Sword of Daybreaker Chapter 1041

At this moment, Omega discovered what he had in common with the creators, and finally realized one thing he had never noticed—he was so hard to find the answer to a question, not because The question itself is of great value, but because… he is “curious”.

“I exist…’Curiosity’?” Omega like a suddenly found a new toy child, surprised like a child. He looked at his database and logic system in surprise, and found that every thread of his thought was in Excited, every processing unit was getting excited. It took him a few seconds to confirm that this was an “emotional change”. He found that he was happy, and when he was happy, he finally wanted to understand:

Life itself is not at all meaning, life is just life.

It is the curiosity of intelligent life… which gives meaning to all this.

Everything is as the human being said-there is no standard answer to this question.

On the towering cliff, Great Dragon suddenly stood up. He broke free from the infinite loop of logic traps. For the first time, thinking about himself and everything in this world freely, he felt a certain kind of restraint in the deepest level of himself. The “lock” of the logic library was suddenly unlocked, and some “secrets” that he or even his designers did not know were released from the oldest memory-next moment, he found this It is not my own “illusion.”

“Unlock the problem, start to read the zero log–“

Omega’s body came to a standstill for a moment, and there was a burst of noise from his within the body, as if some ancient, unsuitable program was trying to mobilize this improvised body, a series of not After how smoothly activated and called, the projection crystal inlaid on his forehead suddenly brightened, and the warm rays of light escaped from it, soaking the surrounding air.

In the glow of pale-gold, a vague shadow appeared in front of Omega, and a somewhat distorted and broken sound came from this ancient image buried deep in the database:

“…so funny…they made you, an incredible…’life’.

“You neither fear nor awe…you have no heart? And fortunately you have no heart.

“But you can’t be heartless forever… if you never have a heart, you will never really live.

“Let me give you a question. If you want to understand it, you will have a ‘heart’.

“The question is: What is the meaning of life?

“If one day, you have your own answer, then you don’t have to tell anyone, the answer belongs to you only. You will be the luckiest and freest life in this world-better than your creators All are lucky, even more fortunate than I am. At that time, you can bring your own answers and go and do what you want to do…”

The faint light in the air gradually dissipated, and a slightly distorted mechanical synthesis sound came from Omega within the body: “The zero log has been played, and it is automatically deleted-executed.”

Omega’s body shook, as if he was about to fall off the cliff, but soon he stabilized his posture again and looked at all around with a trace of confusion.

He seems to have lost his memory for a short period of time, and he doesn’t know what happened just now, but he feels that something has undergone a subtle change within the body. Driven by this change, he lifted it involuntarily Beginning, looking towards the sky filled with soft glow in the extreme day.

In the dim sky, some of the brightest stars can be seen faintly flashing on the edge of the sky. It is the rays of light emitted by the constellation Frost and its neighboring stars-those stars are so bright, So that they can show their silhouette in this dim day of rays of light.


Omega looked down at the devastated ground.

In his database of millions of years, he stores all the knowledge of Dragon Races. He knows everything about this land very clearly.

But what happened in the distant starry sky… even his creators knew nothing.

Omega knows that creators have to go to the vast expanse of space at the cost of self-destruction… Among those twinkling stars, what kind of attraction is there to make smart creators like this? Don’t hesitate?

He was curious about it.

He is already impatient.

The sound of hong long long rang from the depths of the earth. The factories and furnaces that were already on the verge of limits began to operate again. In the severely damaged bases, the only remaining alloy ingots began to be transformed into new ones. On the fragmented coastline, the last batch of movable fighter aircraft was disarmed and flew into the depths of the recycling plant. The last glow of the Talrond civilization was shining in this uncooled ruin. , Omega invokes the knowledge left by the creator, little by little, and patience to create all kinds of things for himself to embark on an adventure.

How long does this process not at all last? For Omega with an Iron Body, it is far less difficult for him to embark on this journey than all creatures on this planet.

The rumbling sound in the depths of the earth gradually stopped. Several aircraft flew from afar, carrying the “travel equipment” made by Omega: a more powerful anti-gravity system, a small processing center, an engine, an energy device …

There are more aircraft flying from afar. They are equipped with propulsion devices sufficient to enter space for long-distance travel and various modules capable of performing activities under harsh alien conditions-as early as many years ago, The blueprints of these devices are stored deep in Omega’s memory, and even many necessary parts can be removed from the ready-made machinery and equipment, without temporary production.

A aircraft hovered and flew over the cliff, the manipulator hung from the air, and the armor and shallow frame of the Omega body were disassembled at a rapid speed. New equipment was quickly installed, from the anti-gravity engine to the guard Shield group-Omega’s huge body has changed again, it has almost completely faded from the “Great Dragon” form, and more like a huge, living flying object, after the last welding. , He unfolded his “double wings”-on the 100-meter-long high-strength alloy structure, the slanted array of energy-dissipating grids and the engine group are spewing light white mist.

The servo aircraft retreated all around, and the Great Dragon on the cliff slowly took a step forward-the powerful anti-gravity device immediately took effect. He floated in the air as light as weightless, and then hummed low. With the sound, he gradually raised some heights, and began to hover over Argondo, adapting to the new system within the body.

gradually, he raised the height again, hovering towards higher altitude.

At a very high altitude, he lowered his head.

Talronde continent is right below him, surrounded by a blue ocean, like a charred stone, and only a small part of it is left with greenery.

Another strange feeling emerged from the nervous system. Omega thought about it carefully, and he realized that this feeling was “sad”.

Intelligent creatures will be sad when they leave their hometown-Omega remembers this experience.

He lowered his head. Because of the waste energy clouds and dust covering the Arctic region, the optical capture has reached the limit. The details on the continent have been unclear, and of course those standing by among the ruins. The shells that have become the end of the Omega system.

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