Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1624

"What do you mean?" Lou Xiaoyi still didn't quite understand.

Heqian said resolutely: "In the previous two games, I won the stars as stable as Mount Tai. Fortunately, the Senior Brother showed divine might. This is the result. Otherwise, I won’t know how many people died. , I’m afraid I will be driven out of the anchor claws long ago!

We are thinking about it, everyone is contributing to the star picking, it is unreasonable that all the burdens will be resisted by Senior Brother alone!"

Lou Xiaoyi does not oppose that they want to do their best oneself, but the key to the question is,

"What do you plan to do? It is not difficult to understand a dao lineage! Just like our sword veins, the universe of cultivation There are countless dao lineages in which the sword veins are false and real, including the authentic Peak Taoist school, but they have studied tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of years. What is the result? Isn’t it still the sword vein wood?"

He Qian Seriously said: "There is no way to take the sword vein, because the sword vein is originally a member of Taoism! To completely deny the sword vein, they must first deny oneself! How can this be done?

And the sword vein does not follow Foreign object, don’t rely on Spiritual God, what you are pursuing is pure ultimate, the simpler, the more impossible to deal with!

But Henghe is different! The biggest weakness in their dao lineage system is right Holy River’s dependence! Whether it is cultivation technique or secret technique, at least half of the power comes from Genhe, and the other half is more or less inextricably linked to Genhe!

Because of the special environment of the miniature images, this allows us to take advantage of this opportunity. Such an opportunity is difficult to achieve in a normal space environment, but here, we have the opportunity!

We will release Several souls of lesser dragons wander in this miniature scene, because this is a virtual mountain and river, so the soul of lesser dragons can exist in it! At that time, after Henghe cultivator attacked, it must be all kinds of miniatures. The power of the river in the image thinks that instead of the Gen River, lesser dragon souls can take advantage of the situation to mix into it, destroy their foundation of faith, and then kill them according to the specific circumstances!"

Lou Xiaoyi listened to it. Novelty, "Haha, there is such a trick to destroy the dao lineage of the Holy River? It's just that this method like yours may be applied to the outside world? Even Henghe Realm?"

Heqian replied with the mouth "No! Leaving this virtual world miniature image of mountains and rivers, the soul of lesser dragon has no ability to mobilize rivers at all! Destroy the dao lineage foundation of Henghe Realm, unless you throw many True Dragons into the Genhe! "

The speaker is unintentional, the listener is interested, it seems that this is not the time to discuss this issue! After discussing with He Qian about the formidable power application of the lesser dragon soul, Lou Xiaoyi finally understood Their intention is to no longer adhere to the oneself set.

After all, even with his relative familiarity with Henghe cultivator, he cannot easily regard these Henghe people as fish belly. These are all Henghe cultivators. He’s Primordial Spirit festival is quite difficult to deal with.

The strategy of the star pickers is very simple. They still use Formation to fight, because they discard the understanding of dao lineage and compare the foundation of personal Taoism. The elites from the Henghe world are indeed better than the star picking in strength. It is not that they can’t fight, but the current star picking can’t accept many casualties. They are only fourteen people now. If they are taken away by another group, even if They gave Henghe Cihang the same damage, but their base is small and the loss they can bear is very limited.

Formation is the best choice, including Lou Xiaoyi, who must hide soy sauce in Formation. , Is to attract the people of Henghe to attack!

How will the people of Henghe attack? Of course they will choose the best, most unique and deepest immersed sacred river technique to deal with Formation. This is the star catcher’s Trap!

I have to say that these star pickers are not good birds. They are studying the weaknesses of others early, which is also very purposeful.

"Holy river water will wash away all! The billowing river will take away all the filth! Of course also includes Formation! "

Heqian laughed wretchedly, "But they didn't know that in the Taoist world, it is the dragon that really masters the power of the river!" Void vs. void, Dragon Soul vs. miniature, couldn't be more suitable! Then in the sudden turmoil of the holy river power of the Henghe people, the sword river of the Senior Brother will overeign everything!

Of course, we will also contribute a bit of meager strength, but I don’t know how much counterattack we can have when we resist the pressure of Henghe people? ”

Lou Xiaoyi talked in his heart, this cultivation world, you really can’t look down on anyone!

...... The epitome of the Ci Hang world at a moderate pace of Xiang Zhai Star Realm Bumped over! So far, of the four battles in the sequence, three of them have taken place here, and now it’s the fifth one, and it’s still here!

No one thought that after external forces intervened in the internal affairs of the anchor chain It turned out to be such a strange trend! Dissatisfaction began to grow in the large number of anchor chain cultivators viewed from outside: Is this the suppression of local forces by external forces?

So unscrupulous! So supercilious! So act wilfully! Take it here When are they oneself in the realm?

Many cultivators start to regret that they should not allow external forces to be involved in the internal affairs of the anchor chain, but this is an afterthought. At the time, who didn’t want How about using outsiders to fight for oneself and save your precious cultivator resources?

But one thing, this is the most important test of star quality! If it can really survive this One catastrophe, who else would dare to pick up stars?

The two worlds collided, Henghe people are very responsible, and the first group of jumpers is Henghe cultivator, a total of nine people , Jumped over but jumped lonely! There was no one in front, and the star pickers had no intention to fight on the side!

This was completely expected by the people of Henghe!

Then there is the Cihang cultivator. Everyone gathers together and proceed cautiously!

There is no sneak attack, no hunting, and the empty front is really clean!

Everything is reasonable In the process, I finally saw fourteen star-catching cultivators at the anchorage, and a lot of them formed an array. Of course, outsiders were impossible to see who was playing soy sauce.

"Eight-Stone Array! Hey, it seems that the star catchers know our Henghe dao lineage very well! "Lichnan said with a smile.

Zhonghenghe cultivator all have a smile on their faces, which is quite self-satisfied!

Well, the biggest feature of the rock is that the current can’t wash away. Power of Water is the most suitable Formation to deal with the flow. The star catchers used it here, which obviously meant something!

But this level of superficial understanding will not be placed on the Henghe people. In the eyes of him! The meaning of Genhe to Henghe Dao lineage, who does not know in the universe of cultivation? Who does not know? Can you resist it if you know it?

I think it will be able to resist by setting up a rock formation. The sacred river swept through, too believe oneself infallible, too naive!

Gurland twisted his beard and laughed, "In this case, I am afraid they will be disappointed if they don't satisfy their wishes! Well, let's let them see what the real holy river water is! Can a few broken stones be able to stop it? "

Speaking of speaking, in fact, even if it is not a rock formation, they will also use the power of the holy river to break the formation. This is what Henghe Dao Lineage is best at!

Battle is not a game. You have to do your best to attack. How can you slow down?

You must use the holy river!

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