Sword of Daybreaker Chapter 1042

He flew straight to the wreckage.


In the control hall of the Talrond, the dim light illuminates the ancient control seat, and in the interlaced light, three somewhat boring silhouettes are revealed.

The hall was quiet, and the warning lights had been forcibly turned off, except for the occasional buzzing or ticking noise from unknown sources.

“Which one of the word Solitaires did we have just now?” Barroger broke the silence suddenly, “I remember it was a ‘blizzard’ or a ‘high altitude cyclone’…”

“Whatever, I quit,” Andal shook his head, “The word solitaire this thing is more boring than I thought…and you always mix professional words that only mechanics understand.”

“Okay,” Barroger shrugged, then glanced at the dimly lit lobby, “To be honest, I somehow miss the sound of the alarm system…”

Andal put his hand on the control seat in front of him: “Then I open it? It’s not broken yet.”

“Stop! Stop! I’m cracking a joke! This is just a rhetoric!” Barroger stopped the opponent’s actions without the slightest hesitation, “Have you considered what to do if you can’t close it? This The system can’t stand the tossing!”

Hragor listened to the movement coming from beside him, and turned his head slightly to look at Balrogl: “How long can our gas last?”

“It seems that it may take longer than expected now,” Balogre immediately resumed earnestly. “The core compartment not at all leaked, and the circulation device has emptied the poison qi in the pipeline. When the system is running normally, our ultimate cause of death does not seem to be suffocation or poisoning.”

“…Even if this is good news,” Andal shook the head, “It seems that we can still drift here for a long time. We have recorded a lot of observations, what to do next ?”

In the huge control hall, the three Primordial Dragon Race fell silent once again. This silence lasted for a few seconds before Balrogl cautiously said: “Should we have another word solitaire? We can start from the geological terms Start…”

“I’m not interested.” Herragor shook his head and said in a flat tone, while looking across the transparent polymer dome not far away, looking at the vast empty space outside the spaceship.

His gaze fell on a twisted wreck that had completely lost its vitality and rays of light-during this long drift, the wreck was a little closer to the spaceship, but it could also be him Illusion.

After all, he has been staring at the wreckage for too long these days.

After a few minutes of gaze, Herragor withdrew his gaze. He turned around and prepared to return to the central area of ​​the control hall, but at the moment his gaze shifted, an unexpected flash of light suddenly broke in. The edge of his vision.

Hragor stopped for an instant, and suddenly turned his head to look towards the direction of the flashing light. On the side, Bálogr and Andal, who were discussing which vocabulary should start the word solitaire, also stopped in an instant, looking at the same The direction-but they all only had time to see a fleeting illusory shadow, a vague outline.

It seems to be a large-scale steel creation, a bit like the Great Dragon with a body length of two 300 metres, and a bit like the tail section engine pack of the Talronde, which runs from the edge of the polymer dome. Flashed past, the speed was so fast that people could not see clearly.

It seems to go to the rear side of the Tarrond-Herragor is not sure about this, and before he can figure out what it is, a huge thrust has already hit The protective wall on the side of the Talrond.

The powerful impact shook the sturdy keel of this ancient spaceship, and the shock directly entered the core area through mechanical conduction. The spaceship shook and made a huge noise. The starry sky outside also rolled over. During the shaking, a seat not far away suddenly moved towards the direction of Herragor. While the latter stretched out his arms to resist the impact, countless questions popped up in his mind. Can be summarized into three sentences——

What is it? what happened? How to deal with it? !


The gravity drive performed a beautiful “surge”, and the accurately calculated thrust was perfectly released in the predetermined area. Omega watched from a distance the wreck that had begun to descend toward the predetermined orbit, and the steel jaw slightly raised.

He is very satisfied with his shot this time.

Facts have proved that even without the support of the surface computing node group, the computing power of oneself is still sufficient.

As for now, the farewell to the creators is over, it is time to continue this journey.

Omega retracted his gaze looking down, and his attention returned to the boundless space again. His gaze extended along the edge of the planet’s curved atmosphere to the distance. Between the starlight and the planet, the sailor stayed The countless ancient heritages below are quietly floating in their orbits, watching this little world like a silent tombstone in space.

After doing a little calculation and re-adjusting his voyage plan, Omega once again activated the propellers throughout his body. He traversed a beautiful arc-shaped trajectory over the planet. With the help of weak gravity, he was light. The earth flies towards the equator.

He intends to make an acceleration from there, leave the gravitational circle of the parent star near the planet’s equator, and then pass the “sun” at close range, and in the process make mana replenishment. After two accelerations, he will truly leave here and fly towards the “center” of this planetary system-the road ahead is long and full of unknowns, but the strong surging curiosity inspires this newborn traveler, he is high-spirited and confident hundred times.

The equatorial satelite group left by the sailor gradually appeared on the edge of the field of view, and more eye-catching than the ancient inverted cone satelite was the huge ring-shaped orbital body surrounding the planet’s equator.

The ancient sky station, a “space miracle” that only sailors can build.

Omega flew towards the quietly moving satelite and the orbiting space station behind satelite, and at the same time, he had a quick thought.

Maybe something should be left behind-many humans or other intelligent races will do similar things when they leave their hometowns to travel.

Omega quickly made a decision, and then issued an order to an aircraft behind him:

“Find a satelite in a relatively better state and leave a sender on it.”

A triangular aircraft received the order, silently left the flight queue in a vacuum, and flew towards a high satelite near the sky station…


Cecil, it’s clear and cloudless midnight.

Gawain woke up in the middle of the night.

He stood by the bed, and the bright starlight fell on the ground not far away through the wide window. In this cloudless midnight, Emperor Cecil, who was awakened from his sleep, had only three questions left in his mind——

What the hell? What’s the matter? What to do? !

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