Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1616

As soon as the two blended together, they probably knew each other’s current situation. Lou Xiaoyi began to pat his chest.

"I'm here to order the anchor chain. Actually, there is no demand for star picking, mainly to help her in-laws. The five rings have achieved the goal, and now I have added a maiden! Senior Sister said, what are your requirements, let me see if I can help when facing the scene!"

You're welcome, Jiahua, she It’s the old-school lady-like personality, who rarely confides in others, even the teachers of Free and Unfettered Roaming, but there are two exceptions in this world, one is the mother, True Monarch, and one is glib tongue. Ears.

"Even if Chi Yang's strength cooperates with our Zhou Xian, it is actually unrealistic to obtain the anchor claw position, and we do not make delusions!

Well, the lowest anchor crown, the best It’s an anchor arm, isn’t this request too much?"

Lou Xiaoyi repeatedly nodded, "Not too much, not too much! Senior Sister opened his mouth, what position can’t help but choose? All including the fifth ring Stay behind!"

Ka Wah is very satisfied, the most important thing is this attitude! As for the real step, as True Monarch, why doesn't she have a oneself judgment? Nineteen people promote a realm. If you want to reverse it personally, you may not be able to do it with a Yang Spirit!

warned repeatedly: "Xiaoyi don’t be able to do it! You are not with Wuhuan, you must be oneself to do things alone, I can’t control you, but remember to do what you can, this is the chain industry There is Yang Spirit on the domain, but it’s not Zhou Xian, let alone the Five Rings!"

We got together in a hurry and didn’t have much time to elaborate. The two communicated closely and broke up immediately. It's not good for people to see the difference, after all, Lou Xiaoyi's identity as a dog licker will be useful for a while.

Zhou immortal did not retreat after a posturing battle, becoming a solitary world floating outside, and a chess piece that can be attacked at any time. This kind of existence will affect all the boundaries of the anchor claws and anchor arms. It is a potential threat, because everyone knows that they are not floating outside looking at the scenery, but a full strength attack when facing the scenery.

He Qian reluctantly took out a hundred strands of Ziqing, a bit unwilling!

"Why, let's bet on which realm will come to attack next time? Or I will come first!"

Lou Xiaoyi laughed heartily, "Look at your stingy, trifling Bailu Ziqing is so reluctant and unforgiving! Do you come first? There are not a few options left, right? Okay, you will come first. You must always convince you to know that this Senior Brother call is not injustice. "

He Qian thought for a while. In fact, his previous judgment was not wrong. The only thing missing was his grasp of Zhou Xian’s character. As a result, he made a good bet and bet like this, but now he The choice of Ji has been narrowed a lot, nothing more than Ci Hang, who joined hands with Heng He, and Naruo, who was up and down to help the fist.

Which one to choose? He decided to continue to bet on the idea of ​​oneself. He is True Monarch, not a child, and insists on oneself.

"Naruo! I choose Naruo to be the next realm to attack the stars! Because the floating cultivator is so overwhelming, not like the Henghe Dao lineage after Cihang! "

Lou Xiaoyi casually said: "I still can't choose the same as you? Heqian, your gambling is too problematic...whatever, then I will choose three holes!"

The supporters behind the three holes are the individual experts recruited by the main world Buddhism! He is now occupying the position of the anchor arm, which can attack and retreat and defend, which makes Heqian very puzzled.

"Senior Brother, why is it a three-hole, it makes no sense?"

Lou Xiaoyi laughed, "Look, I just heard other star-catchers say that these individual powerhouses, who were collected by the master world Buddhism, are actually the largest of all missions, right? There are nearly a hundred people. "

Heqian nodded, "That's it, the number of these wandering practitioners is second only to the light realm! But they are not the same system, dao lineage is mixed, there is no consistent voice, although people It’s too much, but it’s loose and unorganized..."

Lou Xiaoyi said again: "I heard from your Senior Brothers that the three-hole boundary is quite attractive this time. Have been replaced by these individual tourists? A three-hole local cultivator did not appear?"

Heqian continued to be nodded, "I’m also very surprised that this kind of foundation will be the cornerstone of the future development of the domain for more than three hundred years. The method of giving it to others is not the usual style of three holes! They are usually very stable! I don’t know why they are so relaxed this time?"

Lou Xiaoyi laughed, "So, you said these loose The guests are very arbitrary if they are not organized! Their leader may be hidden in the dark, otherwise the veteran local world like Impossible Sandong will put the future of the world in a cloud of scattered sand?

They not only Very powerful, stronger than the three-hole cultivator, and also very trusted by the three-hole, otherwise it will not be enough to entrust!

For such a group of people, the temperament is of course different from the local cultivator and will not follow you for tens of thousands of years. The old rules of success! They are all wandering practitioners. They like being free, free and unconstrained. How can they watch others fighting, but they stand by and watch by themselves?

If they didn’t come out before, they couldn’t run away. The Fifth Ring and Zhou Xian were premeditated! But now that Zhou Xian is faked and defeated brightly and fragilely, it is the best goal to win the stars, because no one wants to touch the lunatics in Fifth Ring!"

He Qian understands a little bit, "So Senior Brother thinks that if these individual travelers can't grab the first wave of limelight, they will grab the second one?"

Lou Xiaoyi has a profound meaning, "The current Cihang and Na If they are very prepared for each other! They all know who will attack first, even if they occupy the anchorage of the star picking, then they will encounter the opponent's counter-grab! The result of each other's guarding against each other is that no one wants to do it first!

They've been so slow , Those individual rogue cultivators may not be able to calm down! After all, their organization is loose and not restricted by dao lineage! "

Heqian is still puzzled, "Even if these individual tourists occupy our anchorage of star-catching, don't they need to worry about the anti-grab of these two companies?" "

Lou Xiaoyi smiled without saying a word. Of course, don’t worry too much. After all, there is a hookup between Henghe Realm and the Lord World Buddhism. Although there has never been evidence in this regard, he does this way. Come, I firmly believe in this.

So, these so-called individual rogue cultivators only need to worry about floating and sinking one family.

Heqian thinks about it and thinks it’s a sword cultivator. The judgment makes sense. He is a person who is good at learning, so he asked,

"Senior Brother, what you said makes sense, I guess I lost again this time! I just want to know why your judgment is more accurate than mine every time Senior Brother? I asked myself to consider the question very comprehensively, but why do I often miss it? Is there any trick? "

Lou Xiaoyi pointed at him, "You can teach you!" I don't know, why am I accurate? It's because I guessed later!

Post-control is more than just an idiom, it has a profound meaning, and it means that all my judgments are built on your judgments, and then you can check for omissions from your judgments, you say , Can I not win? "

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