Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1618

Twenty silhouettes? There were only 19 people who rushed over from the three-hole boundary. How could there be twenty silhouettes?

The answer is simple. Someone counterattacks!

No one on the defensive side will choose to counterattack, but this is actually just a kind of inertial thinking! Why can't a defender counterattack? The meaning of the counterattack is that, for the mystery in the dark, at the same time, it is assumed that the star picking is both the defensive and the offensive!

His counterattack made the cultivator on the offensive startled! Psychologically unprepared, he was attacking with all his strength, his own strength gap was huge, and due to many factors, he became the first Daoist to die!

He is not the first one. The fierce competition this time is far more cruel than both sides imagined!

...With a leap forward, flying sword silently circumvents a star picker. This is not his opponent, but the enemy on the side!

When a Primordial Spirit True Monarch devotes himself to the defense, a frontal breakthrough is basically impossible! So he charged one person, but killed another person! This hand Mingxiu plank road darkly Chen Cang was used by his special flying sword, and he has never lost his hand!

Because the Mingxiu plank road is the main world flying sword, but the dark Chencang is the dimensional flying sword, there is no hiding!

This is not the battle he hopes, because he wants to meet not these star pickers, but the five ringers! To be precise, they are the Xuanyuan people of Fifth Ring!

The same sword veins, what he wants to know most is the status of oneself's flying sword among the top sword veins! Because although his dao lineage is unknown in the universe, it seems to him to be unique and unmatched, but for some reason it cannot be famous in the world, the pearl is covered in dust, but it is cheap for those who cheat the world!

He is a traitor, a true traitor. He has betrayed his teacher and his vow of oneself, just because he does not want to be as ordinary as his senior and junior brothers, in dedication. Finish oneself's life! He also wanted to be brilliant, and he also wanted to see the power level of this world, so he walked out and never thought about going back again.

Xuanyuan Sword can't be repaired, the eight chains of the anchor chain and the surrounding airspace, it is almost impossible to block a person in such a large area; unless he is just and honorable challenge! But he didn't want to be just and honorable, not because of the darkness in his heart, but because he didn't want to bring the teacher in. He was a traitor, but he was betrayed by those outdated rules, not the living people.

He just wanted to collide with Xuanyuan Sword when he was facing the scene, each with his ability and sword art! In the years since he came out, he has also encountered countless capable people and strangers of various dao lineages, including many sword veins dao lineage, and the result is that he stood while others fell!

This makes him even more proud of oneself's dao lineage!

But he is alone and lonely, no matter how he can fight, he is also alone, and he cannot erase the subconscious fear of these companions of the five-ringed people, even if he accepts to deal with the five-ringed people’s sword Cultivator, they are also unwilling to provoke the fifth ring people, because the fifth ring people can not only fight, but also hold grievances, seeking revenge for the slightest grievance.

I can only follow everyone to fight the star pickers. Although a little dissatisfied, the star picking cultivator is also a strong Great Influence in the chain industry, which can satisfy his increasingly unrestricted desire to kill!

In the past few hundred years, he has been in this state, suffering from the desire to kill. His senior and junior brothers will choose to spend this difficult time with ordinary lives. , But he didn't want to! This is why he ran out privately!

Killing a Primordial Spirit is nothing more than that in his killing career! The only thing that surprised him was that there were people who could kill faster than him! Is it murder? Or killed?

The chaotic battlefield is not where he thinks about messy things. As an excellent sword cultivator, he knows when to put his mind on where!

The star picker opposite him obviously did not realize that the enemy in front of oneself had killed oneself's senior and junior brothers in front of him! According to oneself's understanding of the sword cultivator, oneself has established a sufficiently strong defense and restrained this person's mobility with the Stars Secret Technique!

Very orthodox! It is indeed very experienced! The solid defense can help him to counter the explosion of the sword cultivator, and the stellar gravity technique can greatly restrict the movement of the sword cultivator! In the void of the universe, this is almost the best way to limit the sword cultivator!

Limit the outbreak, limit the movement, and then start to counteract in the see-saw! I have to say that this star catcher's response is very hot, even if it is against the Shangzheng brand Xuanyuan Sword, it will have a certain effect!

But he didn't know that the dao lineage of this person in front of him was completely different from the mainstream one! Back puppet is actually a melee sword cultivator that belongs to an extremely rare sword! His most deadly attacks often appear in fight at close quarters, but they are different from body veins and grandeur, but appear strange and mysterious!

A flying sword is shot, and the sword is divided into chains in a blink of an eye! This level of differentiation of sword light is far from that of the main world sword cultivator. Generally speaking, the differentiation of sword light of Primordial Spirit True Monarch is in the hundreds of thousands, and there will be more than one million or even more perverted ones! But there are only tens of thousands of differences in the sword light of the back puppet! It’s still far from being able to form the Jianhe River, it's just a Jianxi River at best...

This Jianxi River has been able to penetrate 70% to 80% of his defenses. True Monarch thinks it’s famous The sword cultivator has exhausted its offensive. When preparing to launch a counterattack, the back puppet disappeared at the same time as the last sword light disappeared. The next moment, he appeared in the last place where the flying sword disappeared, but it was far away from the star-catching cultivator. So close!

This is a special body sword technique, not purely a flying sword attack! I realized this and realized that the situation was extremely urgent. I am worthy of being reincarnated as a great cultivator. He immediately turned into a mound and grew out of eight arms during the rotation. It is his practice's eight-arm Heavenly Venerate method, each holding a different weapon and covering his face. Smash it down!

Hardness is actually the best strategy. How can you run a sword cultivator when you turn around and run?

There is no problem with his response! The problem is that even if it is the eight-arm Heavenly Venerate method, he has not broken away from the category of flesh-body mortal. The impenetrable of eight weapons is no better than a sword array that only sees the sword cage and does not see the swordman!

The back puppet stretches out his hand to make a hug, but the person disappears again when he stretches out his hand, as if every part of the body has become a sword! There are not many swords, the body is the axis, the ten fingers and ten toes are the sword, and there are only twenty swords, but the star-catching cultivator is grouped in the sword cage, and the twenty swords are stirred together, and the rotation speed is far faster than the eight-arm Heavenly Venerate method. Because he doesn't have to think about the limits of the human body at all!

This rotation difference immediately distinguishes life and death! The Star Reaching Taoist only smashed seven or eight swords, but his eight-arm Heavenly Venerate was cut off!

When the rotation stopped, True Monarch even the bone frame was dismantled into dust! This set of continuous attacks is only three breaths!

Nodded who is satisfied with the back of the puppet, his sword cage killing has never let him down. The opponent is very tough, otherwise he won't even need three breaths!

When Celestial Phenomenon is generated, the puppet frowned!

Huh? Why are there two regiments again?

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