Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1615

Lou Xiaoyi really ran into an acquaintance, an acquaintance whom I knew could no longer be familiar.

The star-catching party and Chiyang Zhouxian are the real fake fights. They are extremely fake, but they have created a great momentum, and the sound and light effects are amazing.

This is a process of trial and error. Needless to say, the true intentions of a cultivator can be seen from each other's moves. This cannot be faked.

Fake play also requires a sense of ceremony, it takes some time, even if everyone knows that this is a shameless shameless sordid, you have to act on the stage seriously. .

A female cultivator shuttles in the miniature scene, she is a little idle, because she is beautiful and beautiful, because she has been walking around in the gate of the star-catching heaven for hundreds of years to make friendship and friendship, so she is very familiar with the cultivator of the star-catching cultivator. ; There is a peculiar phenomenon when picking Star Realm from the anchor chain. I don’t know why, most of the envoys are female cultivators. It may also be because of the detached attitude of picking stars. Sending female cultivators over is not easy to stimulate them. ?

Since they are familiar faces from acquaintances, her momentum is not bad for her. The intention to be a fake hit has been clear, so she naturally has to walk around and meet the acquaintances one by one. Saying hello, even if you don't talk in depth, it further confirms Chi Yang Zhou's immortal intentions, and the purpose is to make this tacit battle without any surprises.

The female cultivator and most of the familiar star-catching cultivators walked around, except for a few real faces, which basically achieved their goals; Zhou Xianlai is different from other realms, they are envoys The battle strength requirements are not placed in the first place, but more important to personal communication skills. Simply put, they want to use their attitude to win the support of the anchor chain rather than military force!

On military force and individual battle strength, how can they be stronger than those strong worlds? This is why she appeared on the mission team! After a successful Zhou Xian defensive battle, her fame gradually spread. It is not about the sound of the universe, but it is also famous in Zhou Xian's upper realm.

Unfortunately, after I came to the anchor chain, I couldn't start the situation here! Every force is in a hurry, understands the cunning mind of the anchor chain people a little bit, and has the urge to waste time thinking about going away; but because of each other's restraint, no one can do it!

It may indeed have no effect, but others did not leave and you left. This behavior itself is a kind of contempt, so there is no hope of alliance at all, so although everyone is disgusting, it can only be done like this Persevere until the day the change begins.

Passing a virtual scene, she wants to go to the other end of the battlefield a little bit far away. Her task in this fake fight is not to wipe the gun and get out of the fire, because of the impulse of a few people. The big picture! There are not a lot of people like this in the cultivation world.

I feel that there is a breath coming in from the side, and the ease of convergence makes it impossible for her to distinguish the identity of the cultivator. It was not until the next moment to see the hideous mask that she knew that it was the sword cultivator who was starring as a guest. !

She has no intersection with this person, but because she was born in a sword vein, there is no ill feeling. This is still from the overall impression a certain person brings to her.

The speed of the person coming is so fast that when he approaches the normal warning distance between the cultivator and makes her feel the danger, the two sides are already in a very close position; she still has not thought of blocking Attack, but conditioned reflex to open oneself's defense, but didn't expect that the defense she has always been proud of will be useless in this person's assault!

It's careless! It is also the effect of fake beating on her! What happened next caught her off guard, and the masked man suddenly accelerated, and a swaying body was already close to her, showing his malicious intentions. See you!

"Who are you? What do you want to be?"

The female cultivator twists her body and shakes her wrists, a dagger is drawn diagonally, her posture is lithe and graceful, and her attack angle is tricky, It is also a first-class personal sword technique! She is very confident in this sword, because it is a private transmission from Peak sword cultivator, Ling Li is unmatched!

After a sword, I opened the distance, and then spelled the fight to identify the source of this person's malice... The idea was good, but didn't expect to meet the blocking sect who played the sword!

This person's body is tilted up with her sword, even if her dagger is as fast as lightning, it seems that it will never be so different from this person's body by a few inches, just can't be lifted!

Then the wrist was clamped with one hand, and the whole body fell involuntarily into the person's arms as he moved inward!

The female cultivator was frightened, and didn't panic, she must encourage her internal secretarial to escape from injury! As a female nun, she knows the terrifying consequences of being caught alive. There are countless perverts in this cultivation world, and it must not be left to the hands of people and be manipulated by others!

Even if she hasn't figured out until now, the real purpose of this person? But such malicious behavior won't let her keep her hands, fake beats back to fake beats, and really spare oneself in, that is unacceptable anyway!

When we were energizing, a familiar chuckle came from behind the ears, "Ouch! The beauty is going to kill you! But say hello, how can fly into a rage out of humiliation, then jump the wall... …"

When the female sister heard this, her anger started from her heart, and the evil grew to the courage! Originally, I concentrated my whole body's magical power on the inner secret to prevent the person's magical power impact, but now I can't prevent it, and my body is no longer in a state of alert. I just lifted my foot and stepped on this person fiercely!

This is the most stupid tactical action. It is an action taken by ordinary folks in the country when they are hugged by someone behind them. It is meaningless to the cultivator. Not only does oneself open the door, but you also Is it harmful to the cultivator to step on a person's foot?

But it was just such a clumsy foot, and I stepped on the flexible mask man who was in the previous attack... I jumped in pain and complained,

"What hate, what resentment, your fierce footsteps are the rhythm of murdering relatives!"

The female squat stomped her feet, her hands and feet were sharp, and she made a series of shots, which already grabbed this person. Ears, the other hand is about to lift the mask, and the mask man hurriedly sighed for mercy.

"Senior Sister show mercy! show mercy, just point to this dough and eat it! It’s so shameful and shameless. Ah!"

The female nun hummed: "You let go first!"

The mask was angrily let go of the hand of the waist that was unwilling to loosen even if the ear was pulled. Before leaving, I tried my flexibility fiercely, and took the cover of business.

"Senior Sister, why did you come here? It turned out to be faster than me!"

Hua also let go of his hand and looked left and right. Fortunately, he was not hit by anyone, otherwise he couldn't say clearly! But it doesn't matter, as long as you meet this guy, which time is it clear?

"If you come, I can’t come? I came with the regiment. I ran in the anti-space for decades. With a purpose, it’s like you run around with a hammer and a hammer. !"

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