Sword of Coming Chapter 881

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chen ping double finger the Azure Bamboo chopsticks in the hands, “How to say?”

Tail said: “You can live alive.”

Under the fence, there have been to bow, this moment is not from people, saying that the soft words are useless, and it is meaningless.

Just as the land tail, the mountain is high, I hope this kind of young secretary is so good. At 4 o’clock in the world, Times Change, there is always an opportunity to re-account.

It seems that there seems to have decided, and there is still the only Azure Bamboo chopsticks left in the roots.

chen ping before using a chopsticks, directly splitting a side of the corpses.

These Sword Techniques, such a killing, can only be an Immortal Realm Sword CultiVator, do not do the second thought.

The key is that this sword is too mysterious, Sword Dao trajectory, just like a small neighborhood straight line.

One sword hand, Sword Light straight, ignored the flow of Guangli River, ignoring the total scatter of World’s Spiritual Energy, this is the legendary approach.

The Spiritual God “Divine Ability” under the sky is the most upset, which is the Sword Technique that is earlier than the rain.

“I have never wanting to Lu Clan door wind, and the LU CLAN door has finally made me glance.”

chen ping asked: “Can you live? So I can understand it … Is it possible?”

Like a laughter.

I want to let me swear, and I want to think.

For SWORD ART, there is very much.

The so-called “not Sword Cultivator, you can’t say SWORD TECHNIQUE”, of course, is a young secretary to take a bad person, deliberately smash this Lu Clan Old Ancestor.

In fact, the origin of Sword Dao and the world of the world, Central Plains Lu Clanu did not say that he had already mastered the truth of ten eight nine, but it was better to know that there is too many old huang calendar. secret.

Don’t look at the look of the end of this will look at the calm, in fact, the Stormy SEA of the Lake, will only be more than the Mother Nanli.

The secret letter on the DAOISM family is incorrect. In fact, Chen Ping has not returned to Realm, or has a traveler to pay quietly, retaining a part of the White Jade Capital Road, and it is necessary to prepare Is it like today’s situation?

This Old Ancestor is heavenly Dao Magic, does it not come to this disaster today?

cut off the red dust cable, jump out of the three boundaries, so there is an extra 祖 荫, do not want to have any megara with Central Plains Lu Clan?

just your lu chen doesn’t take the lu clani, That’s ALL, just why so that you want to make yourself.

According to the generations of the LU CLAN family, the land tail is called the WHITE Capital Third Sect Leader.

landiethical thoughts.

or this “sword master” has mastered several Sword Technique Great Dao?

The problem is that the LU CLAN family’s starry table has nothing to do with any records.

In this big thing, Lu Clan Patriarch and the viewing man who observed the star icon, and the Yuexi who was responsible for the detection of the fidelity, Tiantai Si Chen teacher, this is away from the country. For many years, Lu Clan Old Annestor that is about to return to the family is absolutely not dare, and it is not advisable.

Because Chen Ping as long as the ancient existence, every study, a Sword Dao, a Sword Technique, will be Great DAO, which triggers Celestial Phenomenon.

may be a fall of a distant star, or the sudden dryness of a certain light Yin Changhe!

After CHEN PING walks on the small town corridor bridge, Central Plains Lu Clan learned that the news immediately, and patriarch personally led the Tiantai Tiantai, and did not hesitate to pay great effort. Things, DayAfter day year after year, dare not slacking.

Take the LU CLAN watchman who is responsible for investigation of the SWORD DAO trend. These years have no closed closure, describe becoming “watching”, no exaggeration.

LU TAI with the land of the land, why will I travel alone in the Osmanthus Flower Island ferry?

is that Lu Clanu does not understand, why have been recognized “sword owner”, a new “sword”, not becoming a Sword Cultivator, even did not learn any Sword Technique.

So if you need someone to come to Chen Ping, this matter is observed.

As for Lu Tai himself has been bluff.

In the end, the family was hoped by the family, but the ungrateful family, Fiercely placed the family.

Because Lu Tai is disclosed in Tree Leaf Continent self-disclosure, it almost adds all of the Central Plains Lu Clan, even Same SECT rooms, all of which are ignited into a bottomless abyss.

The land tail is learned afterwards that the Sikai, which was at the family, so there was a huge ancient well without end boundary, which was covered with the guests, all black, no daylight.

Fortunately, this is ancient, and the world of Natural Phenomenon is just a flash. It is like never appearing, but the more, Yin-Yang School of Thought Lu Clan is more clear. Interest.

is unauthorized, that is, the murdere of the shade.

Zouzi can hate! Terrifying Zouzi!

chen ping said: “Friends of friends, may not be friends, enemies may become friends. Zouzi Plot Against passed me, and Plot Against you, so we have the opportunity to reach consensus on this matter. “

The land is not coming, but the heart is thrown.

chen ping looks, hand holding a bamboo chopstick, and gently tap the desktop that has been flipped.

is an Immortal Family material. It is still not a slightly smuggling in the Table of the day.

“Senior Lu should not think more, this is used to test the anti-sword of Senior’s depth, it is my homemade Sword Technique, far failed.”

Chen ping said with a slight smile: “Your Central Plains Lu Clan failed to be signs of Celestial Phenomenon, found the spider silk on me, definitely unable to lose your duty, not my little age can cover your ear, you can pass the sea. To blame the results of the survey on the small supporting dragon kiln, mislead Lu Old Senior, maybe I am not a born Earth Immortal Aptitude, it is better, it is you and Great Li Dynasty Earth Master all look at it. It’s very simple. Once a starting one is wrong, how come one hundred and one million? Everything is right is right, Senior Lu is a grandmaster, thinking ? “

apart from this, Chen Ping also has a Sword Technique name “Moon”.

It is simple to grow, just two extremes.

chen ping lifted the Azure Bamboo bamboo chopsticks, laughing: “Take Lu Old Senior practicing, don’t mind? Anyway, it is not a real body, not true.”

Poor Nanli as the host of the host today, if Great Li Dynasty is too late, the result is from the head to the end, and a sentence cannot be plugged in, and I don’t dare to open.

CHEN PING, standing with a small mason who can control the heart, but the end of a Immortal Realm Peak Yin-Yang School Of Thought Great Cultivator, so Xiaolo can only provide some about land for your own young master. The key words of the Tongxin Lake, as well as the zero fragment “,”

Landid Said with a smile: “Chen Shan is naturally worth the ‘Tiancheng’ s”. “

is not a natural Sword Embryo, but it can be tightened after the day, and it will become a NOT CULTIVATOR for a NOT CULTIVATOR for NOT JUST IN.

Although the land tail does not know why, there is no CHEN PING for “sword owner”, but absolutely do not believe what Great Li Dynasty Imperial Court looks at the eye, Life Source Porcelain is burned, it is Sanshan nine The Secret Technique, which was submitted to Hou Mister, was absolutely no problem.

chen ping looks at the sky, slightly turned slightly, glanced at the picking lamp prepared on Great Li Dynasty Queen, this accord is a lot more than that of the cloud, although falling, I have some wine, but it is still slowly burning. In today’s alcohol, it is like a Life Protecting Talisman in the south, is a promise of Lu Wei.

Nanlun walks with Chen Ping’s line of sight, glanced at the Talisman on the eye, and her inner is anxious, turning into the river.

Chen ping throws the chopsticks on the table, just in the middle of the two people sitting, put a table in half.

Nanpin knows the deep meaning of Chen Ping this action, and is sanctious!

is asking her, afraid not afraid of Great Li Dynasty Imperial Court Divided Into Two, caught in the split pattern of the North and South confrontation.

not saying CHEN Ping can be alone with Stregth of Oneseelf, as a Upper Pillar Country, which is Caozu, makes decisions for those “chess pieces”, but Chen Ping is now in Great Li Dynasty Capital, once made a certain A stable decision, the quantity of those boards, the incapacity of the chess pieces, will weigh the spade, trial of the trend, and the trend avoidance, seek benefits, and finally “converge”, and CHEN PING’s decision to attach each other.

ONE AFTER ANOTHER is in the temple, the important chess pieces in the mountains, or continue to move their hands to wait and see, or secretly push the wave, or simply take a gamble table …

Nanli is just with the string of spirit rhinoceros, remembering the previous history, INCOMPLETE, just restoring a memory, this is naturally landing, you have long, on this mountain, Supreme Treasure, the hands and feet, lest landing in this Life became a Great Li Dynasty, Hair Is Long, Believe Oneseelf Infallible, I don’t care about the big way, Lu Wei is in love with the family, and the Central Plains Lu Clan is of course not a means to make the south jimcomes, just One, white consumption means, the Central Plains Lu Clan, is not a good thing to Great Li Dynasty. Whether it is the emperor Song and Vassal King Song Mu, it is very likely that both brothers will host the Central Plains Lu Clan.

Land: “Since Chen Shan’s owner does not abuse Sword Technique, there is room for discussing the two sides.”

The little Mo, who has already returned to YOUNG MASTER, heard this sentence, couldn’t help but reach out and smashed his ears.

Xiao Mo only feels that he has opened an eye, a good guy, and changing the magazine bring about one’s owned destruction.

Grand Virtue World’s Immortal Realm Cultivator, is the courage? Admire, if you have this kind of courage, you will go to the Three Sects Sect Founder Snake.

chen ping nodded: “Also, let me know if the renewal light inside Lu Clan is better than the general Ancestral Hall, whether a THE IMMORTAL does not fall, just this life No hope of flying. “

lifting Right Hand, from the mountain river congression of Chen Ping, a six full-scale printed.

chen ping hand supporting an ancient five Thunder Law, “Then please go to the fellow Daoist to be a companion, it is the immortal.”

Turning Mountain, the seal of 36 “Close-eyed” Spiritual God has been taken by the FOURTEENTH Realm’s CHEN PING, “Night” opening heaven Eye.

TOOK OUT Filler, Lei Jun Electric Mother, Rain Mansion Herdess Self-Made World, Heavenly DAO cycle.

The land tail face has changed, it is really waiting for him to calm down.

ignited the lamp, complete SHEDDING BODY, Exchanging Bones, replacing a pair of pockets, in addition to the fall, and the most fear, it is the Cultivator’s The Soul Flew Away and Scattered, but “dead is not clean”, soul Being out of the outside person, it is not enough, otherwise it is like the embarrassment of “flesh and blood separation, the sky”. For the people who re-plastic Fleshy Body, the monk of the soul, once re-climbed, there is still a “forehead” Red dust entanglement, no different in the snow.

chen ping is just a Sword Cultivator, and there is also a pure Martial Artist’s identity. How to master Thunder Law Talisman, the key is to learn a very superior anti-the law?

Injuk, with the mine, the uncertain Qi Refiner, I don’t know if it’s really powerful, I don’t know the fearless, knowing the inside YIN-Yang School Of Thought is incompatally, the light is not called “Heavenly Prison”!

let the land of the heart and return to the heart, and then turn to the mood of the mood, or the one-character model of the letter is, it is in the four words of the extremely rare inverting method, engraving, 敕, sink, land “!

is not Talisman everyone, never dare to act so upside down, so it is undoubtedly the hand of the Old Ancestor Lu chen!

Land, still can’t believe, a monument Year of the SiXty Years Cycle Cycle CYCLE CYE PING will be able to accept the Talisman to inject Rune!

and this is so high, the world is so long.

If it is not to determine the identity of Azure CLOTHED MAN in front of you, the land tail is mistaken to think is a yellow violet person of the Dragon Tiger Mountain Heavenly Master Mason.

chen ping shouts: “Xiao Mo.”

Nanli quickly turned, reach out to block the Heavenly Talisman light of Talisman.

Fortunately, it is another 斩 斩 符.

is just a land tail, still being held firmly by Xiaomo.

Xiao Mo double finger closer, gently Patted the shoulders of the Tail, and then knock “land tail” into a crushing.

Three ribs have been used.

Nanli is sluggish.

This is the altal?

I haven’t said it yet.

Since Chen Ping has to tear his face with the entire Central Plains Lu Clan, what can a Lu Wei be?

Land tail seems to know, the tone is flat, “Chen Ping, you don’t have too busplay. To kill, why,”

The little mpo deliberately doesn’t have this true body.

and the deep youngster, it seems to be used to use the other two true match, then make the wall, watch the play?

Xiao Mo is said: “The world is learning, the teach people are difficult. The people who are people who have been leaving, and they can spare people, and teach us of Cut Weeds and Eliminate the roots without revenue, so as not to reflect. “

Next: Let the land tail Dao Heart are unstable.

azure clothes ambitious

Thunder Law is mighty, and it is pure.

Tail to send Turn Pale with match, Subconsciously, the result is reached again after Appear and disappear unpredictably, reached out and hold the side shoulder, Said with a slight smile: “Since the heart has decisive , The head of the head is also a knife, what is hiding, and it is unhappy. ”

chen ping, no secret, let the south of the words of the cloud, “Mr. Qi At the beginning of Black Pearl Paradise, I can let the tail to die, I have been far away, I can only let you die Easy, it is time to live. “

“Tail, I will not be able to live in your house, you still need to remember, when you are, as long as you see me, just look around, or you will follow your eyes, etc. Ask the sword. “

There is no more dusty weather of the world, rushing: “Chen ping, there is something good, Life Source Porcelain, Frankly, I really can’t win, but I can immediately flying Sword Communication Central Plains Lu Clan, please ask PATRIARCH to reply, you must give you a definition! “

The land tail is of course not willing to have a soul,

I saw that youngster hands cage sleeves, smiles, thinking, sight, “Xiao Mo, chat, did not let you do, do you have a rumor with land Old Senior.”

Xiao Mo immediately nodded and said: “It’s Xiaoliang.”

then Xiao Mo Patted land tail, like it is dust, “Lu Old Senior, don’t show me, I really want to be able to stop, just remember, thousands of absolutely want to hide well, I am a bad heart, it is not as good as young master, so as long as I found a look wrong, a face has Baleful Aura, I will kill you. “

The body is tight, and a word can’t say it.

Nanli, I can’t wait to scare the laughter of the table.

chen ping, re-retreat the chopsticks, left-handed chopsticks, refers to the land tail that is always detained by Xiao Mo, “I only need me to do a little thing? You and Central Plains Lu The appetite of the CLAN can be much more than the south bits. “

Every time you gently shake, you can see the tremor of Nanli Dao Heart.

As for the land tail of the pointed point, I don’t know how to know it, it is definitely not good.

Tail is confused: “What did Chen Shan Lord? What did you misunderstort? I didn’t even say that the little thing didn’t say.”

chen ping stares on the tail, then Sighd, some looks, self-speaking: “Sure enough, it is still as a field of a field.”

The martyrdom of the countryside, one year of herb, near the water, the rice field, the rice fields, the near-water, so there will be old farmers, and the rice seedlings are separated. If you see it, you will remove it.

Chen ping looks at the land tail and shakes his head: “But I have already read many books, no longer the kiln worker who comes from this Fist Manual Will NOT.”

chen ping holds chopsticks, stands up, wasting around the table, glanced at the eye, is both his own chess game, and the lu clan is trying to use the concealed means of Celestial Phenomenon as a bigger chessboard.

Maybe Zheng Jianzhong has previously made himself don’t sit like. In addition to making it impossible, there is some kind of deep meaning?

is even a suggestion that you need to go to the root of yourself? The puzzle mystery is related to Yin-Yang School of Thought Lu Clan?

For example, there are two people who are hospitalized today, a man and a woman involving the confrontation of yin and yang. Then, the Upper Sectrained Mountain of Aquarius Continent, the future of Tree Leaf Continent, naturally, there is a similar mountain traction, in fact, in Chen Ping, the so-called mountain water is the biggest pattern, is it Isn’t Jiuzhou and the four seas?

There is no sign, Xiao Mo cuts off the head of the land, and the word qi of the latter Withnin The Body is crackled, and it will be suppressed, and any Life Source cannot be used.

At the same time, CHEN PING just wrapped around the table, a wrist turned, driving the thunder, and detained the soul.

Nanlim Swallowed Saliva and Said.

chen ping hand latter, continue to walk, just look at the desktop.

Xiao Mo put the head softly back to the neck, slightly else, left and right, and moved the head slightly moved slightly, it was a little bit.

It can’t die temporarily, so it is the Immortal.

Nanli Face Deathly Pale, such as Prepare for the Funer.

madman is a madman.

Nanli knows that the real madman is not hot, his face, but the two, the look is calm, the mood calm and composed.

There are not many words, don’t do it.

chen ping Retrieves the line, the Immortal Soul in the Thunder Palm, Said with a slight smile: “I can’t help Senior, so IMMORTAL, it is indeed the Junior wins. Wait for a moment, I still need to think about it, I can take the head. “

is attributed to the three collections of Merit Virtue Forest, with people Yun Yunlou and Great Li Dynasty Imperial Observatory Bureau, but because Chen Ping has long admired the Central Plains Lu Clan, involving Great Wall of Sword Qi. The thirteen disputes, as well as the Zouzi to take the Lu Tai and “Liu Ma”, so Chen Ping has been infected with Yin-Yang School Of Thought and Central Plains Lu Clan, I can say that I don’t know what is tired. .

Central Plains Lu Clan’s family studies, almost equivalent to yin and Yang, fully deemed Lu Clan as a largest IMPERIAL OBSERVATORY BUREAU, Haina Baichuan, Harmony.

Juang Clan, like Aquarius Continent, before the Central Plains migrated, the ancestors were the big wish of Ancient Era, the assistance of the temple of the temple, the big wish to sacrifice prayers, Qingyi Zhu Lu, no squatting The sacrifice, in the world, specialist ghost god, read the wishes, pray for Xiang Yong, the celestial and the same, often have a New Year.

and the ancestors of the Central Plains Lu Clan, in Hao Ran, once is one of the six officials in the Temple. Nowadays, there is a large extent to which the mountains of the mountains will be derived from this ancient Chinese temple. And one of them is responsible for being responsible for the attire of a very popular scripture, the next generation of Three Sects Various Schools, the first to hunt, in the Grand Virtue World, there is no ban, Scholar may Just spend more than a dozen people, you can buy a copy. But there are two big consequences, but it is a resequent high, because there are too many specific, detailed Technique of Cultivation, former, such as Ancestral Mountain, Great Mountain, the latter, such as two kings, two, including One part placed in the Lin Tano of the Temple Merit Virtue Forest, and the other first, it seems to hide the Secret Realm named the Orchid Agency in Lu Clan.

Unlike the general Yin-Yang School Of Thought Five Elements, the book is rumored, and the learning makes, such as the mountain. The previous land tail said that Lu Clan has a mirror, and it is estimated that the branch of this major. In short, the so-called little thing you have, destined to do not open our own and unrestrained mountain, and even Lu Clan is planning to plan, such as arranged for himself, seemingly treated. The place where the Central Plains Lu Clan is used to survey the three-yuan Jiu Yun, a six-methylene coordinate.

“My life trajectory is like a long flow, with my hill, the upper and lower TWO SECTS is far apart, the two sides integrated the latitude and latitude? Just, the Central Plains Lu Clan, the view, you need a context The beginning of the point is that you want me to agree with the little thing? Things are definitely not big, I believe, but this little thing is definitely in the future, involving the most quantum lines and leads. “

“How, the prostitute, your Lu Clan is the Great Li Dynasty emperor?”

“Tail, you talk about it, shouldn’t you die?”

The “corpse” of the land is stayed in the original, all souls are in the mine, such as in the oil pot, always endure the torment of Thunder Pool Heavenly Tribulation, suffering.

is not Chen Ping’s speech, stamped this LU Clan Old Ancestor’s mind, but a few words, like “helping” land tail, breaking the sky.


It is not until there is a good thing in the patriarch.

chen ping glanced at the land tail soul in the palm of the palm, TSK TSK: “It is just a poor insect being caught in the drum, it is a bit disappointing.”

Close the palm.

Five thunder gatherings.

close together,

The silent silent from the Tail Divine Soul, let the south of the ear, she finds the source of pain, and the tremor of their own Dao Heart and the lake of the heart.

Chen ping lifts the head, looking to the south.

Nanzim full face painful color, difficult Opened the mouth and said: “I have already put the Life Source Porcelain’s fragmentation, send people to the Black Pearl Paradise, where, you can find it, just right Your hometown … This is not aware of this, I certainly have to retreat to myself, but where is it, you only take yourself to take this string of this rhinaver, a exploration … ”

According to the Selfish Calculations in the south, this mud leg with Lu Clan Old Ancestor, she retrieves Life Source Porcelain from the town, talking, such as Lu Clan Old Ancestor is ready to give up, Then I can’t resent it with Chen Ping, you have lu clan. When Great Li Dynasty is a soft persimmon that is taken? I am a south, the Great Li Dynasty Queen of Origin Yuzhang County is not there.

chen ping uses a poor eye look to the south, “play with the heart, you have won the land tail? What do you think, the string of rhubarm is completely invalid. Take the land is not present, you don’t believe in evil If you can try it. “

Nanlim As if Was Struck by Lightning, immediately bow, reach the one after ANOTHER 灵 珠, 原 原 灵 灵, 失 失 失 失 失 借 借 借 借 借 借 失 眼 失, 失 眼 失 失Dead.

Xiao Mo quietly collapsed the sword intent that exploited the rhinoceros, wondering: “Young master, where did you see it?”

Chen ping with a heart SAID with a smile: “I already know where it is, I will go back to go.”

A few steps from your ancestral house.

Nanlim lifts the head, looked at Chen Ping, turned his head, looked at the Lu Clan Old Annestor that the corpse separated.

Hate in the eyes, it is generally more.

But this Great Li Dynasty is too late to look at the former, half hate, it is half-fear.

“Look at this answer is still satisfactory, I will give you a suggestion.”

chen ping alert: “Who is Lu Wei, I don’t know, but Great Li Dynasty is too late, Yuzhang County Nanli, I have seen it early, I will do things in the future, I want to see it. Great Li Dynasty Song Clan is not There is no king on one day, but too much, but you can bless your country for a long time in Everspring Palace Cultivation, “

“Do you understand?”

Nanlimu wood, gently nodded.

Chen ping asked again: “I believe that your brain, so you have to ask more, ‘Can n’t you have a day without king’, you really understand?”

Nanji or Nodded.

Two words, Great Li Dynasty Song Clan Emperor Song and must be in place, otherwise a group of dragons is unresser, it will shock in the wild.

is that the emperor Song and if there is an unexpected, the Imperial Court will have to change individuals, so there is someone else, such as change an emperor on the same day, or not the same day.

As for the one-piece mustard of the land, it is like a pocket that is forced to put into a piece of Illusory, and I have seen a magnificent picture.

On the battlefield of a virtual phase, Turi Mountain ancestors, 14 old throne PEAK GREAT DEMON line, it seems that there is a single person, which is confronted with them.

makes the land tail a Dao Heart on the Verge of Collapse.

On the earth, the old throne Great Demon is dragging and dropping the big river.

in the top of a mountain, there is a PEAK GREAT DEMON that is a fierce, standing on the river, and Sword Light is like the end of the land.


On the occasion of the land tail Dao Heart.

finally came to the Apricot Blossoms Alley, which is still familiar with, and has a middle-aged man, and a booth soldering the Candied Fruit Stick.

That man, Faint Smile, like a non-speech, said with Yin-Yang School of Thought Lu Clan Old Ancestor, “Long Time No See, Waste Tail.”

Dao Heart crushed, such as falling color glazed lamp.

Lands know that this is clearly that young secrets of hidden martial arts, but it is still difficult to curb your heart god.

The land of the lost soul, after which it was involved in a “house” door, there was no shutter, there was a Cultivator, sitting on the legs, and there was a book in front of it, as if there was written in it. what.

See the land tail, then immediately lifts the head, full of appearance, also Has Several Points Of excited, hurry up, walk to the door, but it is a step, just use Wild Desolate World The big elegant asked: “Where is this fellow daoist?”

The land tail is proficient in the wild, hesitated, hoarse Opened the mouth and said: “Central Plains Lu Clan. Are you?”

The man laughed: “It’s so good, it is the end of the world.”

is difficult to do, you are from hometown or Hao Ran.

It is best to be a neighbor, there is something to talk.

“This person” in front of the land is the vice-city lord silver deer from the Xianpu City that is being made to be two, before being arrested by Chen Ping, lost here.

Xianpi is now blocked by two zhang shan, water character, as the Yao Guang Blessed Land, who is a wild arms, is gone. This land is Yinki, envious of the silver deer that is free, and the silver deer, from IMMORTAL Realm, what is wrong, not the same or lying red, every day, in Land of Warmth and Tenderness, Master Xuan When I died, the “I” may be asked in City Lord.

Poor yourself, being closed here, burying his head.

Record all the Wild Desolate World to record.

Say that if you don’t write enough one million words, don’t want to see you, if the quality is still, you can let him go out and take a look.

There is a wine outside Small World.

Xiao Mo suddenly spoken: “Young master.”

Chen ping is now looking down at the fist of the Radius, and his eyes are abnormal.

After hearing the name of Xiaolu, Chen Ping is ignorant.

Xiao Mo has only shouted YOUNG MASTER again.

chen ping This is only lifts the head, and the small Mo Laughed.

Nanli and land tail have always felt the “unfamiliar” of this face, is a protective DAOist from Great Wall of Sword Qi.

Otherwise, in contrast, Xiao Mo follows Chen Ping to be a guest imperial palace, visit two old people, for at some point, let Xiao Mo remind him of Must restraint.

chen ping releases the five fingers, the land tail instantly, immediately touched a purple azure Talisman from the sleeves, and wipes the neck.

An already Bottleneck’s The Immortal, even in the case of no shot, it will fall as Jade.

Extraordinary Shame and Humiliation on this mountain, is not added.

How to deal with this Lu Clan old ancestor, chen ping actually chooses not much, land tail is not the Silver deer that fairy, Chen Ping does not dare to peel the soul, stay in the ban on the personal small world, so Its Refining is all souls, making the land tail resembles the renewal lamp of a family ancestral hall, learn the sake, re-culturation. Either is like now makes the other party, the only accident, the Dao Heart of the land tail, is too fragile than Chen Ping expectation. It is estimated that Mr. Qi, and that Zouzi has left the Dao Heart of the land, left an indelible brand, and it will have a big bitter.

Of course, now I have to count one yourself.

Chen ping has been regarded as a FourTeenth Realm Great Cultivator.

It seems that there is no overestimation.

Even if the other NO Ascension Realm, even if NOIMMORTAL REALM, Chen Ping is acknowledged to the Central Plains Lu Clan, Will NOT is reduced.

Today’s land tail is just a small divination, Chen Ping will then take a boat to do something, and there is no such thing as the CENTRAL Plains Lu Clan.

chen ping picks up the chopsticks from the table, looking to the land tail of Stregth Great Injury, “Shan His is so good.”

Tail seems to change a person, Nodded and said: “People should listen to persuasion, remember to be in the heart.”

Square is in the “time road”, then Azure Clothes, hands in the hands, one side of the god of the land, take a laughter, I am all kind, you are not afraid?

Red Dust Ten Thousand Zhang, Sea of ​​Bitterness is awkward, and the mountain is afraid of the cause.

Tail is at all, I don’t know how to answer.

Then the Azure Clothers smiled and patted his stomach, saying strange words, “Strong, hunger, how is Lu Jun, how is it?”

landing is still right.

stop step by the table, Chen Ping said: “Don’t entangle Great Li Dynasty in the future, I don’t listen to you.”

Looking at the end of the end.

chen ping last Said with a smile: “You Central Plains Lu Clan, I chen ping and unrestrained mountain, instantly lead the sword immediately,”

Tail stood up and played a Daoist SECT in Chen Ping, and the body was dissipated.

Only left a martyrgon, and the southern bits are suspected.

is simply in a spurt of energy slaughtered the land tail? ! Will you have such a Let the Tiger Returns to the mountain?

chen ping throws the chopsticks on the table, laughing Hehe: “You are teaching me to do things?”

Nanli is like being caught in the neck.

is really a ghost today, a voice can’t say, difficult Dao Heart does not think?

chen ping refers to the chopsticks, “Send you, you can don’t be on the head, take the mirror to remind yourself when you look at the mirror.

It is hesitant to pick up the table, or pick up the chopsticks at the table.

Chen ping silence for a moment, no immediate leaving.

Nanliang does not dare to say anything, then standing, just this will be wrapped around, then the hand of the Azure Bamboo chopsticks, blue gluten.

The other party smiled and came. “Don’t thank you, who is used to your smell?”

Nanli has to have a sickness and embarrassing, and squeezes a smile, and it is a thank you.

chen ping leaves with a small morder.

Nanzi people fight, or ask the Azure Clothers back in the back of the Azure Clothers: “I really can use the Central Plains Lu Clan to clear the relationship?”

chen ping head is not turning, “Tian Xiaofeng.”

Take the Palace door together, both sides are high walls.

Chen ping said: “The road meets each other, each of the world, the world life, and each debt.”

Xiao Mo Eyes SHINED, said: “It is said to be a little bit of misfamous misconduct by Young Master, and I took this good name for myself.”

chen ping nodded with a smile: “Unfamiliar this name is very big, the candle is very happy, Xiao Mo is a small name.”

Xiao Mo silent for a moment, testing: “Young master, I have a few Life-Source Flying Sword, but also help to change a name?”

“I really be good at nature, but it is generally not easy to shoot.”

First, fifteen.

book, cut wood.

Of course, there is also that warm tree and Jing Qing.

is hurt.

This old account is nothing to do with the warm tree Little Girl, which is all on the head of Chen Ling.

Chen ping and asked: “Is it a few Life-Source Flying Sword?”

Xiao Mo Yan Said with a smile: “Only four, the rank is general.”

chen ping Patted Xiaomo’s shoulder, “Xiao Mo, can’t play, not, this will not speak.”

Xiao Mo hesitated for a while, or he said: “Young Master, there is a sentence, don’t know how to say?”

chen ping said with a smile: “That don’t say.”

Small Mo’s Unn’ed, there is no export of that idea.

On the ancient earth, the little Mo has just learned Sword Technique, starting the sword to travel the world, and have been able to see an existence, from the sky, walk in the world.

Young Master around you is very like that “people”.

Years long, after thousands of years, Xiaolu must not remember all the appearances of the other party, the voice, I don’t know why Xiao Mo has forgotten it. After the other party, what did the two sides talked about, but nothing did not say, anyway, Just left a blurred impression, let Xiao Mo have never been ejected, and today, Xiao Mo just remembers the other party, as if the temper is extremely excellent, the only impression is very reasonable.

The other party looks in World’s All Living Things, when there is a spiritual birth, it is the gentleness of the eyes.