Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1617

Heqian is a little confused. First guess it is an advantage. How can this become a disadvantage?

"Then Senior Brother, if you choose first, how would you choose?"

Lou Xiaoyi chuckled, "If I choose first, my two choices will be the same as you! Because your analysis was already comprehensive!

But now that you choose, I can only find a way out of your choice... So I bet with someone that I like others to open their mouths first..."

The two chatted here, but Naruo and Cihang outside were really standing there. This shows that they are indeed very afraid of each other. This is also due to their relationship with each other, Naruo and There is no big grudge between Cihang, but the external forces behind each have grudges!

The right and wrong of the Henghe Realm and the Ups and Downs Realm is another story! But there is one thing that both of them are very clear. As long as one of the players takes a shot and fails, if one succeeds in occupying the anchorage, the other party will definitely take advantage of the opportunity of the other party to lose their soldiers and kill them, and kill you when you are sick! This is something determined by history, and no one can change it!

Like Lou Xiaoyi's judgment, when Cihang and Naruo wandered irregularly, the three-hole boundary at the anchor arm position was outrageously dispatched! In fact, they can't be called three-hole cultivator at all, that is, nineteen individual rogue cultivators from the universe!

These people may be wandering practitioners, but their dao lineage is not scattered. How can their poor dao lineage and insufficient innate talent support their practice to the True Monarch level?

Many of them actually come from dao lineage with a foundation and a foundation. They chose to exile themselves from the universe for various personal reasons. Some dao lineages are destroyed, and of course there are also complete penances.

A hundred people, all kinds of strange things, let alone the vastness of the universe, who are there? The main world Buddhism can collect these people for use, and the hidden things are thought-provoking; these people are not suitable for use in large-scale void wars, because they are incompatible with the Buddhism system, because the wild nature that has been completely released is difficult to tame, but if applied It is just right in this small-scale mission, the individual battle strength is strong, and not as eye-catching as the pure Sangha!

The most uncomfortable thing for these people is the conformity of the system cultivator. Looking forward and backward, it is not the style of a real practitioner!

So, they were outrageously dispatched, without any scruples... Well, there were some scruples, at least they knew not to hit another anchorage, where there were guards of the Five Rings, everyone knew, hit such a hard bone , Don’t lose at least half, don’t even think about winning or losing! If this is the case, then there is no need to fight for anchorage anymore, everyone obediently and honestly return to the anchor and wait for it!

Anchor chain positioning has never been a chaotic battle. The sequence of attacks, the choice of opponents, and the choice of timing are all very particular!

Under normal circumstances, the battle starts from the two anchor claw positions, and the competition is almost throughout. In the most tragic situation, there are even several cultivators holding the anchorage precedent, not because they are so great. But in other worlds, there are only two or three cats, big and small.

Only at the final stage of the sequence, the anchor claw position is unshakable, everyone will choose the target to retreat; of course, there are also at first, the target is set on the anchor arm and other second-class anchorages. , That is another matter; if there are rules and impossible restrictions, you will never participate in the competition. In the end, it will be possible to pick up the bargain with the number of people after the deaths and injuries of others are almost the same.

However, this time the ordering is destined to compete with the crowd because of the addition of external forces, and the competition is also focused on the anchorage of star picking, but it does not care about the anchorage of Yuan!

No one took the five rings on his lips, but when the truth is touched, it is self-evident what I am thinking.

……Lou Xiaoyi is still standing on the edge of the miniature realm and is responsible for the place where the battle is to be carried out; the movements of these realms are clearly seen, obvious at a glance, and it is still the same as before. As long as he stands, where is the center of the storm!

Just like now, due to various factors, star picking has become the soft persimmon of this ordering! Everyone wants to pinch!

The seven of them standing in the front, all know that this will no longer be a fake fight, but a real fight between life and death! In the sequence of in the past, because they are all old rivals, and many people are familiar with each other, the battle can be controlled to a certain degree of intensity, and there are often the kind of gentlemen's disputes about winning or losing. Those who do not die are not stalking, and those who win are not killed. Such a battlefield atmosphere can minimize casualties.

But this time is different, especially the helpers on the three holes on the opposite side. They even can't be called what kind of mission it is, they are thugs at all! How many people are soft-hearted who roam the universe alone? All vicious and merciless!

They also want to determine the status of the third hole through such a battle, just like the Yingyuan of the Five Ring Gangquan, if others want to do it, they must consider the possible tragic consequences!

Therefore, this battle must be speed, cruel, bloody, and must not be merciless. Only in this way can they establish a certain psychological advantage and deter potential opponents!

The miniature of the three-hole world collided, bringing the courage of the individual travelers to roar the universe! They will not fight head-on in the cultivation battlefield and the system dao lineage, that is not their good point, but here, they are the king!

"Fight hard! We have to take the side to knock down their arrogance! Otherwise, let them drive straight in, it will be difficult for us to defend!"

A True Monarch starring like this Remind the companions around me that at the same time, two of the seven True Monarchs who are responsible for blocking in the world have been mentioned as the first line of connection! They are indeed experienced, oneself knows how to deal with it, and they don’t need others to teach! In fact, this is also the reason why Lou Xiaoyi has the right to dispatch but doesn't say a word. Dispatching these old repairers who have lived two lives or even several generations? He will find these uncomfortable things for oneself only after his brain is drawn!

The two sides are getting closer! I can clearly feel the nineteen frenzied auras in the three-hole boundary. The individual tourists obviously do not want to follow the rules. They are the simplest and most direct rush, the 19 people's levelless violent rush. !

The star-catching party immediately responded, and the remaining five people who were responsible for intercepting midway were also at the forefront. Except for the five who were responsible for defensive anchorages, they did not dare to move, the others were all concentrated in the battle. On the front line, they know very well that this primordial attack method is actually the method of anchor chain ordering at first for thousands of years, but then the anchor chain people gave up such barbarism under the tacit understanding, but now they have to pick it up again!

There are nineteen opponents and fourteen stars. This is an inevitable gap between the offensive and the defensive, and the rules will always favor the offensive! You can't even do a counterattack, because it's useless for you to attack the opponent's anchorage!

The two miniatures of the realm collided and merged. After reaching a certain point of convergence, twenty silhouettes rose into the air and staggered past the flanks. At this moment, there were already two groups. Celestial Phenomenon is created!

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