Sword of Coming Chapter 890


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The green hills rise, and the green water flows eastward. Geese in autumn.

A huge ferry is slowly approaching the shore in an amazing imposing manner. The huge Spiritual Qi ripples drive gusts of wind in the mountains. Compared with the ordinary Immortal Family ferry, it looks very huge monster, such as Flood Dragon occasionally playing in shallow waters. tour. It’s the wind kite ferry that didn’t cost Unrestrained Mountain half a dollar for repairs.

Only Zhong Qiu and Cui Wei followed this ferry back to Longzhou and completed the first transcontinental return of the Fengyuan ferry.

Chen Ping cup one fist in the other hand said with a smile: “Thanks for your hard work.”

This opening remark of the mountain owner, crash-bang, a large piece of cup one fist in the other hand.

Zhong Qiu couldn’t help but laughed and returned to the crowd, but Cui Wei was a little uncomfortable, but still used cup one fist in the other hand.

Chen Ping was the most helpless. He was sincere and humanitarian, but it turned out to be good, but he was ridiculed by Dong Lasi.

This time I went out, there were a lot of tourists from Unrestrained Mountain who followed Chen Ping.

The host brought a group of dísciple, End Boundary Martial Artist Pei Qian, sword cultivator Guo Zhujiu, Fifth Realm Martial Artist Zhao Shuxia, Qi Refiner Zhao Luan.

Worshiped by Xiaomo, yellow hat and blue shoes, and bookcase hiking stick, it is more like a weak scholar who is studying abroad.

There is also Miyu who will be the chief worshipper of the lower sect, and Yu Xiehui, who left from the side of the sword platform and then traveled far away.

The child saw Cui Wei, stubbornly stubbornly, and awkwardly yelled Master. About the way he felt too useless, the child never forgot to be coldly snorted.

Although Cui Wei was surprised, he was silently nodded. There was a smile in his eyes. Everything is difficult at the beginning. As long as Yu Xiehui is willing to call this Master, Cui Wei has full confidence that he will not recognize himself as a Master.

Unrestrained Mountain is in charge of long life, with her newly collected dísciple, Nalan Jade.

I can’t teach anything brilliant sword technique, can’t I pay it back?

Sword cultivator that many in Unrestrained Mountain, Jiang Shangzhen, Mi Yu, Cui Wei, Sui Youbian… just buy one or two sword technique Secret Manual with them.

Master Steward, who is in charge of the long life and now also serves as the Master Steward of Fengyuan Ferry. After Cui Dongshan became the lower sect Sect Master, he said in the secret letter sent to Great Li Dynasty Capital that his Mister must agree to this matter. Even if you are not happy to be in charge of a long life, Mister will have to persuade him.

As for the reason, it is obvious that this sect is a Treasure Gathering Pot.

Because of the dividend of this wind kite ferry, the upper sect is seven or three points.

Therefore, Cui Dongshan, the lower sect Sect Master, has spared no effort in digging the wall.

Cui Dongshan wanted six to four points. Of course Chen Ping did not agree. This student is crazy about money.

In addition, there are Dragon Riding Alley Grass Head Shop shopkeeper Jia Sheng, and Chen Lingjun, who is purely involved in the fun.

The second Steward of this intercontinental ferry is the blind Daoist Jia Sheng, the old immortal of Dragon Gate Realm. In the future, he will be responsible for managing the relationship between the ferry and various ferry ports and Immortal Family Sects along the way. Asked the university.

There are four difficult ghosts on the mountain, including the sword cultivator, but in Jia Sheng’s view, there are two kinds of people, the most difficult to deal with, because the most difficult is to be insatiable, one is the literati in a small place. Then there is the immortal master halfway up the mountain.

Fortunately, Jia Sheng thinks he has some experience in the world.

At that time, the owner of the mountain came to Dragon Riding Alley himself and talked about it with the shopkeeper who had been a shop for many years.

Old Jia immortal was overwhelmed with excitement, just murmured repeatedly “have what skills and abilities, it is uncoordinated”.

That’s what I said, but since it is the meaning of the mountain owner, I can look down on my own old bones, what else can I do?

The old immortal was beaten by Cui Dongshan before and took off the dazzling daoist robe. Now that his status has changed and he has been promoted, I can’t let all immortal masters look down on my mountain. No, the old immortal moved out. The trump card daoist robe that I haven’t worn for a long time, bathing and changing clothes, refreshed, has become more divine poise and sagelike features.

Xianwei refused to move, saying it was for me to slow down.

On the deck, Chen Ping stood at the bow, waving goodbye to those who came to see off at the ferry.

Chen Ping asked Bai Xuan if he would follow Xiaomo to practice swordsmanship. Xiaomo’s Great Dao roots and cultivation realm have all told the child the truth.

Bai Xuan shook his head and refused, saying that it doesn’t matter whether Xiaomo is Monster Race origin or not. Anyway, he has been sleeping for ten thousand years, and he doesn’t want to find a Master because he has been sleeping with Great Wall of Sword Qi lacking hatred and enmity.

There is a word, child did not say it.

He has a Master.

Chen Ping touched the child’s head at that time and said that you don’t need to force it. In the future, you should be more diligent in sword practice. Don’t just talk about it, don’t splurge the innate talent of sword practice, and don’t let your Master down.

There is also a pair of master and disciple that have been recorded on the Unrestrained Mountain Ancestral Hall genealogy, which is more festive.

Yao Xiaoyan, hahaha. The white-haired boy, hehehe.

Master and disciple recognize each other, there is no twists and turns, it was probably such a picture at the time.

Zhang Jiazhen, who has been planning to trade with Wei Wenlong on Unrestrained Mountain for many years, will experience on the ferry in the future. Feng Yuan has opened a separate account for him.

It still means Cui Dongshan.

As for Jiang Qu, who is both a fellow villager and peers, he officially settled down on the Huimeng Mountain. Jiang Qu has no clear mentor for the time being. He is considered to be on Unrestrained Mountain, and he is only one serious talisman cultivator, Jiang. Going to the meeting, Flying Sword often conveys the worship of the chief of Yun Shangcheng, and asks daoist Huan Yun about talisman’s knowledge. This time, Mrs. Hermit returned to his hometown and handed him a copy of the talisman secret book. On the title page, “Authentic Book of Pills” was written in regular script, with a smaller font “上” at the end.

Zhang Shanfeng did not follow Chen Ping to take the boat to Tree Leaf Continent. He planned to travel Aquarius Continent alone, and extinguish demons all the way. After all, he would not delay attending the lower sect ceremony of Unrestrained Mountain.

Chen Ping did not stop, anyway, Zhang Shanfeng’s Senior Brother is also one of the guest official of Unrestrained Mountain. It points out that Xuanfeng Yuan Lingdian is actually protecting the way for Junior Brother all the way. Chen Ping in Qingyuan County knew about it before. After this matter, I went to Yuan Lingdian for a drink. After the chat, I realized that this True Monarch had an opportunity to break the border. Only when he returned to his hometown with Zhang Shanfeng, Yuan Lingdian would retreat and prepare to break the border and become the immortal.

During the conversation, Yuan True Monarch looked quite content with the fact that he snatched an escort from several Senior Brothers this time.

On the deck of the ferry, there are only two floors and more than forty rooms.

Under the deck, there are three layers of cabins for loading cargo.

The members of the ferry are not complicated. Cui Dongshan has carefully refined more than 60 talisman puppets and golden armor warriors. They are named Yugong, Jinshi, Tiaoshangong, Moyuer, etc. Anyway, Chen Ping is all This is the first time I heard that they will be responsible for the daily repairs of the ferry and some secret geographic surveys on the ferry route. I heard Zhong Qiu say that these talisman puppets add up to nearly one hundred, just like the Yin-Yang School of The talisman of Thought Earth Master was thrown into the mountains and rivers above the Tree Leaf Continent by Cui Dongshan casually, hunting for treasures.

In addition, there are two Earth Immortal ghosts who are proficient in Formation. They are both raw faces. It is estimated that they will be included in the Ancestral Hall genealogy by lower sect in the future.

Because this wind kite ferry is dedicated to trade routes, it does not earn the immortal money of those cultivator going on a scenic tour, and outsiders are not allowed to board the ship, so the two-story idle house, as long as no one lives, the same Can be used to store goods.

Chen Ping went straight to the cabin, wanting to be immediately familiar with the inside story of the wind and kite ferry, especially to inspect those Formation hubs.

Zhong Qiu walked at the forefront of the stairs and led the way, smiling introduced: “A transcontinental ferry, there are three things that are the top priority, the speed of the wind, the degree of firmness, and the last is how much money is spent on each voyage, that is, consumption. There are not many Spiritual Qi, the three are closely linked with one another, any weak link may bring accidents and lose money.”

Cui Wei endured forbearance, but after all, he couldn’t hold it back, and said: “Teacher, the operating doorway of the intercontinental ferry, the hidden official is actually very familiar with it.”

Back then, in the Upside Down Mountain Chunbanzhai, which was said to be the “sub-rudder entrance” of the summer palace, the new hermit of the Great Wall of Sword Qi, indeed, did not less than deal with Steward of the intercontinental ferry.

Chen Ping said with a smile: “It’s still different. At that time, it was more about account book transactions. It really involved the knowledge of the ferry itself. In fact, I don’t know much. The more detailed the teacher said today, the better. “

Sailing speed, the Great Sect and Immortal Mansion that have ferry boats will have various auxiliary means, just like the ferry of Pima Zong, there are a large number of talisman tugboats in the clouds, like trackers dragging boats, fast and fast mine.

Then a ferry, especially a transcontinental ferry, must be tenacious enough to withstand the wind and rain in the sky, lightning and thunder, and be able to withstand some natural disasters and man-made disasters. This requires construction and engraving of a large number of landscape prohibitions and Talisman Formation, Chen Ping left the Luhua Island with nine children at the beginning. Before meeting the female fairy Congqian, he saw an intercontinental ferry to the Tree Leaf Continent. The robe is wagging like flying in the sky, because the talisman expert painted dragon girls and narcissus on the wall of the ferry.

In the Grand Virtue World, the Immortal Family ferry, cannot catch the Earth Immortal or Original Purity Realm Sword Immortal. It is the two daoist sect thresholds and the touchstone.

In addition, the ferry depletes Spiritual Qi’s money, which is very particular, just like the Osmanthus Flower Island in Old Dragon City. Although the speed is slow, in this matter, it is blessed by heaven. Because Mrs. Gui is sitting in the town, there is a tree in the middle of the island. The laurel tree from the pure Moon Palace can absorb Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi by itself like a Taoist man. Therefore, although Osmanthus Flower Island is not fast at sea, it costs very little money.

On the other hand, this intercontinental ferry fished from the secret library of the mysterious dynasty, sailing extremely fast, otherwise I am sorry for the name “Wind Kite”, but the original two offensive and defensive Formation hubs have long been abandoned, so Cui Dongshan I had to do it myself, and inlaid a lot of yellow and purple talisman, its magic is basically imitating the continuous blessing of the tiers of talisman on the gate of Dragon Tiger Mountain Heavenly Master Mansion. The Defensive Array of Feng Kite still only has a prototype nowadays. , It’s just this move, the biggest advantage, similar to a “no End Boundary” array stacking.

I just heard Zhong Qiu say that Cui Dongshan has already started to draw the subsequent formation diagram and will transform the Fengyuan Ferry into a sword boat similar to the Great Li Dynasty military.

Obviously, Cui Dongshan intends to build this ferry into an Upper Sect that can move around within a hundred years.

And for these precious talisman and heavenly materials and earthly treasures, Cui Dongshan did not ask for a snowflake from the Unrestrained Mountain Treasury.

Only in the consumption of Spiritual Qi, the Fengyuan ferry far exceeds the general level of the transcontinental ferry. Chen Ping now doubts whether Yu Panshui is deliberately watching his own jokes.

Not falling anywhere, Chen Ping followed Zhong Qiu through the three-story cabin and two of the Formation hubs.

When I came to a spacious house, there was a geomancy map of the mountains covering the Sanzhou Mountains and rivers. The mountains and rivers along the ferry were undulating, the rivers winding, and the Immortal Mansion hills were distinct at a glance.

The intercontinental route of the Fengyuan Ferry generally belongs to the north-south line, the land of three continents, and the northernmost ferry. It is the Dayuan Dynasty located in the middle of Jidu in the North Entirely Reed Continent. In addition, there are Yunshangcheng, Skeleton Beach and so on. After crossing the sea, it is the northernmost cross beam crossing of Aquarius Continent, Everspring Palace in the land of Gyeonggi in the Great Li Dynasty, Cow Horn Mountain, Zhongyue, Southern Mountain, Old Dragon City, Tree Leaf Continent, and Qinghu Palace in the north. The Great Quan Dynasty in the middle, further south is the Jade Tablet Sect, and the southernmost Chushandu on the continent… These are only relatively important mountain crossings. According to the display and annotations of this geography, they will be added together in the future. There will be as many as seventeen ferry crossings on the mountain, but now nearly half of the ferry crossings are either too small in scale or in dilapidated conditions. For the time being, it is not suitable for Fengyuan ferry boats to stop for commerce.

Chen Ping stretched out his two fingers and gently held up the pocket hill called Caizhi Mountain on the map. It was originally the size of a mustard seed. Suddenly, this Southern Mountain, the prince’s mountain, has a foundation as large as a tabletop, Chen Ping glanced intently at the Divine Dao temple, pavilions and lofts in the mountain. Every delicate hair was completely shown. Press it again, and Caizhi Mountain will instantly return to its old shape. With a gentle wave of sleeves, a Caizhi Mountain is like a grain. The ball of light was flicked out of the map and hovered against the wall. Chen Ping waved his hand again. Caizhi Mountain returned to its original position. Then he clenched his fist and suddenly opened. Chen Ping is like standing in a pavilion on the cliffside of Caizhi Mountain. The pine, rooted in the cliff wall, slanted branches across the forehead of the pavilion, as if the scribes drew the eyebrows for a lady, there is still sunshine, through the branches and leaves of the ancient pine, the pavilion is like golden fish scales.

Chen Ping puts his hands in his sleeves, just like standing in the pavilion of Caizhi Mountain, looking up, wearing azure clothes and golden light all over his body.

Putting away this natural phenomenon of the scenery, Chen Ping said with a smile to Zhong Qiu: “In the future, we can treat guests here, invite people to drink tea and wine, the scenery is excellent, anyway, you can shrink the mountains and rivers at will, and choose according to your preferences. The location of the screen is no different from the two Fourteenth Realm Great Cultivator swimming together.”

Zhong Qiu nodded with a smile.

Cui Wei looked stunned.

A landscape geomancy map, can you still play such tricks like this?

This Nascent Soul Realm sword cultivator is a sincere person in the end.

Zhong Qiu smiled suddenly to extend the hand to Cui Wei, and the sword cultivator silently gave out a Lesser Summer Coin.

Zhong Qiu puts away the Lesser Summer Coin, said with a smile: “Look back and ask Brother Cui to drink.”

Chen Ping has some doubts.

Zhong Qiu explained: “Before I came here, I bet that the owner of the mountain was on the Fengyuan Ferry. The first thing was to walk around the cabin carefully. Cui Wei felt that the first thing that the owner of the mountain did when he boarded the ship. No matter how you choose to live, then get off the cabin, and then just take a few casual glances.”

Chen Ping said a small gambling, which was good, and he said to Cui Wei in his heart: “You don’t have to say it earlier, you should tell me before you board the ship, I will definitely help you earn this Lesser Summer Coin, split the account afterwards, regardless of when the time comes, we both make a lot of money, it’s better than you lose money.”

Cui Wei was speechless.

He really couldn’t do such a gambling business.

Cui Wei didn’t believe in a rumor before, but now he has no doubt. There used to be a shop in his hometown with ten drunks and nine patrons.

The four dísciples of Chen Ping’s ancestors are living in the same room and sitting on a table.

Guo Zhujiu still looks like a girl, with a hand drawn inkstone hanging from the waist, she sits opposite Pei Qian.

Reunited after a long time, meet the thin and pity.

After Guo Zhujiu arrived at Unrestrained Mountain, without the slightest hesitation, he recognized Pei Qian as Senior Sister, and he recognized Zhao Shuxia as Senior Brother and Zhao Luan as Senior Sister.

Zhao Luan was a little uneasy, Guo Zhujiu gave a natural reason, Zhao Luan, how beautiful you are, it would be a pity not to be a Senior Sister.

As long as the hidden official Master does not formally collect the final disciple for one day, then he will always be half of the final disciple of the Master, and there will be more and more Senior Sister and Senior Brother!

Well the emperor favors Yaoer.

Pei Qian asked some things about the colorful world, and then when she asked, and then looked at the posture of Guo Zhujiu, Pei Qian regretted his intestines.

Because Guo Zhujiu had already prepared, he first poured a bowl of tea for everyone, then took out a dozen pages of paper, coughed a few times, and started to read.

Zhao Shuxia and Zhao Luan can hear with keen interest pleasure, after all, it is a new world of customs and strange things.

Only when Guo Zhujiu took out a pile of paper from his sleeve, he drank a bowl of water in one hand to moisturize his throat, shook his hand vigorously, and made a crash-bang.

The siblings suddenly felt like Master Bai sister.

When the two siblings finally listened to a eloquent “storyteller”, one said to practice boxing, the other said that they wanted to spit out, and they slipped away.

This room is Pei Qian’s residence, she can’t hide.

Guo Zhujiu lay on the table and said that the small bamboo box was left at the summer residence, which was the treasure of the town house. She went back to Wucai Tianli with Pei Qian and returned it to Senior Sister.

Pei Qian put his cheek in one hand, looked out the window, and said that there was no problem.

Guo Zhujiu pressed his cheeks to the table, looked at Pei Qian, and asked curiously: “Pei Qian, your ball hair bun is usually numb and not troublesome to take care of. If it is not troublesome, I will tie it tomorrow. “

Pei Qian said with a slight smile: “It’s so simple, I can teach you step by step.”

Guo Zhujiu lifts the head, and changed his cheek to the table, “Pei Qian, I heard that there is a custom of haze the newlyweds, when the time comes, can I hide under your bed?” [ 19459002]

Pei Qian rolled his eyes and said, “I am not married until you are married.”

Guo Zhujiu snorted and blinked, “Listen to millet grains that you have made a name for themselves in the arena, tell me?”

Pei Qian shook his head, “The millet grains add oil and vinegar to talk nonsense.”

I thought that Guo Zhujiu would continue to cause headaches, but I never thought that Pei Qian would soon hear the slight snoring sound and fell asleep.

The ferry goes south.

The moon swells the big river, and the canoe is in danger.

Looking up is the moon, bowing to the world.

Thousand Autumn month, Qingguang million homes.

Jia Lao immortal, Chen Lingjun, and brother, both enjoy the moon and have a drink while talking.

The old Daoist Priest’s mustache pondered then said: “If you have the opportunity, I must quickly send a letter to Chief Zhou.”

Chen Lingjun wondered: “What are you doing, you are short of money and spent? Turning back to Xiaozhang’s accountant to pay memorial salaries, you will take my share together.”

My money is brother’s money, and brother’s money is wine money.

The old Daoist Priest sighed, “If Brother Zhou does not come back, it is estimated that the position of the chief will not be guaranteed.”

Chen Lingjun suddenly realized, “Yes, yes, our little brother brother is indeed a fellow of Zhou’s Old Brother, a strong enemy!”

The two brothers looked at each other and laughed loudly.

It’s no wonder that the two brothers don’t talk about loyalty. Xiao Mo is really kind.

Chen Ping was more surprised, because he saw Wei Xian’s dísciple so soon, a little girl less than ten years old, whose surname was Wu Chai.

Wei Xian was about to rush to Wild Desolate World with a Great Li Dynasty elite frontier. Just over the new Old Dragon City, he sent the little girl to the ferry temporarily halfway, and also sent a letter to Chai Wu. She handed it to Chen Ping, the owner of the mountain.

Little girl looks delicate, quiet, and not short, but slightly thinner than peers.

For some reason, Chen Ping always has the illusion that the girl in front of him, at a young age, looks like four words written on her face, I want to drink.

Chen Ping opened the envelope and after reading the letter, he felt that his illusion was justified.

Wei Xian only said that Chen Ping would help find a few experts and teach a few immortal techniques on the mountain for the little girl. It would be better if the mountain owner was willing to preach by himself.

Don’t worry about what is greedy and can not chew, what she teaches, she will learn what she does not learn, it depends on her own good fortune.

Wei Xian has only one request, Chai Wu’s fist and kick skills must be taught by himself as the Master.

At the end of the letter, Wei Xian also specifically mentioned that Chai Wu wants to drink every day, so don’t treat him badly here at Unrestrained Mountain. Not drinking for nothing, he will make up the money later.

Talking to Chen Ping, the mountain owner, the little girl was not afraid of anything, sitting on a chair with her hands on her knees, neither restrained nor lazy.

She is just like a little girl who doesn’t know the world.

Chen Ping asked, she answered.

Probably because of the thin body, the eyes of little girl are especially big.

Chen Ping took out a jug of wine, handed it to Chai Wu, said with a smile: “Your Master said, you drink half a catty of wine every day, remember to control the amount of alcohol.”

The little girl finally showed a shy look, smiled, and looked a little embarrassed. After taking the jug, Paul Proving Dao said: “Only drink two bowls of wine, four taels of wine, not half a catty.” [ 19459002]

According to Wei Xian’s letter, Chai Wu drinks with him, which is very good.

She usually drank half a catty of shochu, she would vomit if she drank too much, but she could drink after vomiting, a catty of shochu could still be taken off, and she would not be dizzy, but if she drank less, she would be unhappy…

Holding a hip flask, the little girl turned to the door and asked, “Mountain Lord, do you want to close the door?”

Chen Ping said with a smile: “Whatever you want.”

The little girl helped close the door.

Xiao Mo has been sitting at the table secretly observing Chai Wu. After the little girl closed and left, Xiao Mo straight to the point said: “Young Master, I plan to strip out the Life-Source Flying Sword and give it to Chai. Wu.”

Xiao Mo added, “Do this immediately.”

It is really this little girl named Chai Wu, who is very good at aptitude.

Even if I have seen countless Xiaomo on the top of the mountain, seeing Chai Wu for the first time is still amazed. It is simply a fairy material of blessed by heaven.

God did not say anything about the food, but also worried that Chai Wu would not be full, so he gave Chai Wu a big bowl.

Generally, the Lower Five Realms cultivator Qi Refining, if you want to learn Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi, has to rely on a Longevity Bridge to connect the two Heaven and Earth, and then peel off the cocoon. The difference is quite different. hardships. In addition, it is necessary to develop Life Source acupoint, as the paradise blessed land of the Small World, which is another difficult task.

Xiao Mo is rare to be so determined, and explained: “Presumably Young Master has already seen that Chai Wu draws Spiritual Qi, there is no obstacle, even if she throws a pile of immortal money directly to her, she can eat thoroughly, almost There is no loss, this kind of cultivation embryo, the sooner the cultivation, the more the better, if it falls into the hands of Pure White Continent Liu Clan, it is estimated that Chai Wu’s place of cultivation will be the God of Wealth In his treasury.”

If Chai Wu acquired Xiaomo’s Flying Sword and was successfully refined as a Life Source object by her, the speed of absorbing Spiritual Qi would be even more amazing, like a whale swallowing like a dragon drawing water.

Chen Ping is a bit embarrassed.

Xiao Mo said with a smile: “Young Master has thought about it a lot, I just gave her a Life-Source Flying Sword for nothing. I don’t want any preaching name, and I will never rob the discipline with General Wei. If possible, Young Master. Needless to say it was given by me.”

The sooner the Flying Sword is given, the sooner the refining, the greater the benefit of Chai Wu’s Great Dao.

Chen Ping frowned and said, “This is just one of them. What about your cultivation base?”

Even if Xiao Mo is absolutely sure that he doesn’t need to fall, it will eventually damage the cultivation base and affect Xiao Mo’s power of swordsmanship.

Just like the unintentional words said by Xiao Mi Li, it is not easy for anyone to make money in the world.

Then the cultivation is even more so.

Xiaomo is not an ordinary heart, said with a smile: “Just like Miyu’s Original Purity Realm bottleneck, not an ordinary bottleneck, Xiaomo’s Ascension Realm Perfection Peak is also an extraordinary Peak.” [ 19459002]

Being a man, Xiao Mo and his Young Master have learned a lot, such as not being arrogant, nor undervalue oneself.

For another example, when you are away from home, you are respectful of falling, and you are free to respect the first work on the wine table. This is the same reason.

In fact, a slight loss of the cultivation base does not have much impact on Xiao Mo.

If there is any chance of passing the sword to life and death, it is nothing more than the taking out of Flying Sword.

So this move of donating the sword is really not a little Mo Tuo Da, who underestimated the killing power of the cultivator on the mountain top of Haoran.

Including myself, Wild Desolate World’s long-sleeping cultivator is destined to not have a fuel-saving lamp.

Xiao Mo is sure that he is not the one with the strongest power, nor the one with the strongest defense.

But Xiao Mo can be sure of one thing, he is definitely a cultivator in the top three on offense and defense.

Anyway, there is no need to go to Wild Desolate World to blend in.

And this Grand Virtue World, the mountain cultivator that can let Xiaomo divide life and death, is not too much, it is about the number of hands.

Besides, quite a few of them have a good relationship with their Young Master.

Such as White Emperor City Zheng Juzhong, talisman Yu Xuan, Dragon Tiger Mountain Great Heavenly Master, Daoist Fire Dragon, Liu Jubao.

Chen Ping asked sternly: “Xiao Mo, do you really want it?”

Xiaomo nodded and said: “Then Young Master will give this sword.”

Two fingers twisted up, as if holding something imaginarily, then a bright red color of sword qi appeared, such as a fire dragon.

It turned out to be the Life-Source Flying Sword of Dalian, which was forcibly stripped from Life Source acupoint by Xiao Mo, and finally condensed into a fiery red sword pill about three inches long…

Chen Ping couldn’t help cursing: “Xiaomo, you uncle.”

The sword cultivator stripped Life-Source Flying Sword and hurt Great Dao’s roots. How could Xiaomo be so casually improper.

Chen Ping had to immediately took out the bird in the cage to help cover the sky. Otherwise, it is estimated that the entire wind kite ferry will be mistaken for the Great Cultivator’s spell bombing.

Then Chen Ping took out a locust wood sword box he made by himself, cautiously put away the Life-Source Flying Sword, which now has no name, said with a smile: “Such a great meeting ceremony, How to send it, how to tell the little girl about it, let me think about it first, I must say it clearly, I have no face to be greedy for concealment.”

It is rare for Xiaomo to play said with a smile: “Young Master, don’t be greedy for ink.”

Chen Ping stared at Xiao Mo in a daze, who did you learn from?

Before Zhu Lian found himself in private and was full of praise for Xiao Mo.

Because Xiao Mo said to him, “In Unrestrained Mountain, there are more Pure Hearts, probably because of the Zhuzhechi”.

Xiao Mo smiled awkwardly, he really wasn’t suitable for such frivolous chat, he still had to be a real person.

It is better to learn from Young Master than to learn from anyone, to get twice the results for half the effort.

Chen Ping thought for a while and said: “Flying Sword is called “Xinhuo”.”

Passing down from generation to generation.

I hope that Chai Wu will get this Good Fortune. From then on, she can cherish more on the cultivation path. In the future, if she encounters a similar destined person, she can continue to inherit this Flying Sword inheritance like today’s Xiaomo.

Xiao Mo said with a smile: “I am a little looking forward to the future.”

The Fengyuan ferry stopped at a Immortal Family ferry called bitter bottle gourd near Zhongyue. It was named after two lakes connected by large and small lakes, shaped like a bottle gourd.

In fact, the lake is very clear. As for why there is a bitter word in the name, the mountain has not made a clear statement.

At the ferry crossing, Mountain Monarch Jin Qing stood side by side with a strong azure clothes scribe.

In addition, there are Lu Baixiang and two dísciples. Yuan Bao Yuan is here, waiting for the wind and kite ferry. It’s just that bottle gourd has many people, and the three master and disciple have quietly boarded the ship.

Lu Baixiang is now dedicated to this Yue, the mountain of princes, and dísciple Yuanlai once got an immortal fate in the mountain.

With millet grains, there would be no little daoist news that Chen Ping didn’t know.

So this time Yuanbao went to Tree Leaf Continent, when the time comes she saw the first side of Cao Qinglang, Chen Ping had to take a look to see if the rumor was really true.

Although Yuan Bai, one of the old Zhuying sword dao Shuangbi, was unable to leave Righteous Sun Mountain and followed Jinqing to Zhongyue, he went to a place named Huangshan by Righteous Sun Mountain Ancestral Hall. , Responsible for the preparation of the Righteous Sun Mountain lower sect. Once the suffix of the candidate for sect is removed, Yuan Bai will become a Sect’s Master, but the realm of Yuan Bai will probably stagnate in Nascent Soul Realm. This is also Righteous. Sun Mountain rest assured that the abbot of Yuan Bai is one of the root causes of future lower sect affairs.

Kejin Mountain Monarch still misses the love of Chen Shanzhu very much, so he readily agreed to Unrestrained Mountain. In the future, the cost of stopping the wind and kite will be 50% off.

In fact, the last time Cui Dongshan took the ferry, went south to Tree Leaf Continent, and stopped for a bottle gourd ferry. In fact, there was a sword cultivator named Shao Poxian on the ferry. Jin Qing did not meet him when he boarded the ferry.

But when the big Mountain Monarch got off the boat and returned to the temple, he stood at the door, respectfully, and said goodbye to the ferry that suddenly sank into the white clouds.

Chen Ping took Xiao Mo off the ferry and walked forward with a smile. Cup one fist in the other hand saluted: “I have seen Jin Mountain Monarch, Wu Junshou.”

azure clothes scribe, it’s the old acquaintance from his hometown. It’s Wu Yuan. He had a nose dust in Huaihuang County, Longzhou, and his official career was covered with Good Fortune Street Peach Blossom Alley. Soft nails finally left Longzhou sadly. He was relegated to a small county at the foot of Zhongyue Mountain. Now he became an official on the remote border of the Great Li Dynasty. His official status is still the county guard. As the Honorary Disciple of Imperial Teacher Cui Chan,是龙州槐黄县的首任County Magistrate ,仕途攀升一事,简直是高开低走得无以复加了,在当地官场看来,吴郡守至多就是去陪都的小九卿government office 捞个闲职,在那边养老。谥号?追封?做梦呢。

但是Chen Ping 知道,Wu Yuan 很快就会回调,破格升任为旧龙州、新处州的“新任”Provincial Governor 。

晋青cup one fist in the other hand ,朗声said with a smile :“见过陈山主。”

Wu Yuan 作揖还礼,said with a slight smile :“Wu Yuan 拜见陈Martial Uncle 。”

被Wu Yuan 称呼为Little Master-uncle ,让Chen Ping 哑然失笑。

Chen Ping 今天来,是与中岳Mountain Monarch 商议开建采石场,砍伐木材,购买河砂三事,当然都不是什么寻常的木石,只说中岳一座储君之山独有古檀木,在Aquarius Continent 的名声,就second only to 豫章大木,是早年中部各国宫殿栋梁廊柱和卤薄仪仗的首选,Vermilion Glimmer Dynasty 专门在山脚设置采办处,一直被Imperial Family 宫廷垄断开采,都不是什么按棵售卖,而是论斤卖的,寸檀寸金。

先前Cui Dongshan 跟晋青谈妥了意向,却没能谈拢价格,就只好让Mister 亲自出马了。

南边的Tree Leaf Continent 几乎处处是遗址废墟,陆陆续续复国,对于出自山上的Immortal Family 大木、石砂,需求巨大,vast territory and abundant resources 的Tree Leaf Continent 本地当然也有,只是一来开采不易,二来各个Immortal Family 一样需要恢复Ancestral Hall ,总要先紧着自家的Immortal Mansion 重建,再加上Tree Leaf Continent 山上山下,比阔一事,蔚然成风,争抢着当那冤大头,哪怕拴紧裤腰带,或是与人赊账借债,都要将imperial city 宫殿、地方city 建造得比战前更加imposing manner 恢宏。

小陌就在旁安静看着自家Young Master ,与一位Mountain Monarch 和一位郡守谈笑风生,价格一事,都没什么好事多磨的,好像Mountain Monarch 晋青就等着自家Young Master 露个面而已。

采石场,伐木和河床挖石砂三事,甚至无需Unrestrained Mountain 这边派人监工,晋青只让陈山主放心便是,细水流长的买卖,没必要为了几颗immortal 钱丢了自家中岳的脸皮。

Chen Ping nodded with a smile 称是。

没来由想起一个可能是出门没翻黄历的Immortal Family Sect ,好不容易从Wei Bo 的Northern Mountain 地界搬迁到了中岳,结果就碰到了Mountain Monarch 晋青大办了一场夜游宴。



Zhong Qiu 和Lu Baixiang ,两个出自blessed land 的同乡人,久别重逢,就相约对弈几局。

小陌在旁观战,观棋不语True Monarch 子。


一间屋内,于斜回盘腿而坐,正在吐纳炼剑,崔嵬就在旁观察dísciple 的气机流转,寻找细微处的瑕疵。

Pei Qian 在船尾那边,正在给赵树下教拳。


赵树下练拳专一,只在Shaking Mountain Fist 上边下苦功夫,如今是Fifth Realm Martial Artist bottleneck 。


不低,是相对于一般的纯粹Martial Artist ,不高,是相较于Master 的Unrestrained Mountain 。

无论是senior Zhu Lian ,Zhong Qiu ,Lu Baixiang ,Wei Xian ,还是peers 的Pei Qian ,岑鸳机,元宝元来他们,赵树下这么多年的martial arts 之路,都显得极为平常,毫无悬念的aptitude 垫底。

尤其是面对同为Master 嫡传dísciple 的Great Grandmaster Pei Qian ,赵树下难免自惭形秽。


切磋一场,只不过Pei Qian 出手极有分寸,不管是拳头,还是肘击,脚踹,即便点到即止,看似dragonfly touches the water lightly ,可Pei Qian 再压境,还是让赵树下没少吃苦头。

等到Pei Qian 收拳停步,赵树下脸色微白,手臂颤抖,on the verge of collapse 。

双方各自后退一步,cup one fist in the other hand 相向。

Pei Qian 轻声说道:“Junior Brother Zhao ,你的拳脚有点死板了,递拳之人敢死,可是拳意不活,终究差了点意思。”

毕竟是same sect ,所以Pei Qian 说话,还是很克制了,措辞谨慎,免得伤了这个Junior Brother 的自尊心。

赵树下又不是什么笨人,其实知道这个Senior Sister Pei 的良苦用心。

Pei Qian 给他喂拳,就是浪费她的时间。

Pei Qian 犹豫了一下,说道:“Junior Brother Zhao ,你的拳意气象,其实很好,得了个‘正’字之意,再接再厉。”

赵树下的六步走桩,早已走得brought to the point of perfection 。

但是Martial Artist 问拳,终究不等于比拼拳法桩架,所以赵树下即便是跟同境Martial Artist 打擂台,也远远can’t be considered 什么优势。


但是Pei Qian 百思不得其解,为何Master 好像故意不传授赵树下一些brilliant 拳法?

柴芜今天喝完两碗酒,将两只白碗叠放在桌上,little girl 打了个酒嗝,开始cultivation ,继续refining 那把名为“薪火”的Flying Sword 。

之前山主亲自传授给她一道炼物Immortal Art ,但是学问太profound 了,字数还多,而且都是些没听过的生僻词汇,她就像喝高了,头晕……

最mountainside 主就让那个赠送Flying Sword 的小陌Mister ,过来跟自己聊天,聊了一会儿,她就大致听明白了,只需要用点心,将那口气,像蛛网一样散开,at worst 就是分心同时走七八条路,就成了,反正那些路线,小陌Mister 都说得真切,有人帮忙指路,柴芜只需要照做就行了,跟在香烛铺子跟Old Master 学折纸没啥两样。

Chen Ping 坐在张嘉贞的账房内。

纳兰玉牒在这边帮忙打杂,little girl 坐在椅子上,摇头晃脑,一手翻动账本,一手selfish calculations 打得crackle 。

从韦文龙,到张嘉贞,再到纳兰玉牒,只说账房Mister ,Unrestrained Mountain 确实人才辈出,都没有什么青黄不接的忧虑了。

Chen Ping 揉了揉眉心,神色有些无奈,先前传授little girl 炼物之法,反复说了两遍口诀。






最后Chen Ping 只能搬救兵,喊来小陌帮忙为little girl 传道。

Chen Ping 坐在一旁,看着小陌与柴芜的一个问话一个nodded ,山主又被震惊得只能默默喝酒,压压惊。



就像早年Ning Yao 教Chen Ping 拳法,不同的立场,一样的无奈。

纳兰玉牒好奇问道:“隐官大人,中岳那边的檀木很占地方啊,这也就that’s all ,毕竟檀木值钱,可是采石场和河床出产的石砂两物,又重又占地方,价格也很难上去,风鸢是条跨洲渡船唉,从Aquarius Continent 中部一路运到Tree Leaf Continent ,成本太高了,咱们会不会亏钱啊。why not 让比较短途的翻墨渡船做这笔买卖?”

Chen Ping laughed ,转头望向张嘉贞,“嘉贞,你帮玉牒解释一下缘由。”

张嘉贞说道:“如今Tree Leaf Continent 各国百废待兴,什么都缺,但是最迫在眉睫的,肯定不是那些清供雅玩,古董字画,而是一国Capital 的土木重建,所以我们挣的不是当下钱,而是一笔未来钱,此外我们要是跟那些皇帝君王处好关系了,建立起长久的商贸往来,做好铺垫,这对风鸢渡船来说,就不愁未来没有挣大钱的机会,再者我们甚至可以现在就以一个极低的价格,从各国将相high ranking official 手中,大肆购置那些Aquarius Continent 和北Entirely Reed Continent 愿意高价入手的‘无用之物’,故而风鸢渡船的一南一北,是各有倾斜的,玉牒,你要是将这些因素计算在内,就会发现隐官大人和Sect Master Cui 的这笔中岳买卖,不但划算,而且极其挣钱了。”

Chen Ping nodded and said :“正是此理。买卖一事,real gold, white silver 当然重要,但是同时也需要明白一个道理,在账簿外边见大钱。”


Chen Ping said with a smile :“再就是Tree Leaf Continent 山下缺金银,山上缺immortal 钱,所以lower sect 少不了要用借钱一事挣人情。”

纳兰玉牒问道:“放高利贷?谁敢不还钱,就让米Great Sword Immortal 找上门去砍人剁手?!”

张嘉贞其实也想知道答案,因为如今不少别洲势力,就都在Tree Leaf Continent 那边做这种事情,是一桩堪称暴利的生意。

Chen Ping 摇摇头,“别人都这么做,我们不这么做。”

纳兰玉牒想了想,忧心忡忡道:“tall trees attract the wind 呢,会不会惹来仇视和被孤立啊?”

Chen Ping said with a smile :“所以需要米Great Sword Immortal 坐镇lower sect 嘛。”

张嘉贞突然站起身,正衣襟,与隐官大人默默cup one fist in the other hand 。

一国君主与山上immortal 借了高利贷,when the time comes 如何偿还?自然是均摊到百姓头上。

Chen Ping 朝张嘉贞虚按两下,然后开始翻阅账本,“我们继续各忙各的。”

自家藕花blessed land 的一些出产,比如狐国的talisman 美人,因为如今狐国三方势力之间再无血腥厮杀,都是一些寿终正寝的老狐,兵解离世后的遗蜕,数量稀少,但是品秩高出不少。

而且Cui Dongshan 在信上说起一事,机缘巧合之下,被他找到了三位Tree Leaf Continent 玉芝岗的淑仪楼cultivator ,年纪不大,都是百来岁,当初玉芝岗sect 覆灭之时,三人刚好在外游历,得以侥幸逃过一劫,使得淑仪楼冠绝一洲的talisman 美人,没有就此Burning Incense 断绝。虽说这三位dísciple 的手艺,比起那两位淑仪楼Dao Companion Master 的丹青圣手,要逊色不少,但是问题不大,三位淑仪楼dísciple 只需要绘制美人,他Cui Dongshan 和老厨子,都可以完成最后的“点睛之笔”。

此外只说采购家乡小镇民窑烧造的瓷器,还有还需要去Colored Clothing Country 洽淡的斗鸡杯、地衣等物,具体的数量比例,就需要根据后续的售卖情况,进行一次次的细微调整,比如有些货物的利润高,但是占地大,或是容易压货囤积,对这些相对琐碎的细节,Chen Ping 门儿清。

毕竟关于此事,Upside Down Mountain 春幡斋的账房里边,个个是行家里手,就连桌子靠门的米Great Sword Immortal ,避暑行宫的扛把子,都不算门外汉。


还有Tree Leaf Continent 那些四处流散的孤本善本书籍,Chen Ping 在驱山渡那边就已经见识过了,还有不少昔年被誉为一片千金的名贵官窑,跟那些书籍是差不多的下场,都是一麻袋一麻袋售卖,各大渡口,随处堆积,铺子都不稀罕还价。不过这样的捡漏机会,最多再过ten-twenty 年,想必就会逐渐消失,重新变成那个乱世黄金盛世古董的说法。




赵树下在屋内六步走桩,突然响起敲门声,开门一看,是Master 。

Chen Ping said with a smile :“走,陪我一起走桩。”

master and disciple 一起去往船头那边,Chen Ping said with a smile :“这么多年,除了Shaking Mountain Fist ,也没教你更多拳招,今天补上。”

Chen Ping 今天教了Zhang Shanfeng 自创的那套拳法。


Chen Ping 就帮忙查漏补缺,赵树下神色愧疚,轻声道:“Master ,我aptitude 差,给你丢脸了。”

也就是在Unrestrained Mountain ,不然搁在任何一个山上Immortal Mansion 或是Jianghu Sect ,肯定少不了几句碎嘴闲话,或是玩味视线。

在Unrestrained Mountain 这边,没有谁在背后嚼舌头,因为都是……当面说的,比如陈灵均和白玄,每次见了面,喜欢摔袖子劈啪作响的azure clothed little boy ,就会老气横秋告诫几句,树下啊,练拳一事不可懈怠啊,你瞧瞧咱们Pei Qian ,那境界whiz whiz whiz 的,无妨,我今儿传你几手绝世拳法,centipede 蹦晓得不,看好了……至于白玄,赵树下每次路过那个行亭摊子,白玄都要招呼他进去落座喝茶,被拉着闲扯几句,树下啊,你跟某人作为same sect ,你竟然打不过一个娘们,让我很失望啊,别愣着啊,喝茶喝茶,我这茶水,与隐官大人在家乡那边的铺子酒水,有异曲同工之妙,喝了可以涨境界的……


Chen Ping 气said with a smile :“说什么混账话。”

重重patted 赵树下的肩膀,“你可以不相信自己的习武innate talent ,但是must 相信Master 收disciple 的眼光。”



无巧不成书,Mountain Monarch Fan Junmao 和mountain god 王眷的待客之地,就是那座凉亭。

Chen Ping 带着小陌,还有陈灵均和贾老immortal ,在这边落脚。

Great Li Dynasty 旧Southern Mountain ,曾经是genuine 地many sand piled up will make a mountain 而成,如今的新Southern Mountain ,亦是如出一辙。

由Great Li Dynasty 牵头,Southern Mountain 旧址周边十数个大小国家,合力促成此事,毕竟需要一座great mountain ,帮着稳定一洲南方的山河destiny 。

Grand Virtue World 自古有一条“改Capital 不改五岳”的不成文讲究。

一洲即一国的Great Li Dynasty ,失去了半壁山河后,取了个折中的法子,一洲五岳依旧,在谁的国境内,就谁去祭祀。

所以如今的Southern Mountain Fan Junmao ,就成了第一个、也是only one 个脱离Great Li Dynasty Song Clan 管辖的Great Mountain 君。

用Fan Junmao 的说法,就是一个字,爽!

一场大战过后,其实整座Southern Mountain 都给打没了一半,再被搬空一半,而Southern Mountain 数座储君之山中,也只有采芝山得以侥幸保全大半,作为Monster Race 大军临时设置的Immortal Family 渡口之一,如此一来,采芝山作为整个Aquarius Continent 南方为数不多的大山,愈发显得一山之下万山之上。

凉亭那边,一身墨绿长袍的Fan Junmao 盘腿而坐,见着了Chen Ping entire group ,也只是抬手cup one fist in the other hand ,意思一下。

采芝山的mountain god 王眷,却是头戴冠冕、purple clothed 象简的华贵装束,冠冕之上缀宝珠,大如青梅,一看就是件山上Supreme Treasure 。

一般人若是不知真相,第一眼瞧见了这两位,肯定会误以为王眷才是Great Mountain 君,而Fan Junmao 就只是个祠庙的女子神侍。

王眷也参加了Righteous Sun Mountain 的那场观礼,下榻于拨云峰,当时一洲mountain god 齐聚,与邻近一峰的水神酒宴,遥遥对峙。

当时Righteous Sun Mountain 祖山那边,传信Flying Sword 如花开,王眷就收到了Chen Ping 的一封密信,还得到了一枚篆刻“峻青雨相”的jade token ,转交给范Mountain Monarch 。

得到密信末尾的“提醒”,王眷就火速离开了Righteous Sun Mountain 。

Fan Junmao 背靠栏杆,straight to the point 道:“说吧,怎么偿还这笔恩情。”

Chen Ping said with a smile :“真不是讨债来了,就只是叙旧,at worst 以后渡船路过渡口,你这个Mountain Monarch 与王mountain god ,多多照拂就是了。”

Fan Junmao 说道:“少来这套,你不登门找我,我也会找你,终归得有个章程,不然以后就咱俩别叙旧了,难道见着你,就先给恩公磕个头?再说我可不想分心‘照拂’一条渡船百年千年,没个尽头的混账事。”

Chen Ping nodded and said :“那我就not to mince words 了,Southern Mountain 各路Spiritual God 辖境内的一切heavenly materials earthly treasures ,只要是可以兜售、并且愿意买卖的,我Unrestrained Mountain 得分一份,最少三成,而且必须价格公道,以最低的市价入手。”

Fan Junmao 大手一挥,“就这么说定了,喝酒就算了,留在下次我那山上的夜游宴,管够。”

一旦Fan Junmao 跻身Original Purity Realm 一事。


Chen Ping said with a smile :“还有一事相求,我想要与王mountain god 求-购采芝山的幽壤,约莫三千斤,当然多多益善,价格好商量。”

采芝山的幽壤,是万年土的一种,在Aquarius Continent 极负盛名,是英灵阴物开辟道场Small World 的根本奠基之物。

故而王眷的金身神主撤离采芝山之时,Great Li Dynasty 专门帮忙将所有幽壤搬迁一空,绝不留给Monster Race 大军。

Fan Junmao 又要大手一挥。

王眷赶紧以心声提醒道:“范Mountain Monarch ,采芝山的幽壤,Great Li Dynasty Song Clan 前些年陆陆续续,已经拿走大半,如今所剩不多了,我这边只有两万斤,范Mountain Monarch 是清楚的,这幽壤若是少于万斤规模,就不成气候了,极难培育出新土,反而可能会年年递减。”

Fan Junmao 犹豫了一下,还是大手一挥,与Chen Ping 说道:“我那边还有一万斤,都拿去,没什么价格不价格的,幽壤再珍贵,都比不上那块jade token 。”

此物正是让Fan Junmao 重新火速跻身Original Purity Realm 的Great Dao 契机所在。

王眷先前返回采芝山,立即上供了一万斤幽壤给Southern Mountain 。

其实前些年,这位采芝山的储君mountain god 挺尴尬的,因为一场大战过后,Southern Mountain 都被彻底打没了,就有了个大储君小山岳的格局,这让王眷的金身品秩重返Nascent Soul Realm 后,都没敢举办夜游宴,不然提升跻身品秩一事,对于一座great mountain 储君山头而言,能算小事?

只能等着Mountain Monarch Fan Junmao 的恢复境界,再一起办夜游宴了。

所幸范Mountain Monarch 马上就可以重返玉璞。

Chen Ping 再看淡cultivator 境界一事,也不由得羡慕几分,这些地位显赫的五岳Spiritual God ,真是不用如何cultivation 。

Fan Junmao 都不给Chen Ping 说些客套话的机会,问道:“你跟Wei Bo 是穿一条裤子的,所以我也有一事求你,请Northern Mountain 那边送些familiar 的Steward servant girl 过来Southern Mountain ,我那场夜游宴,是大姑娘上轿头一回,不能办得太差了,这种事情,就数Northern Mountain 经验最丰富,是一洲公认的,Chen Ping ,这种事情,总不至于为难吧?”

还真不是Fan Junmao 开玩笑,Immortal Family 庆典一事,最为麻烦,谱牒immortal master 和Mountain and Rivers Divine Spirit 、还有将相high ranking official 的座位安排,下榻之地,酒水蔬果,乱七八糟一大堆琐碎事。

Chen Ping nodded with a smile 答应下来,“这种事情,半点不为难,我们魏Mountain Monarch 是一等一的行家里手。”

Fan Junmao 看了眼那个穿得花里花俏的目盲老Daoist ,转头对采芝山mountain god 说道:“以后你与这位风鸢渡船的二Steward ,多多往来。”

王眷nodded with a smile 。

至于范Mountain Monarch 今天送出去的一万斤幽壤,问题不大,等到Southern Mountain 举办夜游宴庆典,采芝山这边再送出去一万斤就是了。

随后Fan Junmao 拗着性子,陪着Chen Ping 他们一起登山游览风景。

贾老immortal 与mountain god 王眷相谈甚欢。

Old Dragon City 遗址,重建一事,如火如荼,随处可见的大兴土木,尘土飞扬。

Chen Ping 与Sun Jiashu 和董水井,相约在大海之滨。

除了小陌,还有难得现身渡船之外的米Great Sword Immortal 。



这是米裕在Grand Virtue World 第一次踏足陆地处,第一眼所见风景,尤其记忆深刻。


Sun Jiashu nodded 说可以,只是一听immortal 钱数目,米裕startled ,要远远过于自己的预估,一下子就没了与隐官大人借钱的念头。

Sun Jiashu 笑着解释道:“海上植荷,不比寻常,荷花又是Immortal Family 种,维护起来,花钱更多。”

以前都是Fu Family 带头,其余几个家族共同出钱,也就是个花钱挣脸的门面事。

米裕sighed ,钱是Excellent Might Gall ,自己兜里还真没几个immortal 钱,就别打肿脸充fatty 了。

Chen Ping said with a smile :“这笔钱,我们Unrestrained Mountain 来出好了。”


Sun Jiashu nodded said with a smile :“买荷种荷两事,可以由米Sword Immortal 出钱,之后养护一事,就让新Old Dragon City 几个大姓负责,我去帮忙找人商议此事,相信不会有什么异议。”

Great Wall of Sword Qi 的米拦腰,要在这边种植荷花,重建仙迹,Old Dragon City 除了Fu Family 之外的那些个墙头草,谁敢说个不字。

when the time comes Old Dragon City 这边估计还得立碑撰录此事,植荷人,米裕。

Sun Jiashu 知道陈山主的用心。

one move, two gains ,让自家的次席供奉米裕遂愿,同时也算帮了Sun Family 一个不大不小的忙。

如今几个Great Family 之间,各有靠山,不同于以往的Fu Family 一家独大,都跟Great Li Dynasty Imperial Court 的官场攀附上了关系,故而相互间的勾心斗角,愈演愈烈,由Sun Jiashu 提出此事,可以帮自己家族省去许多麻烦。

道理再简单不过,如今Sun Family 的山上盟友,是那座Unrestrained Mountain ,你们自己掂量掂量。

前些年,与Unrestrained Mountain 的合伙买卖,Sun Family 始终藏掖,如今不用了。



一路离开陆地several thousands li 的海面之上,时不时都会有cultivator ,施展辟水术法,入海打捞法宝。

此事之前被Great Li Dynasty 禁绝,Imperial Court 专Sect 遣一拨随军cultivator 和Mr. Azure Crow ,在此寻觅海中遗落treasure ,任何收获,都必须收缴Song Clan 国库。

前不久才刚刚解禁,Aquarius Continent 和Tree Leaf Continent 两洲cultivator ,grandiose 数百人之多,闻风而动,蜂拥而来,更有不少消息灵通的,早就在Old Dragon City 遗址那边趴窝了,虽说注定捡不着大漏,毕竟已经被Great Li Dynasty cultivator 反复搜刮了几遍,可是Great Li Dynasty 开禁后,不乏有人已经发了一笔横财,Old Dragon City 几大姓氏专门有cultivator 购买这类treasure ,随便转手一卖,就挣了个盆满钵盈。

米裕subconsciously 转头看了眼身边的隐官大人。

这种勾当的真正Grandmaster ,就站在自己身边呢。

下边那些try one’s luck 捡破烂的Qi Refiner ,得认个Ancestral Master ,若是先来这边敬个香,说不定真会有些unexpected harvest 。

隐官大人立即斜眼看来,米Sword Immortal 悻悻然。

海上有几个cultivator silhouette ,瞧见了那条风鸢渡船,就急匆匆御风赶来,是一拨Tree Leaf Continent cultivator ,在这边还真挣着了钱,就想要搭船南归家乡,不然御风跨海,太过辛苦,意外还多。

cultivator 开口说话,却是Aquarius Continent 雅言,也就是Great Li Dynasty 官话。

没办法,今时不同往日了,要是不会说这Great Li Dynasty 官话,在Old Dragon City 这边根本混不开。

一听说是Unrestrained Mountain 的私家渡船。




一个喜欢拆人家Ancestral Hall 的山上Sect ,美其名曰观礼道贺,实则是一场imposing manner 凌人的问剑。

Aquarius Continent 独一份的,与那北Entirely Reed Continent 真心没啥两样了。

问剑别家sect ,这在Aquarius Continent 历史上,好像是首例。


这让毫无用武之力的贾老immortal ,既欣慰又遗憾,欣慰的是,自家Mountain Sect 的威名远播,遗憾的是,对方都未领教自己的待客之道。

风鸢渡船已经可以依稀看到Tree Leaf Continent 陆地的轮廓。

很快在一天夜色中,渡船来到位于一洲北方的Pure Boundary Mountain 渡口,Chen Ping 带着Pei Qian entire group ,登山拜访Celestial Palace Peak Qinghu Palace 。

先前Ancestral Hall 都搬迁去了Aquarius Continent ,老Nascent Soul 陆雍更是成为了Great Li Dynasty 的二等供奉,传说跟Great Li Dynasty Vassal King Song Mu ,更是关系不浅,有份私谊。

上次Chen Ping 送了一方底款是清境的印章,同行的Jade Tablet Sect 的姜老Sect Master ,Unrestrained Mountain 的周首席,也送了老immortal 一句话。

“Tree Leaf Continent 有个陆雍,等于让Grand Virtue World cultivator 的in mind ,多出了一座屹立不倒的sect 。”

在那之后,陆雍就挑了个好时辰,消耗了一份Pure Boundary Mountain 的山水destiny ,最终运Dao Idol 当不错,成功炼出两炉子的Seated Oblivion Pill ,一股脑儿送给了叶芸芸的蒲山云草堂,老daoist 破例没有藏私,不曾按照老规矩,偷偷昧掉两三粒。

其实叶芸芸那边,按照预期,能够花重金买到一炉,就已经算是天大的意外之喜。结果白送了两炉,并且是Qinghu Palace 一位宫主嫡传dísciple ,亲自送到了蒲扇云草堂,一向不太喜欢待人接物的叶芸芸,亲自待客,这位女子End Boundary Martial Artist ,想要按照事先跟那位曹immortal master 的约定,以山上的市价购买这两炉子价值连城的“羽衣丸”。

不料那位Qinghu Palace 的Golden Core Daoist ,执意不收钱,也不管这位被誉为yellow cloth 芸的女子Grandmaster ,是什么End Boundary Martial Artist ,Daoist 只是咬定一事,要么蒲山草堂白拿,要么自己就带回了。

反正自家Qinghu Palace 的Seated Oblivion Pill ,还真不愁卖。

当得起“天下独一份”的说法,may come by with luck, but not by searching for it ,this pill 极难炼成,因为除了Qinghu Palace 那门密不外传的师承pill concocting Secret Technique ,还有至关重要的一味pill concocting 材料,正是Pure Boundary Mountain 独有的山Water Spiritual Qi ,所以是昔年一洲Earth Immortal yearn for something even in dreams 的spirit pill and marvelous medicine ,不然也无法成为Tree Leaf Continent Ancestral Hall 的“御用”赏赐之物。

陆雍早年每次pill concocting 成功,都会故意偷偷“克扣”下一两颗,白送给Mount Taiping ,反正被那些sect 预定的一炉子medicine pill ,medicine pill 颗数历来是没个定数的。

卖给一洲各Great Sect ,那是图钱,外加挣份Burning Incense 情。

白送给Mount Taiping ,那是仰慕老Heavenly Monarch 和山主的侠义之风。

而因为一桩陈年恩怨,使得陆雍公认是一洲cultivator 当中,最反感江湖Martial Artist 的一位Earth Immortal 。


Chen Ping 今天与老immortal 一番叙旧过后,unprecedented 有些难为情,“陆Old Brother ,我可能需要与你预定一炉Seated Oblivion Pill 了,十年之内都可以。”

因为this pill 能够帮助Qi Refiner 温补心窍,梳理和祛除人身山河的各种cultivation 细微隐患,对于如今跌境极为惨重的Chen Ping 来说,这Qinghu Palace Seated Oblivion Pill ,刚好对症下药,所以可能比起任何珍稀medicine pill ,都要来得一场及时雨。绝不是什么锦上添花,是not just in name only, but also in reality 的provide timely help 。

不然Chen Ping 还真开不了这个口。

自家一洲,Jade Tablet Sect ,small dragon 湫,Golden Peak Temple ,Great Quan Dynasty 等,都纷纷求丹。更不谈北边的Aquarius Continent ,还有Great Li Dynasty 陪都的Vassal King 府邸,Divine Order Sect ,Old Dragon City Fu Family ,Immortal Monarch 曹溶的道观,也都有预定。按照既定安排,别说一两百年,三百年之内,陆雍都不得闲。

但是陆雍却爽朗said with a smile :“巧了不是,Poor Daoist 手上还剩下几颗,这就给陈老弟拿去。”

本来是打算送给几位嫡传和再传dísciple ,作为未来开峰的礼物,前些年跟随自己一路颠沛流离,劳苦功高,在那Aquarius Continent ,从头到尾,最早落难之时,受尽白眼,等到无偿为Great Li Dynasty 边军pill concocting 一事,times change ,变得备受敬重,不少Aquarius Continent Immortal Mansion 都与Qinghu Palace 嫡传或暗示或明示,想要招徕他们,更换师门,却始终没有任何一人想要脱离Qinghu Palace Ancestral Hall 谱牒。

早知道Young Master Chen 自己想要Seated Oblivion Pill ,上次白送两炉给叶芸芸,就不那么实诚了。

Chen Ping 刚要说话,老daoist 抬起一掌,埋怨道:“打住,见外话,就休要提了,白白伤了自家人的情谊。”

Chen Ping said with a smile :“Qinghu Palace 重建事宜,有任何需求,陆Old Brother 只管列出一份清单,风鸢渡船都可以帮忙购买,这桩买卖,Unrestrained Mountain 就一个宗旨,不亏钱不挣钱。”

陆雍said with a laugh :“唯独此事,涉及师门颜面,我就不与陈老弟客气了。”

随后陆雍主动邀请Unrestrained Mountain entire group 出门赏景。



entire group 下山登船,渡船继续南下。

终于到了Cui Dongshan 亲自选址的那座未来lower sect 。

Cui Dongshan ,Cao Qinglang 。 Sui Youbian ,小厨子程朝露。邵坡仙,Meng Long ,石湫。


附近还有一大帮的talisman 力士,Mechanical Puppet ,正在孜孜不倦地扩建渡口。

lower sect 的名字,还是悬而未决。

而Cui Dongshan 挑选此地,也不是什么山水形胜之地,不过占据了方圆六百里之地,位于两国接壤的边境地界。

周边也没有什么Mountain and Rivers Divine Spirit ,离着最近的,是一座有千年悠久历史的Earth Temple ,余杭郡導社。

好像Cui Dongshan 故意选择了个一穷二白的地方。


得了Mister 从Great Li Dynasty Capital 寄出的书信提醒后,Cui Dongshan 就更加笃定了,因为at first 按照这对Mister 学生与周首席的推衍谋划,lower sect 选址,是要打乱Golden Peak Temple “七现两隐”的两重谋划,不但要守住已无一人在Grand Virtue World 的Mount Taiping Burning Incense ,不被small dragon 湫占据遗址,还要尽可能拦阻Golden Peak Temple 与Qinghu Palace 的结盟。


避暑行宫里边藏书极多,其中有Daoism 云笈七签二十四卷,当中又有Sun, Moon and Stars 部。

一座不过是sect 候补山头的道观,杜含灵不过是一个Nascent Soul Realm cultivator 的观主,所谋甚大,手笔之大,可谓Heavenspan 。

一旦这座Big Dipper 加辅、弼两隐的大阵,构建完毕,Golden Peak Temple 就等于囊括小半个Tree Leaf Continent 的Celestial Phenomenon 地理和山水destiny 。

但是既然这其中有Central Plains Yin-Yang School of Thought Lu Clan 的谋划,Cui Dongshan 就干脆放弃了那个“从中作梗”的打算,他倒要瞪大眼睛好好看看,已经没有了Mount Taiping 和Pure Boundary Mountain 的Golden Peak Temple 杜含灵,到底能折腾出一份多大气魄的“Heaven and Earth’s Law Manifestation ”。


眉心红痣的white clothed youth ,与Chen Ping 一揖到底,起身后,再次弯腰作揖,抬头而笑,“诚心诚意,谢过小陌供奉。”

小陌作揖还礼,“小陌见过Sect Master Cui 。”

众人一起走向一座高山,Chen Ping 与Cui Dongshan 闲聊。

Cui Dongshan said with a smile :“Golden Peak Temple 那边,不可谓不小心谨慎,对Mount Taiping 和Qinghu Palace 没了非分之想,收手极快。只留下个small dragon 湫,还不知道轻重利害,继续想着收拢Mount Taiping 附近的残余Dao Rhyme ,refining 成那把Mount Taiping 祖传的明月镜。结果黄庭unfathomable mystery 从五彩天下返回,问剑一场,Ancestral Hall 都给拆掉了,那位女冠elder sister ,犹不罢休,竟然就在那处Ancestral Hall 废墟旁,结茅住下了。”

Mount Taiping 女冠黄庭,其实是与郭竹酒一起从五彩天下来到Grand Virtue World ,只不过一个去了Aquarius Continent ,一个回到了家乡Tree Leaf Continent 。

Chen Ping 自嘲道:“是我beat the grass to scare the snake 了。”

之前Chen Ping 去了趟Mount Taiping ,在那边动手,闹出不小的动静,更做成了一桩密事,打杀了三山blessed land 的万瑶宗Sect Master ,the immortal 韩jade tree 。之后还跟姜尚真去了趟Qinghu Palace ,杜含灵肯定已经得到了消息,一番权衡利弊过后,Golden Peak Temple 只能退而求其次,大为降低那座Heaven and Earth’s Law Manifestation 大阵的品秩。

如果撇开已成定局的敌对关系,杜含灵确实称得上是一方formidable person 。

Great Quan Dynasty 的那场桃叶之盟,北边的Golden Peak Temple ,中部的White Dragon 洞,南边的蒲山草堂,三方都是发起人,最终总计十六个雄踞Tree Leaf Continent 一方的山上Immortal Family ,加上藩属势力34 家,共同缔结盟约,名义上一起对抗别洲势力。因为叶芸芸不Steward ,只是顶着个虚衔,所以Golden Peak Temple 和White Dragon 洞,在那场桃叶之盟之后,两位immortal master ,分别被誉为山上君主和山中宰相。

Cui Dongshan 站在山脚,指了指,说道:“Mister ,必须等着你来这边,才能竖起Mountain Sect ,when the time comes 可能还需要剪彩。”

Chen Ping didn’t know whether to cry or laugh ,Unrestrained Mountain 当年都没这么麻烦。

Chen Ping 突然说道:“lower sect 庆典,就选在明年立春这一天好了。”

Cui Dongshan un’ed 。


Cui Dongshan 轻声说道:“Mister ,挂像一事,怎么说,找谁画?”

因为是lower sect ,那么Ancestral Hall 挂像,就得按照Grand Virtue World 的山上规矩,开始悬挂upper sect 开山Ancestral Master 的画像了。


Chen Ping 有些无奈,望向Cui Dongshan ,“咱们真不能破例?”

Cui Dongshan 使劲摇头,斩钉截铁道:“Mister ,真不能破例!”