Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1620

Experience is very useful; but experience can also cause a consequence-empiricism!

The old way is still the old way, sword light opens the way and enters with the sword! His sword technique completely violates the normal laws between the normal human body and the utensils, and the conversion between each other is natural, seamless, breaking through the defense in the form of a flying sword, and then using a close-up sword to complete the attack, which is unique. Simple and effective.

Under the cover of the six-winged purple bee, he used the sword cage technique to spin and kill a star-catcher, and at the same time was inevitably besieged by two star-catcher cultivators! This is the siege of the Primordial Spirit Level. There is no room for trickery except for the front face. At this time, the back puppet once again shows the wonder of the sword technique. The Transform Body into Sword rushes out under the cover of the airtight forbidden technique. Chase and intercept.

Suddenly turned back, facing True Monarch, who was facing the star-winning True Monarch, was ready. He refused to resist. Instead, he escaped and streamed. He wanted to get a distance, but he didn’t want to throw his long hair on his back, and turned into a sword. The whip, pulled from the back, this weird way makes you can't guard against it, turning into a mass of energy in the sky under the lash of the sword and whip!

Only a few dozen breaths, two star-removing cultivators died, their attacking power is so strong, so weird, it makes other people amazed and chills!

But there was no joy in the back of the puppet, because the Celestial Phenomenon that came from the main battlefield had one more Celestial Phenomenon than him. He killed two here, but three died on the main battlefield! Although it is not possible to tell who is dead, but there is a bad intuition in my heart!

At this time, the anti-pentagonal star array has been broken, and the six-winged purple bee has been swept away. Although their auxiliary methods are wonderful, the other party also not to be trifled with, in just a few ten. Xizhong has been successfully cracked, and now a three-yang Kaitai formation has been formed, continuing to implement the intention of delaying time!

This time, even the rogue cultivator who is good at countering arrays needs time to set up. As for the individual visitors who put the six-winged purple bee, the child bees are all lost, and the female bee dare not let it go! Even if you kill two, you have to pay a price!

The back of the puppet has no plan to stop, "Don't set up any more, just go ahead! I deal with two, you two deal with one, fight for this rush to solve the problem!"

This is not a big talk. From a tactical point of view, it is also a insistence that must be carried through to the end! At least in their direction, everything is under control, and the rhythm is quite lively. It would be unrealistic to smash the five-person array at one time, and it would be good twice, and it would be considered a perfect completion of their assault mission!

But they have not yet started to act, the main battlefield direction has already been resolved, and the leading individual spiritual consciousness sent police to retreat and gave up fighting for the anchorage!

Such an order made the three of them very dissatisfied, but they also knew that oneself could not go it alone, because if they persisted, the cultivator from the opponent's main battlefield would surround them and think about it then. It's hard to run.

This is not a personal battle. Being in a battlefield environment, if you can’t accurately grasp the overall battlefield shape, it’s the way of seeking death!

Although the three of them were unwilling, they had to abandon the anchorage. If they flew away, they had to avoid the rescue of the star pickers, and then returned to the three-hole realm and saw their comrades who had retreated in advance. I finally understand why the leader decided to give up!

Before the attack, everyone's unanimous judgment was that if nineteen people attacked, if the damage is within three people, they have the cost of taking up the anchor and defending!

If the loss is less than five people, it needs to be combined with the specific situation at the time! Because next they will meet to align the dust full of people! Fourteen people deal with nineteen people, even if there is a great expert like a puppet, the result is completely unpredictable, bode ill rather than well!

If you lose more than six people, you don’t need to fight, because even if you’re down, you will end up making wedding dresses for others. Why bother?

Looking at the cultivator returning to the three-hole boundary, six people have been lost!

The leader shook his head bitterly, "I can't fight anymore! I couldn't wait for the hunted breaths, so I killed six people, but the opponent only lost five! You killed four of them alone. One, but in the main battlefield, star-recovering also has a powerful sword cultivator! In the same time, he killed five people!

Needless to say, if you continue to fight, you can indeed occupy the anchorage, but we are here. I am afraid that the loss on one side will exceed ten people at least. How can there be any future? Bending the waist and breaking the leg, not to mention the anchor claw, even the anchor arm is difficult to maintain!

So I ordered to withdraw, it is not self-defeating. But I have to do it!"

He narrowed his eyes, "Is it the masked man? I knew that. I should cut off this talent first at first, but I didn’t meet it! ! This person is also Xuanyuan Sword repair?"

The leader of the wandering cultivator smiled bitterly, "No, it's a loose sword cultivator named Tian Gou, just like you! But I didn’t expect this person to have the strength. That’s it, and I haven’t seen too eye-catching sword technique, ordinary, but the brothers were planted in his hands one by one, unfathomable mystery..."

Being speechless, he I have come out of the universe to see the world, and I have also seen many sword veins dao lineage, sword pill, back sword, disc sword, and even sword holding. There are various styles, but in his sword technique. Down, but no one can resist!

The only regret is that I didn't touch the authentic Xuanyuan Sword repair, and I couldn't measure the highest level of this cosmic sword technique. I regret one by one, and now I have discovered an unfathomable mystery Tian Gou? It's still so powerful, and the killing speed is even faster than him. When did Jianmai start to rot in the universe of cultivation?

But it doesn’t matter, there is still a chance! They suffered heavy losses here in the three holes. 19 people lost six. They didn't get much better when they picked the stars. They lost five. It depends on how long they can support?

...The collision of the three holes and the star picking made all the realms on the sidelines secretly startled! Three holes sent all foreign aids this time. In terms of strength, it is the best choice. The battle is fierce, and there is also a mysterious sword cultivator with strength like a crane standing among chickens! Such an assault force rushed into the Star Realm domain and suffered heavy losses. The strength of the old reincarnations of the Star Realm is really admirable, and it is no wonder that they can always stay in the position of the anchor claw and anchor arm. decline!

When the miniature star maps collide and merge, the people outside can't actually see the actual battle situation inside, so everyone attributed the star-catching victory to the battle of the old reincarnated dough sticks. On strength, no one knows that there is a big bug hidden in it!

Of course, these individual rogue cultivators in the three-hole area don’t even say it! Say you were killed five by one? Oneself suffered a loss, stepped on the pit? The only psychological comfort is that others suffer once and step on a pit. Who would be so stupid to remind others?

The star is standing there, waiting for the next opponent to come. Although there are only 14 people left, these 14 people have to weigh every ambitious realm, oneself How much does it cost to gain control of this anchorage?

Originally thought the star is a soft persimmon, but now it has become a hard walnut!

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