Sword of Coming Chapter 834


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Chen Ping said goodbye to Mister and left the alley early in the morning.

Thinking about the offer letter, Mister sent it, Ning Yao accepted it, Chen Ping was in a good mood.

The old cultivator who was responsible for guarding the alleys put down the white jade dojo again in the alleys. In this life, apart from cultivation, the old man has no other preferences anyway.

Liu Hua really just simply likes to practice the Taoism. As for the realm and so on, don’t force it, love will come or not, anyway, I’m not used to you.

It’s just weird. Didn’t the disciple be struck by lightning if he didn’t protect the way yesterday? It’s rare to see how hu hu played those martial arts over there. It turned out to be the Breathing Technique for one night. He was very diligent. He used the gold liquid to return the Dan lineage to carry the small circulation over and over again. It was sincere and spiritual. For this reason, it’s kind of like a thing.

In addition to his own cultivation this night, Liu Hua’s Spiritual Qi circulates big circulation, using his visual magical powers, such as the immortal, to ride a crane in a vast world of his own unique Gold Jade jungle, out of the palace under the white crane, in Longevity Bridge, watch the water and enlighten the way. The old cultivator also needs to pay attention to Zhao Duanming’s circulation route, so that he can select defects afterwards and help the discipline to find out and fill in the gaps.

Chen Ping stopped near the entrance of the alley, waited for a moment, bent his fingers to knock on the door, and tapped lightly, said with a smile: “Old Liu immortal master, stop by the door, don’t you mind?”

When the knock on the door in the alley sounded, Liu Jia just converged his mind. The cultivation came to an end. The old Nascent Soul was full of emotion. This young man, worthy of the Junior Brother of Embroidery Tiger, has a really poisonous vision, across a small dojo. World, he can see his own cultivation situation so real, the old cultivator got up from the futon, displayed his magical powers, opened a small door for the white jade dojo, and said, “Please come in.”

There is an extra word of “please”. It has nothing to do with Sword Immortal or Sword Immortal, which means that your Mister is Literary Saint.

In just one day, the young hidden official came in first, Ning Yao’s fierce sword, and Literary Saint’s presence, Liu Hua felt that his usual deserted cultivation path was rarely so lively.

I was just thinking about finding that guy to drink. Isn’t it possible that I can’t drink at this moment, and I can only toast three glasses with the old coachman?

Chen Ping stepped into it, glanced at the teenager who was still in cultivation, and asked in his heart: “The old immortal master intends to wait until Duan Ming has entered the Golden Core Realm, and then teaches a superior Thunder that naturally fits his numerology. Law?”

Liu Ka’s expression is weird. He wanted to nod his head very much. When a young man who was just a young man was swollen and fatty, but the old man’s conscience was overwhelming, it didn’t matter if he was losing face, he sighed, “There The Thunder Law of the fart, I am so sad.”

Chen Ping was surprised: “With the background of the Zhao family in Tianshui, you can’t find a Thunder Division Dharma?”

Liu Pa shook his head, “In recent years, Zhao’s only found a few unorthodox way Thunder Law secrets, which are far from the authenticity of the Five Thunders of Dragon Tiger Mountain, and the vast distance is far away. They dare to give it, but I dare not teach.

It’s really a Sword Immortal who doesn’t know the price of oil, salt, firewood and rice. Thunder Law is known as the ancestor of all laws on the mountain. How can this secret record of true law be so easy to get, and it’s not money or money at all. Aquarius Continent Immortal Family, there are not many people who specialize in Thunder Law. There are not many people who are close to “authentic”. Even the great Heavenly Monarch of Divine Order Sect, Qi Zhen, dare not say that he is good at Thunder. Law.

Chen Ping thought for a while and said, “I’m going to Divine Continent in Divine Continent when I look back. There is a mountain friend, who is Huang Zi from Heavenly Master Mansion. I have made an appointment to be a guest at Dragon Tiger Mountain. I can’t put together a decent Secret Manual, but I can’t guarantee it will happen.”

Liu Chi frowns saying: “For no reason, why are you so invigorating your teachers and giving away a copy of Tianda Burning Incense to Duan Ming? Why, you want to win Tianshui Zhao, as the Imperial of Unrestrained Mountain in the Great Li Dynasty court ally?”

Chen Ping shook his head and said with a smile: “It’s really going to happen, that Thunder Law Secret Manual, even if I accidentally missed it in the Renyun Yiyun Tower, I think it’s thanks to the immortal master Liu for helping to take care of the Senior Brother house, Liu The old immortal master only needs to do one thing, which is to conceal it from Tianshui Zhao’s side. In short, it has nothing to do with me, and then he will preach for Duan Ming Anxin.”

Liu Chi will be suspicious, “It’s that simple, there is really no plot against?”

Chen Ping asked, “I can’t believe in a Chen Ping of strangers coming together by chance, but the immortal master Liu still can’t believe in my Mister?”

Liu Chi laughed dumbly, and he hesitated before nodded. This kid has moved out of Literary Saint. This is feasible. The Confucian Scholar, the most important cultural heritage, can’t be a joke.

It’s just that the old cultivator suddenly came back to his senses and said with a smile: “Good boy, you cheat me. If you don’t do anything, you can earn a good impression from me, right?”

Chen Ping deliberately looked puzzled and said: “What do you say?”

Liu Kao laughed a lot, pointed his finger at the young man who thought he was a fool, and clicked, “Even if you have a good relationship with Heavenly Master Mansion, a Confucian discipline, after all, it’s not in the Dragon Tiger Mountain Dao vein, I’m afraid Even the Great Heavenly Master himself, dare not preach the truth of your Five Thunders without authorization. You just said it yourself. You can only use the opportunity of reading books to piece together and touch your conscience. This kind of to lead Can people astray’s Secret Manual of Taoism be better than what Zhao’s in Tianshui can find? I don’t find a good reason for people astray, and the air leaks on all sides and is untenable…”

The old cultivator stopped talking and saw that azure clothes Sword Immortal smiled and raised his hand. Five thunders gathered in the palm of his hand, and the power of Thunder Law was majestic.

Liu Chi focused his eyes, looked and looked, gently nodded, expression as usual: “The little master plays Thunder Law well. He deserves to be Literary Saint disciple, Embroidery Tiger Junior Brother, who learns from others, casts his eyes and admires him. Okay, this matter is agreed, thank you in advance, only to wait for the little master to accidentally lose the Secret Manual in the house, and then I accidentally picked it up. Just?”

Chen Ping said with a smile: “For all the matters needing attention in the cultivation method, I will write carefully and append the end of the book carefully. The text will only be more cumbersome and detailed than the text. The state of the old immortal master is there, afterwards It’s absolutely not a problem to teach the Fa to protect the Tao.”

Liu Chi was a little embarrassed.

Chen Ping said: “I have to trouble the old immortal master. Help me and Tianshui Zhao Patriarch, ask for a picture, and write the Zhao family motto. Of course, it has nothing to do with Chen Ping.”

Able to be called by Senior Brother to guard the alley here, Chen Ping confirmed that Liu Jia must be a tight-lipped person. So I don’t worry that the old cultivator will miss out on Zhao’s side in Tianshui.

Liu Chi relaxed, asking for calligraphy and painting, and so on, a trivial matter. Even if he carried a basket to the door, it was nothing. It was just for the face of Master Zhao, who wrote beautifully.

The Tianshui Zhao family who was described by the Great Li Dynasty officialdom as a horse manure Zhao, but his family motto has a scholarly flavor. Chen Ping especially loves the few words. The weather should be clear and high, the knowledge should be profound and far-reaching, and the standing should be strong. Yicheng, the color should be soft and Zhuang.

Actually, after Chen Ping came to Beijing this time and met Zhao Duanming, he wanted to ask for a family motto written by Patriarch of Zhao’s family. He mounted it back and should not hang it in his study room. It could be given to the little warm tree. It’s just that the situation in Capital is still unclear. Chen Ping had planned to wait until things happened before opening up with Zhao Duanming. It’s all right now, you can get it without spending money.

The old cultivator was suddenly taken aback. Chen Ping turned his head and looked around. He was led by his own Thunder Law weather. Zhao Duanming’s mind was immersed in the Small World, and there appeared a kind of distant echoing air circulation, so that the whole person was outside the Spiritual Qi. The people are like mountains, and the clouds are hovering. There are signs of lightning and thunder. Chen Ping glanced at Liu Jia. The latter was taken aback, and immediately nodded, saying that you just need to protect the road for Duanming.

Chen Ping stepped forward to Zhao Duanming’s side. He stomped lightly, the closed-eyed young man sitting cross-legged on the futon, and then floated into the air.

Chen Ping raised one hand and gently stroked the young man’s head to help Zhao Duanming calm his mind, Dao Heart. The palm of the five thunders that was originally packed with five thunders turned into two fingers together, gently tap the center of the young man’s brow to calm him , Instantly into a state of sleep.

Liu Hua’s eyes widened and his face was unimaginable. I saw that the discipline was all around the top of his head. The weather was magnificent and magnificent, just like a mysterious picture of the heaven and the earth.

The sun and the moon are suspended in the air, countless stars are spinning, I saw that wearing azure clothes, I picked out a golden light lingering, Thunder Law pocket “star” from the bright Star River with my heart, and then The hand of the forehead, as if as a Longevity Bridge, slowly rolled into the young man’s eyebrows. The star that was blurred by Taoism, within Zhao Duanming’s Small World, followed the Spiritual Qi route of the small circulation, and rotated in an orderly manner , The young man originally scattered the essence of Taoism that even he didn’t even notice. If he received the edict, he would soon come and worship the ancient star that seemed to be Heavenly Dao hanging in the air.

Chen Ping gently clapped The young man’s forehead, the young man brought the futon to the ground again.

Liu Ka cautiously asked: “Chen Ping, are you Ascension Realm Great Cultivator?”

Chen Ping said with a smile: “I am not, my wife is.”

Liu Jia endured, but still couldn’t hold back, he asked the biggest question in his heart, “Chen Ping, why did you kidnap Ning Yao?”

Chen Ping adjusted his clothes, shook his sleeves, smiled and said nothing.

Isn’t it obvious? It depends on appearance and tolerance.

Liu Jia was stunned for a long time, jokingly: “Are you a tailor?”

Chen Ping smiled and said goodbye, and strode out of the alley.

The teenager who has been kept in the dark slowly came back to his senses. After opening his eyes, he stood up and jumped a few times, only to feel particularly refreshed.

Finding that Master was sitting on the futon drinking, Zhao Duanming squatted over and smelt the wine to relieve greed.

Liu Ka said with a smile: “I didn’t know why Country Master Chu asked me to wait patiently before, and I said that I should owe the salary first, and then someone will come here to pay.”

The world is messy, twists and turns, and it’s not real, but it depends on the general quality of people’s hearts. Liu Jia thinks that he is quite accurate.

Zhao Duanming said: “My Big Brother Chen’s money, Master is embarrassed to accept? Master, cultivation preaching, of course you are very strong, otherwise you will not be able to teach me such a discipline. I really have to learn from me.”

Liu Ka smiled and stopped speaking, turning his head and looking into the alley. The Imperial Teacher Cui Chan used to be here year after year, day after day, alone, but never felt lonely.

The worry of the heart, like a tiger’s tail, involved in the spring ice.

Now there is a Junior Brother who is walking in the alley.

As clear as the sun and moon, the distance is like a journey of stars.

It seems that azure clothes Sword Immortal, although young, is not a chess piece, but is seated in Capital, where a country is a chessboard.

Invite your opponent to take a seat. Try it.

The old cultivator thinks about it again, quite proud.

My janitor, Chen Ping, Ning Yao, and Literary Saint, all of them can barely be considered to be stopped. Who can compare?

Liu Lao coughed and handed over a jug of wine, said with a smile: “Bright, drink.”

The teenager patted the Master’s hand and laughed haha: “Master is talking about laughing, what kind of wine to drink, the discipline is young, but I can’t stand the smell of wine.”

Anyway, it was only a few steps away. When I arrived at the Inn, Chen Ping was not in a hurry to find Ning Yao. He chatted with the shopkeeper first, and after chatting, he asked about the girl.

The old man panting with rage said: “Surnamed Chen’s, don’t eat from the bowl and look at the pot, hurry up and put away the crooked mind. Besides, did you brat take the wrong medicine? My girl looks pretty , But not better than Miss Ning.”

Chen Ping smiled and tentatively said: “shopkeeper, what do you want, I’m who, shopkeeper, you’ve seen the Three Sects Nine Streams who go north and south. They have already made a pair of golden eyes. I really can’t see it? I think her aptitude is good…”

old shopkeeper anger said with a smile: “Stop, stop! Could it be that I’m from a little girl’s family, how to practice martial arts? I have to say more about this.”

To talk about the martial arts in the market, let alone sell that dog-skin plaster, or smash a boulder on his chest to earn some hard money. Although the young man in front of him is mostly a Jianghu Sect who lives in , But if you want to let your daughter go to learn martial arts with someone, isn’t it just a few days later that you have callous hands, how can you marry? It hurts to think about it.

The most worrying thing is that stupid girl, who dreamed of being a quagmire woman when she was a child, flying over the wall and acting like a hero. Fortunately, the two Little Bastards in Yichi Lane and Chi’er Street fought in groups once. It was a fierce fight, and the bricks were broken a lot. I saw my girl sullenly ran home. Just talk about it when you grow up. It’s not too late to practice your internal strength first.

Chen Ping said: “Then if I was in the Inn with her, and I just met her on foot, wouldn’t it be illegal?”

The old man yelled, lowered his voice and said, “What the hell are you pictured? Chen Ping, you are obediently and honestly, tell me, otherwise I will really drive people out. There are two sons but only girls One, if you were kidnapped by you brat, my auntie could kill me.”

The old shopkeeper really didn’t think this young foreigner was a bad guy.

What’s more, the world is peaceful now. In the days of the people of the Great Li Dynasty, every day is safe and proper. Forbidden, let alone people in the rivers and lakes, Divine Immortal in the mountains dare not.

The old man suddenly asked: “Chen Ping, tell me the truth, which Jianghu Sect are you from? Is it a big name?”

On the border of Longzhou, I only heard that there is a towering Draping Clouds Mountain, the Wei Mountain Monarch who is rumored to be rich in wealth, and a Dragon Spring Sword Sect full of Sword Immortal.

Chen Ping said with a smile: “A poor, humble sect, I don’t know about the shopkeeper. There are not many people anyway, but I can guarantee that my house is good.”

The old man said with a smile: “If I go out, I will tell people that I am one of the very best Big Inn in Capital. It is not the rivers and lakes like Yu Hong and Zhou Haijing who enter and leave every day Great Grandmaster is the Divine Immortal Lord soar into the clouds and mount the mists. Are you believing or not?”

Chen Ping nodded and said: “I don’t believe it.”

The old man asked: “You brat doesn’t really like my girl, right? Is it love at first sight?”

Chen Ping said with a bitter smile: “Really not.”

The old man is relieved, nodded, that’s all right, and then I pat the table, it’s very bad, my daughter is worse than that of Ning Yao, the old man waved his hand, no eyesight, get out.

After Chen Ping left, someone from the government office soon came to look up the book, two faces, but the official card was correct, and the old shopkeeper didn’t think much.

After they turned to the names of Chen Ping and Ning Yao, the two looked at each other and smiled. One of the young officials continued to turn the page casually, and then casually said with a smile: “Liu shopkeeper, business is booming.”

The old man lay on the counter at will, not even a little bit ashamed of these public doormen. His own Inn is on the edge of those two streets. Two generations, almost 50 years old, have never seen any civil servants or generals. The yellow and purple high ranking official in the center of the column is not only a familiar face, but also a lot of encounters on the road, and can also say hello. In this regard, the old shopkeeper has always been quite proud of it, so this time just said with a smile: “Business It’s okay, let’s do it.”

Ning Yao did not deliberately immerse himself in the cultivation and cultivate sword intent, otherwise it would be tantamount to a Great Dao dispute between the two worlds.

She just sat at the table for the night, and then in the early morning, she opened her eyes, subconsciously extend the hand, and gently twisted the corner of a sleeve.

Waiting for the light sound of knocking on the door, Ning Yao said: “The door is not fastened.”

Chen Ping opened the door and entered, Ning Yao glanced at the azure clothes of the hostess, and said nothing.

Chen Ping took out a few collections of essayists from his sleeve, said with a smile: “I will stay in Capital for a few more days. I’m afraid you will get bored, so I picked a few books and flipped through it when I was fine.”

Ning Yao looked at a few books on the table, carried them, and asked: “There is no Jianghu Romance and Legendary Koan?”

Chen Ping asked: “Do you want to look at this category?”

Ning Yao asked rhetorically: “Otherwise, watch the nonsense of those ghost smoke powder and strange novels?”

Chen Ping is speechless.

Those romance novels, at every turn, are the hidden world experts infusing Junior with a sixty years cycle internal strength, which is also quite talk nonsense.

It’s just that what the wife said is right.

Chen Ping first talked about the trip to the Confucian Temple, Ning Yao nodded, and said that there was no problem, then Chen Ping immediately turned around to find books, but there seemed to be no such books in the library.

I remember that it was Little Heitan’s Head Disciple back then, and I entangled Old Wei and Xiao Bai in private every day, saying that each of them had passed her several decades of skill.

Later, the old cook filed a complaint, and then Pei Qian ate chestnuts to his fullness before letting off Wei Xian and Lu Baixiang.

The old shopkeeper saw Chen Ping back and forth, jokingly said: “You can’t judge a person by appearance, it’s pretty fast at a young age.”

Chen Ping pretended not to understand, and asked, “shopkeeper, is there a bookshop nearby?”

The woman was very aggrieved, and said timidly: “Inn is my site. Whether to open the door to welcome guests to earn the Divine Immortal money, there is actually no fixed number. It only depends on the mood of the little girl. Young Master Chen is a gentleman and can never break the door Come in?”

If Song Xu’s six small hills are all strange people, but both their status and temperament are normal, then the sword cultivator Yuan Huajing, nicknamed “Yelang”, has four subordinates under his command. It seems that there is no fuel-saving lamp, except for this female ghost named Gaiyan, there is also a young rider named Kushou from rogue cultivator origin, and a Five Elements home Qi Refiner from Yin-Yang School of Thought lineage.

Finally, there is a rogue cultivator from Shanzawa’s strange origin. He looks like a young man. In fact, he is indeed young, with a cold face and murderous-looking eyebrows. I took a name for myself, my last name is Gou. The boy has a bad temper and has a strange desire to be the Imperial Teacher of a small country. It is a vassal of the Great Li Dynasty vassal. Anyway, no matter how small it is.

Chen Ping shrank the mountains and rivers in one step, directly broke the Inn’s not worth mentioning forbidden Formation, looked around all around, saw a house in the cloud and mist, opened the door with two fingers, and fell into shape , Said with a slight smile: “There were so many people last night, it’s hard to say too much.”

The young man Gou Cun, in fact, has already walked out of the cultivation dojo where there is paradise in the house. At this moment, he saw the azure clothes in front of him. The young man cup one fist in the other hand and tried again. It seemed that all of them felt wrong, and finally had to scratch. Scratching his head, shouting Chen Mister, and then began to grin silly.

In the past years in Shihao Country, in the dog meat shop, there was a young man who was mistaken for being a dumb boy. Later, he met a man in a blue cotton coat. He has a possibility.

Finally, I borrowed a Lesser Summer Coin from the teenager.

“My enemy”.

Gaiyan in the alley is not annoyed, but shyly stomped and followed.

When she came to this courtyard, she was shocked. Did Gou Cun know Chen Ping? Why never heard of it.

Han Zhoujin also came to the door of the small courtyard, with a tag-a-long Yu Yu beside him.

The brilliant young boy said with a smile: “Mister Chen, my name is Gou Cun today.”

Chen Ping nodded with a smile, “The name is good.”

Go Cun.

Don’t forget your roots and live.

Chen Ping extend the hand.

The young man quickly took out a Lesser Summer Coin that he had kept all the time from his sleeve and handed it to the other party, apologizing: “Chen Mister, I spent the Lesser Summer Coin that year.”

Chen Ping said: “borrow money to pay back, no interest is allowed.”

The boy grinned, knowing that Mister Chen was joking.

Chen Ping puts away the Lesser Summer Coin, and when he twists his wrist, there is an extra green bamboo stick, which is the trekking stick of the literati literati for mountaineering and traveling, “I will give you it.”

On the top of the hiking stick, there is a two-character inscription, Zhi Yuan.

The young man held a mountain stick in his arms and was not good at words, but silently bowed to Mister Chen in thanks.

next moment.

Before he could raise his head and stand up, the young man was instantly alarmed.

In fact, not only Gou Cun, but also the female ghost in the courtyard, Han Zhoujin and Yu Yu at the door, and Song Xu gathered in a nearby courtyard. Everyone found themselves in the cloud. in.

Array Master Han Zhoujin has taken out the Immortal Palace ruins, and then only a sword light between Heaven and Earth, splitting the sky and the earth, forcibly broke the mountain and water restriction of an ancient Tongbai blessed land, I saw That Chen Ping grabbed Gaiyan’s bun with one hand and Gou Cun’s neck with the other. The female ghost Gaiyan in Spiritual Qi was suppressed by her fist, almost stagnated, and a little bit of trouble, such as Life Source Qi Palace belonging to Five Elements. The pain of heartbreaking, as for Gou Cun has fainted, the most troublesome part is that Gaiyan and Gou Cun’s eyebrows were lightly stabbed by a flying sword, and the sword energy penetrated within the body Small World.

The azure clothes Sword Immortal, who did not say hello, looked around all around, glanced at the breath of Great Dao in this ancient the immortal dojo, then stared at Han Zhoujin, said with a slight smile: “I It’s a bit strange, how did you kill the Monster Race Original Purity Realm back then, kill and beheaded? No way, is it to give you heads, right?”

Chen Ping each minding their own business said: “Or, as long as there is a shortage of staff, the eleven of you can only count as a pan of sand? It’s okay, just come in. Besides, there is no need for you in the world. It’s a good thing to plan to kill others, and one day you will have to pay off the debt. That’s it now.”

The Yin-Yang School of Thought Qi Refiner was just about to pinch the Dao Jue to use an extremely mysterious Life Source Divine Ability, and at the cost of falling a realm of his own, he helped the eleven people to return to ” Before”, prepare well.

As a result, there was a sword light straight down above his head, Yuan Huajing appeared as Sui Lin’s guardian, took out a Life-Source Flying Sword, and cut off that sword light with a flying sword against the flying sword. I never thought about it, the Five Elements family. Qi Refiner was all around, the sword light lit up countless, directly stirring up that slender silk thread.

Chen Ping left Gou Cun and Gai Yan in his hands, and stepped to Dao Lu Ge Ling. This Daoist actually chose to directly explode Golden Core and Nascent Soul and replace them with ordinary Earth Immortal cultivator. It should be The end of body dies and Dao disappears.

Chen Ping, unscathed, walked out of this slightly chaotic battlefield with a fist like a waterfall, stretched out his hand to hold the Military School of Thought cultivator Yu Yu and gave him a close fist, and gently pulled him toward him. Moving forward, then turning around is a heart-to-heart elbow, hitting Yu Yu vomiting blood, flying out several ten zhang, body flashed, just about to lift his foot and step on it, but from the corner of his eyes, he realized that Yu Yu was actually far away. , Interesting, in the small world of the caged finches, what I saw in my eyes was still disturbed. It seems that the female ghost, the “painter tracer” on the legendary mountain, still hides a lot of clumsiness.

So the next moment, as seen by the eyes of eleven people, the heavens and the earth are tilted, twisted and inverted to varying degrees.

Like a world, cut into countless realms by the master.

As soon as the female ghost changed her appearance, she had a sword light in her field of vision, and she was nailed into her body and the colorful dress by dozens of long swords in an instant.

Gou Cun, who should have been sleepy for a long time, suddenly opened his eyes, and Chen Ping stepped on the center of the mouth and passed out again. At the same time, Chen Ping squinted the little novice monk, laughed, as if saying it was you. Wearing azure clothes, like stepping out of the door, volleying in the air, appeared behind the little novice monk, with his arms around Little Monk’s neck and one hand on Little Monk’s chin, but Chen Ping hesitated and chose to stop temporarily. Little Monk’s head, said with a smile: “Be careful later.”

Put two fingers together and drew a circle. After the little novice monk felt all around, a golden thunder pool appeared.

Chen Ping changed the battlefield and shook his sleeves. Talisman was like hanging two galaxies and surrounded the Five Elements home Qi Refiner.

Han Zhoujin turned pale with fright. I don’t know when, he actually lost the air traction with the Immortal Mansion site.

Chen Ping looked all around, raised his hand casually, patted the flying swords of Yuan Huajing and Song Xu, and said, “I know that you have a lot of back players, but it is useless. If you don’t have a chance to use it, you have already lost. “

flicks with the finger, lasing a piece of golden body fragment at the Yin-Yang School of Thought Qi Refiner, Chen Ping said: “Compensation. Come back.”

The time reversed for a moment, and the eleven people returned to their positions, but with the support of the little novice’s Dharma and supernatural powers, everyone still remembers. Sui Lin sat down on the ground, face deathly pale, just the golden body fragment in his hand, It can make up for the loss of its own cultivation and still have a surplus.

Half of the cultivator is not convinced, and the remaining half are in fear.

The very ruthless azure clothes Sword Immortal seems to be the only one who is not affected by the long river of time. He is the first to return to the Inn, standing in the corridor with his hands and sleeves, and staying with the young man with his head down. said with a smile: “Scared?”

The young man was dull and speechless, still holding a mountain stick, got up and scratched his head, then shook his head, “Mister Chen, I learned it.”

Chen Ping whispered: “Cultivation on the mountain, the clouds are weird, the higher the climb, the greater the mountain breeze, so be careful in the future.”

Then Chen Ping laughed, “Of course it’s not that you have to be careful of my sneak attack in the future. Today’s shot is an exception.”

Chen Ping began to help the eleven people to resume the fight, and gave some suggestions, as for whether they listened or not, it didn’t matter.

If they weren’t the cultivator carefully selected by Senior Brother and spent a lot of money to cultivate, Chen Ping would be too lazy today, then a big piece of golden body fragments from Ancient Spiritual God is not money.

Chen Ping finally asked in his heart: “Gou Cun, what happens when I see someone who eats dog meat now?”

Gou Cun was silent for a moment, lifts the head, and spoke frankly with Chen Mister: “I still feel uncomfortable, so I listen to Chen Mister, and then I must be the Imperial Teacher of that small country. I ordered that no one is allowed to eat dog meat in a country. “

Chen Ping nodded, “Come slowly.”

Chen Ping is about to leave this Immortal Family Inn. Unexpectedly, the female ghost has the courage to approach a few steps, blinking a pair of big eyes, “Young Master Chen, let’s go now, I will send you off?”

Chen Ping said with a smile: “I’m not tired of crooked crooked, let’s talk about it, what are you drawing?”

She was unprecedented with a shy expression, “Learning from Han Zhoujin, I am excited when I see it, and can’t hold it.”

Han Zhoujin’s face flushed, fly into a rage out of humiliation and said: “Gaiyan, please clean your mouth!”

Chen Ping was speechless and passed away in a flash.


Temple of Fire.

Under the flower shed, Aunt Feng squinted her eyes, turned up without being invited, and entered without knocking on the door. Who is it?

The old coachman blunt said: “The situation is compelling. I need to answer Chen Ping’s three questions. What do you think the kid will ask? I prepare early. Don’t shy away. If it wasn’t for you to make trouble, I would not suffer too much Those two swords.”

Auntie Feng smiled, “Chen Ping will definitely ask who you are first.”

The old coachman said: “What else?”

Aunt Feng continued: “Then Life Source Porcelain was broken, do you get involved?”

The old coachman was nodded, “This is a good answer, no shit.”

Aunt Feng sighed: “Is your conscience? You have bet on Apricot Blossoms Alley Ma Family.”

The old coachman did not hide, “I am most optimistic about Ma Kuxuan, there is nothing to hide, but what the Ma family did has nothing to do with me. Neither instigated them nor helped to erase the traces afterwards.” /p>

Aunt Feng thought for a moment, “As for the third question, there are too many things he might ask, and it’s hard to guess.”

“For example?”

“For example, Black Pearl Paradise’s Life Source Porcelain refining, who is the instigator. Do you want to answer? How?”

The old coachman took out a small porcelain bottle. After opening it wide, Purple Qi was wrapped around him, and he sniffed it lightly, and suddenly he was full of golden light, flowing around his body, mending his injuries.

The body of the Spiritual God, being cut by the sword cultivator, is good, that is, there is no residual sword energy, and the afterword of the sword energy will be washed away by the long river of time. As long as the golden body does not collapse on the spot, the injury will be serious , No matter how many cracks, you can make up for the golden body.

The old coachman was silent for a moment, a little helpless, “Tell Ning Yao, as long as it is a question I don’t want to answer, I can ask Chen Ping to change it.”

Aunt Feng said with a smile: “That’s it?”

The old coachman sullenly said: “The little lady gave an explanation, but there are only three things.”

The old coachman suddenly looked up, you old lady, don’t cheat me anymore.

Auntie Feng joked: “If it really doesn’t work, just die Fellow Daoist, don’t die and don’t die. Let’s share the roots and feet of that person with Chen Ping.”

The old coachman shook his head, “As for the four difficult ghosts on the mountain, in fact, don’t mess with anyone.”

The other two people behind the scenes, one of them is the dragon breeder of Fulong Lineage. There is another one from Yin-Yang School of Thought Lu Clan, one bright and one dark, the one in the bright spot is the Capital Qi Refiner who was beaten to death by Song Changjing indiscriminately. , Are all written by this person.

These old farts of them, under the fence of the Black Pearl Paradise, certainly have their own needs. The old Sect Founder in Fulongshi is betting on the Great Li Dynasty Song Clan and by the way suppressing Good Fortune Street Lu Clan destiny.

As for this Auntie Feng, apart from protecting the road, it’s just that’s all to get along the way, such as bringing Cao Han and Yuan Huang out of Black Pearl Paradise, and giving this pair of future civil and martial arts to Great Li Dynasty Chaotang only had the ZTE, which made Great Li Dynasty Song Clan not cut off from national blessing, and was easily annexed by Lu Dynasty, which was the Great Li Dynasty Sect Master country in the past.

Compared with Aunt Feng and the old coachman, the Yin-Yang School of Thought cultivator from Lu Clan in China, hiding behind the scenes, threading needles and leads all day long, acting the most sneaky, but able to be precise and within the rules.

The old coachman said for no reason: “Within the sixty years cycle, first come first served. Ma Kuxuan actually has a chance.”

It means that the Grand Virtue Qi of illusory and everywhere is the luck, the mountains and rivers of several continents are broken, the Great Cultivator of the two worlds has fallen so many, which one is not the destiny generation of the original itself, but all one after another returns between Heaven and Earth, it’s like an invisible battle. Earlier, the Sword Immortal embryos of the Great Wall of Sword Qi, and Tuo Yue Shan Bai Sword Immortal, were actually due to the coming of this war, and they all started to happen. Later, Sword Immortal Xu Hao, White Emperor City Gu Canzhi Liu, one by one turned out to be born, rising extremely fast, so in the past 100 years, it has been a great year for cultivators, and there is nothing to miss.


Wen Hai, who has gone heavenly ascension, can return to the world and war again.

The old coachman glanced at the sky and sighed: “I have to say, this thoroughness is indeed remarkable.”

Auntie Feng said with a smile: “Don’t take away the qi, this is the way of cultivator to raise Tibet.”

The frowns saying of the old coachman: “The merit is hard to come by. There is something wrong with Chen Ping’s brain.”

Aunt Feng shook her head, unwilling to say more about it.

The so-called human nature, in the final analysis, is to like to fight with yourself.

As a Spiritual God, I am born to be able to classify them into different categories, not bad, happy, angry, sorrowful, and subdivided into hundreds of “boundaries”, all in order.

With regard to this matter, Three Sects Saint has many solutions. For example, Buddhist Taoists respect the “Shouyi Method”. More recently, only the old scholar who restored the temple of Confucius has already been in Sage. The book explores the secrets of heaven. For example, if the mortal observation is suspicious, the foreign object is unclear if the center is uncertain. When the moon is night, you can see its shadow and think that the ghost…the heart is the king of shape, and the lord of gods Therefore, we need to restrain ourselves, seize ourselves, and stop ourselves… This is the essence of the old scholar’s unmasking chapter.

So previously on the Inn side, the old scholar seemed unintentionally and casually, and mentioned his unmasking chapter.

At that time, Aunt Feng removed a gust of breeze and stopped listening to the conversation.

The so-called rumors in the world are really not because she deliberately went to watch them, but because of Life Source Divine Ability.


Chen Ping went back the same way and approached the Inn. She just happened to run into the girl and went out. When she saw that guy, the girl turned around, ran back to the Inn, bypassed the counter, and hid beside her father, and then pretended to start to take orders.

Chen Ping crossed the threshold, look steadily forward.

Suddenly stopped, turned and walked out of the Inn, to the alley house.

The Queen Mother of the Great Li Dynasty finally came.

At the counter, the girl whispered, “Father, did I wrong him.”

old shopkeeper said solemnly: “No, this kid is a man in the rivers and lakes, he has a lot of thoughts, he is trying to catch him.”

Chen Ping is rather helpless.

Walking slowly on the street, and nothing happened, Chen Ping started to babble casually.

The ancient bamboo horse hits the waist of the skirt, Zhuma listens to the sound of selling flowers, the lotus charms the fish, and the screens complain about the autumn of the jade, and the jade leaks late. Clouds across the river can’t send boats, the immortals on the magpie bridge see the pot in the sky, and the mountain ghosts sing Wannianchun.