Sword of Coming Chapter 879

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Chen ping left the night tour sword in the clouds and clouds, with Xiao Mo, in the vicinity bought a pastries of the two people, and then bought a pot of wine, just overhead of 14 Silver Taels, one There are not many money for money.

Xiao Mo follows Chen Ping to buy drinks and pastries together, in the bustling Capital, Said with a smile: “Can you busy the people of the world, the arrogant people are busy. FELLOW DAOIST LU has said yourself It is the help of YOUNG MASTER, this is the case. “

is a boast.

chen ping squatting the food box, smiling: “Xiao Mo, a fellow daoist lu, don’t you know the true identity of Lu Chen?”

Xiao Mo said: “Fellow Daoist Lu Speech Leni, there is no considering White Jade Capital’s Third SECT Leader, just I think it is impeal, too much, there is a negative fellow daoist lu enthusiasm.”

chen ping said with a smile: “Xiaoshos eats where you eat.”

Xiao Mo’s smile habituality with a few points, glanced at the food box in Chen Ping, curiously asked: “Young master, this food box and the drink in the drink eat, are there?” /P>

chen ping nodded and said: “This food box wood, from the second hometown of Great Li Dynasty, the people of Yuzhang County, the people, the people who died, and the dead people, just see How is our Queen’s appetite. Capital trip, as long as you don’t care, it is not a big thing, and the 14 Silver Taels is just good. “

The ancestral county of the Mother Nanli, is rich in good material, these years have been in short supply, the previous Great Li Dynasty Imperial Court is not strict, in fact, it is not difficult to manage this matter, really have a military order, Just mobilize the local garrison, no matter how much the number is oligital, don’t say that the land is expensive, it is the mountain immortal on the mountain, no one dares to move the grass in the mountains in Yulu County.

Fine, or the fierce battle, Great Li Dynasty, too much dead. If you die, you have to have a coffin.

So IMPERIAL Court has only begun to truly hit the privately deforestation, ready to cover the mountain forest, the reason is simple, the war has ended for many years, gradually become a great wood, the Immortal Family to build a house, otherwise, it is a big pilgrim The identity, to send the building of the building to the temple road to the continuous customization of the temple, in short, there is nothing to do with the coffin.

The Yidong Road and the breezy street are on the edge of Imperial City, so this is very convenient for the value of Gujing to participate in the DPCI.

Great Li Dynasty morning, every day, there is not bright, two streets will have a horse.

I heard that early big several decades, I just entered the Ministry of Tie, the vehicle congested roads, often played in the road, anyway, the Great Li Dynasty official, almost everyone It can be considered a martial arts origin, a bit similar to today’s Great Li Dynasty, with the six Government Office, even the officials do not participate in the sand field, but the official civil case who has passed every day is like a nitric flavor and blood-reeking qi.

chen ping with small stranger, passing a Imperial City door, a large pair of red paint gold spikes, imposing manner majestic, blue white Jade Stone foundation, Zhu Hong high wall, single-click hill-style yellow glass Top, two sides of the door have a geese and duty room, and the end is duty room. Imperial city is heavy, and the people usually have no chance to enter, Chen Ping has given that troublesome card to Xiao Mo, let Xiao Mo hang on the waist and do something.

A martial arts, a martial arts, came to, and recognized the other’s identity. The surrounding of this ImPerial City door, setting with several prohibitions, convenient, official investigation, record Identity. Some of the fruits of Great Li Dynasty officials that do not need to be blocked at all, they are dedicated to the Imperial City, they are not available at all.

Chen ping said: “This is our unrestrained mountain’s dedication, called strange, lane, life.”

Soon, there is a Szazu to go out from the house, and the voice of the martial arts is speaking.

Wu Officer Cup One Fist in The Other Hand, “SECT LORD CHEN, I have checked, the Criminal Department does not have the relevant files of ‘strange’, so strange privately hanging the dedicated to Beijing, is not in the Imperial Court gift.”

The meaning of the words is that Chen ping can enter imperial city, but the side is from “unfamiliar”, but should not enter the city.

Of course, it will not be stupid to remind the young Sword Immortal, so that the 扈 will give the criminal department.

But this matter, it will definitely make a careful record. As for the criminal department, there will be no more accountable, dare not dare to be respoted, do you want to ask Unrestrained Mountain Xingshi, it is the criminal department. For a hundred years, Great Li Dynasty Wenwu, no matter the size of the body, I have been used to the division of labor, and the officialdom of each of our duties.

chen ping said with a slight smile: “Go back to let the criminal department make up.”

The military official is speaking, full of awkward look.

TOOK A Deep Breath, this martial arts eye is firm, reach the handle, and shake his head with the Azure Clothes Sword Immortal, SAID SOLEMNLY: “SECT LORD CHEN, since the ceremony, the official responsibility, “

chen ping The one of the martial arts is invisible, and it will not be difficult for these public doors. SAID WITH A SMILE: “Your duty can pass the criminal department, I am waiting here.” “

The Ministry of Criminals promised to be the best, if you don’t agree, what is the relationship with me into the city.

Are you Liu Wei?

Wu Guan RELAXED, let the sect lord chen take a moment, no one is half a point of dragging water, turn it to the big step back to the house, immediately transfer to the criminal department. Soon get the reply, the content is also very simple, two words, release.

is just a large print in the letter, and there is still a secret printing of two criminal mini-minister.

This makes the martial arts are quite unexpected.

is full of curiosity for the trip to CHEN Ping’s Imperial City. It is quite simple to see that it is not as simple as the department to go to the South Square.

Waiting to the renowned Azure Clothes Sword Immortal, the 扈 扈 扈 扈 扈 扈 扈.

The martial arts returns a house, and that is from the country of the country, the Said WITH WITH A SMILE: “This Sect Lord Chen is our Great Li Dynasty native native, such a young Sword Immortal, is not Snow Wind Temple Wei JIN is bad. “

“As for the punch method of SECT LORD CHEN, teach Wu Zi Great Grandmaster Pei Qian’s Expert, where is it? Righteous Sun Mountain, our Chen Shan’s Sword Technique is high, I don’t look at it Sharp, but the rack of Righteous Sun Mountain, I saw me spent a lot of silver to buy wine. “

That is a smile HEHE: “Old Ma, Chen Sword Immortal is your relative? Sickle 哉, Chen Sword Immortal seems to be a horses.”

Wu Guan Said with a smile: “Acid.”

Sakura put down the pen, suddenly said: “Such a powerful SECT MASTER is both young Sword Immortal, or Martial Arts Grandmaster, how is it in that battle, I saw his Dísciple and Ancestral Hall, in the battlefield I have a sword in the boxing, only I don’t see myself? “

The martial arts have a little eating, and he said: “Maybe it’s busy to turn off. On the mountains of Divine Immortal, just a few months, let alone is ahead of the UPPER FIVERMS, etc. Major Event. missed That war is also normal. “

with Xiao Mo, Chen Ping is in the imperial city of the government, the atmosphere is insumed, and the inner and outer city is the scene of Completely Different.

Chen ping turned over the middle of the middle, and estimates the imitation White Jade Capital on the other side.

Scare people?

Sorry, on the battlefield, the fourteenth old throne Great Demon line was released, and he did not scare himself.

chen ping Remove the line of sight, the voice said: “Xiao Mo, if there is flying sword to come here, you have to help you stop.”

Xiao Mo converges smile, Nodded and Said: “Young master is pleased to drink. There is a small film here, you will never worry about lady’s closure Cultivation.”

I finally had the opportunity to make up for one or two.

In Great Wall of Sword Qi, Fellow Daoist Lu At that time, Take Pleasure in Other People, Misfortune, and his thumbs up, said that dare dared to deliver a sword in Miss Ning in Mingyue, world.

chen ping heard the “lady” statement, gently nodded.

as a dedication, Quai.

The two sides have walked to the door of the door, Chen Ping and a Wu Wan responsible for guarding the gate: “I will help me, I only see the south.”

or the lattra of Central Plains Yin-Yang School of Thought Lu Clan.

Unexpectedly from the darkness of the Palace Gate, there is a waist-free, such as the unscrupulous youth Cultivator, and the martial arts will put the hand, and the two are not allowed to hand over the reception.

Chen ping said: “Lu Old Senior, long time no see.”

Youth Cultivator a laughter, pretending to understand, and asked: “Why did Chen Mountain have no back sword?”

This Azure CLOTHED MAN, the Mountain owner of Unrestrained Mountain, the Grand Virtue World’s A SECT’s Master, End Boundary Martial Artist, Final Disciple, LITERARY SAINT LINEAGE.

Of course, all everything is the earliest one, or the year, the Dogshit Luck has been stepped on, in the small town corridor, it will become … sword owner.

, no matter what, it is impossible to overlap with the image of the MUD BOTTLE Alley Straw-Shoe Youngster.

The kiln worker of the will be on the way, and the sneakers in the gossip in Good Fortune Street Peach Blossom Alley Green Stone Pavement will be 惴惴.

has just received a secret letter from the family, saying Chen Ping with a few Sword Cultivator Liangyuan Wild Desolate World.

has made the drag of drag and moved a round of color to Azure Nether World.

What have been done, unknown.

Chen ping said: “Senior Lu is just a big age, the monk is still some, it is not what Sword Cultivator, then don’t say SWORD DAO.”

Washing a moment, Chen Ping stares at the Black Pearl Paradise hides a lot of Lu Clan Old Ancestor, goodwill reminds: “Go out, you have to listen to people.”

Youth Cultivator is also irritable, said with a smile: “Great wall of sword qi’s secret door,” indeed qualified to say these words, Lu Mou is taught. “

is here, his identity, there is no need to hide, this young is a deep Chen Mister, which is an extremely uncomfortable master.

Anyway, the old driver, their own appearance, it has been despised by itself.

chen ping asked: “Are you planning to help the way, or have this sword here?”

The LU CLAN Old Annestor of Maintaining a Young Appearance is over the body, rehanging a palm, saying with your heart: “Please. Lu Wei has already set a banquet, she wants to take the wind dust for Chen Shan.” /P>

Three people walked through the palace door.

Xiao Mo asked the voice: “Young master, I am very eye-catching, anyway, he is Fellow Daoist Lu Discilled of Grand Disciples, Realm is not high, just IMMORTAL, which is a bit distance from the flying. Realm, do you want me to die? “

then Xiao Mo supplement, “Most three swords.”

Judge is this PEAK MONSTER RACE that just left Wild Desolate World, “Young Master, I can find a sword first, I will take a good time, just seriously injured, let the other party will not The scene was killed on the spot. “

Don’t doubt a chasing and chasing, challenging Bai Ze twice, and asked Yuanxiang and Longjun asking Sword Cultivator, Sword Technique is not high enough.

Walking slightly in front of youth Cultivator turned his head, only can be blurred to be unsatisfactory, he looked at the youngster who did not know the identity by the time by CHEN PING.

Small Mo To. Slightly Smile.

nodded, as long as the other person is a head, it will promise his sword.

Young master gives a sentence, Xiao Mo can go out of the sword.

Unfortunately, the other party will move soon.

Chen ping said with your heart: “No need to be anxious. Some old accounts must be clear.”

See the Nanlong that Alone appears.

There is also a wine.

chen ping put the food box at the table, gently open, take a pot of wine, take out two pairs of ordinary materials Azure Bamboo chopsticks, “Either hand in Life Source Porcelain, or a little trouble, I am today Strue you, go to yourself. “

See the Nanli just to talk, Chen ping just picks up a chopsticks from the table, reminds: “You only have a chance to say a word, if there is no exact answer, I just choose the latter by default. “

Southern Yizhang is still, and the previous time in the cloud is also in the cloud, it is completely different. She is actually not talking about a word today.

She looked at the old Ancestor, the latter did not express his expression.

chen ping An An quiet waiting for that answer.

Some time, unreasonable people are not intended, it is to be explained.

Old Great Sword Immortal, he said to the head of the city, taught the chen ping of secrets at the time, an extremely simple truth.


Capital Imperial Observatory Bureau, two regaicing, have to come again, Yuan Mister, helping to measure the calculation.

has to admit that in this matter, Yuan Tianfeng is a real “foreign” expert.

Yuanfeng in the identity of Imperial Observatory Bureau, a guest on the mountain.

is a special case.

Many years ago, a white clothed, Shanshi scattered man, recruited into the DPRK, see Great Li Emperor.

Yuan Tianfeng is proficient to see, giving the Lales of the Ministry of Corner Old Master, Great General Su Gaoshan, and Cao Zai’s future Great Li Dynasty temple central government, is over, and all at another should be found.

Great Li Dynasty Imperial Court does not have anything like this, and officials are not as taboo.

Guan Old Master will have a very good statement, and the life is a one-class rich and rich, the purple robe is sitting on the high hall, and the former people planted the tree, and the jade is full of gold. Said that Cao Zhu is a ranking of the rhodium, and there is a rhinoceros Mountain Range to jade pillu bones, so Noble That Words Cannot Explain. Said that Su Gaoyama, it is an icy, running through the pupil, and the words of the words, there is a red and yellow.

Yuan Tianfeng said: “In that Chen Shan’s unfathomable mystery becomes a FOURTEENTH Realm Great Cultivator. In fact, it is very stable.”

The subconscious chase: “Is there a ‘but’?”

Yuan Feng Said with a smile: “But waiting until the other party does not seem to be FOURTEENTH Realm, and it will become a good and bad difficulty.”

Yuan Feng Said with a smile: “The previous is the main hidden thing, now the turn is a bit.”

Memons: “Is us, our Great Li Dynasty!”

The fire of the fire is on the side of the road.

When the sea is obliquely, the old car, and the gas Said with a smile: “You are still addicted? When you are a big LITERARY SAINT?”

Old driver SIGHED, the look is gloomy, “Extend the Hand,” I always feel that it is wrong. I haven’t had a matter of time. Let Laozi have to be happy, I am afraid that I will not drink it today, I can’t drink it in the future, take advantage of the palace Didn’t play, hurry up a pot of hundred flowers, Laozi can drink a few pots to drink a few pots. “

Feng Yushu throws out a pot of wine, Teased: “You” Old Antique, if you feel that things hang, join hands, is it afraid to be found by you less than half a hundred years of YOUNGSTER to find you? “

The old car secrets reveals the mud, and the old mouth is drinking a big mouth. “Let’s go back to the mouth,” join for a fart, turn the old account? Laozi is now afraid of being graved by the kids, this kid is far away, Return to the Capital City, it is not right, it is very wrong, completely changed, and it is related to that weird Realm, but it is not only Realm relationship. “

Feng Zunjun Can’t help, “This will finally know that there is a good reason to be good. Qi Jingchun is not less: Who do you listen to?” I know so why. “”

The old car is boring: “The thousand gold is difficult to buy early, and the gold is difficult to buy Regret Medicine.”

Looking at this finally recognized guy, Feng Yi no longer continued to hit the other party, she looked at the palace, Nodded said: “Wind and rain wants, not a little thing.”

Cao Fu, a book room.

The two people are playing.

Cao Wi-mind is accompanied by ALL AROUND, compared to the study of his old man, SECOND UNCLE is really a bit cold.

Here, in addition to books or books, Father’s study, there is too much elegant, there is a beautiful woman, Qiu Haibang and Narcissus. There is also a cracked tasty celadon plum bottle, as well as a row of golden nanmu cages, carefully raised the best of the bird, the birds, the birds, the birds, are all Cao Geng Xin The Dragon Kiln is brought home, and it is very happy to discuss Father.

as the child of CAO Clan, Cao Gengxin dare to go to the grandfather to sprinkle, in the Father study, it is random, but rarely comes from Xiao SECOND UNCLE wholly, not dare.

It is the chance to call Second Uncle to make adults in front of him.

Good in Second Uncle will soon be able to rush to Wild Desolate World’s day.

Cao Zhu, the official payment, it is already the pole of Wu Chen.

The entire Great Li Dynasty, has a total of five people, in the world, actually only three people.

Wusheng Guofei Hugh is the pattern of Great Li Dynasty.

but the Upper Pillar Country surrounded by hereditary, the patrol can’t, which can be seen, it is obvious that the latter is more precious and difficult to get. However, for a family, the two are very favorable, and it is still difficult to divide high.

As for the dead, the emperor will chase the Taifu, and the two titles are relatively imaginary.

Second Uncle Cao Zhu, is a recognized Confucian, which is known, Origin Upper Pillar Country, Wen Hao Wu Dynasty, is all in a romantic.

Today, a slash.

Cao Gexin holds a jade bamboo fold fan, constantly open, and loud.

This guy who has been in the middle of the kiln, and the waist is also hung in the waist.

Cao Zi lifts the head, looked at the nephew of this hanging gentleman.

Cao Gengxin Chuckled Word: “Second Uncle, this is upset? Cultivate Heart is not enough.”

Cao Zhu asked: “Itch?”

Cao Wi-mind has to sit a positive posture.

Don’t say that it is a pro-mother, that is, the grandfather is not afraid. Only this kind of second uncle from there is almost no smile at home, Cao Wirife is really afraid.

There is no way, it is really that Cao Geng is afraid of being afraid of Cao Zhu.

Who let this Second Uncle Government, a large life, big, ability, everything has it.

The problem is that each of Cao Geng’s heart has no head, and those Cao Wi-mind have thoughtful things. Second Uncle is obsenerated, and those who have thought that Cao Failure heart is nothing. Use a waistband Fiercely pumping, and there is useless in the family.

The words of the hidden alley.

But Cao Fun, Cao Zhu took the belt and smashed the meditation, and the two streets were quite attractive spectacle.

Cao Zhu asked: “When did you marry your wife?”

Cao Gexin a big head. See SECOND UNCLE will not let yourself in this matter, under the urgency, just have to find a blind man, “I think Zhou Shiji is very good, I am afraid that she can’t see me.”

Cao Wi-mind will know the moment, SECOND uncle is really!

Cao Zu Nodded, “The eyes are good, just Zhou Sai wanted to see you, so I gave you three years, no matter what the magic you use,”

Cao Wirife is speechless.

Sencture, Send Uncle, is more worried, “If you don’t have Ability, you will take a son to go home.”

Cao Wirife is sluggish.

Second Uncle Cao Zai never comes with Cracking a Joke.

Cao Zhu did not come up with a sentence, “What do you think of chen ping is personal, talk.”

Cao Wirife said softly: “Second Uncle, although it is at home, you can talk to this, or not suitable.”

The first Qiu Di in the world is in the official field.

The sand field, even the enemy of the tiger leopard snake, many Formidable Person, but Real Thing.

But the dynasty is unpredictive, if the flies set people with people, they are driven.

Cao Zhu takes out a letter from the sleeves, handed over to Cao Geng Xin, “It’s not suitable for you.”

Cao Wi-mind quickly browsed the content, it turned out to be a sale of Second Uncle and Chen Ping, and the secret letter was returned to Second Uncle, Cao Gexin coughed a few times, “unfamiliar, really unfamiliar When the department was poor, he did not say a word with him, and there was no chance to take care. So, a man who was unfold, I didn’t dare to comment. “

chen ping is very small in the town, and every time I go to return home, it is nothing more than quiet back MUD BOTTLE Alley ancestors, on the grave, then go to Unrestrained Mountain, almost not stay in Yanghuang County. Otherwise, it is going down the mountain, two shops to Dragon Riding Alley.

and Cao Wi-heart route, then there are so many, where there is wine to join. What is the identity of Cao’s cultivation is not suitable for chen ping.

Cao Zhu handed his chess from the chess tank, pressed and pressed his belt.

Cao Flag heart is not good, immediately said: “But I will be a good friend who is extremely fondled with Liu Great Sword Immortal, and he is the best friend of Chen Ping, so this young secretary is roughly, I still Understand. Chen Ping is unlocking when you do things when you have a young man, but he … never hurt people. CHEN PING is sure Best Candidate, and SECOND Uncle has Divine Vision, nothing to say! “

Cao Zhu sees SECOND UNCLE is still not satisfied, I have to race my brain, I want to say a statement, “I have a spring breeze.”

“That is, you can go up the mountain, you can go down the mountain.”

Cao Zai, this is only Nodded.

yuan mansion.

Nascent Soul Realm Sword Cultivator, who left Inn, is rare to return to the family, and I have found Yuan Zhengding who just returnit to the capital.

Both sides are sitting in tea.

two of them, is considered to be in a hundred years, two of the Upper Pillar Country Yang Clan’s most Outstanding.

Only the age of the two sides is only a single generation.

Only looks like an appearance, Yuan Zhengding from the middle age, in fact, is also a bit more than the Yuanhua.

served as Yuan Zhengding, a county, a county, and has been comparable to the elderly of the Capital official.

plus the relationship, Liu Yimei, four ages, the family, and now it is very good.

Among them, Liu Wei will soon follow Cao Zhu to go to the battlefield.

Relatively, Cao Wi-mind is one of the most heterogeneous, typical Capital Pampered Young Master, less Little feng.

Of course, it is even more famous, the “Foul Wind and Bloody Rain” of the Yixiang and Jieji Street, and the minimum half of the credit is ignited by this guy, and then she is profitable.

So Yuan Zhengding has not had any feelings about Cao Geng Xin.

Yuanhua said: “Positive, this accident is not big.”

That Yellow Court Country Origin, Dragon State, Victory, is now also in Capital, but I believe that he will soon be Beijing, go to Great Li Dynasty to accompany the Vice-minister of Ministry of Rites.

So apocincial Governor, which is a position of ALL INFLUENCE.

On the officialdom, there are also some important positions like MILITARY SCHOOL OF THOUGHT.

If you are able to live in a state, you can live in a state, for the sonmen, it is NOT JUST IN Name Only, but the Also in Reality.

Yuan Zhengding Nodded, asked: “Is it injured?”

Yuanhua Said with a smile: “You don’t have to manage these, peace of mind as your official.”

then Yuanhua said with his voice: “The Vassal King Song Mu’s ferry has arrived in Gyeonggi, as if the idea of ​​changing the idea, did not enter Beijing.”

This is the unique advantage of Yuanhua as a landrage Cultivator.

You can know that many Upper Pillar Country surnames are never dare to adopt hidden matters.

Vassal King Song MU.

Servant Girl Zhi Cui, Ascension Realm. She is now one of the four seas.

ma kuxuan, true martial mountain.

includes Righteous Sun Mountain, Red-Clouds Mountain, Old Dragon City Fu Family, these hills IMMORTAL FAMILY, has always been close to the relationship with that.

Let’s also add to the Great Li Dynasty iron ride.

and Great Li Dynasty accompanied the young officials of the six Government Office.

Yuan Zhengdi looks lightly: “Don’t recognize the emperor, just recognize Vassal King. This is the big problem of the country.”

Yuanhua Said with a smile: “That is not yet.”

Yuan Zhengdan said: “I am preparing to make a speech with your Majesty, and move the south.”

“P> Yuanhua Indifferent Expression.

Yuan Zheng asked: “How is Azure Wind City Xu CLAN?”

Azure Wind City Xu Clan has been married to Yang Clan.

Yuanhua Said with a smile: “How can I, Strength Great Injury.”

I can’t get that guy, it is very fortunate.

The small lane on the clouds of Yun Yun, came to the STEWARD on the Zhao Family, saying that Zhao Guanming went home.

The teenager is the main branch of Tianshui Zhao’s main branch.

Liu Wei reminded: “Quickly Go and Quickly Return. Don’t forget the words, more, I am not too much.”

Zhao Guanming Nodded and Said: “must be proper.”

Great Li Dynasty Upper Pillar Country, Yuan, Cao, Guan, is the first gear. Then there was a Queen Empress’s Yu Family, and a country’s mismazing Tianshui Zhao, after the Fufeng Qiqiu, Poyang Major, Ziji, the mutual gap is not big, each has The officialdom of each official and the context.

Previous Liu Wei helped Chen Ping with Tianshui Zhao’s Patriarch, asked a Zhao’s home training.

According to the agreement, it does not mention Chen Ping, Liu Wei is only to say itself.

Although the Tianshui Zhao, the Tianshui of Great Li Dynasty, although he is laughing as “Horse manure Zhao”.

But the so-called hall advantage of Great Li Dynasty officialdom is actually Zhao.

The sequence officials like HONGLU TEMPLE officials, and there is a stone Ming Ming, a national and small official, is from Zhao’s Patriarch’s hand.

Liu Wei, on the side of Zhao’s Patriarch, always arrogance not small, occasionally drinking there, facing the Great Li Dynasty Grade 2 Zhongchen, Liu Wei is a “Little Zhao”.

Zhao Duanming followed Steward back home, I saw the grandfather who was at home, but it was very strange, in the eye of the juvenile, Grandpa clearly became very tough, which is half a little infected.

The old man stands on the SMALL Courtyard stairs, and the head is touched, and it is regrettable: “I haven’t been thundered recently?”

端 端 ‘s Rolled The EYES.

The old man took a walk to the garden with Zhao Duan Ming, and he was self-speaking.

said that Tree Leaf Continent is a mourning book that is angry. Shaking Support Continent is a full of bloody anger book.

As for us Aquarius Continent, it is a part that I can’t understand the enemy, … HEAVENLY BOOK.

Youth Waiting until the elderly did not continue to shake, this asked: “Grandpa, the basket word painting is ready, Master is urgent.”

“How to become a basket?”

The old man then said with a smile: “The master is not anxious, what is your master?”

The boy is closed, and the rivers and lakes are very good, and they will leave the wind.

The old man did not come from feelings: “To work with hepatobiliary people, you need to study from the words.”

Youth Nodded and Said: “Grandpa, this sentence is very good, you have to write a call painting, I will take it together.”

The old man looked at the boom, laughing.

For a late elderly, I don’t know if I have a farewell every time.

is probably because of this, the old man generally sleeps very shallow.

The sun in the morning is like a golden deer, gently stepping the forehead.

Queen Yu Gu, today she suddenly went to the province, but she didn’t have a happiness, I went to a garden.

Great Li Dynasty Song Clan is extremely loose in this matter. Ministry of Rites has never been discounted from this.

The emperor is continuous, and there is still Yu Yu, which is responsible for escort Queen Empress.

is still a Little Girl Yu Yu, a little age, is not low at the family, even if Queen Empress sees her, you need to call the girl a little.

See the face, each shouting each, Yu Yu can welcome Queen Empress.

Unfortunately the emperor is in her side, like stupid. Otherwise, you have to respect her grandmother.

Up> Upper Pillar Country, in the official list of officialdom, just the official website, tea in the place.

“Haha, Chen Sword Immortal gave the Song Xi’s highly evaluation.”

The girl smiled, it is hard to hold back, imitate the Chen Sword Immortal’s look, tone, reach the finger, Each Minding their ownes Nodded and said: “less than 20 years old Golden Core SWORD CULTIVATOR, after a wearable. “

Queen Empress Slightly Smiled.

The emperor Song is renewed.

A business cool Immortal Family Inn, nourishing and hardship, and a few people have a few, staying together today, just chatting.

After the Little Monk of the Vegetable Venmer, the case has been returned to the translation bureau.

Guling seems to be shouted to the Juanyuan.

It suddenly slammed a shivered, slightly white.

When you save, ask: “Is it?”

The CultiVator named bitter is a bitter laugh. Why is it like this, I feel the same.

In that fight, White CLOTHED people only say “flowers” two words, the colleagues are nailed to the body, and they are awkward.

After Ghost Cultivator, it is cut into fragments in countless sword lights. Use the “person” statement, this hand Sword Technique is homemade, named “One Moon”.

How to make the Avoided a Catastrophe people, don’t worry about?

Capital is very small.

Great Li Dynasty The Jingshi Guardianship of the Chongqing Bureau under the jurisdiction.

Capital Road is hosting a meeting.

including Goling, spectral, phratenasis, sessilles, palm print, geography, and liquidity six credits, all arrived.

There is also a habitual blink, a middle-aged DAOST that is smiling.

is not a smile tiger, but when you are young, you like to pick up the lamp reading, often overnight, and hurt your eyesight.

Although it is now resumed, it is difficult to change.

A Great Li Dynasty, a Great Li Dynasty, Aquarius Continent, is a nameless Little Daoist, which is a famous Little Daoist, now is a leader of the promise.

HONGLU TEMPLE’s young officials have fun, nearly a secret difference, is responsible for collecting Imperial Court Government Office.

The official product is not high, it is from Grade 9, but it is the clearing of the imperial jinshi. It is quite heavy in Honglu Temple. Therefore, in the “order”, it is also temporarily Zijing Temcrical Division and the addition. Official. This is not a general official leader, and it is necessary to be high.

The Honglu Temple Qing, just asked the privilege, how to learn Chen Mister.

The intentions are of course not to say, can only say that it is not much in contact with Chen Mister.

unrestrained mountain.

Cui dongshan sitting, the hospital is a landscape map in the north of Tree Leaf Continent.

Chen Ling is sitting on a small bench, is lifting the elbow, and shoulders to Cui Old Brother.

Chen Ling almost did not see such a serious face of Cui dongshan, and his eyes.

Since the last name, Zheng’s coming, Big White goose is this morality.

Is it Possible That likes to wear a white goose Scholar, is this bird?

The problem is that the surname, I don’t know the guy called 啥, don’t shake the right when walking.

Chen Ling remembered something, asked: “Cui Old Brother, do you know, is Luoyang Wood?”

cui dongshan said without thinking: “It is a unique mountain in the mountains. Since ancient times, I am used to it. I don’t like my hands, but in the name of the Hao Ranus Continent Wrapping Cloths Building, In fact, Luoyang Wooder Origin, but even this is the same, as long as it goes down the mountain, it is not too moving to each other. “

Chen Ling asked again: “Then you don’t know a woman named Qin,”

Cui dongshan is not awkward, shake his head, “I haven’t heard.”

Chen Ling added: “She claims to be Central Plains, Native, Native.”

Cui dongshan thought about it, ask: “Have she hanging up a poplar handle knife?”

Chen Ling all startled, “I really have!”

of his mother, isn’t it to encounter hard nails?

Cui dongshan always looked at the map of Immortal Qi, said: “That’s right, show the color like Qionghua, the hand is white, killing the city. She is also a place with white, Also almost the number of years, very famous, she didn’t be praised when she was excited, and she didn’t be praised, and there were many Wenhao, and she wrote poems for her, but heard that she was very fast. I will hide, it seems to be an enormous monk, very suitable for her. There is a rumor on the mountain, Bamboo Sea Paradise, the pure Fist Martial Skill, which is Azure Divine Mountain, please, “

Chen Ling lifted his hand, wirate the price of sweat, born: “But I am in Dragon Riding Alley, I am at most of her, just Nascent Soul Realm CultiVation Base.”

Since the Qin is not doubt, with Hao Ran’s most proud of a monument, then she is not Nascent Soul Cultivator, the LifeSpan,

of Nascent Soul Realm.

Cui dongshan said: “Don’t worry, since she is coming to Chen Zhenlong, there is nothing malicious.”

Aquarius Continent has never been seen. Great Li Dynasty Song Changjing’s End Boundary, Snow Wind Temple Wei Jin forty-year-old Original Purity Realm is considered a rare thing of “unprecedented”.

Now that Chairs are more and more universities, take the initiative to visit Aquarius Continent.

Chen Ling Gas HU HU: “Since the guy is a busy disciple, then I am a elder of his elder generation. Let’s see the surname Zheng, see I don’t splash him a large barrel of ink, how Have you want to help you export bad! “

This is Chen Ling, Brace Oneseelf, 撂 撂.

Cui dongshan has been like this, and Chen Ling is actually quite a taste.

cui dongshan originally wants to remind Chen Ling to speak caution, especially involving the “surname Zheng”, just thinking about it, it seems that no one has to remind this guy.

Hao Ran’s fairy, it is quite a good performance than the fight, it is estimated that it has lost to this uncle.

Cui dongshan seems to have a good mood, suddenly klewing Chen Ling’s neck, laughing HEHE: “Mister how to receive such Heaven Blessed genius.”

“The eye is the vision of the master. Fuqi is my blessing.”

Chen Ling is squeezing toward the millet.

Xiaoma immediately lifted his hands and looked at him with two thumbs up.

Mountain Monarch Wei Bo walks into the yard from the door.

Chen Ling is shaking the brain, and can not break the big white goose’s arm. Chen Ling is imposing manner is weak, laughd, waving: “Hey, this is not a brother, the rare fars.”

wei Bo is too lazy to take care of Chen Ling, handheld a paper, Said with a smile: “Good news, this blockage of the provincial ferry, the land route of Aquarius Continent, the Great Li Dynasty Imperial Court has passed considered There is no objection, but give a few considerations. “

The original CUI dongshan has designed a complete route, from the IMMORTAL FAMILY Daikou in the Central North Entirely Reed Continent, the most southernmost drive of Tree Leaf Continent.

Since it is a SECT MASTER that you want to be the Lower SECT, you can’t be too lazy.

, for example, has to start atist.

It is difficult to make the XIE Xie not Honorary Disciple.

Nine Sword Immortal embryos, there is also a suitable candidate.

In fact, these things are earlier than Cui dongshan, and at least a SIXTY YEARS CYCLE is overcast.

and CUI DONGSHAN’s truly planning is more far more than Tree Leaf Continent, in the colorful world.

Cui dongshan got up and tied to Wei Mountain Monarch and walked to the cliff on Bamboo House.

After the WEI BO, Cui Dongshan pushed the door of Mister’s Bamboo House, which is both a study, and a residence.

The house is suspended with an united couplet that is extremely loved.

is a blue-film gold-character cloud ripper.

Sandy WIND AND RAIN Three Chi Sword, there is something to go down the mountain.

Yunzhonghua bird, a house, worry-free Turn Sage.

cui dongshan looks at the opposite, soon, I will go out of the house. After closing the door, I hugged my head in my hands, and I jumped on the six blue bricks, and the last blue brick is on a feet.

White CLOTHED SAID WITH A SLight Smile: “Move my heart, Ming Moon, beauty, snow, sword light.”