ministry of War sent people to escort them. Just for the Grandiose Yin Soldiers crossing the border, they opened up three costly landscape routes.

Every time they drove, there were thousands or even more than 10,000 battlefield souls who stopped during the day to prevent the remaining souls from being exposed to the sun, living in the landscape formation along the Great Li Dynasty Qi Refiner. Only in the middle of the night, there are not only the Dade monks chanting all the way, holding the tin to lead the way, but also the Daoist chanting the Taoist secretly, ringing the bell to pull, and even the Imperial Observatory Bureau Qi Refiner and Great Li Dynasty iron rides on both sides of the road to prevent the wandering soul from running. Dispersion, coupled with the cooperation of Mountain and Rivers Divine Spirit, City God and Civil and Military Temple in various places, has made this matter never appear to be a major omission, and will not disturb the World of Living people.

It is rumored that a Vice-minister of the capital ministry of war originated publicly threatening the officials of the household department, don’t talk to Lao Tzu about any difficulties, this matter has not been discussed, even if your household department sells iron and demolishes the government office In exchange for the material, it is also necessary to ensure that all the dead souls of the Great Li Dynasty frontier army will not stay in the battlefield site for too long, so that the soul flew away and scattered. For this reason, the Ministry of War specially assigned five or six people, and they stayed as temporary “servants” at the Ministry of Households Office every day to supervise and monitor the progress of this matter. Quarrels are common.

In addition to the Great Li Dynasty enshrining cultivator, Confucian academy gentlemen and wise men, and the experts of Buddhism and Taoism, there are also the Imperial Observatory Bureau Earth Master, the Civil and Military Temple heroes, the City God Temple, and the Earth Temple. Perform his duties and be responsible for picking up the dead at various landscape crossings.

Chen Ping stood on the head of the city, watching from a distance the scene of the night tour.

The family and the country are intact, so where are the people, the mountains and rivers, and the clouds.

These mountains and rivers meet, but there is already a difference between life and death, the difference between yin and yang.

Indeed, how can there be that many people who see it at first sight, prepare for laughter.

Chen Ping turned his head and saw the controlling wind travelling far of the young cultivator Song Xu in the distance. He was probably busy rushing to the Yin Profound Path as soon as possible. Everyone was fast as lightning, and there was no deliberate concealment. sword cultivator Song Xu stepped on a sword and dragged a very long golden line. Array Master Han Zhoujin seemed to be walking. Every time he stepped out, several li mountains and rivers appeared in the blink of an eye, and the Spiritual Qi ripples appeared under his feet, such as Flowers bloom in the night, besides Dao Lu Ge Ling, Military School of Thought cultivator Yu Yu, Confucian scholar Lu Hui, and young novice monks, they also performed magical skills and hurried far away.

Chen Ping’s figure turned into eighteen sword light, and the city head seemed to bloom suddenly. Outside of ten several li, Chen Ping staggered to the ground, and once again drove his way with the unskilled sword escape method, finally Hovering at a high altitude, with several types of talisman, including slush talisman, helped him hide his energy, squatting on a tree branch on the top of a wild mountain, overlooking the mountain road.

Lu Hui from Ruism, Buddhism and Daoism Three Sects, Houjue, Geling, apparently has long been familiar with leading this matter, and has fallen at the forefront of the Yin Soldier crossing the Yin Soldier road, with their respective dao lines The Great Li Dynasty Qi Refiner took the lead in the walk, and the Military School of Thought little girl from the Yu family of Upper Pillar Country, not far behind, walked side by side with a group of martial arts heroes from the capital and Gyeonggi.

A landscape road for the extradition of the dead is extremely wide, and four camps are vaguely divided. Yu Yu and Wumiao Yingling are the largest number, accounting for nearly half.

Song Xu and Han Zhoujin found a young man standing behind. He was riding a horse in the Great Li Dynasty Iron Cavalry. He was a Nascent Soul Realm sword cultivator who was less than a hundred years old.

I saw the two of them. The rider was only nodded. Han Zhoujin took out two talisman horses and rode forward with Song Xu. Han Zhoujin and a woman who had a good relationship asked, “How What’s going on?”

Because Han Zhoujin previously discovered that the leading monks and Daoist Daoist tonight are all raw faces, and the expression is haggard, as if the injuries are not light, especially the few martial arts heroes, when she went forward, she even I could see that their golden bodies were worn out to the extent that naked eye was visible, and the starlight disappeared into the night.

That colleague female cultivator couldn’t hide his exhausted expression, and said: “The number of tractions this time is too much. Furthermore, the Ministry of Rites government office issued another death order, which is a high official official document written by a high official. Said that this Yinming Official Road consumes too much Spiritual Qi along the way, and has disturbed the landscape by at least 20% more than expected. It is clearly to blame for our bad work and worry that there will be accidents in the next night tour, high official The adults have spoken, what else can we do, we can only brace oneself, not counting the damage of the cultivation. Otherwise, no one will be able to take the next evaluation of the ceremony and punishment.”

Song Xu asked: “Huajing, is there anyone making trouble along the way?”

The Nascent Soul Realm sword cultivator said with an indifferent face: “Look back and see the spy for yourself.”

Song Xu is accustomed to this, Yuan Huajing, nicknamed Yelang. They are the leaders of the five Qi Refiners on another hill.

The two sides have a disagreeable temperament, and they have always been difficult to deal with. Only on the battlefield can they cooperate seamlessly.

Yuan Huajing was slightly frowned and found that there was a dozen battlefield dead soul on the road ahead, showing signs of dissipating souls, said solemnly: “Du Jian, are you blind?”

There is a young man with deathly pale face and chapped lips and bloody lips. He is already exhausted from riding a pawn. He was originally sitting on a horseback while napping and warming up Spiritual Qi. It is really refreshing. I was extremely exhausted, but after hearing Yuan Huajing’s words, without the slightest hesitation, he got up, tipped his toes, swept forward, raised a high palm, twisted his wrist, and there appeared a gentle silk thread between his five fingers. The silk threads gathered together in an orderly array, the golden light shone, and it was a radiant compass, and the light fell on the walking ground of the ghosts.

In this way, the young pawn guards the wind while holding the compass in his hand, sheltering the other party. As long as there is a slight sign of the soul of the dead soul, the precious light will shine.

Song Xu reminded: “It’s too late.”

Yuan Huajing said indifferently: “It seems that it is not your turn to have a Golden Core to tell you.”

Yuan Huajing is a group of five people in total. In addition to his Nascent Soul Realm sword cultivator, there is also a ghost cultivator, a Yin-Yang School of Thought Qi Refiner, and the other two were once rogue cultivator origin .

They are obviously more murderous than Song Xu’s six people.

Song Xu didn’t take it seriously, but took the initiative to talk to Yuan Huajing about the young hermit’s entry into Beijing. He met him and talked about the weirdness of the Daoist Auntie Feng.

Yuan Huajing was nodded, “I have seen the few sword lights of Ning Yao before.”

Song Xu hesitated for a moment, but still reminded: “There is a clear distinction between public and private.”

The rider next to me is the origin Upper Pillar Country Yang Clan, and Yuan Huajing’s younger brother is the concubine of Yang Clan who is married to the daughter of Azure Wind City Xu Clan.

Yuan Huajing said with a sneer: “Because of the surnamed Song of the prince, you can manage so broadly?”

Song Xu choked for a while, and suddenly laughed, “You really should have a good chat with that official Chen Yin.”

It is rare for Yuan Huajing to take the initiative to speak, “It is still difficult for the six of you to work together?”

Song continued nodded: “Yu Yu said that he would only be chopped and cut vegetables. There was a rehearsal afterwards. Lu Hui said that relying on those words spoken by Chen Ping would be of no use to the war. Ignore it.”

Yuan Huajing said: “Zhao Yao still didn’t find a suitable candidate? If it is Zhou Haijing, I don’t think the weight is enough.”

Song Xu shook his head and said, “You don’t know what Zheng Qian’s identity is. Zhao Vice-minister can only step back and determine the aptitude through Yuhong and her fist.”

Yuan Huajing frowns saying: “I am not optimistic about Zhou Haijing, the woman Martial Artist.”

Song Xu helplessly said: “Where else can I find a young Summit Realm Martial Artist, and it must also be expected to be among the Tenth Realm? In terms of martial arts, we are only worse than Divine Continent in China. Before. The embroiderer recruited by the Ministry of Justice is not here. Moreover, in my opinion, she is similar to Zhou Haijing, and she is a North Entirely Reed Continent native after all, which is not suitable.”

The vacancy of pure Martial Artist actually had a suitable candidate in the early years, but he died in Shujian Lake.

Otherwise, once the Twelve Earth Branches are completed, according to the careful deduction of the Ministry of Criminal Affairs and the Imperial Observatory Bureau, twelve Qi Refiners and pure Martial Artists who are under a hundred years old can work together to kill an Immortal other than a sword cultivator. Realm cultivator.

The most important thing is that they have endless methods, closely linked with one another, to ensure that none of them will die, or even their realm will not fall.

It’s a pity that the formation eye that really serves as the killing move happens to be the pure Martial Artist that has been pending.

Otherwise, in the previous battle to accompany the capital, they would never be the only two of the original Purity Realm’s Monster Race cultivator.

The two Monster Race heads happened to be cut down by Yuan Huajing with a flying sword.

The eleven of them are all night tourists, and they are destined to remain unremarkable until the opening of the sect in the coming year.

Yuan Huajing suddenly turned his head and looked at a mountain ridge, and said: “Chen Ping, why bother to hide? Just like to hide and watch the show?”

Chen Ping hearing this just glanced at the young Nascent Soul Realm sword cultivator, ignoring the opponent’s provocation.

When we came here, Chen Ping started operating the five key Life Source Qi Palaces and Spiritual Qi on the hills of the princes.

Yuan Huajing said with a sneer: “Since I have chosen to stand on the sidelines, please go a little further, and stay here less to respond.”

A Mountain and Rivers Divine Spirit who protects the road along the way consumes the essence of Burning Incense accumulated through hard work, and even the wear and tear of the golden body.

As for Qi Refiner, in addition to accumulating the depletion of Spiritual Qi, it will even wear down the cultivation, especially if it is careless, it will also damage the ancestral shade and inner virtue.

Even a sword cultivator like Yuan Huajing seems to have nothing to do, but in fact it is not. It is also necessary to use sword energy to drive this Great Li Dynasty iron cavalry on the road, which is always consumed.

So this errand of traveling on a dark road at night is a thankless task for anyone. Afterwards, the government offices at the Great Li Dynasty Imperial Court will certainly make up for it. To be calculated, the profit and loss are obvious.

But even so, it’s still the case, but it’s the simplest duty.

The woman who drove side by side with Han Zhoujin was the ghost cultivator. She asked in her heart: “I saw the young hermit, how did she look?”

Han Zhoujin said with a smile: “Excellent, personable, Sword Immortal.”

The female ghost twitched his lips, “But since he is here, he is only looking at him from a distance, so I will not admire him as much as before.”

Han Zhoujin explained with a smile: “He is Sword Immortal, even if he is a martial arts Grandmaster, what can he do.”

The female ghost is nodded, and she agrees, “That’s right! It makes sense!”

It’s just that regret is inevitable in my heart.

What’s the matter, female ghosts can’t think of spring anymore. A young man from the same hometown, for the sake of his beloved woman, has stood alone in the city for many years, so she is not allowed to admire him a bit.

Just like her temper, when I saw each other later, it was just a hungry tiger attacking the sheep without a word.

Chen Ping was on the top of the mountain, and finally looked carefully at the specific situation of the 30,000 battlefield.

next moment, a brilliant sword light broke the night.

It shines on the road on the earth, bright as day, every delicate hair was completely shown, but the most unusual thing is that the sword energy is so majestic and majestic, all the ghosts and ghosts on the road of Yin and Ming are actually fearless Fear, on the contrary, even those ghosts that have long been muddled with spiritual wisdom have unreasonably added a bit of clear eyes.

In the extreme distance, suddenly there is a virtual appearance of a mountain, such as the cultivator Golden Body Dharma Idol, standing upright on the road.

In the Civil and Military Temple, the heroes, Yu Yu, and the little novice monk felt that at the feet of the lead passers-by, there were ripples, sparkling under the moon night, like… There was a smooth waterway like a mirror.

It is a wonderful pattern of interdependence between mountains and rivers. The mountains are full of Taoism and the waterways are Spiritual Qi.

Not only that, but the young novice monk suddenly lowered his head and turned his head. He was surprised to find that a group of ghosts stretched behind several li, and a golden scripture appeared at his feet.

All ghosts and ghosts, when they walk on this path, there is a golden lotus at each step, one after another blooming, swaying.

The path at the feet of Confucian Lu Hui, and the Yin Ling behind him, underneath his feet are snow-white texts refining from frontier poems. The words are concatenated into sentences, and sentences form poems, and poems form a path.

At the feet of Daolu Geling and several Daoist Daoist, there are articles of extremely mysterious and abstruse Dao tactics, which make a road appear colorful and glazed.

And Yu Yu was shocked to find that on the road in front of her, in the water and light, there appeared a virtual flying sword that was as big as a boat, paved into a road.

The natural phenomenon does not stop there. When the azure clothes in the extreme distance began to climb slowly, in an instant, golden silk threads bloomed from him, drifting away, killing more than 30,000 in battle. The heroic spirit, one after another traction.

Climbing alone, dragging forward.

With the loss of one’s own merits, refining has created countless long lines of cause and effect, pulling each other with the 30,000 Yin spirits behind him, and azure clothes will go ahead.

After that, the mountain climbing back in azure clothes, the footsteps became faster and faster, and finally walked against the wind, like a virtual boat, a ferry, and one person led thirty thousand heroes, wading through the mountains and water, flying forward, At an extremely fast speed beyond imagination, he rushed to the water and land law meeting and Zhou Tian Dajiao.

All the Mountain and Rivers Divine Spirit and Qi Refiners from all walks of life seem to have nothing to do at the moment.

Just follow.

Rao is Dao Heart as strong as the sword cultivator Yuan Huajing, but also dumbfounded.

Song Xu smiled knowingly, and Chen Yinguan did “chat”.

Song Xu, the prince of the Great Li Dynasty Song Clan, put away his thoughts, and cup one fist in the other hand to the back of the other hand to salute, fascinated.

The female ghost was dull and speechless. After a long time, she muttered: “So much merit, don’t you want to give it up? Such a loss-making business, I am an outsider, I feel distressed.”

Han Zhoujin’s eyes were shining, and he smiled and said: “He is a hidden official, what he does is not unusual.”

Wearing azure clothes, after approaching the destination, he just turned around and cupped one fist in the other hand with the heroic spirits on the battlefield, and then left with the sword light.

Maybe in the night tour team tonight, there are the border guards on the snowy road that year, or their battlefield robes.

A carriage hung from the tail of the team, because the Ministry of Rites right Vice-minister in the carriage is not a monk on the mountain, so it should not be too close. This Ministry of Rites right Vice-minister called for one A fellow military commander, after the two sides discussed, all Spiritual God and cultivator, including Song Xu and Yuan Huajing, received an order. For the time being, no one should disclose the matter of tonight. You have to wait for news from the Ministry of Rites.

On the top of a quiet mountain in the boundary of Gyeonggi, Chen Ping floated down, wiped the sweat on his forehead, and began to sit cross-legged, calming the chaotic atmosphere within the body Small World.

The old scholar came quietly, said with a smile: “I have worked hard to save some family property. If you don’t want it, don’t you?”

final disciple This move is very ambitious. Not only did I help lead the way, but also used a method. Before doing things, I was honest and sincere, and I first made clear my identity as a Confucian cultivator with the world, so I can only give merit and not earn a little bit. Merit.

Chen Ping immediately eyes opened, said with a smile: “From heaven and earth, to return to heaven and earth is a matter of course. It’s like earning hard money, not just spending money at will. Besides, you can earn more in the future Of.”

The old scholar squatted aside, un’ed, and asked Chen Ping to rest for a while, and said with emotion: “I pity Mei Huayue, I can’t bear to sleep all night.”

Chen Ping echoed: “I can’t bear to sleep all night, Yuehuamei pity me.”

old scholar palms his hand with a boxing, “Wonderful.”

Chen Ping said: “It’s Mister’s discipline after all.”

old scholar said with a smile: “smelly brat, there is no outsider at the moment, is it a waste?”

Chen Ping simply stopped Breathing Technique and took out two glutinous rice ferments from Hu Family Township, and one pot with Mister.

The old scholar smiled and asked, “I still don’t learn this sword technique well? Why don’t you ask Ning girl for advice?”

Chen Ping obediently and honestly said: “Mister, it’s not that I have the face to learn this sword technique from Ning Yao. It’s just me who is ashamed. I don’t need to learn from Ning Yao. I don’t have to be hypocritical with Ning Yao. Boxing, I used to open the Fist Manual on the table at first, learning the words from Ning Yao, and solving boxing thinking. But I don’t want Ning Yao to think too much. , Is to endure hardship. Actually, there is no hardship. Seriously, practicing sword is much easier than learning boxing.”

Old scholar said: “It’s just in comparison, it’s not easy.”

Then the old scholar stroked his beard and smiled, and couldn’t help but exclaimed: “This is the old kind.”

On the issue of love between men and women, it is necessary to talk about the roots of wisdom, especially the ability to apply what you have learned. Several of my own direct disciplines, Cui Chan, Left and Right, Jun Qian, Little Qi, I am afraid that all together, they are not as good as the final one next to me. disciple.

Chen Ping suddenly felt guilty and said: “It seems that Mister always has to work so hard, so I don’t want Mister to worry about and effort.”

The old scholar took a sip of his drink and said softly with a smile: “Say some silly things, don’t say anything in the future, or Mister will be angry.”

When I get angry, I can’t help but want to curse at Zuo Zuo and Jun Qian. Now these two are not with me. One is at the Great Wall of Sword Qi site, and the other ran to Azure Nether World to see Bai Ye. .

The old scholar rolled his eyes, coughed, and whispered: “Peace, girl Ning has spoken for some reason, let’s go to your Senior Brother house and relive the old.”

Chen Ping turned his head, his eyes lamented: “Mister, what the hell is going on. No matter how hard you work for the discipline, you can’t do this.”

The old scholar is even more worried, and angrily raised the flask, “Go one, go one.”

Chen Ping complained: “Walk with a hammer, Mister will drink by herself.”

old scholar greeted him, and suddenly said, “By the way, peace, Mister was at the Inn just now. She gave you the offer letter. Ning girl accepted it, but Ning girl also said that the wedding reception must be there first. Hold one in Ascend City.”

Chen Ping eyes shined, “Mister, go one by one.”

The old scholar shook his arm and complained to himself: “Walk with a hammer, Mister drinks it by himself.”

Chen Ping must and Mister bumped into a hip flask, “Mister has worked so hard to make it impossible!”

The old scholar drank the wine and said, “By the way, girl Ning still needs to go to the Confucian Temple with me. There are some things that the saints have to say, but it is not the saints who are so big and do not want to go to Aquarius Continent in person. But since it’s a matter of business, it’s only in Merit Virtue Forest. Peace, don’t worry, it’s your own family, who is embarrassed by the saint, and will not embarrass Ning girl. This round trip does not need to spend too much time. “

Chen Ping gently nodded, without any objections.

Mister disciple drank wine on the top of the mountain here, and returned to the alley of the capital city. As for the Inn, forget it.

The old Nascent Soul Cultivator once again blocked the road, frowns saying: “Chen Ping, you and Ning Yao, forget it. Bring an outsider. It’s not compliant.”

On this kind of thing, Zhao Duanming didn’t dare to help the newly recognized Big Brother Chen.

The old scholar looked at the boy and laughed and asked: “This boy Toshihiko, has he been struck by lightning several times?”

Zhao Duanming nodded and said: “The hero doesn’t mention the bravery back then, less than ten times.”

Chen Ping explained with a smile: “It’s my Mister, not an outsider.”

Liu Jia wondered: “Which Mister?”

The old scholar tugged at his shirt and shook his sleeves.

Chen Ping continued: “It is the Mister of the Junior context, that is, the Mister of the senior brother Cui and Mr. Qi.”

The old cultivator had a face full of disbelief, and for a while, he was so embarrassed that he did not dare to speak.

Even if the Literary Saint Divine Idol was moved out of the Middle-earth Confucian Temple, and could not eat cold pork head meat for many years, for a mountain cultivator like Liu Hua, a Confucian Saint who could stand side by side with the Lisheng and Sub Saint , A Confucian Saint who can teach Embroidery Tiger Cui Chan, Sword Immortal and Mr. Qi, waited until the original existence far away in the sky, really close at hand, except for being embarrassed, dare not say a word, really There are no other options.

Zhao Duanming asked in his heart: “Big Brother Chen, really Literary Saint?”