Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1623

The three-hole individual rogue cultivator was the first to fall into the pit, but they were proud because they could climb out oneself, only one more died. Such a record can be said wherever it is! Not ashamed!

Although I got a mouthful, I got a kick too!

Naruo and the ups and downs are the most unlucky! Pushing the door into someone else’s yard, and being slapped in the mouth, he was kicked out without even seeing the person who was beating. Who would come to reason?

Now, everyone’s eyes are on the boundaries of Cihang and Henghe. Everyone pointed out, everyone’s eyes are in full view, and huge pressure is happening spontaneously. This time, you can’t just play stupid and be stunned to cover it. Past.

In the miniature image of the Cihang realm, nineteen cultivators are sitting together. They must make a decision, whether it is to advance or to retreat!

The Cihang realm has always been a weak existence in the eight realms of the anchor chain. It has been mixed in the bottom realm of the anchor tail for a long time. The confidence and imposing manner of its cultivator can be imagined! Reflected in the composition of the team, they actually really want to give the entire team to the hands of the foreign power Henghe Jie like a three-hole, with a retreat of six, two and five.

But Henghe Jie is not one of the individual rogue cultivators. The way they consider problems is to set off from the overall situation, rather than simply to show their strength. They intend to be lofty, but not small. Place and people rival for love, care about everything.

So in the end, their team combination was a very standard nineteen distribution, Cihang ten people, Henghe nine people; this is the most classic combination, the true meaning of deep cultivation; but this time set After the order changed, they finally found that oneself’s cultivation had a problem correctly!

If it is nineteen Henghe cultivators, they are not afraid of anyone! It also includes Ying Yuan and Wuhuan people, but if they only have nine Henghe cultivators, it would be a bit dangerous in this kind of purely competitive situation instead of fighting wits.

They have to make a decision. Although Henghejie never pursues face, at least they must not lose face! This is the foundation of standing in the universe of cultivation!

The people of Cihang didn’t have the right idea. Their strength determines their status. Under Henghe people’s hundreds of years of management, they are one of the rarest one or two of the anchor chain domains that have completely fallen to external forces.


This is an internal discussion among Henghe people!

As the leader of this sequence, Guland has decided, but he still has to take a look at the form.

"Anchor chain for hundreds of years, all influence you fight for me. In the practice world, strength is the essence. No matter how much you talk about and do more, you can’t show it through strength, and it’s in vain!

It's very rude and has no technical content, but we also have to prove oneself in this respect!

Before leaving, Li Tikehan once pointed me to wait. Don’t be bound by those rules and regulations. When others can let go, we are at the root of shame!

So, we should let go, and don’t put too much emphasis on the identity of oneself as an envoy. Here, now, we are just a group of people. Fighter, it’s not a messenger, and there is no need to pay attention to the red tape, rules and restrictions. Look at them, how do you take advantage of them? Who talked to you about the cultivator's demeanor?"

"We have endured three times! Endure Zhouxian, endure wandering practitioner, endure ups and downs! If you endure it, it is not a temperament character, but will be regarded as indecisive and timid!

So, it should It's an attack!

There are two directions, the five-ringed people should be the yuan! Get the stars! Don’t talk freely, everyone, it’s up to the nine of us to vote, which can be considered as the result of the consensus, no matter when the time comes Success and failure, there are no disputes!" As nodded, everyone said that they chose each, and the result was no accident. Seven votes to two votes, the goal is indeed to win the stars!

Gurland is slightly nodded. It seems that everyone is still very practical. They are not deceived by the strong push to challenge the most difficult Ying Yuan. This is a realistic move and there is nothing to say.

He set up an attack formation here, and the two Henghe Primordial Spirits below exchanged glances, both of them a bit heavy.

Lichenan and Dassami are the only two who proposed to attack Yingyuan Realm. In their opinion, at least Yingyuan’s strength is stronger than Mingguang. It is true that the Five Rings are very difficult to deal with. But Henghejie should look for the hardest bone to chew, which at least represents an attitude! An imposing manner that participates in the cosmic competition is actually not important. Even if you lose, losing to the fifth ring is not ashamed. Moreover, the fifth ring is impossible without paying the price at all!

So attacking Ying Yuan is the safest way. If you win, you will be known all over the world. If you lose, you can also show the integrity of the Henghe people. It is really a choice for both sides.

Selecting stars is different! If you win, people will say that the people of Henghe know how to pick up soft persimmons, and they can only get the hands when the star pickers are exhausted. There is no brilliance! If it is still unsuccessful, then jump to the river to wash away the shame! There are no good results on either side, so why bother with this mysterious and secretive star award?

It's almost becoming a catastrophe!

But their two opinions are not accepted, which is also the law of this world. Truth will always be in the hands of a few people. This is the disadvantage of collegiate! Of course, although monopoly will no longer be mediocre, it will also be driven to destruction by lunatics?

How can there be the best of both worlds?

……Heqian pester and chirp handed over a hundred strands of Ziqing, "Senior Brother, I have lost three hundred!"

Lou Xiaoyi as if nothing happened, the slightest I don’t have any plans to retreat with a kind heart.

"Will you still bet? You don’t want to choose first, just pick it!"

He Qian shook his head, "Don’t bet, I know , Senior Brother, you are all routines, whoever bets is stupid!"

Lou Xiaoyi still has some ideas, but it is not good to kill to the last one, catch one head to death!

"The combination of Cihang and Henghe will appear next! Are you familiar with Henghe dao lineage?"

Heqian smiled badly, "Senior Brother, don’t worry, if we want to talk about these foreign forces, we actually have the most experience in Henghe Realm!"

paused, what we will say next is the secret of starring, but considering Senior Brother Nine people have been killed for star picking, which is also related to their cooperation, and his own Old Ancestor has given him the important secret task of eradicating the reincarnated traitor, and oneself has no reason to hide it.

"I don’t know how to do it. The secret technique of reincarnation of my star-catching heavenly gate is often transferred to Henghe Realm! It may also have an intersection with their so-called reincarnation method, so occasionally I’m going to string the roots!

So these tens of thousands of years, the cultivator we string here will often return. They have a deep understanding of several dao lineages in Henghe Realm, especially those of them who are very familiar with others. For people, it’s difficult to adapt to the mysterious methods. We all know them well!"

Lou Xiaoyi was surprised, "Then, will their people also turn to the anchor chain? Bian? Doesn’t it mean that your method of picking stars is not secreted by the people of Henghe?"

Heqian shook his head, "No! Their so-called holy river is so tight that all Henghe’s After the reincarnation, the soul of the river people cannot do without the shackles of the holy river, so our people may turn over, but their people will never be able to turn..."

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