Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1621

From afar, the people of Ying Yuanjie are watching from a distance. At this time, Ying Yuan cultivator has understood the so-called recklessness of Wuhuan, really understands it, and admiration is born spontaneously!

Just one storm-like blow not only drove Du Tian Guangguang out of the anchorage cleanly, but also occupied it here, and no one else dared to come and fight! It really is to evolve the trend vividly and thoroughly!

It's worthy of being a combat realm. If you dare to do what others dare not do, you can still do it successfully!

looks at a few microcosms of the realm are all spinning around the star picking, Guang Yao is a bit lonely,

"Why don’t we just stay idle like this? Although we can Occupy a place of anchor claws, but in this way, it feels like a punch fell into the empty space!"

The other people have the same feeling! Their most ideal state is to slaughter all sides, to teach a few jogging bounds! Although there are only seven people, under the limit of 19 people, you can play!

Bright, ups and downs, Henghe, these outlaws drawn by the Lord Buddha Maiden are all the objects they want to focus on education! It is also the purpose of them to participate in the sequencing and occupy an anchor position as soon as they come up!

But the development of things is completely different from their imagination. These slippery things just abandon this anchor position, but focus on star catching. The Five Rings are hanging aside!

This is a very depressing beginning! Because as the battle progresses, everyone is getting more casualties. That is to say, they are becoming more and more impossible to fight against the soldiers, and they have the quantity and quality of their hands!

I got the anchor claw position, but I struggled for loneliness! Maybe Ying Yuan is very satisfied, but Wuhuan is very dissatisfied!

"Is it possible that we give up the position of the anchor claw, and then go to fight for the anchor arm, anchor crown or even anchor tail? We don't care, as long as there is a fight to fight, but I doubt that Ying Yuan people will agree! There are twelve. If we vote to determine the trend, we can't win at all!"

Ping Ting said the key to the core! In the final analysis, they are here to cooperate with Ying Yuan, and Ying Yuan is the master! The host is very satisfied with the current state, but these guests want to continue having trouble? The purpose of helping Yingyuan is to make Yingyuan people recognize the strength of the Five Rings. Now that they have successfully achieved this, how can they make waves because they want to indulge oneself, and instead attract Yingyuan people's ill feelings?

Ranxin touched his nose, "It seems that there is a problem, we rushed too fast! If you watch this way, then you will lose such an opportunity to show the strength of the five rings!"

Strictly spread your hands, "Wooden way! It's not that we rush fast! People are such a tacit understanding, no matter which territory we are rushing, they give up the anchorage, you go oneself and play!"

Qianduo frowned, "It would be nice if we can swap positions with Picking Stars... These so-called strong worlds are really shameless! Usually one after another show off one's military strength, Lao Tzu The ghost look of first under the heavens, now I really move my hand but deliberately hang you..."

It’s not shameless from other realms, but for the great cultivator, they know exactly what to do and not to do. To do it! Territory wars are better than the number, the foundation, and the alliance. These strong worlds are indeed worthy of the five rings, but if they pull out the squad cultivator to put them right, they will know the strength of the five rings! Drying is inevitable, which shows that people are very sensible. It is no brain to hit the five rings hard when you come up!

Guangyao looked towards Ranxin, "Didn’t you say that there is such a great sword cultivator among these individual travelers? How come the three holes that have been punched in and out have killed one more? The sword cultivator’s Where is the ability? Why didn’t I see it?"

Burning salary smiled bitterly, "I don’t know either! Or are the reincarnated cultivators really strong, beyond our expectations? It’s a pity that such a realm has never spit out. If they lean towards my fifth ring, then the general situation is basically set!"

...... He Qian walked to Lou Xiaoyi in front of him, a battle, The star people understand the position of oneself, and no one needs to say it now. Of course, everything is dominated by this masked person. The strength of the other person is really listening to thunder in a silent place. Killing makes you not feel the explosion. So where is his limit? ? Think about terrifying!

Handed over a hundred Ziqing, He Qian was still not convinced, "Senior Brother, you come first this time!"

Lou Xiaoyi took it with peace of mind. He earned the inspiration from his ability. What's sorry?

"Really, I will come first? Heqian, don’t blame your big brother for not reminding you, there won’t be many choices after I choose you, and the rules are the same. You can’t choose the same as me. The result!"

He Qianian twisted his neck, "Of course! This time, let me take your height and look at the whole situation. I must stand up!"

Lou Xiaoyi He smiled and said, "Okay. Actually, according to your inference, Naruo and Cihang are on the court anyway at this time. Considering that the Henghe Realm after Cihang is more tolerant, the chances of Naruo and Cihang playing this time are even greater. Is that so?"

Heqian nodded, "That's it, normal analysis!"

Lou Xiaoyi casually, "Then I will choose Naruo! Brother, your analysis is still It makes sense. I am the laziest person to use my brain..."

He Qianian nervously thinks, according to Senior Brother’s theory, the result is often unexpected; for example, the first time is most likely It was Ying Yuan Naruo Cihang, but Senior Brother chose Zhou Xian instead! The second most likely thing was Naruo and Cihang. Senior Brother chose another three irrelevant hole... In other words, the real goal is never on Naruo and Cihang. Be surprised and have roots. There is evidence!

Divine light flashed in my mind, "I choose Dutian! They were kicked out by Ying Yuan in the first contact, eager to find face, and they only lost two people, more than star catching There are more than three people, and they have the confidence to fight! Yes, it is all heaven!"

Lou Xiaoyi laughed but said nothing, betting on this kind of thing, it must actually be a state of mind, uncertain, and lose forever!

"No matter which one comes, the next star-catching game will face the most severe test! We are missing five people, and your original set does not work. Why, what are your ideas?"

Heqian immediately got serious when he encountered serious business, "I was about to ask Senior Brother for advice! We are few, and if we grab an imposing manner at the port, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the opponent! So I wanted to ask. According to the Senior Brother’s opinion, the Five Rings have the most experience in gang fights!"

Lou Xiaoyi said resolutely: "We are the Five Rings people, focusing on gains and losses, not face! Integrity puts companions in danger! So if I arrange, I will arrange 13 people in the anchorage. No matter what array you deploy, all purpose is to defensive and procrastinate! I want to pick the stars on the array. The strength of the team, the formation and combination, will reduce the casualty rate to the lowest!

I am the only one outside! How to fight is my business!"

He Qian understands the sword very well. The cultivator means that the most important thing to win the stars now is to ensure the fatality rate, and then be touched by people four or five like the last one, then you don't have to think about anything, just withdraw from the competition!

The meaning of the formation is to defend firmly, avoid death and injury, and leave the key to success or failure to the sword cultivator! When others say this, it is not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth, and the sword cultivator says this is as it should be by rights!

Of course Lou Senior Brother has such an ability!

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