Sword of Daybreaker Chapter 742

Gawain has high expectations of the young man who created the magic theatre.

Philm will receive direct sponsorship from the Royal Cecil, the team he needs, the funds that he needs, the equipment that he needs, and the space that he needs will be met.

Gawain never cared if anyone thought of a point before him, let alone if someone could do it in his own place, because he knew that human energy and innate talent were limited and that he could not build all the aspects necessary for the functioning of society as a whole by his own means, and that it was ultimately up to the “people” of the society that formed it.

And after the conversation with Melita Ponia, following the keen information about “social self-development” and “mechanical revelation”, he was more determined by his idea in this regard – to devote his energies to advancing social development and to building the lives of the population itself, not to what he, the crossed over, would create by empty means.

Of course, as an experienced person, when certain new things are not yet mature, he still needs to be corrected and reminded – and that’s all he has to do.

“Your Majesty, I thank you very much.” After knowing how much support I will get, Phil’s surprise and excitement will be known, “I will not fail to meet your expectations, and I will make the best theatre for you!”

“Don’t do anything to me,” Gawain shook the head immediately, “it’s not your initial intention to create a magic theatre — your magic show is for more ordinary people, for those who can’t get into the theatre, write your favorite, popular story, and Empire’s citizens like it, just give it to me.”

Perhaps not a noble and monarchy said that, at least in Phelm’s knowledge, this young man from Ballon is very touched, and Gawain continues to say, “Moreover, such a new thing should be promoted, as a patent holder of the magic theatre, and you should not be just a producer, a photographer, and I hope you can spread your creation – not only in the best interests of the development of the magic theatre, but also in your own right to benefit from a patent mandate.”

“I…” Phil calmed down from excitement and showed some disturbing samples, “Thank you for your trust, but I don’t know what to do, and I’ve never touched anything in that regard.”

“Your Majesty, if you allow me, I’d be happy to help Phil,” Findy suddenly said, “Although I don’t know what to do with play or script, I know how to deal with people.”

Gawain laughed: “If this Mr. Philm has no comments,”

Phelm had a little surprise looking at his “noble friend”, and he finally showed a smile, after a short, unwarranted, tense and thoughtful look at him: “If I can, of course, I am very happy.”

“It’s a pleasure to talk, and it’s an honor for me to be involved in this exciting cause,” Findal laughed, and that smile directly dispersed the tension that Philm accumulated, and then this young noble from Northern Region looked to Elivin, “Hi, are you not involved?”

“Me?” Eli in Literature has been an accident, “Why do you call me?”

“You have a family of business minds,” Findal, “don’t say you don’t realize the relationship between the magic theater and business.”

“… Father hopes that I can learn some knowledge about magic techniques and social order in the Southern Region,” Eli in Literature has been hesitant to say and to look at Gawain’s eyes quietly and quietly, and to retrieve it, “Your Majesty also knows that I’m here to learn – and so do you.”

“Please, my friend, you’re grown up!” Findir exaggerated stared wide-eyed, “Are you the kind of child you can learn only in a book room with a family teacher? This is Southern Region. Everything you can get is almost the object of your study!”

Gawain looks at this scene with a smile, and suddenly a little bit of sentiment — so young.

He broke the silence: “In your capacity and responsibility, something should be done that can be involved in social activities, and Empire Academy’s class will not be too strained on you, and it encourages participants to do more.”

Findy looked to Elivin: “Look, your Majesty said that.”

“Well, I would like to be involved,” Elivin laughed and went to Phil extend the hand, “Mr. Philm, hoping we’d have a good time together.”

And the Rebecca of Heavenly Book, which looks like it next door, comes up with time and says, “Technically, I can find me — I usually have a lot of work, I can’t join you, but I think it’s funny to help you.”

Young people left, and only Gawain and Amber were left in the library.

Phil didn’t take that “screening equipment”, it stayed on the Gawains desk, and it was still on the cycle, and Amber finally lost interest in it so many times after seeing it, and she was just curious about the enthusiasm Gawain just showed, and couldn’t stop asking: “Is this demon really so important? I see that your attitude differs in the past and that attention to it goes beyond the usual civil inventions… almost as much as I heard about the success of the pilot.”

“Of course, institution-building in the spiritual field has never been as important as in the material field,” Gawain watches Amber, “you forget how the initial newspaper and magic circuit broadcasts were quickly and extensively affecting the public, and you forget you’re in St.. How did Sunil use propaganda?”

“I will recall that the Bureau of Military Affairs subsequently held a wrap-up meeting, and Goldwin old mister went to be a consultant with the concept of ‘the impact of information coverage on groups’ within a unit time, and now one team from the Department of Military Affairs and the Ministry of Advocacy is studying it. But with the magic theater… it doesn’t seem like a newspaper broadcast?”

“You’re allergic, it’s really different,” Gawain slightly nodded, “it’s not a direct propaganda, but it can be used to publicize, it’s essentially a recreational tool, it’s used to meet human mental needs, which means that people can absorb more proactively and unintentionally what it shows. It may not deliberately and openly propagate what, but it can divert silence and convey some information over the long term, which is unique to it.

“Of course, I’m not just paying attention to these things, even if the role of propaganda is not discussed, it’s funny for the theater itself, is it?

“People will always seek some spiritual satisfaction after they are warmed up, and now people have football campaigns, chess entertainment, newspapers and broadcasts, and then they will have magic theatres, and I call it psycho food.”

“… your theory is always a set of things,” Amber twitched his lips, “but there’s some reason.”

Gawain laughed, and he didn’t care about the slight loss in Amber’s words, and he was just down, looking at some of the documents and letters on the desk and temporarily thinking.

After a few seconds of silence, he came up with the following: “Typhon mentioned in his last diplomatic letter to send a student, hoping to have a more active and cohesive diplomatic relationship with Cecil, right?”

“Yeah,” Amber nodded, “but it’s obvious that there is no comfort and that the concept of retention of students… is to steal something.”

“I thought it was a good thing,” Gawain said something that surprised Amber, “and I actually decided to agree with it.”

While stared wide-eyed at Amber Town, she suddenly guessed Gawain’s next arrangement prior to a shock and challenge.

In any event, she had been sitting on the first referral chair of the Military Department for two years, and she had finally returned to be of additional sensitivity to certain areas.

“You also think,” Gawain sees Amber’s reaction, nodded, “since Typhon wants to build a more active diplomatic relationship with us, the friendly and open Cecil has no reason to refuse – we can have some broader and deeper business activity, you see, since it’s business, some Cecils go to Typhon to invest in new theatres.”

Amber blinks: “Roseta won’t see anything?”

“Initially, he wouldn’t notice, and then he couldn’t refuse,” Gawain slowly said, “Suddenly, there was some kind of humble tone,” and after a while, he probably didn’t like what we shot, but what about that? The Typhon people will like it. “


After a small shock, Amber quickly turned his attention back to the subject of the retentionist: “But in any case, a group of Typhon people must have come in for their students…

Gawain just looked at her like a smile yet not a smile: “As I said earlier, it’s a good thing.”

Amber’s ears screamed and said, „Oh?”

Gawain lifted his sight and looked over Amber’s head, and fell on that map that painted the whole continent.

He speaks very well.

“Typhon’s students will come in and come to Cecil, a brilliant, novel, sky and the earth turning upside down, who, for their knowledge and intelligence, have been chosen carefully and loyal to the Typhon of Reseta Augustus, but how many others are Typhon when they return.”

Say, Gawain Town, like a smile yet not a smile looking at Amber: “What do you say?”

Amber sighed, ears and shoulders pulled down together: “Oh, that’s why I said it was big.”

Miss Half-Elf was frustrated and looked like a few words: she didn’t want to overtime.

Gawain didn’t listen to her.

On the back of the chair, he spends a long time of thought and silence, and he whispers with a tone like himself: “Indeed, if Typhon is just here to learn some technology… I’m not really interested.”

The map describing the continent’s entire territory is hanging on the wall, and Typhon Empire and Cecil Empire are close to each other, and the fractured border area is as if the dog’s teeth were wrong, as if blood was linked to skeleton.

Gawain does not mind any measures to alert this neighbour, who has begun to starve, and does not mind burying traps, hiding daggers and poisoning drugs by any means, because that’s another Empire, and it’s an unfamiliar and long overhauled Empire of sharp teeth sharp claw.

In exchange for Reseta Augustus, it is certain that even the same thing is being done – the civil war in Ainz – the blood and fires in the State party are still on track, and it has proved that, in the interests of the State, the means of the Roseta Emperor are no less moderate than Gawain.

But Gawain also does not mind that Typhon’s industry can evolve and that Typhon’s civilian population can survive in the next era of challenges.

Because magic tide and the gods are mortals.

Whenever there is more power in the hands of man, the rate of survival of this season is higher.

Gawain light sighed.

This contradiction and a sense of tear will probably always haunt him, haunting him to make countless choices until the day the wall collapses.

Holy Spirit Plain, Eastern Region, Soringburg.

The forces of nature seem to be creating a malfunction here, and a powerful engine covers this land, even if the whole continent’s northern part is in cold winter, and life and warming remain here.

As if spring came in advance.

A magic car flying the flag of the “Joint Reconstruction Corps” parked on the Soringberg border.

In the direction of the car, several hundred meters are out of the world of ice and snow, cold storm.

In the

front of the car, it’s like a little hill tree crown, a vibrant engine that extends from the Sollin giant tree to the outside, and there’s still grass on the ground, and there’s still flowers and animal hippies.

A large mana field is surrounded here, with consequences similar to Wind Shield and natural blessings, both inside and outside Mana, and two of them.

Norris sat on a magic coach and looked far in the direction of the Thorin giant tree.

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