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On a smooth riding devil, Mathilda’s vision looked outside the window.

Wide and flat roads continue along the horizon, which can almost accommodate the eight-nine large carriage, apparently specially designed to cope with modern transport pressures, with buildings that are misplaced on both sides of the road, different from Typhon, but different from old Ainz’s brand new style – preserving the classic elegant exterior of the Northern kingdom, with some admirable purpose of aligning lines and formalities.

Between these buildings and roads, a complete array of road lamps can be seen, magical projections spread at roads or in the air, plates designed for the parking of a magical conduit, and welcome people who flourish on the streets in fresh winter costumes at a time when the winter does not retreat


On those magic projections, on the coloured paintings of those stations, a variety of popular words or images have been shown, and even real-time images of the convoys driving


Hey, a little less! I like to invite you to collect: (i) the fastest speed of updating the Japan Court.

Mathilda retrieved the sight, but kept a feeling of Extraordinary and focused on the movement on the outside road, and she looked for Philip, who was on a car with herself, and in the face of this young army leader, she saw almost invisible pride.

It is normal that a noble people with such status will, of course, show such pride in front of a foreign ambassador.

Shit, a little less! Japan Court, update the latest chapter!

“I hope you are satisfied with the welcome process that we have arranged,” Philip looks in the eyes of Typhon Princess and says with smile, “Cecil and Typhon have a lot of customary differences, but we share a common source, which can be a link to further closer relations between the two countries.”

I sincerely hope for a longer-term peace, “and Martyrda said with smile,” which is good for all of us. ”

The magic convoy of the Typhon Mission

travelled straight through the” Pioneer Avenue “in Cecil City, headed towards the Imperial Family area in the popular welcome, security forces and escorts of steel Rangers, who gradually left the perimeter and entered the city centre, and suddenly heard a loud cracking sound as a large square appeared outside the windows of the car, including Martyrda –
as if thunderbolt had exploded, not too far away, but with a burst, but more than 30 consecutive bursts.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

“ Welcome the guests from far away with artillery, it’s Cecil’s rule. ”

Martyrda blinked, surprised to think of some of the information previously collected, and couldn

‘t help to blink some strange ideas –

Cecil did seem to like to welcome their

guests with these loud artillery voices, but sometimes they hit them in the sky and sometimes on their customers’ heads…”
Funny rules, ”she smiled,“ New customs do emerge in a new era. ”

When Giant Sun rose to the top of his head in the near noon, Typhon, led by Martyrda, brought the festival to Gawain.

Gawain stood at the stage of the“ autumn palace ”, looking smiling at the“ high mountain flower ”, after it was not luxury enough, but it was solemn enough, and it was not a welcome ceremony for Typhon.

He stood next to Hetty and Rebecca, several senior managers of the Office of Political Affairs and Veronica, who handled the white gold wand.

Silhouette in Amber cannot be seen at the scene, but those familiar know that the Director of the Military Intelligence Service must be there – just for the time being not yet analysed from the air.

Mathilda was wearing a classic black palace dress, a long black hair clip with golden string to the wain, and she came down to Gawain with an irresistible gesture, with a slight lower head:“ Glory to you, great Gawain Cecil Your Majesty.

“On behalf of the Augustus family, I have brought the goodwill from Typhon.

“ May you be healthy for a long time, and may your performance be transmitted for generations. ”

In a sense, your last sentence is not a blessing, but only a statement.” Gawain made a little joke about it, step forward. “Welcome to Cecil.”

The following is the boring but inevitable link of official rhetoric, in which both sides smile and say prefabricated compliments, but all must remain as serious as they are and try to make it as honest as possible for this non-nutritious business to blow each other.

Rebecca felt bored in a few seconds and sneaked into a hack, and she watched that Martida Augustus, who was talking to herself Old Ancestor, couldn’t help but look around, and Aunt Hetty, on the one hand, Veronica, who could be knocked off, and she turned to the other: “Hey, you said she was Princess, and I was Princess, and why can’t I break a sentence like her into three paragraphs?”

This question is not a good answer – after all, when the Ainz dynasty is still there, Veronica can tear the same sentence into four paragraphs


So this “Saintess” around the light Holy Light stayed silent, just light shook the head, and then her sight fell on that Martyrda for a long time.

Mathilda’s heart rises with a sense of moderation and glow, but lacks the sense of quality that life deserves, just as if it were a crystal sculpture.

Those eyes were like some kind of far-reaching examination that allowed Martyrda to move a little bit in her heart, but when she looked back, she found that those eyes seemed to have simply swept himself, and the old weird sense of view had disappeared.

After ceremony, it’s a big luncheon.

Formal negotiations on the establishment of embassies, exchange ambassadors, exchange of students, etc. are scheduled for tomorrow, but before formal talks, advanced “attitude exchanges” can take place at senior levels on events such as the feast, which can be carried out more easily under elements such as food, music and so forth, often with very good results being achieved by Early Stage.

Martyrda tastes delicious food different from Typhon, cutting off the barbecue of all sorts of perfumes with a knife, while maintaining a gracious ceremony at the end of the day, without showing too much love for any food, her vision sweep through the waitress in the gallery, install magic images around the lobby, and not far away from that “Cecil Princess”, which does not seem to be very good at the dining table ceremony, and finally falls on Gawain: “I heard that Ainz were very good at barbecuing meat, so that Typhon’s court chef was keen to learn the way Ainz used the scent, but now I realized that they were just imitations, quite different.”

Then I’m afraid you’re wrong about your court chef, ”Gawain say with a smile,“ and you don’t have a traditional ‘Ainz’ food in front of you. ”

Did you invent it?” Mathilda was surprised to see a few desserts on the table and roasted meat on the dishes, and then hailed from the lungs, and said, “It’s incredible, I just thought you were a powerful Knight and a wise monarch, and I didn’t think you were a good eater — they were really good, and it was my pleasure to eat them.”

Gawain laughed, not much.

When the coffin was revealed a few years ago, he had thought about improving Strange World’s food life with food in his head, and had seriously drugged a few locally unavailable foodstuffs, but eventually there had been no bridge where “he pulled out a roasted meat to make the Aboriginal nausea”, after all, the world’s beauty eaters were not growing up, and he himself… the old life was a regular eater, even if he was going to eat more, he wouldn’t do it himself.

The highest assessment he had in mind was “good taste”, and it was quickly crushed by local cooks, leaving a number of barbecues and cakes now as “national feast”, counting as his last product in the world’s catering community as a crossed over.

Gawain went a little further to the mystery, and Mathilda swallowed the food in his mouth, with a little curiosity looking at a little disk cut into a thin piece of fruit, and she wondered, “This fruit tastes amazing, I’ve never eaten… is Cecil’s specialty?”

Gawain looked at that piece of fruit, and his face almost showed weird, but it lasted at the last minute: “This is the seed tree, and it does count as Cecil Empire’s specialty.”

He controls the look on his face, but he can’t control the thoughts in his heart.

That was the fruit of Belterra Augustus, the vast majority of which was used to alleviate the food crisis in the Holy Spirit Plain area, while a small part was sent to Cecil City as a sample


Now he hosts the descendants with the fruits of Old Ancestor of Augustus.

After eating, I must also express my gratitude.

The whole process looks like a

On the other hand, Martyrda doesn’t know what she eats (and, after all, thousands of Cecil people eat these fruits), and after two words of courtesy, she raises a more formal topic


“In addition to official diplomatic visits and preparation for projects such

as follow-up students, I brought my Imperial Father’s personal greetings,” she put a knife fork and smiled, “he thought that the new order you had created, and the magic technology you brought, could change the world’s great event, which he admired was
not created by me alone, nor was magic technology created by me,” Gawain said, “but I did admit that — they did change the world.”

Mathilda looked at Gawain, and some solemnly said, “My Imperial Father… guessed that you would give a similar answer.”

Oh? ”Gawain raised his eyebrows,“ what else did he say? ”

He says that you and he are similar people, and that you are concerned about something that goes beyond a generation of people in a city,” Martyrda says very seriously, “and he also wishes me to tell you that we are Cecil and Typhon in front of national interests, and that we are all human beings in front of this world, and that the world is not safe, at least you understand.”

Gawains move slightly stopped.

A moment later, he laughed, and said, “We built Wall of Magnificence together, and I spoke briefly with your father at Gondor Wasteland’s border.

“ So I can feel that his eyes are longer than most people in this age.

“I am glad that he brought you this, and you can tell him that the fate of all of us is on this continent, and that Cecil is happy to work with Typhon to create a new era of peace and prosperity.”

The voice fell, Gawain had raised the glass in his hand.

Mathilda smiled and raised the same glass in his hand.

“Then celebrate early for this era of peace and prosperity.” She said.

After the feast, the mission was placed in the corresponding area of the autumn palace and Gawain returned to his residence


He didn’t go to rest, but came to the study room.

Veronica already waited here.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

“Yes, Veronica nodded, straight to the point, said,” I feel a little bit of God on her, very weak, but there is. ”

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