Sword of Daybreaker Chapter 1040


Gawain looked at the “God of Nature” that was huge in front of him, and the latter also looked at him motionlessly. Those light-cast crystal eyes were filled with quietly surging radiance. With Gawain’s knowledge, it was impossible Read out the emotional changes belonging to human beings.

They stared at each other for a while, and Gawain confirmed that the other party was not cracking a joke, then he squeezed his chin and said while thinking: “This is not a complicated request, I can arrange it for you, but…”

Amorne’s tone rose: “It’s just?”

“You said that your perception of the real world is limited, and you can usually only know some vague changes in the state of affairs,” Gawain looked at Amorn seriously, “Where did you know the magic circuit terminal this thing? I don’t remember anyone talking to you about this.”

Amorn: “…”

Gawain: “…”

After a few seconds of silence, Gawain withdrew his sight. He looked all around. There was only chaos in the empty and silent Nether Shadow World space, and the blurred and broken ground and black clumps in the sky filled the entire field of vision. ——No one seems to be here except him and Ammon.

He turned his head, as if the slightly awkward silence had not happened before, and he didn’t care about where Ammon learned about the magic circuit terminal. He just smiled and looked at the giant deer in front of him. Said: “I will arrange for Veronica or Camel to send you a set of equipment-the supporting network device will also help you debug it.”

“Then many thanks.” Amone said lightly.

Gawain nodded, and then simply said something individually, then turned and left this dark and empty place.

It wasn’t until Gawain’s silhouette completely disappeared in the courtyard of the rebellious fortress that Amone retracted his gaze from a distance. His huge crystal eyes narrowed slightly, and beside him, the darkness of nothingness and chaos suddenly rolled up. There was an invisible wind of mana, and shimmering smoke and dust emerged out of thin air like breeding from the earth, rapidly spinning and condensing into a huge female silhouette.

This is a lady with the height of a bell tower. Her whole body is made up of the purest arcane power and incomprehensible smoke and dust. There are countless rays of light and Magic Talisman embedded in her mist. On the surging “skirt”, this is the former Magic Goddess-Mirmina.

As soon as the silhouette had condensed into shape, Mirmina looked up at the direction of disobeying the main building of the fortress, and then looked towards the giant deer Amon lying not far away: “Is he really gone?”

Amoen’s body cannot move, but his eyes seem to float upwards: “If I said no, would you immediately run into the depths of the Nether Shadow World like a gust of wind? Just like before?”

“…That seems to be gone,” Mirmina said as if relaxed, and then a clear dissatisfaction appeared on her mana-smoke face, and at the same time, she looked down at Amone.” You exposed me again just now! Was it accidental this time too?”

Amorn was silent for two seconds before he said indifferently: “…to the effect.”

“I told you the interesting things about the Lord Material World, but you exposed my whereabouts,” Mirmina said very dissatisfied, “I don’t remember when I offended you!”

“I said, to the effect,” Amone said casually, his tone seems to be always so unhurried, “Also, why are you so afraid of Gawain Cecil? Even if you have now faded from the priesthood, you are A powerful magic creature, in this special Nether Shadow World, why should you be so afraid of a mortal?”

“I said, I can’t return to the sight of mortals now—I have to wait until those remaining’connections’ fade further,” Mirmina looked towards Amone, suddenly narrowing his eyes, “And could it be you Didn’t you really feel it? In that so-called’mortal’, there is a force that suppresses us…that is the legacy of the sailor, don’t you feel it?”

Amorn let out a deep laugh, and then reminded the god hiding in the Nether Shadow World: “The legacy of the sailor… Of course I feel it, but you look down at me. What is it?”

Mirmina took a look at the criss-crossed scars on the opponent’s body and the debris that pierced the scars, and immediately retreated a little aside with resistance: “Well, for you, that Gawain Cecil carried The breath of a sailor may indeed be nothing at worst – but it’s different to me, I don’t want to deal with that dangerous thing at all.”

Amorn’s tone seemed to have a hint of ridicule: “I thought the incarnation of’magic’ would have a stronger curiosity and spirit of exploration, and it should be braver to face the legacy of the sailor.”

“Curiosity and exploratory spirit do not mean recklessness. Appropriate caution and reason are also necessary qualities when searching for the truth,” Mirmina said, suddenly showing a faint gaze, “Speaking of which, I have I got some curiosity-you asked Gawain Cecil for a magic circuit terminal… what do you want to do?”

Amorn said lightly: “I said it, to ease boredom.”

“You have lie here for 3000 years, you can lie here for more 3000 years. For us,’boring’ is a false proposition-the time span within ten thousand years has little effect on us. Mirmina stared at Amone, without the slightest joking in her tone. “Put away the reason for’boring’. I told you about the magic circuit terminal and magic circuit. I know better than you that it is What is it. The magic circuit terminal is used to connect to the magic circuit, and the magic circuit is the carrier of the neural network, so you are actually interested in the mental space formed by mortals using the neural network… What do you want to use it for?”

Amorn did not directly answer the other party, but instead asked: “You seem to be worried that I endanger the safety of those mortals?”

“I owe them a kindness,” Mirmina said seriously, “My personality is grateful and seeking to repay the kindness-this is the first time I can follow my personality to do what I want to do, so This matter is very important to me.”

“Then you can rest assured, I don’t intend to do any damage, on the contrary, I have high expectations for those human beings-it is for this reason that I am more interested in the neural networks they created,” Amorn said quietly, his gaze fell on Mirmina, “That neural network has washed away your Divine Attribute. This process shows a kind of probability.”

“Do you want to try too?” Mirmina’s tone was questioning, “Don’t blame me for damaging your confidence, but I don’t think you can succeed. What I do requires extremely high magic skills and… …Innate talent, and your innate talent is obviously not in this field. On the other hand, the non-directed thoughts in the unconscious zone are not a “safe tool”, but a very dangerous drug. In a sense, The danger of that kind of non-directional thought is comparable to your legacy of hitting the sailors. It is a kind of suicide. Finally, the neural network is not a public square that comes and goes freely-it contains There is a guard. Although it is an inexperienced guard, the neural network is her home court.”

Speaking of this, she paused for a while, and said with a trace of sincerity: “You don’t need to take this risk, you have succeeded in your own way-although it took a lot of time, you don’t have to Take another path from the beginning.”

“Don’t worry, I didn’t plan to do this kind of thing myself.” It wasn’t until Mirmina’s voice fell that Amone broke the silence. “I know the risks, and I know the dangerous guard. Frankly speaking, I don’t want to Facing the guard—even you were almost captured by her, and I’ve been lying here for 3000 years, and I’m even more…not good at running. I’m just a little curious, I want to learn more about that neural network and how it works In operation, I have a feeling that perhaps the third way that humans seek is in the depths of the neural network.”

For a while in the courtyard, Mirmina seemed to fall into a short thought. After a while, she broke the silence: “So, you decided to take a step after hearing the’ideal’ described by Gawain Cecil—— Do you really believe that he can find a way for mortals and gods to coexist safely without leaving hidden dangers?”

“Safe coexistence and no hidden dangers? It is too early to say this…Even Gawain Cecil himself now only thinks that there is a third way. He is optimistic that he dare not say your conclusion. “Amoen seemed to have a slight smile, “but I believe he will work hard to produce some results. Before these results come out, it is not a bad thing to do more observation, is it?”

“Your statement like this is worth agreeing, but you really have no other purpose?”

“Other purposes? There are, too,” Amone said softly, with a long sigh. “To be honest, after learning that many changes have taken place in Mortal World, stay here… It’s really boring.”

Is it really boring…

Mirmina quietly looked at Amone, who was bound to the broken ground–maybe the other party was telling the truth, but she couldn’t understand it, because she couldn’t empathize and understand the seal of the sailor’s inheritance. How does it feel to be 3000 years in one place?

After breaking away from the shackles of the gods, she can run freely in this endless and wide place, and can run from the rebellious courtyard to the deepest part of the Nether Shadow World in one breath, and occasionally go to Shadow World to wander-she can do it at all not boring.

Thinking of this, a starlight flickering dust floated around her again, and then she suddenly turned around and ran away like a gust of wind.

Amorn quietly looked at the direction of Mirmina’s disappearance without moving.

“(The gods swearing)…”


In Loren Continent, dominated by humans and other intelligent races, the wheel of history is rolling forward, and the development of civilization is heading for an unprecedented path.

In another continent in the far north, the progress of civilization has been stagnated here for one hundred and eighteen, 170,000 years. Until now, its stuck wheels started to turn again—or, to get Opportunity to turn.

The god disappeared.

The cradle disappeared.

The shackles and eternal refuge that held millions of years ago have disappeared.

This land was free, but in the first seventy hours of freedom, everything in Talrond just hung quietly-the winner crouched in the hot dust, letting the howling wind go far away It blew on the sea, no one cheered to celebrate this victory, and no one could stand up and record this historical turning point.

On the fragmented Eastern Sea shore, in the completely destroyed Agundor, in the scorching rift that runs through the entire continent, the Great Dragon that survived the battle and countless war machines that have been completely scrapped came to a halt, just like Lost stones “scattered” all over the ruins of Tarrond.

No new instructions were issued, and there were no tasks that had to be processed. Most of these Omega terminals stopped motionless, only occasionally some Great Dragons took off, or surviving transport machines floated from Flying across the sky with dust clouds, they transported the only remaining supplies to various places to maintain the life of the last survivor on this continent.

Such stagnation lasted for a long time, until the gust of wind from the sea dispelled the dust clouds from the sky, until the elemental rift in the center of the continent gradually closed, and lasted until the fire in the city of God extinguished. In the middle of the ruins, a new movement finally came from the depths of the earth.

The rumbling sound came from deep in the earth. It was the remaining power system that was driving some key armor protection layers. The faint shaking spread through the ruins, and the buried machinery pushed hong long long. After the heavy soil and collapsed buildings were opened-a corner of the Argundor ruins collapsed, but the central area was abnormally uplifted. This movement lasted for a whole minute, and the ruins were finally pushed through a gap. .

A huge sharp claw made of metal pushes away the shattered temple column, and its claws climb outwards, bringing out the thick and powerful limbs, grotesquely shaped torso and flashing red. light head.

After a difficult climb, a special “Great Dragon” with a body length of nearly two hundred meters, which has never appeared on the land of Tarrond, finally climbed out of the ruins and climbed to Agundor. The heights.

Even in the Great Dragon country where implant modification technology is popular, “he” is definitely a creature beyond the imagination of Dragon Race——

The body of this Great Dragon is almost entirely composed of metal and other inorganic substances. Layers of heavy alloy armor and high-strength polymers are his scales and skin. The gaps in his shell are flashing rays of light. There seem to be countless micro-machines in motion; however, this Great Dragon is not a purely mechanical creature. His breastplate has an irregular transparent structure, and obvious fleshy and organic organs can be seen in the polymer shell. The solution, flesh and blood organs and metal devices fuse together, but it is not like the implant technology once popular in Tarrond, but like… these organs “grow” on their own.

But Omega just raised her head, unskilledly controlling this strange body made of steel and biomass, quietly looking into the distance.

He observes this World, full of curiosity.

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