Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1622

In the torment of waiting, Naruo finally couldn't bear it! They have endured for two rounds, and if they endure it, they will become the ninja Divine Tortoise!

Not every realm has the temperament of the ninja Divine Tortoise.

Then Ruo Realm began to pick the Star Realm Realm by relying on it instead of hitting it, which shows their caution; unlike the individual rogue cultivators in Three Holes, Naruo and the ups and downs of the linked watch are now in every aspect, They only jumped over ten people, each of which accounted for half of them. The way of entry was not to slash and kill, but just jump over and see clearly! Hold the side!

The jump was still very determined, and then one of them noticed that someone on the opposite side ran into him; jumping across the boundary is a very dangerous move, which means that the momentary interlacing will test the cultivator to the maximum. The resilience!

Almost no one chooses a complete defensive state at this time, which means you will lose the initiative, life and death are in the hands of others; ordinary people understand the simple truth of offense as defense, but it doesn’t make sense. A cultivator who is good at fighting will cringe in such a cross.

This is the best time for Lou Xiaoyi to beheaded, because no one knows that this is a sword cultivator that has always licked blood with a knife. Their understanding of the attack power that a normal cultivator can explode is still limited, so no one knows. Undoubtedly, an ups and downs cultivator was put through a sieve.

This is Lou Xiaoyi's fixed opening mode, which is extremely easy.

The attackers who jumped over should not feel a little contradictory, a little weird. They did not encounter the imaginary battle, but lost a companion in an unfathomable mystery. The reason is also very clear, because of that. The guy wearing the mask jumped back and smiled grimly at everyone. The ugly mask was shoddy, as if laughing at everyone!

This is a provocation! Make sure that there are no other star-catching cultivators around. The leader waved his hand and the three cultivators circumvented them; he was very careful. Normally, he only needs to follow the past two. Now three have been sent out, and they are already very familiar with each other. .

Their main force has more important things to do. Wait for the next nine cultivators to come over, and then determine the position of the star picker!

Where will the position of the star catcher be hidden? This is actually a very simple question! Because the depth of the miniature realm is very limited, besides the anchorage, there is a second place worth guarding heavily! This is also in line with their pre-judgment, because the manpower lost five people, such a gap has a great impact in the battle, the biggest possibility is to deploy in the anchorage, apart from this there is no second choice!

The only surprise is, what's the matter with the star catcher who just wandered out?

How much can a person benefit?

Fifteen people gathered and began to march towards the anchorage. At this moment, the second Celestial Phenomenon appeared on the side!

It should be the three companions who succeeded in hunting, right? Is there any other possibility?

Continue to move forward and see the anchorage from a distance. Of course, there are also 13 star pickers who are in formation. They are worthy of unique talents in Formation, and they are formed in a short period of time through improvement. A six-seven mysterious formation with an inner ring and an outer ring interlocking, guarding the anchorage strictly, not one drop of water can leak out!

A protracted battle! So Ruoren and the ups and downs understand in their hearts how much extra help a solid array can provide them as a defensive side! The number advantage of oneself is only four.

But his calculations ran into challenges immediately, because the third Celestial Phenomenon appeared faintly from the side!

The other person, their three people, came two groups of Celestial Phenomenon in succession. Anyone who knows well knows that the first one to die must be their companion, and the second one is probably also very big. Possible!

Send someone over again? The number of them standing here now is only one more than the star pickers in the formation. How many more people are appropriate? Can't be less than three, right? Maybe five are more secure? So when facing the array of star catchers, how to fight with the number of them less?

Before the war really started, the leading cultivator found that oneself was in a desperate situation! When the fourth group Celestial Phenomenon appeared, any luck was not there, and the viciousness of star-catching was also in broad daylight. They used 13 people to form a formation, but they used the most powerful cultivator to fight guerrillas outside! From the beginning of the jump to the present, four companions have been killed by the masked man!

In other words, there are still fourteen people who have picked the stars, and only fifteen people are left! And there is a star picker who can be one enemy three, or even more enemies!

Can't fight anymore! The trend has changed! This is probably the reason why the three-hole rogue cultivator group of powerful individual rogue cultivators, even if they have such a powerful existence as the back puppet, are still here, and the loss is one more reason than the star-catching!

Hate that these king-eight-eggs didn't reveal anything, and the pretending oneself was just a normal miss, just to pit a realm!

Looks at these cultivators under their men. They didn’t make a move, one didn’t fight, they just flew here simply, and then they lost the opportunity of unfathomable mystery... There is even more people than this. Depressed fight?

But depressed go to depressed, the cruel facts are extremely clear, attacking the array, their power is not enough! If you consider the deadly killer behind, this is almost a dead end!

"Let’s go! Keep the green hills without worrying about firewood! I want to see how long they can last!"

Onlookers watching the anchor chain sequence It seems that the battle is getting more and more complicated and confusing, as if picking the stars is a black hole, constantly devouring every attacking force!

Zhou immortal came and went, no one was damaged, anyone with a discerning eye knew it was a fake beat!

The three-hole crowds came and left, leaving six lives, but somehow they made five back. It doesn't seem to be a big loss? This can be seen in the face of taking pleasure in other people's misfortune on the face of a rogue cultivator in the three-hole world.

Now the ups and downs have come or gone. The paradox is that one person can catch the stars, but instead ups and downs and that if four people are killed in this black hole, this amount of information is really a bit big!

What happened? Make the performance of the star pickers so completely different? No one can guess, because the people who have suffered are gritted their teeth and will not speak to death!

Everyone chooses to sit by the side of the pit and wait for others to fall to get the psychological satisfaction of oneself!

In the eight realms, Ying Yuan sits on the Diaoyutai with complacency. Although the Five Rings are a bit like sitting on pins and needles, this can't change their attitude toward the theater!

Kong Jie stands still, their plan with Natural Selection is not aiming for merit, but to avoid mistakes. Even if they want to go one step further, they have to wait until the situation is clear in the later stage to make plans! Now they are grateful for oneself's wisdom!

Chi Yang and Zhou immortal are triumphant, you see, it makes sense for us to fake it? The reason why people are the spirit of all things is to grow their brains!

Dutian and Guangming people are determined. Although they have suffered a loss in the hands of the five-ringed people, the loss is also divided into different sizes. Moreover, it is better to suffer from the famous five-ringed people in the world. Starcatchers will be more glorious after suffering a disadvantage?

It's also mouth-to-mouth, can the mouth of the celebrity be the same as the mouth of the neighbor next door?

So there is a sense of superiority!

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