Sword of Daybreaker Chapter 718

Belterra watches Gawain with silence.

While all the troubled leaves fall, it is still a calm gesture, which is the last faculty she held in the face of Rogue, all Things finally Die Society.

It has played numerous roles over centuries, helping all Things finally Die Society to complete the endings of countless focused projects, and finally ending its long service, which is probably its destiny.

Great Cult Leader gave this book to her, and then all Things finally Die Society inheritance was given to her, and now the wrong inheritance route is over.

Next, perhaps the time of the gods, perhaps the time to sink, or indeed the time of Rogue and the new order he created, but in any event, since she survived this gesture, she should be prepared to face the next destiny, regardless of where it goes.

She showed a slight smile — she tried to make herself laugh like a human being, but the face of plant development made her face stubborn: “So, do we have some kind of cooperation?”

“I think that” Gawain Micronesnodded, “in Cecil Empire’s territory, all Things finally Die Society is no longer a threat, and I do not mind a single plant that can cure the earth’s land – as long as this plant is willing to obey the basic law of Empire. And you… I want you to cooperate with us in our further investigation of all Things finally Die Society.”

“Of course,” Belterra whispered that the timber structures around her, the flexibly spread and roots, had to be divided again, divided into countless branches, the branches were slowly haunted, and a little collided with something, “which was my second ‘good faith’ even if it was the final book.”

Those branches have finally gradually come together, and Gawain is surprised to see that they have formed a large body structure with almost one third of the lobby, in which a path of corridors, each and everyone’s rooms are clearly visible.

“This is…”

“The Earth Palace structure,” Belterra shallow said with a smile, “I know you found ‘direction’, but Bard doesn’t know all the structure of the Earth Palace, and there’s a collapse and variation, and half of the rooms and corridors are already not in their original position, or hiding structural risks, hoping that this map will help you – the red brown room is our laboratory, the grey room is the archive, all of our information – the most advanced and bloody – in these rooms, please be taken. As to how to take it… depends on you.”

The most extreme and sophisticated laboratory in the human world finally opened the door to Gawain.

“I’ll use it well.” He said with a faint smile.

Amber and the others awaiting long time outside the hall finally received Gawains’ instructions, and when they returned to the lobby, they first saw the landslide map, which occupied one third of the area of the lobby, but Belterra, which should have stood near the “map”, was missing.

Amber moved to Gawain on three steps, and watched the surrounding circle with vigilance before he wondered: “What about the plant?”

Gawain: “Plant?”

“Yes, with the owner of the plant…”

Gawain: “…”

He also thought Amber had a self-contained terminology that he had not taught her, and that it had been made so hard.

“She’s still here,” Gawain shakes her head, “and this giant tree is her, which is the result of her violent and hypocritical confrontation. And if you’re referring to the human body she’s going to develop… she’s going deeper, it’s the collapse that we can’t go into.”

“Sounds awesome.” Amber scratched her hair. “It doesn’t sound good. What did she do over there?”

Gawain looked towards the closet room behind Belterra, which had been filled with human remains, all of which Belterra had moved from all parts of Earth Palace under a disgusting state of affairs, but now it was empty.

“She went to a funeral – got my permission. After all, even the evils who were burned are allowed to bury.”

Amber blinks and notes also that Gawain has a black book that she doesn’t know – a book that never appeared before: “What is this?”

“… a far-reaching Divine Artifact, which may be hidden from a huge secret, has now been damaged, but I believe that there is also research value,” Gawain said, and then looked towards the team members near himself, and pointed to the map in the lobby. “This is the current structure of the Earth Palace, which should be accurate and should be used as a reference for future exploration, prioritizing the transfer of what is in the grey White marker room to the surface. As for now, we go back to the surface, and much remains to be done in the back.”

After long waiting for the surface, the women Knight Margarita and Pittman finally saw Gawain take the team out of that dark and heavy corridor.

Although they have been able to reach out to the following operational teams through the magic circuit terminal, the intermediary Gawain and the weird “female professor” have been alone for a long time, and everyone has been very nervous during this period, but at last, Margarita is not forbidden to relaxed.

“Your Majesty,” The woman Knight has come up, “Next.”

“The situation is complicated, and after we go back to the camp, we talk in detail,” Gawain says, and there’s some surprise to see around — a lot of leaves with beautiful magic rune falling on the grasslands and bushes of lush and green, apparently from the tree crown on his head, and he looks for the woman Knight, “What’s going on? Why all of a sudden?”

Gawain’s a little concerned about these sudden falling leaves.

“It is unclear,” Margarita shakes his head, “and suddenly falls more than an hour ago, but there is no anomaly whatsoever.”

Gawain blinks, touch the chin: “It’s probably too cold to be a plant.”

It can’t always be a heartached leaf that Belterra said she didn’t care.

Suddenly, there was an invisible wind, and grass was shaking the sound of OO @ and was preparing to leave Gawain had a feeling in the heart, looking for the direction of a giant tree dry, seeing a large number of flowers suddenly growing up, and flowers twisted comfort and silhouette in Belterra floating out of it.

If there are not many more furans behind them, there is also a need to connect with the earth, and the Belterra, which emerges from the vines, seems almost as normal as normal.

周围警惕的士兵们瞬间抬起了武器,玛格丽塔也把手按在腰间的熔切剑剑柄上,但Gawain 摆手阻止了众人的举动,他looked towards Belterra :“你的事忙完了?”

“It’s over,” Belterra indifferently said, and looking around those vigilant visions — although she doesn’t have to change the eyes of this simulated body, she can see everything within the reach of the giant tree, but she made such a humanistic move with this body and showed a glimmer of sights, “Is that really not welcome?”

“Nothing bad,” Gawain is quiet, “Empire urgently needs to rest, and this land needs to be cured, and you’re rooted here, healed here, you have this capacity. It is the perfect arrangement for those who have been displaced by the catastrophe that you have provoked to return to their homes and to fill their stomach, and to make your blood meat and your compatriots feed the earth, far more than creating a new ashes on the plains.”

“I can’t cure the whole Holy Spirit Plain. My coverage is limited to the Sollin area.”

“Then we will need a bridge fort to heal the area of the Sullivan,” Gawain Point nodded, and then paused, “and I will evacuate half the camp, but will retain the military barracks in Soringburg and the posts in the south. You know what I mean.”

Belterra slowly showed a smile: “The necessary caution and the necessary goodwill, Brother Gawain.”

The weather is getting cold, and winter steps are approaching, and in this country located in the north of the continent, the cold air is always a little earlier than elsewhere, but relatively warm southern regions, where Giant Sun’s warming is still in love.

Just in the afternoon, the right sunshine shined on the open ground in the eastern suburbs of Cecil City, where warm’s sunlight dispersed the cold things caused by the North wind, and Maggie sat on the boxes next to the test site, looking at Giant Sun’s brilliant daily wheel, with a slight eye.

In Sacred Dragon Duchy, without such a warm sunlight, it will always be the world of ice and snow, the winds of the tsunami will rule the mountains and reckless forests forever, and Maggie’s memory of the country of origin will be built on ice, the cold wind, the mountains and the giant buildings of the ancient graves.

And after many years, her memory was linked to the Aynz Northern Region mountains.

Coldwinter Castle has a warm stove, but outside Coldwinter Castle, it’s still mountains, snow, and endless cold air… But even so, she likes that place.

And here, Empire’s Southern Region

The warmth here is different, and there is a great difference between the brown opportunity to live and the fervent life of the Northern Region’s mountain peoples.

This new place, it feels good.

She smiled, looking towards the center of the test site.

The magicians are busy around a large and monstrous machine with a major structure like a short vertebrate or a razor that floats a large metal chain full of rune, while the two sides have two and a half months of broad wings, and the upper side of the “razor” can also see a simple hatch made of metals and crystal glass, and the upper side of the hatch is comfortable with another wing that is like a dragon wing wing, mechanical structures and steel bones.

But this strange thing is the baby in the eyes of all of us — those who are the most respected magicians who are busy sweating around the machine, while Rebecca, who is the master design and general command, controls the whole world, and Maggie even sees Siren Young Lady, who is called Tyr, who always lacks the power of Siren, and even comes to the test site, and now she’s using her tail to write 14 poems on the ground to fight the difficulties caused by the sun and to look at Cecil’s “mechanical novel.”

As a visitor from a high-ranking civilization, Tyr was not just an audience, but also a small and a half consultant on the test site. Although the two ethnic scientific and technological trees varied widely and Tyr could not comment in the field of magic rune, at least in some technology-related parts – such as mechanical structures and power – she could make some suggestions.

The technicians seem to have completed the final exam.

Rebecca was shooting, and then the Empire Princess turned around, looking towards Maggie’s seat.

“Maggie! I can do it! We fly again today! This time!”

Maggie showed a smile, jumped out of the boxes and went to that weird big machine.

Rebecca chirp chirp twitter twitter’s voice came from the side: “The last crash was a shock to the rudder wing, and this time we adapted its way of connecting, it must be…

“You relax your mind, normal operation, there’s no change in control, and those manipulations are perfect.

“We’ll fly this time. It’ll fly this time!”

Rebecca, with his fist, fought twice, and then smiled and added the last sentence:

“and will stabilize… at least on the right side.”

(Putting time! The author does not pray for ten strings (as if the new man actually returned to the old bird), a book about crossed over to Strange World into NPC.

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