Sword of Coming Chapter 880

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This beautiful private wine banquet is located in a flower bed, all the around flower group, the fragrant, refreshing.

Moved a small round table of white jade early, Chen ping and Great Li Dynasty, relatively sitting.

The table is put into a loud Wooden Box, and the Nanliugin Yulu County, and it is seen that it is a food box made by the hometown wood.

a pot of wine, two pairs of Azure Bamboo chopsticks, a little embellished cheaper pastries, acting as a seasum.

Seeing the south bodes, how, a small town of the mud, when you are on the mountain, just like delibely mystifying?

The identity is still between the Yunyu, the young Cultivator, sits between the two.

is like a long-awaited rivers and lake disputes, today is in the weakness of the lower air, neither Cast Aside All Considerations for Face, really with the other party IRRECONCILABLE, and don’t want too much folding face, must Give yourself looking for a step, just call the rivers and lakes that help the cheek, mediate.

As for the YOUNGSTER of the yellow hat, even if there is an empty position, there is no seat, but standing behind Chen Ping, double-handed, and smiling.

chen ping from the sleeve, you have a picking lamp, ordinary material, double finger gently twisted the yellow Talaisman Paper, then put it on the food box, pick the lamp to slowly burn, remind Great Li Dynasty Too much dumb time is limited.

Nanli picks up the eyebrows, squatting the passion.

Sickly, forget, in that man Yun Yunlou shakes the wind, That’s All, after all, is the imperial teacher cui’s treatment, but a Great Li Dynasty local Cultivator, the whole hill Cultivator, pure Martial Artist, need Song Clan Imperial Court record file, dare to stay in this Great Li Dynasty Palace, still so overbearing?

She just wants to interact with the lu clan old annestor a few words.

Unexpectedly, the other party has already perceived the intention of the Nanli, immediately shake his head, with the eyes of the god, indicating that she didn’t take this way.

Once you are confirmed by the other party, you will give an answer, and the two sides also talk about anything.

Chen ping this youngster is too good at dedication to the enemy, just like now, just a Golden Core Realm Qi Refiner? Distant Roaming Realm Martial Artist? Deceive ghosts.

and the previous FourTeenth Realm weather, too evil door, and the road is not correct. So if the south is speaking with his own voice, it may be awkward.

Today Chen Ping This visit Great Li Dynasty Imperial City, the name of the name is to see the Mother Nanli, the Ming is exhausted.

chen ping hands and sleeves, and actually began to close our eyes.

Youth Cultivator Said with a slight smile: “Introduce Myself, surname land, the end of the tail, I am with Lu Wei and Lu Tai, all Origin Lu Clan”. “

This self-reported LU CLAN OLD ANCESTOR continued: “If Chen Shan is said to the road, Lu Mou is really in the Black Pearl Paradise for many years, and the early years in the early years of the family, so you I can count half a hometown. “

south dimension is slightly parental.

The existence of this Lu Clan Old Ancestor is not only a deterrent from the Huge Monster family, so that she must first be the Lu Clan’s land, is the south of Great Li Dynasty Yuzhang County, but land tail is also She is now the biggest master bone, relying on the mountain.

Although land tail is not Central Plains Lu Clan Patriarch, it is only a half-step you can raise a flying YANG SCHOW Though Great Cultivator, and the CultiVation Base is deep, the killing is high, in fact, not in the attack magic, Divine Ability, but takes the hands.

If you can choose it yourself, the Nanli does not want to be partially implicated with Lu Clant, and it is not helpful.

Nanli hopes that you are just a girl in Yizhang County, some have a monk Aptitude, married a good man, and have two good sons.

One day, it is hard to go to the wife, and finally, I will get the disappearance of the Embroidery Tiger, and I have to go to two sons. One emperor is a Vassal King, she also has a good time from Docile’s Great Li Dynasty queen, becomes it. After you can promulgate, you can participate in Great Li Dynasty political affairs, rather than a daughter-in-law, the so-called Queen’s identity, but it is to talk to some ladies.

Chen ping asked: “Great Li Dynasty floor Lineage Cultivator’s Confucian Lu Wei, is also your Central Plains Lu Clan’s 承 宗 嫡 嫡 嫡?”

Landid Slightly Smile, is worthy of the white hand’s A SECT’s Master, the heart is like a flying sag, habitually wants to think about it.

The average person, even if the road of the Landsham Lord is, I am more interesting to pay more attention to his Immortal Family,

But the end of the Customs of Black Pearl Paradise, the size of the earth, is too familiar, knowing a no one to rel q onnee-free orphan, can go to THIS STEP today, why is it difficult.

Today this is very sincere, no concealed, shakes his head: “Lu Wei’s Child, just next to the exaggeration. He is still not the same as the Empress, so I don’t know my Origin. “

Chen ping said: “If I am the fishing person of the Linyuan network, I may have to make a few times a day, and the Heaven’s Net is Wide, And None Can Escape Its Mesh is not leaking.”

Tail Nodded and Said: “Gold Jade”, deeply. “

Previously drive to the south jim to the alley to find Chen Ping’s old car, focusing on the object, is later going to the True Martial Mountain Cultivation Apricot Blossoms Alley Ma Kuxuan.

and that feng family mother, although it is far ancient spiritual God Origin, but there is no stand, no one is sin, and it is good.

Land and that have never been in the CHEN PING. It is only a LU CLAN and the Great Li Dynasty Song Clan.

and landing during Black Pearl Paradise, the most proud of the pallet, not at the scenes of Great Li Dynasty Song Clan, planning Great Li Dynasty old five-school site selection, but earlier, land tail I have cultivated two Black Pearl Paradise’s Youngster, carefully cultivated, and taught them to learn. Later, There Two People, became the most famous ZTE, Cao Yu Yuan, One Civil and One Military, the Guardi Pillar of the country, helping Great Li Dynasty, the most steerous years, The Great Li Dynasty, which is also Lu Clan, is exempt from the lower end of Lu Dynasty to completely swallow.

But in order to hide the traces, the land tail is invited, and she sends two people to Black Pearl Paradise.

and the one-in-one portal is posted by Yuan, Cao’s two gods, so that the landscape Destiny, Great Dao is very good, and finally there is a sign of a loose Immortal Realm Bottleneck.

before the fire in the temple, the old car, the old car, it is really not good, for the self-insurance, it is better to shake someone’s roots.

The sea is said, it is landing.

The old rider is still hard, and I don’t want to fall in the mud leg that I didn’t look at Chen Ping. I didn’t do this.

but greater reasons, or old cars always think that the so-called mountains have four difficulties, and they are more than one way.

Seeing two people chatting and gas, the south is a bit uneasy.

I should not be used by Lu Clan Old Ancestor as a discard? Or will it be a transaction?

Sudden sight from the line, looking to Chen Ping, the quasi, laughing, laughing: “Chen Mountain, this pseudonym, the famous ‘unfamiliar’ Fellow Daoist, does it seem to be our Hao Ran native?”

A Great Dao originate, CultiVation Base is deeply qi refiner, at least IMMORTAL Realm starts.

During the meeting, the land tail quietly evacuated, but unfortunately, a group, helping.

Tail does not dare to perform calculations, worry, beat the grass to scare the snake, it is unnecessary for yourself.

is just in the middle, the land tail always feels this unknown “unfamiliar”, after the smile of Kind-Hearted And Moderate, hidden Murderous Intention.

chen ping introduces: “Lu Old Senior is highly resistant in the mountains, and the monk is in the years, it is possible to call him Xiao Mo. Where is the road, Xiao Mo is drifting such a rope Cultivator, not talking about the teacher. “

Leir of laughter, he can only rely on a little breath on the other side, do a speculation that does not use it, or the Great Wall of Sword Qi is hidden in the wild hinterland for many years Old Sword Immortal, infection in Wild Desolate WORLD There are too many Destiny. Either it is a active and Great Wall of Sword Qi … Monster Race Cultivator!

is similar to that.

and Grand Virtue World, the Monster Race Cultivator, the THE IMMORTAL, is almost all of the people in the mountains, such as Dao Name, Kuming Tieshi Mountain, Guo Gus Ting, and White Emperor City Zheng Junzhong Junior Brother Liu Taool, but it seems to be renamed Liu Chicheng. The landing does not feel any one, in line with this “unfamiliar” image. It is necessary to know that the land tail is one of the world of highlights, the so-called landscape method of the Immortal, does not afford the slight effect in land tail eyes.

chen ping Since the last constant hidden official for many years, in public or in private, there should be such a Sword Technique who is a wonderful slap in this way.

“The Sun Moon is trying to do.”

Xiao Mo smile, the voice is warm, with the most authentic Central Plains Divine Continent Grande, so Lu’s old Mister does not have to share a native outdoor, just look at Junior on the CultiVation Path. ”

Looking at Chen Ping, did not come from a sense: “SAGE, the body of the world.”

Each Minding Their Own Business Lifting a wine glass, drinking, “” Haojie, the expansion of the territory. “

chen ping is set, just glanced at the moment that slowly burned, suddenly tweak a mountain incense with double fingers, it is the first shortly from Red-Clouds Mountain Cai Jinjian. Yunxia.

Gently a stone table, such as in InCense Burner, a burning inchering, more like … is giving this close, grave and fragrance.

is reminding this Lu Clan Old Senior, which is a long time in Black Pearl Paradise, you called “half a hometown”, both Burning INCENSE, it is so much.

Next, the land tail is to be a tailor to be talked. It is still a life that is actually Talk Nonsense, and there is only 5 minutes of the Outs.

time, don’t let me see Lu Old Senior you face.

Otherwise, it is equivalent to ask the sword.

The landing look is self-proclaimed, and it is not intention.

The old Divine Immortal’s health is not to be well.

Nanli is annoyed with Pretty Face slightly red, stunned a pair, it seems that the words of the swear have run to the mouth, and it is almost detacked.

She is actually stealing a bit. If it is able to pull the entire Central Plains Lu Clan, she really doesn’t believe in this Land, and I dare to use it.

In her opinion, the vested interests in the world will definitely fight to protect the vested interests in their hands, this is a simple and simple truth.

All Protection Talisman is a shackle. The more the identity and title of CHEN PING, the more you don’t dare to easily use Either the fish dies or the net splits.

Tail said: “The LU CLAN family is too big, the branches are flourishing, not to say that there is a good thing with the remaining rooms, and the disputes are only, they are constantly being constantly, so they will It is said to be the family ancestral hall of Lu Clan, and it is certainly the most heartless. “

This sentence is, the first half is really not what is BOASTED Shamelessly, and the second half is not a discipline. Central Plains Lu Clan, a family of yin-yang school, a half-yan river, a family, and a flying three THE IMMORTAL. If you are not just a SEES The Head of the Divine Dragon But Not The Tail of Zouzi, Lu Clan is higher in Grand Virtue World.

Zou Ziyutian, Lu Clan said.

If you give an example, it is the first two hundred years of Aquarius Continent, Wind Thunder Garden Li Tuanjing, a manager of the entire rightous sun mountain’s peak SWORD CULTIVATOR.

sun, moon, and stars, when the sky is in the sky, the mountains drive the gap, the heavens and the earth Peaceful Union of Yin-yang, two qi, all things to breed. God is like, Saint is selected, it is the way to be authentic, so it is the same as the world of the world, the heavens and the earth, the wind, the water, it is a feng shui, so the wind is And the most geological.

In fact, Lu Clan’s 舆 家 舆 舆 气, 观 c c 聚 聚 聚 a a 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆 舆

YANG SCHOOL OF THOUGHT Lu Clanu has an extremely concealed responsibility, responsible for assistance, so that people are so dark, and the ghosts are dark, and the fierce passing roads are all incompatible.

On the face of the land, slightly a few points of regret, “So many things, in the outsider, our lu clanu is very unfathomable mystery, often contradictory.”

, for example, in Great Li Dynasty, in my opinion, when the next year, the LU CLAN of Origin was anxious, and this person was in the stone arch bridge, but also illegally heavenly DAO, rebellious people. “

The yin-yang school of Thought Cultivator from Central Plains Divine Continent, the surface is the Mohist School Of Thought branch of Knight-Errant Xu Ruo, and help Great Li Dynasty patterns WHITE CAPITAL.

Great Li Dynasty Emperor’s darkness Cultivation, violates the rules set by the Temple, ranking among Earth Immortal, and the results are almost become awkward. After the break, the Yin-Yang School of Thought Cultivator tried to be far away, and was killed in the Capital by the Vassal King Song Changjing.

Chen ping said with a smile: “It seems that it is a ‘thing has come to this’? 熟 蒂 落, always put it into the basket, otherwise it is in the place? Bottles, or willing to make up, this is the reason, right? This kind of way to clear the relationship, let me learn. “

reach out of the sleeves, a finger against a Azure Bamboo chopsticks on the table, gently slide to the edge of the table, the chopsticks are slightly harsh, chen ping stops the action, said with a sneer: “At the time It’s wrong, and then I will always be reasonable. You Central Plains Lu Clan, so good at choice, why not go to be a cook. “

Land, gave a root chopstick, and the eyelids were milled.

in an instant, just this action, let the land tail stringed.

This is not a weather in an Original Purity Realm Sword Cultivator.

The problem is that according to the FENG Family secret letter, Chen Ping has returned the FOURTEENTH Realm road method, and after returning to the city, it seems that it is not light.

Nanli Yixian gnashing teeth, it is worthy of Lu Wei.

Life Sighed, “Life Source Porcelain is a thing, Lu Wei can be retired again, as long as Mount Chen Shan promised a little thing, the south is handed over to the debris, and the original is the original.”

Chen ping is not expressive, looked at the south jim that the acting is not superb, then slanting the end, tone INDIFFERENTLY SAID: “I heard the oral gas, are you planning a big bag today?”

Central Plains Lu Clan What abacus is played, chen ping is clear, before Capital, it has been Clear as a flame.

Don’t forget that Chen ping is a road to who borrowed, wearing a lotus champion on the head.

If you have a landie, you also want to learn like Zouzi?

chen ping shakes his head, “picking things should be picked, are you picking up? Do you can’t eat it, your CENTRAL Plains Lu Clan stays?”

The tail of the tail is good, hear here, the face is some unnatural.

Mainly this sentence, provoked one of the biggest heart disease in the lifetime of the land, in Black Pearl Paradise, was forced to die by a Scholar.

Landy is obviously not willing to die, “Whether it is Great Li Dynasty, or Aquarius Continent, Lu Mou is an outstanding, just a passer, Chen Shan is Otherwise.”

“If a small thing that can be mutually profitable, a full-scale expensive battle, caught up, four, mountain river cracking, Loss of life? Moreover, the two world war, Great The LI Dynasty situation changes, Aquarius Continent is changing, Aquarius Continent has an accident, holding a whole body. There are some things, people have a saying, we have a mirror book, and there is a big water in the spring. The fish is in humanitarian, and the autumn is a soldier.

The landing of the land is sincere, and it is said: “For Aquarius Continent, it is the two Senior Brother of Chen Shan.”

Death to the eyes of this, this is the chen ping of the end of the end of the end of the end of the end of the end of the hidden man. “”

Last Each Minding Their Own Business shakes his head, “Hello, why bother to lose. Good future, why not destroy in Danxi.”

chen ping asked: “Look at the scene, you seem to have lived from Great Li Dynasty new Imperial Teacher.”

The moon laugh is “” Don’t dare. “

chen ping said with a smile: “I promised?”

Landy is saying right.

in this brief moment, there is a bit of a little.

This older Azure Clothes passenger, just like two people’s image overlap.

Xiao Mo immediately attached: “Lu Lao THE IMMORTAL did not have asked this, and Young Master did not agree.”

CHEN PING a few more points before, it is actually reached out, and the mountain fragrance to the table is directly destroyed.

Southern a moment, there is a Azure Sword Light straight.

The nodes are close to the eyes.

When she opened his eyes, he saw the position of Lu Clan Old Ancestor, a Golden Talisman that was smashed into two halves was floated.

At the same time, Nanziz found the table around Chen Ping, had less lost Azure chopsticks.

chen ping is not half an accident.

is one of the horses of the Central Plains Lu Clan, named “True Visibility”, also known “尸”, Puppet Talisman, a Talisman on the mountain, DEATH SUBSTING TALISMAN, must be Brilliant, because Cultivator TOOK OUT This character is almost no different from the real, you can only fall.

There are two restrictions, one is the number of Talisma, which will not exceed three, and then the Cultivator Truth and Talisma’s distance will not be too far, with the land tail IMMORTAL Realm CultiVation Base, where is it.

After the little Mo is negative, it is gently shakes the wrist. When you sword Qi Condense, you will look at the ALL ALOND, you can’t help but sigh: “Young master This sword, has taken off Sword Technique, Several closeness. “

This sentence is the truth of Xiaolu.

Once all breaks Realm restrictions, it is close to.

“Xiao Mo, will find the land of the body.”

chen ping, put the Divided Into Two Talisman in hand, and it is a Talisman that is refined with golden bronze coil, which is impending some Life Source Divine Ability on ancient spiritual god.

Xiao Mo Nodded, wrist, Long Sword instantly, makes thousands of snow white silk, turning an eye, just like a whole Great Li Dynasty Capital.

Nanli only see the young 扈 around the chen ping, still smile, at this moment, it is like the vertical and listening, and the “small stranger” is also very gifts to her nodded. Alert.

Let the back bumps in the back of the south bumps.

chen ping closes two half Talism on the table, and it has not disappeared, and it is low, and you don’t forget to remind the Great Li Dynasty Queen. “Drink can be strong.”

Great Li Dynasty Capital, all of which lit a Dao Talisman brightened, escaping in four directions, fast

It seems that it is a true three Talisman. It has a success in the order. The escape speed is also very fast, and it is obvious.

Xiao Mo is unreasonable, but squatting down, bending your fingers, slamming the ground, said with a smile: “Go out.”

five fingers, a sudden tandem, put the land of the real body to the neck, pick out the ground.

These god Divine Dao’s yin-yang school qi refiner, the ABILITY of the fight is too unhappy.

The heart string is large, falling in Xiaomo, just like it.

The key is that this is still dying, and it is easy to use the law of the ground, and play it.

Otherwise I have to spend a little bit of blinking effort to find out the real body of the land Old Senior.

Xiao Mo brings an old THE Immortal, slowly, go to the latter, then let go, put the Old Senior gently.

After standing behind the tail, Xiao Mo handed over the other side’s shoulder, blame: “My family is not letting you go, Senior does not claim, Just this onCE.”

Xiao Mo and more double finger, gently rotate, the four long-awaited Talisman, which is already far away, is like a small line of traction, all of the hands.

Look at the eyes, Chen Ping, the Talisman is dissipated by the table, lifts the head, smiles, “No, no reason, not the holiday, gifts,”

Xiao Mo has to bend a sleeve of the old THE Immortal, and then throw the four Talisman.

If young Master is not present, Xiao Mo will let the land tail take back.

The land tail board said: “It is the matter of Lu Clan, which is a renewal lamp. From now on, I hope that Chen Shan is so good.”

In fact, this LU Clan Old Ancestor is within the personal Small World, and the Word Sword Qi is raging.

The south bak is oozed out of the fine sweat.

chen ping laughd, the left hand has only one chopsticks, and then reached a Right Hand. The five fingers gently against the desktop. Suddenly, the desktop flipped in the air, and reached.

The food box is broken, the wine pot is broken, and the wine sprinkles.

chen ping This “table” move, scared the south jump, this will have a lot of color, no more

chen ping asked: “The mountain river is broken? You TWO, is it too high to overestimate yourself?”

Wang Ping said to the opposite side of Great Li Dynasty, Chen Ping said: “In fact, you are not difficult to say, really difficult, is your two sons who intermove the name.”

The offset of the line of sight, staring at the end, Chen Ping asked: “I really want to die again? Let’s consider it, but I will remember to speak well.”

Nanli is silent.

Tail is also.

The reason why there have been today’s banquet, they have a dedicated performance, and the list of a big string is listed.

patrol the Cao Zhu. Gutout. Liu Yumei. Yuan Clan, Yang Clan, is also a land of Cultivator. The south-year-old daughter-in-law, there is also the Little Girl, which is the lack of care.

Liu Wei, Zhao Guanming, Tianshui Zhao.

Great Li Dynasty military, may not recognize what LITERARY Saint Lineage is Final Disciple, what unrestrained Mountain’s Sword Immortal Mountain owner.

but recognizes the title of “secret”. Very recognition. Because both parties are climbed in the dead.

There is also a simpler truth, there is no block and delay in Great Wall of Sword Qi, Great Li Dynasty iron ride will die more people. Even if you hack it, you can do the coffin, it is not enough.

plus the previous chen ping just arrived at Capital, and once out of the city leads the battlefield to return home. Great Li Dynasty Ministry of Rites and Criminal Ministry. Even if you don’t say anything on your mouth, there is a scales in your heart. Is that Chen Sword Immortal Downtown, a false gentle? With this way to Great Li Dynasty good feelings? Great Li Dynasty from the officialdom to the sand field, all of them are sincerely respected.

The DraPing Clouds Mountain Mountain Mountain Monarch Wei Bo, Northern Mountain Mountain Monarch, Northern Mountain Mountain Monarch, Northern Mountain Mountain Monarch, Northern Mountain Mountain Monarch, Northern Mountain Mountain Monarch, Northern Mountain Mountain Monarch Wei Bo. Southern Mountain Mountain Monarch Fan Junmao, Old Dragon City Sun Family.

Yuan Tianfeng of Imperial Observatory Bureau, actually uses his own way, equal to the table.

and the Rigorous Schemes and Deep ForeSight’s HONGLU TEMPLE Qing, and the Old Master, the Old Master, is a friend who is great li dynasty old Mountain Cliff Academy.

The Imperial City gate is responsible for blocking the road, origin Upper Pillar Country Poyang Mart. Although he is not a Great Character, he is attitude towards that young Sword Immortal, a large extent is the attitude of Xiangyang Maji view unrestrained mountain.

The Women’s Arraction of Lineage, Han Tuchong, although the Clear Pond Paradise from Divine Order SECT. But behind the scenes of Han Dijin, it is a purple family. Zi Zhao’s home is in Han Dijin, tilting a lot of Burning Incense and Heavenly Materials Earthly Treasures.

Great Li Dynasty Capital The middle-aged Daoist, from Azure Phoenix Country White Cloud View.

accompanying MINISTRY OF RITES High Official Liu Qingfeng. Wei Ji. LIU ZHIMAO, Li Fuzhen. Snow wind temple. Wind Thunder Garden …

There is also a quantity of more temple characters, the Immortal Master on the mountain, and the Sandy Warband will be wrapped in the “big net” from Unrestrained Mountain spread.

If you add an Asia, add the Central Plains Confucius Temple, plus the ascend city of the multicolored world … then the chessboard is large, the chess pieces will only be more exaggerated.

In fact, the table in front of the nodes is a pair of chess bodies that cover the entire Great Li Dynasty Song Clan.

people playing chess.

Azure Clothes sits in sitting.

Nanbin this brief moment, unfathomable mystery has an illusion, opposite that youngster, seems to say from today, I am Great Li Dynasty Imperial Teacher.