Sword of Daybreaker Chapter 926

“Yes,” Ao “will also trigger a magic tide, and any world shining by stars or virtual planets will have a magic tide.”

“Virtual Planet?” Gawain couldn’t help but be surprised, and immediately caught a strange word in the other party’s words.

“Their structure is similar to that of a star, and their material composition is similar, but they have not condensed into a” fire “like a star. The light and heat they emit is weak like candlelight in the sky, but when they are close enough Satelite can still be born under the faint candlelight-the “sun” in your cognition is a virtual planet. “

Gawain reveals a sudden appearance-the so-called virtual planet is actually what the gods call “Gaseous Giant Planet”. Obviously there is no such thing as “Gaseous Giant Planet” in this world.

In addition, Amorn ’s answer reveals very important information: any planet shining by stars or “virtual planets” will periodically display magic tide.

This message corresponds to the “magic tide will appear on other planets” that he had defaulted last time, and further explained the source of the magic tide, and at the same time, Gawain suddenly came up with an idea-if it is the sun A magic tide is triggered, is it useful to block the sun during the magic tide cycle?

However, he just let this idea flash, and quickly dismissed this idea. The reason is very simple-when the magic tide suddenly broke out 700 years ago, it was the late night of Gondor Empire …

The sun triggered the magic tide, but the medium is not sunlight.

“Do you know the” black trap “?” Gawain sorted out his thoughts, and then asked, “It refers to the phenomenon that the civilization on this planet will suddenly die when it reaches a certain level …”

At this time, Amor was silent for a longer time, and finally sighed: “I do n’t know the word ‘black trap’, but I know the phenomenon you said. I can’t answer you too much … because This question has been directed to the gods. “

“So, the” black trap “was really caused by the gods,” Gawain has already got the answer from the other party’s attitude, some of the speculations in his heart quickly connected, “because the development of mortal civilization to a certain extent caused all the gods to fall into Crazy? Or is it because of the failure of the gods and humans to try to break free of the “chain”? “

“I can’t answer you,” Amorn said slowly, and then his tone suddenly became serious. “But I can give you a piece of advice.”

“What kind of advice?” Veronica unable to bear on the side asked.

“If you want to avoid stepping into that” black trap “… you have to be early if you are rebellious.”

Gawain and Veronica suddenly looked at each other in blank dismay.

It is quite weird to hear the words “Rebel against early” from a former god’s mouth.

Veronica subconsciously asked: “What does this sentence mean?”

“Over time, as mortals continue to develop, the gods will become stronger and stronger, and eventually stronger than you think,” Amon said, “For you today, fighting a god has been It takes all the power of the country, and you must use clever methods and rely on certain luck, but you know that in an older age, when humans have just learned to use fire to drive wild beasts, they will kill me like this. of Nature ‘How easy is it? “

Veronica opened her mouth, but failed to organize the language, and Amoen gave the answer before himself:

“At that time, only a few large enough sticks and sharp lances were needed-at most, plus a few lightly immersed whetstones.”

Gawain and Veronica fell silent at the same time after being shocked, but their thoughts were surging.

He thought of War God, who seemed to have begun to go crazy. He also thought of the gods who seem to maintain reason but do not know when they will get out of control.

“… It seems that we need to re-plan many things.” He whispered impossible to bear.

Veronica looked towards Amor with a somewhat complicated and weird vision: “As a former god, you really have a plan for disobedience to mortals …”

“This is also part of the law of nature,” Amorn said gently. “Not everything will have a perfect ending. When survival becomes a problem, sometimes we have to take all means. Alternatives-this is the law of nature. It is neither gentle nor cruel, and it does not matter what is good and evil. It is just running and does not depend on your wishes. ”

“But we can also expect a better way to break the game,” Gawain said. “You succeeded and Magic Goddess succeeded. Although you said that all of this is unreproducible, what we are doing now is to put In the past, things that were regarded as miracles by the world were reproduced on a technical level-I have always believed that development can solve the problem of overwhelming majority. “

“Then I wish you success,” Amorn said with a smile in his tone. “It’s just that you are hurrying, all of us-and God-are not enough time.”

“Of course,” Gawain nodded, “This has already started since I decided to restart the rebellious plan, and it is destined not to stop, so we can only go on.”

After that, he and Veronica left and left here-not without more doubt, but they have been staying here for too long, Amoren ’s Divine Attribute has not been completely purified, long conversation here There are still certain risks.

even more how, the world outside also has a lot of things waiting to be arranged.

The dark and chaotic courtyard quieted down again, and the fragmented ground left only the behemoth giant deer lying there quietly.

“Let ’s start …” In the silence, Amor suddenly whispered to himself, “Unfortunately, what you said is not accurate … In fact, when the mortal first decided to walk out of the cave, all this was already Started. “

He then fell into a long silence, until ten minutes later, he was slightly sighed.

“… What did Mirmina tell me when I left before?”


After returning to Cecil, Gawain did not take a short break, but went directly to the main control room of the Empire Computing Center-Camel and Jenny were here.

—— Although Ainz no longer exists, Veronica Moren still retains the title of Princess according to tradition, so it is also called “His Royal Highness”. Of course, from the perspective of Holy Light Church, she can also be called “Saintess”, but this does not conform to Camel’s habits.

“We learned a lot from Amon–but these will be discussed later,” Gawain told Camel nodded, and also responded to the tribute from Jenny next to him, “Let ’s look at the Internet first.” p>

“Everything has stabilized. We have successfully activated a distribution station in St. Sunil remotely just now. The neural network and magic circuit are operating as expected,” Camel replied immediately. “Jenny Young Lady and I are The standard template for mental protection rune is transmitted to all nodes, and about this, we happen to want to report something. “

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